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  1. bradlake

    Reincarnation of a Lovebird

    Sounds great. I love Mingus from a young age and was lucky to see him perform at the Jazz Showcase in Chicago in the early seventies, and the NYC-based Mingus Big Band paid awesome tribute to his compositions on a weekly basis for years at various venues, mainly Fez….and was sad that Joni never...
  2. bradlake

    ToonTrack Progressive Foundry $70 this weekend only

    they weren’t kidding about weekend….the link is now gone
  3. bradlake

    The Madness that is Black Napkins

    I believe that @Bakerman is a professional transcriber , so his skills are highly developed and accurate
  4. bradlake

    this gives me hope for the future

    That was awesome.
  5. bradlake

    Guthrie Govan With The Axe FX III

    Wow…he is playing a Vigier Fretless surfreter this tour, huh?…..niiice
  6. bradlake

    Your 1st 5 Concerts

    the very first concert I remember was sometime mid 60s when my folks took us to see Count Basie Big Band at my future high school auditorium…blew my adolescent head off…….then……… The Doors 1970 Chicago…life changing Janis Joplin..Ravinia..weeks before she bit it Three Dog Night ..they were...
  7. bradlake

    Axe-FX III fan noise advice

    +1 ..huge improvement
  8. bradlake

    Has it really come that far?

    To what is left of my ears, the III does sound Subjectively better, and I still own my II as well, but there is much to be said about using a well dialed -in unit of any generation…..Adrian Belew still tours his Ultra..and sounds fantastic……and Dweezil stuck with his II based tour rig for a...
  9. bradlake

    Lowell George compressor tips please

    There is ONE Slide rig left in Origin Store online right now….but not for me, I got more compression than I know what to do with….
  10. bradlake

    Lowell George compressor tips please

    I have been a big fan of LG even before Little Feat , when he and Bassist Roy Estrada left the Mothers when Zappa unceremoniously broke up the “original “ lineup…..when he was the sole guitarist of Feat his tone was unprecedentedly awesome …saw them in my top three triple bills of all time…with...
  11. bradlake

    Is there a consensus headphone choice?

    This was the dealbreaker for this line from the start for me…and my old weak neck….
  12. bradlake

    Is there a consensus headphone choice?

    IMHO, the entire Focal range of cans are near best-in -class and worth checking.... If you got the means , the higher end Clear open-ears are amazing with the III
  13. bradlake

    What was your first Digital Modeler?

    Digitech 2101 , and an OG Rockman.
  14. bradlake

    Larry Carlton Farewell Tour : Pat Metheny SideEye..my return to Live Shows!

    https://share.icloud.com/photos/0b2k2dEWlfgiGGG0WPRA4z0DA here is an Icloud link to the last few moments of this wonderful show I saw last night…….(the only short vid I caught..) Larry had some of the best (nonfractal) tone I’ve heard live…so round and harmonically rich (partially due to his...
  15. bradlake

    Larry Carlton Farewell Tour : Pat Metheny SideEye..my return to Live Shows!

    Tix available..it’s a really cool venue actually
  16. bradlake

    Larry Carlton Farewell Tour : Pat Metheny SideEye..my return to Live Shows!

    Very excited to be dipping my toe back into the live music waters after a long Covid drought…. Anyone else here seeing or have seen either of these currently touring acts? Seeing Larry tonight in a fairly intimate outdoor bandshell (Where Snarky Puppy hosts their yearly Groundup Fest) on north...
  17. bradlake

    Axe FX II Newbie in 2022 - Please Share Your Top Tips! :)

    Seems like you are off to a proper start with your new-to-you magic box. …it is indeed timeless in its excellence. The intricate relationships between Input gain, Master Volume(if applicable) , and Output level can be daunting at times, but finding the sweet spots for your tone goals lies...
  18. bradlake

    How long have you been playing guitar (or bass, or whatever).

