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    Who is still playing Quantum firmware?

    I've got Q9.04 on my AxeFx2 and my Ax8. I've dialed things in so well for my taste that I don't feel much need to go further... plus keeping them on both machines is the only way I know to keep them compatible.
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    Using an Ultra/Standard in 2022

    Just as a price reference, I sold my Ultra on Reverb a month ago for $650. It sat for a month before that, and I was grateful to get that much.
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    FS Axe-Fx Ultra Guitar Amp/Effects Modeler, $525.00 (SOLD!)

    The Ultra has been sold.
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    C minor 11 b5 chord

    This is actually a pretty common jazz voicing... often used as the II chord when doing a II-V-I to Bbm. I'd suggest this... That said... I'm confident you could get away with playing a Cm7b5 voicing, and not bother with the "F" note.
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    FS Axe-Fx Ultra Guitar Amp/Effects Modeler, $525.00 (SOLD!)

    I'm selling my AxeFx Ultra on The Gear Page. Many pix and thorough description can be found here... https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/fractal-axe-fx-ultra-guitar-amp-effects-modeler.2299299/ Asking $525 + ship charges. Post me at pasbell "at" paulasbell.com
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    Closed I wish Fractal Allows Me to Overwrite All Factory IRs

    I'm quite sure this issue came up several times in threads regarding the AxeFx2. My recollection was that Cliff and others pointed out that that WAS in fact the case. Can anyone smarter than me confirm or deny that?
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    Closed I wish Fractal Allows Me to Overwrite All Factory IRs

    Sidestepping for a moment the skeptical comment regarding why anyone would need more than 2048 User IR slots... Perhaps the OP is under the impression that there is a substantial amount of memory that would be gained by eliminating the "Factory Cabs". My understanding has always been that those...
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    AX8 Firmware Version 10.01

    Please don't say this TOO loudly...;)
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    Wish Tone King Imperial Mark Knopfler Amp

    I'm confused. I think I'll sit this one out...;)
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    Wish Tone King Imperial Mark Knopfler Amp

    Hmmmm. Maybe because more choice is usually better than less?
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    AX8 Firmware Version 10.01

    There is no one on this Forum who doesn't feel that, as well. Please be aware that there's a tiny bit of hope, as long as that announcement DOESN'T get made. Which would you prefer... a tiny bit of hope? Or NONE? Yeah, me too. And everyone else, I'd imagine, including yourself.
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    Reamped Guitars — Boxy.

    I noticed the levels on the DI are very low whereas on the Reamp track, they are fat. Does this matter? And if so, what do I do about it? Can't help with the "boxy" problem, though it's likely that you ARE inadvertently hearing both signals, combined. That would explain it. But for the level...
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    Virtual Rehearsal Software

    Definitely seems true. But another factor that I was told about (and seems to be important) is the sample rate for your own audio gear, that you set in your initial configuration of that gear within JamKazam. 44.1k is the lowest option , and seems to require less processing– so presumably...
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    Virtual Rehearsal Software

    That's what I would have thought as well. Until I was actually in a few sessions where people across the country "dropped in". There's an easy way to actually see a latency reading in milliseconds for each person on the session. In fact, more experienced jammers seem to drop in on a session, get...
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    Solo 100 Clean VS. Shiver Clean VS. USA Clean VS. Bludojai Clean

    I'm fairly certain that... Yes, MV means Master Volume, in the amp block. No, "preamp" means the Drive in the amp block. For those of us who grew up with tube amps, and still think that way, the word "preamp" means the volume of the preamp tubes in a tube amp... which in the AxeFx, is controlled...
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    Ares 2.00 vs Quantum 10.01

    I'd imagine there would be no reason for Cliff to have consciously changed those values in the new firmware. However, weird things DO happen w/ FW updating. We know that because folks report incidents often where stuff mysteriously changes– that shouldn't– after they update. Sometimes, redoing...
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    Delay and reverb sounds "disconnected" from the dry tone

    Agree with Chris regarding posting a preset, or audio. But in the meantime– trying to decipher the word "disconnected" that you used– are you familiar w/ the "ducking" parameter on both delay and 'verb? That parameter is INTENDED to disconnect FX from the guitar sound itself. Set to 0, if...
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    Axe Édit trouble ......

    I believe this has been the case for many years now. At least, it's been the case for me. I presume you're referring to a "Communications Paused– Click To Resume" box?
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    So is there............a no amp patch

    If that's EXACTLY what he's doing– using the AX8 before going into an amp– then of course you're right.
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    So is there............a no amp patch

    This may be quite obvious... but that "no amp" patch you create will be much quieter than all your more "normal" patches/presets. So, you'll probably want to make up that lost gain somehow. There are a lot of ways, including adding a filter block. But you also may want to experiment with using...
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    Annoying transient plectrum sound

    A suggestion, which you may already know. The Looper can be really helpful for this. Try playing a brief passage, using a technique that enhances the pick noise you are trying to reduce. Then, play back the loop, while trying PEQ, Definition control, and other parameters that you think might...
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    Heritage H-150

    Several years ago, I started buying used H-150's, when I'd see nice ones up for sale. I concur with the build quality and sonic quality kudos that Brad and many others have referenced. Hoping this doesn't sound too "huckster-ish" of me, but I've got more of 'em in the closet than I (or anyone...
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    Why was the AX8 not upgraded to Ares?

