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    Axe3 is a swiss army knife for tube amps, made even better with Xload!

    Wasn't sure where to put this- I know that most people here primarily use the Axe3 instead of a tube amp, but at least a few people like me also enjoy using a tube amp at least some of the time. There is a tactile experience with the real knobs and switches that I enjoy when its feasible...
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    Who is still playing Quantum firmware?

    Did anybody just stick with Quantum or go back to quantum after Ares was released for the axe2?
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    FT FT: My Kemper rack + controller for your Axe-FX III (USA)

    The title says it all. PM me if you're interested.
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    FullRes: enjoying impulses from classic hardware effects

    I finally got around to loading some impulses from m7, pcm90 and h3000 devices into the FullRes spots on my axe3. Pretty neat! Gives a little taste of those classic units. Anybody found any jewels in reverb IR land?
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    SOLD FM3 with protective shields (USA)

    I am trying to dig up a little more cash to help buy my 15 year old's car. They cost a little more than they did a couple of years ago. :) At the moment, I've been mostly using my amp heads and a ... wait for it... Rocktron Chameleon... I know, its crazy. I also have an Ultra and will...
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    Using an Ultra/Standard in 2022

    Happy 2022- another year to enjoy the still-amazing first generation of Fractal technology. I have been enjoying the 2290 delay patch the last few days, after having used the 2290 style delay in the FM3 a LOT lately. There is something magic about the phase reversed repeats. I was also...
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    Wish Utility to quickly remove all controller assignments in a block

    I would enjoy and appreciate a function to quickly remove (or disable) all controller assignments in a block. When you use volume pedals and such, you're pretty well locked out when you don't have the pedal and have to manually go in to the patch and remove the assignments. This wish would...
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    WTB PSA: Beware this scam!

    This has now happened to me twice- one on TGP and once here- sharing as a public service announcement. You post an item for sale and get a message from a new user to "Contact Frank- he has one sitting around collecting dust- here is his gmail". It could just as easily come from a...
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    [fixed] Amp block input trim modifier malfunction

    I noticed that the input trim parameter does not follow an attached external modifier-goes to 100 percent. Same modifier works fine for other parameters. Same issue in a fresh patch. Workaround is to assign it in some other block before the Amp block but that is obviously undesirable...
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    [fixed] Display issue when toggling effects 4.01

    I noticed today that if I'm on an Amp block page with a graph like speaker, input eq, etc, and I toggle an effect using the built in switches, the graph disappears after the message from the switch (i.e. Delay 1 enables) disappears. Moving to another page and back results in the graph being...
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    Easy to clip Out2?

    I continue to be impressed with all the "awesome" that Fractal managed to pack into the FM3 at such a reasonable price. As I use it, I find limitations and then I find workarounds. There are surprisingly few limitations. I notice on the FM3 that when I set Out2 for unity gain (for 4CM...
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    Used Fractal Audio Gear Pricing

    Its been interesting (and painful) to see how the used market for our beloved Fractal Audio gear is changing as more and more products are released. I find it sort of fascinating to think through how it might shake out over time. How do you see it? I remember selling my Axe-FX Ultra for about...
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    From Ultra to II-series to Axe3 to FM3: FM3 is legit

    This is a bit of a ramble, but I think some might find the journey and commentary interesting. I've been in the Fractal ecosystem going back to the Ultra days. I went from building tube guitar amps to playing the fractal ultra exclusively because I thought it sounded better than the amps I...
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    SOLD [SOLD/TRADED] My Axe-FX III mk1 for your... (or sell outright)

    [SOLD/TRADED] Looking to trade my Axe-FX III mk 1 for something cool. Works fine- has a few marks somehow but has been cared for. I am the only owner and it will ship in original boxes. Axe-FX II plus cash Axe-FX Ultra plus cash Fractal FM3 plus cash Synergy/Randall gear Interesting old rack...
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    Simulating the VallhallIR sample FullRes impulses

    I tried out the sample FullRes IR's from VallhallIR and found it an interesting space to play in... I then set about trying to get something similar with a regular IR or panned pair of IR's, Reverb, enhancer, etc... I wasnt able to get the room setting on the cab block or the ambience reverb...
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    SOLD USA Rocktron Velocity 300 2U - Put some fun back in your Fractal rig

    Up for sale is my 2u USA Rocktron Velocity 300. These are cool because they have the reactance control which let's you dial in the low end and solid state amps tend to miss due to the fact that they lack the reactivity with the speaker that a tube Amp has. I find that even with the simulated...
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    Suggestions for replacing in1/in2/out1/out2 internal cables?