    Bad chops since 1968.
  19. bradlake

    Genelec 8010a first impressions

    I just opened and installed a pair of these from Sweetwater, and am very impressed indeed. My aged and abused ears demanded a downscaling of my speaker setup, and though these suckers can get loud, they are extraordinarily clear and satisfying at the low volume end, and combined with the new...
  20. bradlake

    Fractalverse, Please Settle This Important Debate: Motley Crue vs Pearl Jam

    virtually all of the greatest rock vocalists are of slight stature … Thanks, Brad (5’7”)
  21. bradlake

    So I Heard You Like The Blues

    Great chops, nice Suhr. I like the Studio C best with your style.
  22. bradlake

    Any Godin players?

  23. bradlake

    Any Godin players?

    Yup, got one just like th OP same color and all, also a tele -style with built in Tripleplay midi (forget what godin called i)t, a bizzare 11 string fretless called the glissantar, and an OG nylon Multiac…..big fan.
  24. bradlake

    2022 Charvel Sig Models

    This is one of the brands I don’t own an example of, but have always admired….guess the closest I got is my Guthrie G Suhr rasmus, very similar to his Charvel…
  25. bradlake

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 19.01 Public Beta

    yes, yet to appear, usually when the non beta is out
  26. bradlake

    NGD Teuffel Nickel Birdfish

  27. bradlake

    NGD Teuffel Nickel Birdfish

    Now i can’t unsee it.
  28. bradlake

    My wife is pissed!!

    This was one of the most enjoyable playoff weekends of any sport ever……… especially watching the utter humiliation of the hated (I am Chicagoan, after all) Packers and Rodgers…made final by the awesome foot of Robbie Gould (North Suburban ChiBoy like myself who is a great guy IRL ((dined and...
  29. bradlake

    Who Else Struggles With Their Nerves?

    My performance days are certainly behind me now, and though I have always felt comfortable onstage, I never lost that quasi-nervous thrill of anticipation pre-show, sorta that oldschool thing of channeling that into charismatic energy (Perhaps to mask my lack of actual chops..) For me...
  30. bradlake


    Try this..drop an earphone into the hole(assuming u have a FM3 with headphone out……… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trepanning
  31. bradlake

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 19.00 Beta 3

    Let the words be spoken , heartily and truthfully, for all the world to hear…………………… HOLY SHITBALLS
  32. bradlake

    RIP Bob Saget

    he was the best kind of celebrity…self-aware ,fearless , brilliant at his craft, generous, and truly twisted, with the secret ingredient of a heart of gold. this one hit me hard for some reason, and I was not a watcher of any of his TV shows..wellok, maybe a little AFHV..but his live work and...
  33. bradlake

    The CNFB Method

  34. bradlake

    Giving fractal another shot

    OP>>>>>>If you can afford a Really Good set of headphones, preferably open-ear like the Sennheiser jubliee..currently available at a great price https://drop.com/buy/massdrop-x-sennheiser-hd-58x-jubilee-headphones it will certainly help your situation….and also may convince you tot try the FM...
  35. bradlake

    Phree Phish Live tonite

    I spent NYE with them several years ago when they did their end-of year run in Miami……..amazing night. …even better than the Wrigley Field gig I witnessed more recently,.
  36. bradlake

    Phree Phish Live tonite

    https://phish.com/ since Covid cancelled their NYE gig inNY, this is happening
  37. bradlake

    RIP Betty White

    Match game really established her persona for the rest of her career.
  38. bradlake

    RIP Betty White

    The best for so many decades…..one of the great wits of the world…what a run she had….she was in our entire lives no matter your age.
  39. bradlake

    5 Minute Tones

    Leon, Between presets like these and some of the Hector /Beebo stuff you’ve contributed, you are evolving into a true Routing Wizard of Oz……stay cool and safe. And hope you can rock out next year.
  40. bradlake

    Modular Amp Newbie: Is FM 3 right for me? Or Kemper Stage?

    Since this is the Fractal Forum, any advice you get here will be obviously favor the FM3 …though there are a number of us here who have had both, myself included (I have an OG lunchbox model) .. they are both very capable units, and in the end, no one can make this choice but you. If you can...
  41. bradlake

    Ready for the show ...

    I thought so…it definitely had that cruise lounge look.…. Christmas cruises……..Think I did every one between 83 and 95… They could be either exceptionally fun or nightmarish….no inbetween in my experience….. I guess we didnt work together…..we woulda hung…I did hard time with Royal Caribbean...
  42. bradlake

    Ready for the show ...

