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  1. stink

    **UPDATE** Bug: Blocks overloaded

    Edited: Not sure what changed, but with the official FW released, I've yet to see the problem duplicated.... scratches head... I updated to FW 19.01 and things sounded fantastic until I switched presets. Upon switching presets, only the input block was passing signal and all other blocks are...
  2. stink

    SOLD Fender Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster 2000's Vintage White

    This is a Fender Artist Series Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster Electric Guitar, vintage white with rosewood fret board. Upgraded with Graphtech saddles, Fender locking tuners, and a Seymour Duncan Hot Rail in the bridge position. The original pickup is still available and can be included with the...
  3. stink

    FS Tagima Edu Ardanuy Signature E2 2020 White

    This is a hand-made Brazilian Stratocaster (type) body featuring a Pau-Marfim scalloped neck, Cedar Body, Upgraded hardware: Genuine Floyd Rose locking Trem, Dommenget MuscleBucker pickups (Bridge and Neck), Seymor Duncan Quarter Pounder in the middle position, and Kluson Locking tuners.and...
  4. stink

    Brit Silver - preset included

    Since the new FW update, this amp sounds simply glorious now. Must share. https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/axe-fx-iii-16-00-beta-5-cygnus-firmware-public-beta-2.170901/post-2058327
  5. stink

    Gal or guy?

    Ok so is this a gal or a guy in drag? @bishop5150 you may have the answer since, you sir, are all things Ozzy..
  6. stink

    **UPDATE** Any TA Drop Top owners..

    I’m considering ordering an Anderson Drop Top and wondered if anyone here has any experience between the sound/tone of the hollow vs a solid body? I plan on either a mahogany/quilted maple or a basswood/quilted maple combo for the body. I’ve decided I want a caramel maple/chocolate maple...
  7. stink

    Wish Selectable EQ type in Drive Block

    Wish we had a selectable EQ available in the drive block similar to the one available amp block. Even better would be to have a choice of either a graphic or PEQ available in the drive block....
  8. stink

    New Dean Explorer - Just Arrived

    So, after a 14-month collaboration, changes, delays, and scheduling issues, she has finally arrived.. Mahogany body, Flame Maple top, Tiger Eye finish Unfinished back of mahogany neck Flamed Maple binding on fret board Dean "Baker Act" pup in bridge Dean "Michael Angelo Batio - Hands Without...
  9. stink

    Hacked by the Chinese?

    That is all... Edit: There was an onslaught of Chinese posts in this forum this AM
  10. stink

    Focusrite 18i20 I/O sound quality

    Hopefully I’m posting this in the correct forum. So I recently upgraded from an AxeFX IIXL+ to the III. One thing that bugged me about using the XL+ as a centerpiece for the sound card for the DAW (Reaper) was that I couldn’t control the playback volume properly of either the previously recorded...
  11. stink

    AxeFX External pedal not talking through MFC

    My new AxeFX II XL+ and MFC-101 MK III arrived recently and I'm trying to connect a SP-1 expression pedal. Today was the first chance I had to try it out and I can't get it to do anything. I have a TRS cable connected from the Expression jack to Pedal 1 on the back of the Axe. In The I/o menu...
  12. stink

    PRS Custom 24 owners - need pup advice

    so I bought this gorgeous PRS custom 24. Sounds great when playing clean (it has a 5-way) but when I give some gas, the bridge pups IMHO sound thin and prickly. It came installed with \m/ pups and I want to swap them,out for something delivering a warmer, hot yet woody tone. I've seen the PRS...
  13. stink

    Dumb Axe-Edit question

    Is there an export text feature to show which presets have user cabs attached? I know I can export preset names and cabinet names, but want to clean out potentially unused cabinet slots by exporting which presets use which cabinet. Maybe this feature is already in Axe-Edit, if so I apologize...
  14. stink

    Wish Output level indicator

    Would be VERY helpful IMHO if there were a bar graph (top, near CPU usage?) to show approximate output level as read from the AxeFXII. Since I primarily use my AxeFxII for recording, directly into Reaper, it would be helpful to see the output level db on the AxeEdit screen. My 2¢
  15. stink

    Pink Floyd - Time solo AxeFXII V11

    First of all, I have to congratulate Cliff & the Fractal Team for all of their collaborative efforts with both the AxeFXII and AxeEdit 3.0 . Cliff, never in my life, have I enjoyed the freedom and expression I have now because of the AxeFXII. I took the plunge, sold all my old equipment and...
  16. stink

    Out 1 Clipping

    So, I'm using my incredible AxeFX II as an amp and a "sound card" into my PC which is running Reaper, Superior Drummer 2.0, Izotope 5.0, and Izotope Alloy but here's my problem: Recording, USB reamping, playback, all fine. When I use the brickwall limiter (-0.3 db) I get constant "flicker"...
  17. stink

    Serious V10 Issue ...

    After upgrading from V9 to V10, does anyone know how to change the tubes in their AxeFx II now? Will it void my warranty if I open the box and replace them? How did you manage to install tubes via USB Cliff? :-) Outstanding update, although I suck playing as compared to the talented folks in...
  18. stink

    Bug? Loud audio "pop" when turning unit on or off

    First of all, I’ve been an AxeFx Ultra owner for over 2.5 years. Now I’m happy to announce I’ve officially become an AxeFx II owner. As amazing as the Ultra sounds, the AxeFx II is an enormous improvement. The depth, clarity, bloom, and resolution are truly amazing! Not to mention the lushness...
  19. stink

    Gary Moore Dies...

    This is a sad day in rock history. Rest in peace my brother in rock. http://www.tvguide.com/News/Gary-Moore-Dies-1028928.aspx?rss=breakingnews *edit* I apologize, I didn't mean to double post. I was so overcome with shock that I didn't realize another post already existed.
  20. stink

    Ratt & Roll

    So, I'm playing some 80's hair metal and I came up with this.... no Redwirez required...It was created using a Joe Perry Les Paul with a lot of volume! -Greg
  21. stink

    Noob trying to load Redwirez IR's but not having much luck

    Disclaimer: I've been able to download from this forum and upload to my axe-fx with no problems what so ever - I simply can't seem to upload the Redwirez IR's to my instrument..It allows me to add them to my cabs using the preset manager but it will not let me save them.. I'm using the preset...
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