    Greetings- Does anyone happen to have extras for the internal cables from the board to the in1/in2/out1/out2 potentiometers on the 1st gen axe-fx? OR recommendations for procuring/fabricating replacements? My ultra is having an issue on the Out2 (no left channel signal at the output...
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    Does anyone know of any "masterclass" type resources for the old gen-1 Fractals?

    The subject says it all: Does anyone know of any "masterclass" type resources for the old gen-1 Fractals? I'd like to learn everything there is to know about these old units. I can use it but I'd like to see what a master came up with- particularly in terms of combining effects and working...
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    What was the trick for faster boot up?

    I seem to recall reading that there was a way to make for a faster startup time on the axefx 3. I can't for the life of me find it. Does anybody remember? Was it somehow deleting cabs or clearing presets?
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    Relive the excitement of when the Standard/Ultra were brand new

    I remember there being some cool sample tunes on the website back in the day. Sadly, I haven't been able to find them but,,, You can relive the excitement of a time when Fractal was brand new with the wayback machine at archive.org...
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    Wish Sansamp PSA-1 style preamp

    Wish: a model of something like a Sansamp PSA-1. The PSA-1 has a fantastic ability to get a variety of different amp styles. I'm guessing it can't be done because the controls don't fit into the existing framework that models have (i.e. gain, bass, mid, treble, master, etc...)
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    What is the current best solution for "Tube Poweramp Model"?

    What is the current best solution for people who need a tube poweramp model- such as you would use with an external preamp? At one point, I think it was recommended to use the Tube Pre and bend the power amp parameters to match some other amp. I seem to recall some conflicting advice that...
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    Are you using Ultra/Standard in 2021?

    Who all is still/again using an Ultra or Standard in 2021? I picked up an Ultra yesterday just to go down memory lane. I had several back in the day and upgraded as one tends to do. I only had a few minutes with it last night after driving 6 hours to get it but the initial response... ...
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    Assigning Control Switch to Amp Mute?

    Probably discussed years ago, but I can't find it. I'd like to assign a footswitch that toggles mute on two blocks- one goes on while the other goes off. I don't want to do this with scenes because I don't want to change the state of the other controls. Assigning mute to the FXL block works...
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    SOLD Kemper Profiler Rack and remote (USA)

    SOLD... Posting this here since there may be some cross-interest... Selling my Kemper Profiler Rack. Its a great unit that is fits some peoples workflows really well with the control knobs and buttons. It doesn't have the fractal routing capability but can still do a lot of things and...
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    Tube Rolling on the Fractal!?

    I've mostly been playing my Synergy/Randall modular stuff for the last couple of years but I keep my trusty Fractal gear to fill in every imaginable crack that emerges in the analog world. The Axe-FX III really is the best friend a tube amp ever had. The most recent experience is a weird one...
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    Wish Power Amp Distortion Block - not what you think

    I know the ability to disable a preamp and leave the poweramp has been requested for years and its been said that its difficult to separate and/or would reveal tradecraft. What about adding a few poweramp amp flavors to the distortion block or a poweramp block that could scratch that itch...
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    Understanding the FM3 output capabilities for stompbox replacement duty

    Greetings folks- I wanted to bounce this off of the community and see if anybody had any comments or suggestions. In addition to other more traditional applications, I'm trying to use my FM3 as a stomp box replacement in front of my tube amp. Ideally, I'd like to be able to boost the tube amp...
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    How to simulate an interesting RC network in the Randall Brahma preamp

    This isn't exactly a "wish", so I posted it in the general discussion... I've recently been enjoying the Randall Brahma preamp. It has a really interesting tone and feel that I've not experienced before. Supposedly, it was designed to replicate George Lynch's old Plexi, but it doesn't exactly...
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    Ignoring the amp models: "This thing is a monster"

    I've been a Fractal user for a long time now. The headline amp modelling feature is easily the best in the business as far as I'm concerned and I've tried all the major players multiple times. As much as I love the Axe-FX III for the amp models, I'm really appreciating the other features right...
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    Humbuster: Its for real. Bonus: Output padding is also for real.

    I've been aware of "Humbuster" since it first appeared but have never used it. I've been assembling a 4CM rig and have finally hit an unbearable buzz that I couldn't fix. I have one of those cheap Behringer "hum destroyer" boxes which seemed to fix it but the tone seemed to be impacted. I...
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    IR Capture: Can you change the I/O?

