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    Inc/ Dec Channels via midi CCs?

    I'd like to step through all 4 channels of the distortion block via midi. Since the EQ got added it became a stellar stomp box thingy...the stomp that I ever wanted in the real world and now got virtual at least. As the title says: Is there a way to increment or decrement channels of a single...
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    Implemented More start values for ext ctrl.

    The external controllers can start with values of 0 or 100, but nothing in between. But to me that limits their use to simple on/off functions. Because when you assign them to something with a range like reverb, gain or an eq band it starts with the lowest (no gain) or the highest (full gain)...
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    Implemented Any plans for a performance screen?

    Like the title says: Are there any plans to add a performance screen anytime soon? To me the home screen don't looks like a screen where you left the edit mode and play. It looks like you are still stuck in a menu. And every info on that screen is small. Especially the preset number is too...
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    Attaching saturation switch to a modifier? [FIXED]

    Hi! Question: In AE I can attach the sat switch to a modifier. On the hardware I don't see how to do that. Where is it? Regards Bernd
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    ? about global blocks...

    Hi there, the release notes say that global blocks are not supported by AE for now. What does that mean for the people (like me) that have some global blocks in their presets? Stay away from AE at all? (Too late for me ) Only do preset operations but avoid grid operations? Move blocks in the...
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    Retrieving amp block loads default values to y

    Hi, as the title says. FW 11b (maybe the earlier FWs as well?) Amp blocks 1 and 2 in my presets. When I retieve an amp block (1 or 2, no matter) the y settings get imported wrong. It loads an Euro Modern. Are some of my presets flawed or can anyone confirm what happens?
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    AomDSP full version working, demo never did it

    Hi there, as the title says. I never got the Aom DSP demo to run on my pcs, it didn't even start at all, even though I tried it with compatibility mode and with different pcs with different versions of windows and it also didnt't run in emulated environments. Now when the full version got...
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    No midi CCs received until selection of other preset

    Hi there, whenever I power my II I first move all connected pedals a bit to get the pedals and the modifiers in sync. That's how I am used to it. With 10.00 it seems there is no reaction on pedal moves until I leave the preset from the powering. Midi LED is dead too. Once I left that first...
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    Is there any software available to eq IRs?

    Hi there, I searched the net for any software that allows one to make some corrections on existing IRs including eq-ing. That would be a great tool, I could taylor the eq to my needs. Is there something alike out there? I couldn't find it, some allow to nomalize and whatever but not...
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    How can I capture the stock IRs

    Hi, since Axeomatic dsp is out im considering of mxing my own cabs wich would be a mix of 3rd party IRs and the stocks. But how can I get files of the stock IRs? Is it possible with the Axe-FxII without an additional pc or with the pc and the Axe-FxII as soundcard? Do I need an external...
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    Bought a RCF Art 412a today

    Hi, Went to my local dealer today. They have the whole RCF Art line ready to audition. Didn't want to play guitar while listening, since the signal would change then. Listened to a song of Toto, always the same for all cabs. Started with the 310a wich I own since around one year, so I was...
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    Measuring response curves

    Hi! Considerations about measuring frequency response curves. I mean I don't want to take cab IRs, there are plenty of it everywhere in the internet. I want to measure my stuff, mainly the monitors, to see the response curves. I took the IR capture tool for that...pretty simple. Testet...
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    Is tone match kind of a linear/ static eq?

    Hi! Maybe this has been answered before and I just didn't see it. I also don't know wich string to enter in the search to get my question answered, sorry. Hope you can answer it. How exactly works or what exaclty is tone match? Is it a static eq? A dynamic eq? Does it care about distortion...
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    Cat5 faster than midi-cable?

    As above: Is it faster or the same speed? I rtfm, but must have missed that.
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    FRFR Combo ?

    Hallo Leute! Muss mal wieder die eiserne Ruhe im Babelfish-Zentrum stören.... :-) Bin auf der Suche nach einem Combo-Amp als FRFR. Gibt's sowas, fällt jemand was dazu ein? Diesen Rundum-Sound, den meine Combos in kleinen Räumen verursachen, hätte ich auch mal gerne vom Axe. Aber FRFR...
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    Hochwertigen externe Verzerrer besser als interne?

    Hallo Leute! Habe die letzten drei Jahre eigentlich nur Ampsounds gespielt, ein Drive-Block war nie in meinen Presets. Als wir bei dem letzten Auftritt aber auch mal Videos gemacht werden, ist mir aufgefallen, dass meine Sounds zwar sich wunderbar durchsetzten und dass alles hervorragend...
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    External switches XS1...XS4 do not send status again

    Hi there! Got a problem that I can't fix. The external switches XS1 to XS4 should send their status again after a preset change. That's what the manual says. Only thing is to set the function to hdw (hardware). I did that. But it doesn't work. No CC is send again after a preset change. Is...
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    Expression value shown for a second

    Don't know if this is possible, but: I'd like to see the value of an expression pedal for a second or two after every change. What for? I could boost the volume for a solo or so and find the old position again later. OK, this feature must have an on/off setting for every pedal, if not it...
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    Magnetfolie aufs MFC?

    Hallo Leute! Nachdem erste Axler schon geschrieben haben, dass sie was mit Magnetfolie zur MFC-Beschriftung starten, wollte ich mal nachfragen wie das so geklappt hat... Wie ist die Haftung der Magnetfolie auf dem MFC? Gut? Kann ich so ne Folie, die ja doch dicker als Papier ist, in den...
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    9.00 geht mir gut ab....

    Hallo Leute! Hab mal eben mit 9.00 rumgespielt und hab für mich persönlich den Eindruck gewonnen, dass einige Sounds doch viel klarer und deutlicher geworden sind. (Einen echten Vergleich hab ich aber nicht, es sind aber immerhin meine seit 1 1/2 Jahren genutzten und stets nach Updates...
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