    As of course you know, it's allowed on the Forum. It's a free country, so ask whatever you want. It's just that there is NO "anyone" who will have or post new information, other than Cliff. And we long-time Fractal users have learned that there aren't anything other than little hints dropped...
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    Why was the AX8 not upgraded to Ares?

    One of the reasons, Jaroslav, that people sometimes make replies like A.J. did is that we're ALL waiting breathlessly for some of the things that Cliff has indicated are coming. However, he's also indicated that to do what he's attempting to do is super-difficult... so there will likely be...
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    Does anyone have experience with simultaneously recording wet and dry signals with the Axe-Fx II XL+?

    What Chris said. It's virtually inaudible, compared with the "wet", processed signal from the Axe. But it's there.
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    WTB Atomic CLR MKI non-neo, or a pair of matching CLRs (CLOSED)

    I might be interested. I purchased a pair of non-Neo's a few years back, before the Neo's came out, but never used them for gigs. After the Neo's were on the market, i purchased one, which I used constantly. On exactly 1 occasion, I used it in conjunction w/ one of my original non-Neo's, as a...
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    Replacement Rubber Feet for EV-2?

    After wondering why my EV-2 was not sitting stably underfoot, I noticed that I've managed to lose 3 of the rubber feet. Does anyone have insight or suggestions about how best to replace 'em? For example... are they standard hardware store items? Or more proprietary to Fractal? Or...?
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    The Character knob is AWESOME

    True. But in my experiments with it, it became quite clear why those parameters weren't given that option. In virtually every case, when I attached a controller using FracPad (or was it perhaps FracTool? Hmmm. In any event...) the preset distorted like crazy, which I took to mean some sort of...
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    RIDGID case warning

    Thanks VERY MUCH for the heads up! I recently purchased one, with the thought of using it for my AX8. I'll look at that very carefully, before moving ahead with that plan.
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    Pick Attack AX8

    "And sweeping the filter while playing a note requires use of my extra arm." Well, one clever aid for tone tweaks like you're doing is to put a looper block at the beginning of your chain. Then, play a bunch of riffs or whatever best represents the problem you're trying to address. Hit playback...
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    Want to have cake and eat it too maxing cpu

    For reverbs, you can bring down the density and substantially reduce the CPU hit. I actually prefer lower density settings for my guitar reverb, but YMMV...
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    Balancing Cleans to Distortion

    Correct, it's NOT balanced... nor CAN it be, as yyz67's graph illustrates. I suspect most of us have been dealing with this issue for quite a while, and are aware of the difficulty of finding a "happy medium" where a quite compressed lead tone and a much more dynamic clean tone can still be...
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    EV-2 rubber feet?

    The other day, I realized my EV-2 was wobbly underfoot. At the end of the gig, I looked underneath, and noticed that only one of the four rubber feet was still attached to the bottom. I'll obviously need to replace 'em, but unsure what's my best plan. Has this happened to anyone else? If i may...
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    How to tactfully decline playing benefits

    Good suggestions already. Here's an approach that might help, as well.... "Thanks for your interest in our band, and I'm very sorry to hear about the accident (or whatever). We get a lot of similar requests, and here's the policy we've been forced to adopt. Our usual fee is $800 (or whatever)...
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    Any word on an update for the AX8?

    "...or find something that isn't going to be replaced every 5 years" Respectfully, you should think about buying a fine acoustic piano. Or a vintage guitar. Or, a classic tube amp. Or, any musical instrument that isn't based on microprocessors, digital chips, firmware or software. Because...
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    Weird AX8 glitch

    Just a guess... but the USB connection itself uses CPU resources. I'm wondering if your preset is "on the edge" of CPU use, and the USB connection pushes it "over the edge" enough to cause the bypass some blocks?
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    Trying to Get A Clean THICKER Guitar Tone (AK) (going from thin tone to thinker or fuller tone)

    It's always difficult to convey in words exactly what one means concerning tone. As others have mentioned, "thin" often means lacking in lows and low mids, and/or too much brittle highs. So, possibly, EQ-ing the tone you've got with that in mind could help. That said, I've recently discovered...
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    Ares is coming to the AX8?

    Well, nobody but Cliff can say for sure. But I suspect what it means is that certain ASPECTS of the modeling algorithms would fit, and certain ones WOULDN'T. So, presumably, he chose what he thought was the most crucial aspects of the modeling, skipping others he thought were less crucial. I'm...
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    Ares is coming to the AX8?