    I've been using Tone Match to make IRs of odd end things like "the sound of an amp from the FX return to the line out", but I remembered there is an IR Capture utility built into the Axe-FX III that would save me some time. Is it possible to change which ports this process uses? It looks like...
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    Can FM3 handle this?

    Perhaps someone that has one can build this preset and see if the FM3 has enough horsepower to pull it off. What I'm basically looking for is a 4CM preset but with a little panning, send/return trickery to split OUT2 for two duties. In the end, I'd like OUT 1 to be the stereo, cab sim FOH...
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    A-E Knobs: Any way to change acceleration?

    (before asking, I searched and looked through the manual...) Is there any way to change the acceleration or speed on the A-E controllers? The main controller has always been more pleasant to me to use except for having to cursor around. There seems to be less turn, turn, turn, turn, turn...
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    Full Circle Axe-FX Experience

    Longtime Fractal user- Axe-FX Ultra, II, IIxl+, III. I used to build tube amps and discovered that the Axe-FX Ultra sounded as good as or better than my tube amps into a guitar cab. Finally, I made the jump to running FR and have been enjoying that for a few years. I kept a couple of tube...
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    Review: SpaceStation XL: 3d powered cabinet solution

    Sorry for the length- I tried to trim it. Executive summary: Not perfectly flat but tons of fun. I’ve had a CPS Space Station V3 cabinet for a year or so now. For those who aren’t familiar with these cabinets, “Center Point Stereo” is a system that takes in a stereo signal and outputs it...
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    FS $599USD LN Powercab 112 PLUS FRFRPowered Guitar Cab with EZ swap speaker (+ modeller problem solver)

    Powercab is a very unique product and some people are confused by what it is. Here's my best effort at explaining it: So you have a modeller and you need to amplify it so you can hear it. Here are the main choices: Use a PA cabinet to run full range with cabinet sims. You'll get the sound...
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    DIY Floor controller with knobs

    For however many years now, I've been wanting to build a MIDI controller with knobs. There is something pleasant about turning a knob. I had a RAC12 for a little while and liked it pretty well but wanted to build my own and have finally gotten around to doing so- the first generation anyway...
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    CPS SpaceStation v.3 and Laney irt-x

    I've typically been a poweramp and guitar cabinet user with my Fractal gear. I like a mix of mic'd cab sound along with my actual cab at a live show but have never particularly enjoyed the sound of direct guitar alone. I liked the Atomic CLR well enough and the Alto TS112 and TS110 were fairly...
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    Ultra still is Ultra.

    I was thinking about this again today having recently bought another used Axe-FX Ultra. I've owned both the Axe-FX II and Axe-FX Ultra multiple times in the past- sometimes at the same time. While the Axe-FX II has a TON of really useful new features, tweaks and capabilities along with...
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    Isolating the right or left

    I thought I knew how to do this but I evidently don't. I've got two instruments coming into the Ultra on input 1. I want to isolate them on their own chains. The vol/pan block can get just the left input (for example) but it is confined to the left channel. I'd like it to be centered...
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    v12.04 For Guitar Cabinet Users

    As someone who has tried FRFR over and over (including the CLR), I still prefer a power amp and guitar cabinets for pure playing enjoyment. I've always wished that there was a way for FRFR to simply sound like a guitar amp but it simply doesn't work that way. With that said, I'm intrigued...
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    Homebrew MIDI Pedal with knobs

    I've built two MIDI pedals so far- the first one was larger and handled IA/PC messages. The second one was smaller to fit in my gig bag and handled IA/PC and also the tuner, looper and an expression pedal. I've had an extra microcontroller board for a while and I'm starting to think about...
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    Looking for recommendation for drum software

    I hear demo clips of original songs with amazing drum tracks in them and find myself wishing that I had access to such a great foundation for demos or just screwing around at home. From what I gather, there are products that combine a library of kit sounds and a library of MIDI fills and loops...
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    FAS: Do you still do comparisons with guitar cabs?

