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  1. Shock410

    2 Pitch Blocks

    Is there any possibility that another pitch block may be added with an update? The reason being....I use my AxeFX 3 to detune 1/2 step and run harmonies via 2 pitch blocks. I hope this could be possible eventually.... Any chance?
  2. Shock410

    ROCKSHOW NOLA: An Evening of JOURNEY "ESCAPE" using AxeFX3

  3. Shock410

    ROCKSHOW NOLA: An Evening of JOURNEY "When You Love A Woman"

    ROCKSHOW NOLA: An Evening of JOURNEY...."When You Love A Woman"
  4. Shock410


    Using The Pitch block to detune 1/2 step.
  5. Shock410

    CATCHBACK “Promises In The Dark” New Orleans CoronaVirus Edition

    Shot In New Orleans May 3-8 2020 during the CoronaVirus isolation. AxeFX3 in full effect.
  6. Shock410


    My Tribute to Steve Vai and Prince via AXEFX 3 Enjoy!
  7. Shock410

    THE NOLA ROCK SHOW SOCIAL DISTANCING “Separate Ways” 5 IPhones...5 Different Locations

    The NOLA ROCK SHOW featuring Guy Gelso(Zebra) on Drums..and Andrew Autin (Bill and Ted 3: Face The Music) on Guitar(AxeFX3)....Derrick LeFevre(ex-Lillian Axe) on Vocals....Rod Fleetwood on Bass and Joe Caluda( Randy Jackson solo band) on Keys.
  8. Shock410

    OPENING ACT pt 2

  9. Shock410


    Here is a snippet from another instrumental from my next solo CD, FIGHT OR FLIGHT SIDE 2.....ENJOY!!!!
  10. Shock410


    Second song from my Upcoming 2020 CD Release, Fight or Flight SIDE 2. All Guitars: AxeFX3 Keys: KORG Kronos88 recorded and mastered on the KORG Kronos88....Enjoy!
  11. Shock410


    Original material recorded with the AxeFX3 and the KORG Kronos!!! Enjoy!!
  12. Shock410

    **Somewhere In Time** by The Tone Ninja

    AxeFX3 FW11 Enjoy!
  13. Shock410

    **Crushing Day** video by The Tone Ninja

    Check Out CRUSHING DAY by The Tone Ninja AXE FX3...FW11....Enjoy!
  14. Shock410

    Bug? Firmware beta 2.01 issue with MFC-101

    Since I updated to beta Firmware 2.01, I am getting a "time out" message and no patches are showing up. Anyone else have this issue?
  15. Shock410

    AXE FX FW18p00 beta7 FREEZE

    Just updated the LATEST firmware and re-booted and ALL LEDs are on and BLANK SCREEN wont go away!!!! Held down the RECALL button upon reboot and still nothing....tried many times. Please help!!!!
  16. Shock410

    FW 18 Beautiful Goodbye

    Diggin the FW 18beta Update....Wrote this today!!!! Thanks Cliff and the whole FRACTAL TEAM!!! https://soundcloud.com/shock410/beautiful-goodbye
  17. Shock410

    MFC port not working properly

    The port on the rear of my AXE FX 2 isn't making contact with the Cat 5 cable...therefore, it won't power the MFC-101....the actual port is bad. The cable won't lock in. Is this something I can fix myself? Or will I need to send it in? I opened the box up and see where the cat 5 attaches to the...
  18. Shock410

    MFC Won't Power On...

    Please help!!' Tonight I set up my rig as usual... Axe FX 2 straight into MFC-101... No power to the MFC when I switched on the Axe FX. Tried 3 different Cat 5 cables...still no power. The Axe FX 2 powers on fine How do I know if the problem lies within the MFC cat 5 port, or the Axe FX...
  19. Shock410

    Dimebag Darrell Far Beyond Driven tone attempt

    This patch is NOT a tone match.... Lots of EQing and scooping.... If anyone can make it better from my patch....please do!!!! MoJEAUX- The South's Premier Live Music Experience!
  20. Shock410

    Pitch block question

    Hopefully one of the senior members can help me out with this... I am looking to control the interval of the pitch with my expression pedal. On my Digitech GSP 1101, I could use the expression in the heel position to be -6 and in the toe position +3 to get 2 different harmonies. Where in the...
  21. Shock410


