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    Boneless Wings

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    Earvana still in business?

    Does any body know the status of earvana? Are they still in business?
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    After 10 minutes of playing the FW6, I am ready to make a bold prediction: This FW will render the whole "rollback" issue moot.
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    Ok, I have plenty of posts praising the axefx and I am truly a fan. No, that doesn't really get it. I am not a fan, I simply believe in the product on many fronts not the least of which is that it provides the very best solution for my guitaristic needs. I can even overcome the issue that I am...
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    Bought an Axe Fx II, Kept it, not exactly happy....

    Because I have been asked to set in with some friends this Friday and I'll have to use the provided Marshall and can't use my axe; which, by the way, sounds better than my own Marshall which, by the way, sounds exquisite.
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    Proel Coaxiel Speakers?

    Hey guys, I ran across these speakers WD12A. I have never heard of Proel but a little research indicates that they owned turbo sound a few years age and have a high end line called "Axiom". Obviously this isn't top end stuff but I'm curious if anyone has any experience with this brand, build...
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    New Head Phones

    These days almost all of my playing requires in ear monitoring and, as you can tell from my avatar, I have a really weird head. I have tried several different brands, eq'ing, reverb,...you name it, and have been way less than satisfied. One problem is having my ears plugged and everything piped...
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    Just in case you don't know what genius sounds like...

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    Steve Vai and the AxeFx

    Check out 3:05... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDqTvvffBI4
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    Routing a seperate signal through the AxeFX

    According to the wiki: To route a separate device signal through the Axe-Fx and add effects to it, apart from the guitar signal: Connect the external gear to Input 2 and Output 2. Add a Feedback Send block to a separate row. Then a FXL block with effect blocks after it. Then a Send block...
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    Tap Tempo Issue

    Hello, I have rarely had any real issues with the axefx but I cant figure this one out. Maybe someone would be kind enough to help me out. I am getting a smear on the delay when ever I adjust the tap tempo. It is as if the delay itself is being adjusted. I have searched and found nothing on...
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    Ultra Review

    Well, after about a month with the ultra I think its time to chime in. First let me say that this forum has been a great help; I searched it for months before I decided to buy and continue to find answers to my questions since my purchase. I've played tubes amps for years and also repair them...
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