    Just curious- does FAS still do a/b testing of axe-fx II versus the real amp through an actual guitar cab or is it all just comparing the mic'd tone? Find myself wondering how close these things are to the real article when played in the same fashion.
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    Semi-Open Back 1x12 Cabinet w/Seventy/80

    I uploaded a few captures of my regular gigging cabinet- a deep, semi-open 1x12 with a well worn Celestion Seventy/80. Here's the mix I often use: Axe-Change - Download 1x12 - Doberman1x12Mix - by notyet (there are a few others with it) Some years ago, I did a mini-shootout of a half...
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    Is it possible to get an IR wav file back out of the AxeII somehow

    Is it possible to get an IR that results from a tone match back out of the axe-II as a wave file for other use? Conversion perhaps?
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    Post-Honeymoon Impression of the Alto TS112A Powered Speaker

    I've had the Alto TS112A for a couple of months and wanted to follow up previous comments I've made. Its a decent budget speaker that I would buy again. I've been using the Axe-FX II (and previously Axe-FX Ultra, Eleven Rack, Kemper, Ampkit, Revalver, etc...) through guitar cabinets and a...
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    Using Tone Match to match your FRFR to your favorite Guitar Cab

    EDIT- Maybe I've screwed up this process somewhere... Rechecking it now. EDIT2- OK, the discussion is all theoretical because I fooled myself and didn't actually use my FRFR cabinet as the local target. I'll leave this as a theory discussion for your amusement. :) EDIT3- OK, it works in...
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    Yet another Tone Match trick- Dual-Mono IR Rendering

    Here's something else that might be useful somehow. Got a Stereo Cabinet IR setup, panned center (ala Mr. Peterson) that you like? Want or need to melt it down into a single IR? Use the Synth set to no tracking, pink noise feeding into your cabinet block, with no other active blocks...
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    Use a handheld record to grab TM clips?

    I wonder if it would be possible to use a handheld recorder (like one of the Zoom models) to grab the sound of an amp from a pleasant listening position and use that for tone matching... I think there are some field recording apps for iphone and such that have compensation curves for the...
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    Jake E. Lee- Rock and Roll Rebel

    Here's my first posted Tone Match: From "Bark and the Moon"- "Rock and Roll Rebel" Uses Friedman BE, TS808 with drive down, level up and the wrong reverb. :) Axe-FX II V6 Tone Match Attempt: Rock and Roll Rebel (Jake E. Lee / Ozzy) by ax84ch on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your...
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    V6: Is the cab block the same other than delay?

    Has the cab block undergone updates in v6 that would make it sound different than in v5 (excluding the delay control)?
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    Summary of distortion controls

    In another thread, someone was remarking about how they couldn't keep their clean amps clean. I was thinking that it might be useful to list the various controls that can add or control distortion. Someone feel free to add to or correct me here: Drive / Master / Trim / Global trim / boost /...
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    V6: Presets don't sound great == FRFR Monitors aren't great?

    So if the V6 presets aren't sounding particularly great, that pretty much means the sound reproduction apparatus isn't up to snuff? edit: OK, so the question wasn't well articulated. More details are below.
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    How do you pick your Cab IRs?

    I'm trying to develop my FRFR skills and am interested to know how others handle this. Do you pick a defaulted amp block first and then find a cabinet that is close, then tune the amp block? Do you take known-good amp settings and try to match an amp block to it? Do you tune them both...
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    Demo clip: early efforts to go FRFR

    I've been trying to make the jump to FRFR- at least partially. I've found a couple of IR mixes that didn't make me want to put the guitar down but I continue to pursue my sound. I decided to record a little clambake as a placeholder for where I am now. Axe-II, Friedman BE, cab mix, dry as...
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    Free Cab mixing tool

    I'm sure that everyone but me already knew about this but me... There is a free VST called "LeCab2" that can mix up to six IR's, with level, low/high cut for each. LePou Plugins: LeCab2 (VST for Windows)
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    Revalver Speaker Construction Set

    I remembered that Revalver MK2 and later have a "speaker construction set" module where you can select a driver from the menu, pick a mic, adjust the cabinet size and finally adjust bass, treble, crunch and distortion. It is capable of saving an impulse if you find something you like in the...
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    George Lynch w/ Fractal gear on stage last night?

    I went to see Lynch Mob last night since (a) Lynch is one of the main reasons I started playing guitar, (b) it was affordable, (c) I've never seen GL and I doubt I will ever have a chance to see them again. It was a great show- I was surprised at how good the vocals sounded. The drummer and...
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    Alto TS112A vs. EV ELX112P

    I'm going to kick off my comparison- the Alto came in today. Compared head to head at low volumes with the EV, the Alto seems to have a more neutral low end. I'm on carpeted concrete- I shouldn't have coupling on concrete should I? Hoping to be able to crank this up in an hour or so. :)
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    Definitive collection of raw amp sounds

    OK- so who is building the definitive collection of raw amp sounds for tone matching? :)
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    RCF ART-312A or EV ELX112p?