    Just updated to 10.12 and everything was great....powered off for 5 sec like it said and the power won't come on!! Could a fuse have blown? Any suggestions??? Thanks
  22. Shock410

    Pete Thorn IRs

    When will these IRs hit surface?
  23. Shock410

    8.0 Jam

    Here is the Herbie Ch 3 altered a little!!!! 8.0 jam by Shock410 on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  24. Shock410

    Dimebag Darrell tone 8.0

    Here is a patch I easily built with 8.0....not a tone match....just scooped some mids and added pre EQing.....wallah!!!!!! What do ya think? Dimebag 8.0 by Shock410 on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  25. Shock410


    I'm not sure what went wrong and I'm not sure where to go to fix my problem. When I bring my Expression pedal 1 to the heel position then back up to toe position, I lose ALL sound. The volume drops all the way down and I have to reboot my Axe FX 2 to get sound back. When I updated to the...
  26. Shock410

    Sweet Child of Mine performed by MoJEAUX

    http://soundcloud.com/shock410/mojeaux-sweet-child-of-mine New Orleans Party Band, MoJEAUX recorded LIVE using Tone Matching on ALL electric and acoustic guitars..... Courtesy of Fractal Axe FX 2 MoJEAUX- The South's Premier Live Music Experience!
  27. Shock410

    A Few Tone Matches Vanished with 6.01

    Kinda weird....only my Acoustic Tone match patches disappeared after the firmware upgrade to 6.01!!! Not sure why....any ideas???
  28. Shock410

    Van Halen 1 tone attempt

    Here is my rendition of a Van Halen 1 tone played thru my Custom Strat with single coils straight into my Axe FX 2 and using the Pitch block at -1!!! I Love You Fractal Audio!!!!! http://soundcloud.com/shock410/van-halen-1-attempt-no-hiss
  29. Shock410

    Ya Don't Need A Carvin Legacy 3 When You Have An AXE FX 2!!!

    Here is my Legacy 3 channel 3.... Sounds pretty awesome!!! I love this Box!!!! Look what I just found on SoundCloud: Legacy 3 lead channel by Shock410 on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  30. Shock410

    Tone Match "nasal-y" Issue

    I've been Tone Matching since day one of the release of 6.0 and what I can't seem to understand is this.... Everything that I have tried to Tone Match comes out very "nasaly" to me. I play with the settings and try to get it the best I can....but why is this? I tone matched Stevie Ray...
  31. Shock410

    Classic CARS clean sound

    I know its a bit obscure as far as TONE goes....but The Cars have a distinct clean sound..... I tried to TM it!!! For those who care....here it is!!! The Cars clean guitar sound by Shock410 on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  32. Shock410

    Sweet Child Of Mine Tone Match attempt

    Sweet Child Tone match by Shock410 on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  33. Shock410

    70's KISS Tone Match

    Here is a Tone Match from calling Dr. Love..... Also works for every other KISS classic!!! KISS 70's by Shock410 on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  34. Shock410

    Boston Tone Match!!!!

    Tell me what y'all think!!!! Boston tone match Attempt 2 by Shock410 on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  35. Shock410

    Boston tone attempt

    Boston tone attempt by Shock410 on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free Might need some work.....but a good start!
  36. Shock410

    1st attempt at Tone Matching.....Unchained....no FX!!!!

    Unchained no Flange by Shock410 on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free Not Too Bad....I think!
  37. Shock410

    OK....So EXACTLY WHEN is 6.0 ARRIVING?????

    I've been patient enough.....I'm READY!!!!!
  38. Shock410

    Kleenex & Rain

    Here is an original tune called Kleenex & Rain....used a Gary Moore sounding patch! Enjoy!:mrgreen
  39. Shock410

    My Eruption Patch!!!

    :mrgreen Just a few tweaks and here goes!!! Enjoy!
  40. Shock410

    Problem With Noise Gate!!! Possible BUG?

    Whenever I patch a Noise Gate in the chain, the sound of my patch goes silent. As soon as I shunt the Noise Gate, the sound comes back....any suggestions
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