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  1. octatonic

    New MFC coming?

    Do people think a new MFC version is on its way? It is out of stock in the store and I want to update my original MFC but holding off for a bit in case there is. I am hoping a version IV is coming with the Scene and Y lights, as per the FX8.
  2. octatonic

    LCD Display question.

    Is there a way to keep the FX8's LCD screen permanently on this view? It is irritating when it I switch in a new block and the display changes to show the parameters for that block. My presets are fairly complex and I need to see what I have available in each one.
  3. octatonic

    No manual?

    My FX8 arrived without a manual in the box. Is that normal?
  4. octatonic

    New Mission Expression pedal behaving weirdly. Help pls.

    I bought my second Mission expression pedal today and it is behaving a bit weirdly. I am trying to configure the switch for wah operation and using a mono cable into XS1. Everything is set correctly (I've checked about 10 times now) but the switch won't work UNLESS I half pull out the mono...
  5. octatonic

    Looper bug for halfspeed with MFC?

    I have the latest firmware for both Axe FX and MFC. I am getting a bug with the looper mode where half speed is not working from the IA button but if I select it from the front panel the light on the MFC will light up (and turn off). Anyone else having this? I tried a full factory reset of...
  6. octatonic

    Guitarscaping/Space Organ

    A bit of duplication here as I also posted this in the recordings section. Very quick improv with an update of my "Space Organ patch" that I use for looping textures. Audio file: http://www.jamesrichmond.com/misc/guitarscaping/spaceorgan.mp3 Patch file...
  7. octatonic

    Guitarscaping/Space Organ

    Very quick improv with an update of my "Space Organ patch" that I use for looping textures. Audio file: http://www.jamesrichmond.com/misc/guitarscaping/spaceorgan.mp3 Patch file: http://www.jamesrichmond.com/misc/guitarscaping/Space%20Organ%20V801.syx It is also on Axechange here...
  8. octatonic

    This is why I love FAS Modern

    Producing an album at the moment and I am just loving the FAS Modern amp model. http://www.jamesrichmond.com/misc/irene/inthemachine/itm_14.mp3 was yesterdays bounce. The artist is the amazing Irene Ketikidi: http://www.ireneketikidi.com Guitars were tracked in her home studio, sent to me dry...
  9. octatonic

    Modded Ernie Ball pedals with MFC101: help needed.

    I have a couple of Ernie Ball Volume pedals that I had a local tech replace the pot with a linear taper pot and put in a stereo jack socket (in the middle of the pedal panel). It hasn't quite worked and I need some help. The pedals still have the input, output and tuner sockets in there and...
  10. octatonic

    Tone match of "Smart" by Helmet

    I did a tone match of the beginning of "Smart" by Helmet. I don't know exactly what Page Hamilton was using there but it is probably a VHT Pitbull- and probably layered a bit as well. First bit of the file is a snippet of the original then my tone match...
  11. octatonic

    Suhr/CAA PT50 Tone Match.

    I had a go at doing a tone match today with the Axe FX 2 and my Suhr/Custom Audio Amplifiers PT50 head. Here is the audio file: http://www.jamesrichmond.com/misc/pt50_match/pt50_match1.mp3 First up is the original recording form the PT50, then the tone match. Technical details: Guitar: Suhr...
  12. octatonic

    2290mod broken in FW6?

    I can't seem to get the 2290 to work under FW6. Anyone else having the same issue?
  13. octatonic

    FW6.0 reamp

    Thought you all might like to hear a wee snippet of a track I am producing at the moment. The guitars were tracked dry and then reamped today through the Axe FX, V6 firmware. The artist is the very talented Irene Ketekidi, you can check her out here: Irene Ketikidi This is a track on her first...
  14. octatonic

    I think i speak for all of us when I say...

  15. octatonic

    FX profiling?

    So.... I am wondering about the possibility for FX profiling. I have a particularly amazing sounding octave pedal- an Ibanez OT10 (I actually have 2 of them). The octaver effect in the Axe is ok but doesn't approach the balls to the ball nastiness of my Ibanez OT10's. Is there any...
  16. octatonic

    A sad little hole...