    (breaking this out from my other thread to a more narrowly focused thread). OK- both the RCF ART-312A and EV ELX112P are in my price range. The EV seems to have a larger horn driver and a useful second input. Has anyone experienced both of these cabinets? I'm looking for a powered...
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    Powered FR live monitor for $500USD or less?

    I can appreciate that the good stuff starts at over $1000- it looks like nothing in the $500 or under range is worth bothering with. I've got guitar cabs that I like but I'm interested in tinkering with an FR rig- just can't justify $1000 for this duty with economics the way that they are...
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    My attempt at a flexible patch with looper and split outputs

    I'm sure that everyone has their own templates but if I upload this one here, I won't lose it. Its nothing you can't build yourself but this is what it has: * looper block towards the end of the common chain * split outputs with separate delay/reverb/dry * stereo cab block on output 1...
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    Purpose of parallel reverb, delay and dry

    I've seen it in some presets- what is the purpose of having parallel reverb, delay and shunt blocks?
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    My Kemper Journey: Epilogue

    I think this is about the end of the Kemper road for me. I expected that I would sell the Axe-FX II, keep the KPA and pocket the difference in price but after at least 10 hours working with it off and on, I’ve decided that the kemper will be returned. Here’s the epilogue for those that are...
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    Amp Speaker tab versus Amp Graphic EQ

    Can someone spend a moment talking about how using the Amp Speaker Tab differs from using the Amp Graphic EQ or a separate PEQ block? I think the speaker tab actually affects how the modeled poweramp behaves but I don't really understand in what way the behavior is affected.
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    Kemper: so far, the axe-fx 2 stays

    I've heard so much about the Kemper Profiling Amp that I decided to give it a try. I've had an axe-fx II for about six months, having had an ultra for a couple of years before that. I mostly run into a power amp and guitar cabinets. This is not a full review- this is just a snapshot or...
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    Whats the trick to get control MIDI assignments to stick

    On several occasions, I've gone into the axe-fx control menu and assigned MIDI controllers to various blocks, verified that they worked but found them reset back to some other value the next time I powered on the axe-fx. I looked in the manual and don't see any mention of an explicit "save"...
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    A lightweight, Class AB, Low wattage 1U poweramp for guitar cabs

    Rolls RA235. 1U. 35 watts per side into 8 ohms. Doesn't use a switchmode power supply and isn't class-d. Weighs ~6 pounds. I paid $90 USD shipped for one but I think the are normally twice that. I added two quarter-inch output jacks so I won't have to mess with raw wire ends. So...
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    4x4 USB Interface

    After the update that brings 4x4 USB audio, will it be possible to use the axe-fx as a generic 4 input audio interface? I could get rid of my firebox if that were the case...
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    An hour with the Velocity 300 (versus Sure Electronics 100Wx2 Class D)

    My velocity 300 arrived today and I've had a chance to spend about an hour with it and the Axe-II. I bought the '300 because I wanted a rackmount poweramp to drive guitar cabinets and I have 1U to put it in. I've been using a Sure Electronics 100Wx2 power amp board which when mounted in a...
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    Solo 99 Clean Cold Solder Joint?

    As I was auditioning amp block models on my new Axe II, I noticed something strange about the Solo 99 Clean setting. Gain settings around or above 5 have a pronounced buzz/distortion in the background that halfway resembles the sound of a cold solder joint on a real amp. I went round and round...
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    Copying X -> Y

    In the Axe-fx II manual, it mentions double-tapping the X or Y that you want to copy the other but I've been unable to figure out any context where this actually does anything. What's the trick to copying your X settings on a block to the Y settings?
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    Another DIY MIDI Pedal

    A while back I made a real simple MIDI controller pedal using an Arduino microcontroller board. Even though I made it small, it ended up too big to slip in a gig bag, so I'm going to build another one that is smaller. Arduino is an "open source" prototyping platform based around inexpensive...
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    Examining the PCB image

    Some interesting things on the PCB picture that Fractal released: * Open socket * "Registered Jack"- looks to be RJ45 * 2x14 pin headers I wonder if any of these are "future proofing" or are they all used in a fully assembled unit. Some of it may be for diagnostic use I guess. I...
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    Another low-cost amplification option for guitar cabs