    I miss the Caribbean ….spent the better part of the last two decades of the 1900s floating around it on my multivarious cruise gigs and occasional island shows,…wish I had any part of your truly awesome setup back then….though I did try to use modern tech of the time through mostly some truly...
  43. bradlake

    The Burger Thread

    Living in Chicago provides a ridiculous variety of tasty burgers to choose from… While I love a properly executed smashburger in a dank bar downtown … as is the insanely busy and famous Au Cheval… auchevalchicago.com , my fave joint is this one in Lincoln Park………with a visually sweet website...
  44. bradlake

    Wish Doubler

    Mimiq……mim -iq. MIM-Iq. MIMIq!!!!!
  45. bradlake

    Does Latency Kick in

  46. bradlake

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta

    I just loaded this gem of a firmware and not only does it sound fantastic , on my blazing fast M1 Max MacBook Pro at least, the new FM9 Edit works great with very little lag...with the added bonus that for the first time in many months, an FAS editor seems to have fixed the UI issue with...
  47. bradlake

    What if?! Two Axe FX 3's - one for left and one for right monitor

    Dweezil used to tour with 2 AxeFx in a stereo rig
  48. bradlake

    Hevy Devy Live at Bloodstock 2021!

    From what @Admin M@ tells me, this is 100% Fractal guitar tone …and quite a spectacle!
  49. bradlake

    New Axe-FX III MKII- What next?

    The III , assuming you bought it new from FAS or non_US supplier, will be automatically be registered to your name for warranty protection. … Enjoy the gift that keeps on giving.!
  50. bradlake

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta

    Thank you.
  51. bradlake


    going in with the proper attitude, and understanding of the history of Marvel Continuity and the Big Picture of Mr. Feige, all of these DisneyMCU series are a treat and add to one of the most interesting media tapestries ever , IMHO
  52. bradlake

    RIP Michael Nesmith

    Yeah I know that clip features DAvy Jones…..but …you get the idea. …..
  53. bradlake

    RIP Michael Nesmith

  54. bradlake

    RIP Michael Nesmith

  55. bradlake

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 18.00

    Sappy Sirmware Sunday!!!!!!!!
  56. bradlake

    Happy Birthday Cliff!

    Raising a glass to you, sir. Thanks for making us feel like we are always receiving b day gifts
  57. bradlake

    TIL #2 - Where Have All the Good Times Gone

    I had no idea that anyone else (beside me) had covered this Kinks Klassic ,one of my early faves….shows my ignorance of the VH catalog until they became Van Hagar……….
  58. bradlake

    Jeff Beck - Live at Ronnie Scott's

    We have extolled the ultimate greatness of this performance and lineup before in this forum, and it is always nice when more folk discover this, which really needs to be seen as well as heard , the reaction shots of the audience filled with his (not) peers and other VIP celebs wrapped in the...
  59. bradlake

    Can't Resize Axe Edit Window in Mac OS Monterey

    this is always reproducible in my case and has been for a while.
  60. bradlake

    Can't Resize Axe Edit Window in Mac OS Monterey

    there is definitely wonky behavior in resizing AxeEdit when using multiple monitors on Mac(experiencing it right now), but I believe there have been issues with it before Monterey..
  61. bradlake

    David Bowie

  62. bradlake

    David Bowie

  63. bradlake

    David Bowie

    Try this link https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/super-clean-strat-tones-just-lose-the-cab-and-zzzing-video-and-preset-download.170587/
  64. bradlake

    David Bowie

    Paging Mr. @Sleestak ….Mr. Sleestak….?
  65. bradlake

    RR Hall of Fame.

    Thought it was great…and I wasn’t aware they were still active as a band. ….Beauty and the Beat was definitely in the soundtrack of my life when it was first released and I was working in a record store……..
  66. bradlake

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 18.00 Public Beta

    This is a Great Sounding Update. …the Compressor Block will def get much appreciation…at least from moi.
  67. bradlake

    RR Hall of Fame.