    My Ultra sold today so I have a sad little hole where it once was and a 2 week wait until G66 have stock for my Axe II.
  17. octatonic

    Fryette LXII

    Just got this from Stormshadow Toneworks, the UK distributor of Fryette. Sign me up for that 1u rack. --------------------------- Hi Everyone Here some news of a couple of interesting new products from FRYETTE Amplification for 2012. RACK MOUNT POWER AMPLIFIERS For over 20 years...
  18. octatonic

    Looper 1/2 speed request

    Cliff, Is there any way we can get a 1/2speed function into the looper? I currently still have to drag an external looper (Echoplex) around simply to have this functionality. 1/2 speed and reverse together allow me to be very expressive with looping and I can't live without the 1/2 speed. A...
  19. octatonic

    Axe II Looper functionality

    Can someone in the know please outline the new looper capabilities. This is really the crucial factor for me on whether to update or not. Does the new one do 1/2 speed and reverse?
  20. octatonic

    Answer this after Monday- the "am I happy?" POLL

    Ok, well let's pick this up again. Are you happy about the Fractal Axe II announcement overall? Yes or No. Also- to the 'I am happy because I had chips for breakfast' guys - get your own damn poll. Just want to gauge the overall reaction to the announcement.
  21. octatonic

    Axe Edit wish.

    Thinking of a second Axe FX for studio only duties. Would be very helpful to be able to use Axe Edit with more than one device at once. Can't imagine many people use more than one AFX but maybe someone else would like to chime in.
  22. octatonic

    Anyone in London got an Atomic powered cab/wedge?

    Hi all, Anyone in (or indeed near) London have access to a powered wedge/cab and would be willing to allow me to compare to my existing rig? I am happy to travel or host but could really do without plonking down the money before I test it. Happy to supply alcohol of your choice and/or...
  23. octatonic

    MFC with 4 expression pedals- what pedalboard?

    Hi all, I have two Ernie Ball volume pedals with my MFC101 on a Pedaltrain 2. They only just fit- with about 1/2" of one of the expressions sitting over the lip of the PT2. I am going to add 2 Mission pedals to it which should add another 8 inches plus cabling (So maybe another 2 inches?)...
  24. octatonic

    Option to split the stereo FX Loop into 2 x FX Loop mono

    Hi all, It would be really helpful to me to be able to split the FX Loop from stereo to dual mono. I run an Echoplex looper in the FX loop of my Axe FX. I woud actually like to get a second one so I can loop independently (sometimes just dry guitar, sometimes just wet fx, sometimes mix...
  25. octatonic

    Question regarding Axe mode config: modulation on/off switch

    Hi all, When I had my GCP I was using a single IA switch to turn on/off all modulation (phase/flange etc). I was operating on the logic that I never use more than one at once in a single patch so it made no sense for me to have individual buttons...
  26. octatonic

    Tech 21 Powerstation?

    Anyone tried one of those Tech 21 powerENGINE things for a low cost, portable solution for the Axe? Just wondering. Edit- I mean a Powerengine, not a powerstation- my bad.
  27. octatonic

    I think we need a UK meetup.

    Would anyone be interested in a UK meetup? It seems we have an opportunity to get together and test some gear- particularly tube amps against Atomics and SS power amps with either full range or guitar speakers. I am particularly interested in getting a Matrix, Atomic powered, Engl tube...
  28. octatonic

    Stand for Axe rack when using wedges

    Hi all, I've seen a bunch of people using the Atomic wedges and they tend to balance their Axe on the top of the wedge. I don't want to do this myself as I have more than just my Axe FX in my rack. Does anyone know of a collapsable stand that allow the rack to be around hip height or...
  29. octatonic

    UK guys: How about a Zilla FRFR Cab/Wedge.

    Hi guys, I have been speaking to Paul at Zilla cabs about him building an alternative to the Atomic passive cabs. He is not geared up for active cabs so this will be a passive cab. My plan is to get a Matrix XT800 amp and have a pair of wedges or cabs (not decided yet). 12" full range...
  30. octatonic

    Strewth crikey!