    Looking for a lightweight, low-cost power amp for use with your axe-fx and guitar cabs? Are you the sort that doesn't need bone crushing, glass shattering high volumes? Fancy a little bit of DIY effort? This isn't the only one, nor is it ideal for all circumstances but I assembled a little...
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    Guitar Cabinet Users seeking lightweight amp options

    Like a lot of people, I've been interested in lightweight solutions for powering my Axe-fx. I currently use guitar cabinets rather than an FRFR solution. I respect those using FRFR, but I enjoy using the cabinets that I already own and get the sounds I'm looking for with them. I mentioned...
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    Carvin DCM200L Initial Impressions and Comparison to EH .22

    I thought I'd share my impressions of the Carvin DCM 200L 1U power amp as I know others might be interested in it. The DCM200L is a 1U 100Wx2 -stereo poweramp with a couple of unique features: 1. The amp can deliver 100W per channel into 8 or 4 ohms depending on the setting of a rear switch...
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    SysEx Explorations

    I've been trying to unravel some of the mysteries of Axe-FX sysex and thought I'd share what I have so far. This information is unsupported by Fractal. If you use it somehow and goof up your axe-fx, they won't help you. You have been warned. If you're scared, stay home. SysEx messages in...
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    Easy Semi-DIY 22 Watt Power Amp in a tiny box

    Texas Instruments makes a prebuilt evaluation module for their TPA3001D1 Class-D amplifier chip: http://focus.ti.com/docs/toolsw/folders/print/tpa3001d1evm.html I've tried it and it works pretty well if you're using a guitar cab rig. As I've mentioned when discussing the Electro-Harmonix 22...
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    ART SLA-1 is quite loud

    I figured that the ART SLA-1 would be plenty loud in bridged mono mode. I normally run mono anyway, but if I wanted to run stereo in the future, I wasn't sure that 100w per side would be enough. My SLA-1 arrived today and I hooked it up in stereo mode to my single 8 ohm cabinet and cranked it...
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    A batch of IR wavs that might cause a rash

    I re-captured these tonight from via Revalver MK3- Since there are more than will fit in the user spaces of your axe-fx, I'll share these as WAVs so that you can audition them on your computer before committing to syx. http://ax84.com/media/chris/rash2.zip Note- this particular plugin...
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    Does anyone use the rear switch jacks?

    As I explore the Axe-fx, I'm considering how I might control it at a show. A lot of shows that I do are at small venues with small stages and small budgets. Sometimes rigs get scaled back as a result and I can see where I might want something smaller than a full-size midi controller. Patch...
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    A new compact amplification option

    A new compact amplification option: this is cool. http://www.ehx.com/products/22-caliber I'm getting one. Thats all there is to it.
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    1u parametric EQ for live use

    And so begins a new form of GAS... I wonder if anyone who uses their Axe-FX live has bothered with an external EQ for quick adjustments at a show? Presonus has a 1/3rd width parametric but theres not a great way to mount it unless you buy two more of their 1/3rd width devices (they make a...
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    My "go-to" impulse for heavy-ish guitar

    A couple of years ago, I went through a spurt of capturing impulses from all the speaker simulating software and hardware that I could lay my hands on. Most of it (Line 6 Gearbox, Digitech GNX, ADA Microcab) was useless. I've since downloaded and used a lot of other impulses, but I tend to...
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    Anyone suggestions for this sort of sound?

    I really like the heavy parts of these clips: http://www.voodooamps.com/sounds/ADAMultiClip1.mp3 http://www.voodooamps.com/sounds/ADAMulti-Clip.mp3 This is from a Voodoo Amps modded MP-1 . I owned an MP-1 and I don't remember it sounding anything like this. :) Any suggestions for the...
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    Throw a newbie a line

    I bought an ultra hoping to eventually use it at shows instead of a guitar amp, preferably direct to board, but possibly augmented with something else onstage. I normally use a single channel amp with a few pedals and thats what I'm trying to replace for now. At home I'm wanting to do some...
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    POD XT Live as Controller/Backup/Headphone Amp

    While I'm waiting on the Axe-FX Ultras to get in stock, I've been looking for a controller that I could afford. I hope I haven't made a mistake in buying a POD XT Live, but I can always (r)ebay it. I believe that I read a couple of people indicating that the XT Live can be used for program...
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    Difficulty deciding between Standard and Ultra

    Greetings- I've been looking at options for a home performance a live direct rig for a number of years. Most things come up short and so I end up just playing my homebrew tube amps (plug: ax84.com ). I am still interested in the prospect of being able to run direct at shows (I'm normally...
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