    And the mothership in Cleveland is always worth a visit.
  68. bradlake

    RR Hall of Fame.

    inductee Todd (is Godd) Rundgren treated the honor(sic) as I expected …by not showing up. .. but the producers had the balls to feature the relevant quotes from his 2017 Berklee Commencment speech …..
  69. bradlake

    Upgrade from EZD to Superior Drummer??

    Do it. I see there is a holiday sale now at Toontrack.com ..but the expansion kit I would recommend is not on sale...but still worth it..the Legacy of Rock with the Eddie Kramer kits..including Bonzos Led Zeppelin rigs!!!!! amazing. https://www.toontrack.com/product/legacy-of-rock-sdx/
  70. bradlake

    Fractal headphone playing (coming from Kemper)?

    Headphones sound great thru FM9 , IMHO the headphone amp is superior to that in my lunchbox KPA..currently using Sennheiser 800HD.
  71. bradlake

    Apollo Solo + Softube Console 1 Fader + Gig Performer: Will it work on Silicon iMac?

    Don’t think that what you want is possible without the help of a DAW. The Apollo Solo will only give you one stereo pair of virtual channels in Console (even the top tier Apollos max out at four stereo virtual pairs). I don’t k ow anything about Gig Performr or Softub console, so I could be...
  72. bradlake

    starlab strymon and axe 3

    starlab is meant to be used in a modular synth setup, which means that the levels are not compatible with III without the use of special cables and/or modules made to match levels. …if you are a user of modular gear you are probly aware of this..if not…the star lab is not for you…I do...
  73. bradlake

    Dad Jokes

    Ta daaaa…………the Aristocrats!
  74. bradlake

    Was that an FM9 I saw on SNL stage this weekend?

    Perhaps our buddy/guru @Admin M@ has some insight….
  75. bradlake

    Was that an FM9 I saw on SNL stage this weekend?

    Still unclear what that is…………?
  76. bradlake

    Was that an FM9 I saw on SNL stage this weekend?

    Don’t think so.
  77. bradlake

    M1 Pro

    cool! (well. lukewarm)..def not lap burning.
  78. bradlake

    M1 Pro

    LOL. sadly, I already have a country kit……….circa 1981…..
  79. bradlake

    M1 Pro

    3499$ The unit above contains the following options: PROCESSOR AND GRAPHICS 065-CCVJ M1 Max with 10C CPU, 24C GPU MEMORY 065-CCVW 32GB unified memory POWER ADAPTER 065-CCW9 96W USB-C Power Adapter HARD DRIVE/SOLID STATE DRIVE 065-CCW1 2TB SSD storage THUNDERBOLT 065-CCWF 3x TB4...
  80. bradlake

    M1 Pro

    Holy shiteballs. This thing is absolutely extraordinary. Rips thru every app I throw at it at once …. latency in audio/midi seems to have disappeared, the fan acts like it doesnt exist, dead silent. easiest and by far fastest data tranfer I have ever witnessed. AxeEdit is instantaneous...
  81. bradlake

    M1 Pro

  82. bradlake

    M1 Pro

    Mine is arriving tomorrow, Fedex willing
  83. bradlake

    New Spectrasonics Omnisphere "Sonic Extensions"

    I picked up the Nylon Sky earlier today . The presets and scenes sound amazing played on keyboard Or sequenced..I am hoping to tweak it so it is properly responsive to MIDI guitar input, which it is clearly not designed for.
  84. bradlake

    Rolling Stones- shady band security, never again.

    ………I took two young hippie chicks to see the ‘75 Stones in one of the best triple bills in my life …. Chaka Khan w Rufus and Eagles (with not-yet member Joe climbing out of a coffin during the set and blowing the already-wasted crowd away with..yes…Rocky Mountain Way.)….and barely missed being...
  85. bradlake

    M1 Pro

    first time in years I got in at the get go for an non-Fractal product…delivery before Oct 26
  86. bradlake

    Rolling Stones- shady band security, never again.

    THE real futility in this thread is expecting a good time at a stones show without Charlie.
  87. bradlake

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 17.01 Public Beta #2

    That would be the most expedient way. There are likely other more complex solutions
  88. bradlake

    Captain James T. Kirk...To Boldy Go...

    Only if he were Picard, which he ain’t. this was very great to watch …Shat handled himself with his usual cool.
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