    Any ridgey-didge true-blue's in the cubby? Cooee to yous all.
  31. octatonic

    My new Zilla 2x12 vertical cab

    Check out my new Zilla 2x12 vertical cab. it is an oversized 2x12 slant- basically a mini 4x12- sounds huge. It isn't something he usually does but I really wanted a vertical 2x12. I put a Celestion Alnico Gold and a UK made G12-75 that I had in another cab. The two work together really...
  32. octatonic

    Does anyone make a mono rackmount tube poweramp?

    Hi all, Does anyone make a mono rackmount tube poweramp? I am happy with my VHT 2:50:2 except for the weight.
  33. octatonic

    Labels for Ground Control Pro

    I've spent quite a bit of time trying to get some colour labels done for the GCP similar to the ones for the Liquid Foot that you can see here: http://voes.be/liquidfoot/pro/misc_labels.html I am not particularly skilled with photoshop but I have managed to rework them a bit. The led lights...
  34. octatonic

    Buffer Pedal?

    I've changed my rig around a bit and decided I wanted to use my old Crybaby rather than the Axe FX's wah wah- it just feels better to me. So this means I now I have a 12ft cable from guitar to wah and then a 20ft cable from wah to the front of the Axe FX. I am thinking of putting a buffer...
  35. octatonic

    Pitchbend and Glide

    Hi guys, Has anyone seen the pitchbend/glide effect in the latest EHX video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TR1iubF- ... r_embedded Really like it- wondering if the Axe can do the glide? I've had a look in the synth and putch bocks but I can't seem to get it right. Any ideas?
  36. octatonic

    Redwirez cab suggestion for Dumble model

    Hi, I've just bought the 'Bigbox' and struggling to find a suitable cab model for the Dumble drive tone I created. My high gain tone is FAS modern and it sounds great with Ubercab t75v30, cap edge, 1 inch sm57. My clean tone is a 'brown face' with a Matchless cab (forget which) but a Royer121...
  37. octatonic

    Short 7 pin midi cable.

    I have the Rocktron 30" 7 pin midi cable but it is a bit long when I am setting my rig up at home. Does anyone know of a shorter (maybe 6-12" or thereabouts) 7 pin midi cable I can run between the AFX and the GCP? Thanks.
  38. octatonic

    Haiku review

    Ultra here finally, All the sounds that I will need. Fractal are brilliant.
  39. octatonic

    4 Expression pedals?

    I have an Ultra with a GCP controller. Is it possible to have two expression pedals on the GCP active as well as the two pedal inputs on the back of the Axe? EDIT: GRRRR! Forum is multi-posting on my behalf. Sorry.
  40. octatonic

    4 Expression pedals?

    I have an Ultra with a GCP controller. Is it possible to have two expression pedals on the GCP active as well as the two pedal inputs on the back of the Axe? EDIT: GRRRR! Forum is multi-posting on my behalf. Sorry.
  41. octatonic

    Which pedalboard for GCP & 2x Ernie ball volume pedals?

    Ok, so my Pedaltrain 2 is 1" too short to accommodate the Ground Control Pro and 2x Ernie Ball volume pedals. Does anyone know of a good off the peg or well priced custom option that is 25" x 12" (64cm x 30cm roughly). I am in the UK fwiw.
  42. octatonic

    Pickup selection with the Axe FX.

    I just had an idea that I wanted to run past you all. If I put a stereo jack into my guitar and wired the neck humbucker to one output and the bridge humbucker to another. If I connect each pickup then to individual inputs onthe AFX and then use a mixer in AFX to pan between them (on an...
  43. octatonic

    Which midi cable with the GCP for phantom power?

    Hi all, I did a search but couldn't find the answered. I have a GCP and my AXE FX is incoming. I currently phantom power my GCP using a GCX but I am downsizing my rig and hoping to get away with using the GCP without the GCX being required. I see that both the GCP and the Axe FX have 7 pin...
  44. octatonic

    Stop me if you've heard this one before... (Power amp req)

    I DID do a search and found some useful information but nothing that completely answered my question. I have an Axe FX on order- it should arrive here in the UK for me in about a weeks time. I am looking for a Power Amp recommendation. I don't want to go for full range, I am looking for a...
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