    I don't think that's correct. Last I saw, Cliff said that he ported "as much as possible" of full Ares to the AxeFx.
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    Wish I wish AX8-Edit enabled recalling either X or Y or entire block from a library file

    I've been doing a ton of that lately, so it was fresh in my mind...;)
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    Wish I wish AX8-Edit enabled recalling either X or Y or entire block from a library file

    It WOULD be helpful, no doubt. I've wished for that, as well. That said... it's not all that difficult to recall the saved block, use the "Copy X to Clipboard" option, undo the recall of the saved block, and then paste the Clipboard into whichever side you wish. I can explain further, if you're...
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    Tone Triangles

    Not a day goes by, when I don't have all these in my front pocket. They range from ultra-thin to really thick, w/ different plastics, and– as in the case w/ the John Pearse picks– a choice of 3 different picking points. Everyone finds use somewhere, on some gig, on some guitar, on some tune...
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    Input trim

    Although, reducing level DEFINITELY affects the sound and feel of any distorted sound. So the OP's not wrong.
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    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.00 Firmware Release

    Do you know about FractalBot? It's what you'll want to use, for all those backup operations.
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    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.00 Firmware Release

    You may know this already, Jocelyn... but before loading Ares, take pains to make sure you've backed up all your personal presets, as well as your presets that you've already acquired. A suggestion would be to to relabel the ones you're presently attached to, with a note of the FW you're...
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    Does anyone else not gel at all with acoustic guitars?

    ALMOST as hilarious as listening to people condescend to skill sets they don't possess an ounce of themselves. Hard as it may be for you to believe, U2 and Radiohead are as boring, uninspiring, and silly-sounding to some of us as Ry Cooder might be to you. There's room for all guitar tastes...
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    Does anyone else not gel at all with acoustic guitars?

    Virtually every guitarist, anywhere in the world, got started because they feel in love with the sound. More particularly, SOMEONE'S sound... whether Hendrix, Vai, Knopfler, or a million other inspiring players. Then, the work begins... and as we all know, it's a lot harder than it looks...
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    Software FracPad III - iOS/Android/Mac/Win Editor for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, AX8/FX8, Axe-Fx III and FM3

    I'm seeing your point, Al... at least on the AX8. I've trimmed my patch down to 26%, and it STILL won't allow modifiers to be added on any parameters other than the ones Cliff already has them attached to. Maybe this will work better on my AxeFx2. Hmmmm....
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    Software FracPad III - iOS/Android/Mac/Win Editor for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, AX8/FX8, Axe-Fx III and FM3

    I forgot to mention that, after experiencing the same issues, I discarded a bunch of blocks, creating a patch that showed 50% CPU. It still occurred. Based on what you said, I'll try creating a patch w/ nothing but amp & cab, and try again.
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    Software FracPad III - iOS/Android/Mac/Win Editor for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, AX8/FX8, Axe-Fx III and FM3

    Al, I've purchased original FracPad, plus FracPad3, and have them on my iPad4, and also on my MacBookPro, running iOS11. I'm trying to use it w/ my AX8, presently, trying to get the "Add Modifier" feature working. It would be a blessing to add a modifier to a few parameters like "Depth", but...
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    Ares 1 for AX8?

    "It's your (or my) money to do with as you wish according to your own value calculation - just seems weird to get hung up on a will-it-or-won't-it-get-the-next-software-update for something with well-proven utility." For a number of us who own both an AxeFx2 and an AX8, it's been great to have...
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    Pick attack on cleans

    Joe G already indicated that this didn't address his specific "note pop" desires. However, I tried your suggestion, and found it really helped get me where I'm trying to go, regarding MY "note pop" attack issues. So, big thanks, Trancegodz!
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    Pick attack on cleans

    Joe, I'm guessing that what I'm referring to as percussive "pop" in the attack of the notes in the little vid I linked to, is NOT what you're referring to?
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    Pick attack on cleans

    Joe, I've been reflecting on something like this as well, over the last week or two. I just recently bought a wonderful thin line hollow body archtop instrument made by my dear friend Tom Ribbecke, after spending an afternoon at his shop, playing it thru his Princeton, w/ a Hemptone speaker. I...
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    AX8 Firmware Version 10.01

    Really know how to hurt a guy, Robboman...
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware "Ares" 1.00 Public Beta

    Feelings are funny things. It's not always the best way to evaluate purchases, design products, or run a business.
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    Goal at the moment is to use finger style

    Not sure what this means... but I've not found it to be true. I suspect you're referring to an incorrectly adjusted Input Gate in your patches.
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    Best Axe-Fx III recording ever

    At the risk of overplaying the whole thing... The other Kalimba player in my band has been playing thru a Kemper. The FX he's using aren't quite as cool as what I get with my Kalimba thru my AxeFx3. But he claims that the FEEL of the Kemper is somehow better. I plugged into his Kemper, and I...
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    Best Axe-Fx III recording ever

    It WOULDN'T have, if Cliff had just thought to implement a Fletcher-Munson curve into what is otherwise the perfect unit...
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    Best Axe-Fx III recording ever

    Don't get me wrong... I really loved the tones. But I kinda miss the "Kalimba In The Room" sound (KITR, from now on...) Also, I can swear I noticed some latency. Anybody else? Oh... and I kinda wish he would've demoed the Kalimba running thru the Klon drive...
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    Open Sourced Axe-Fx 2

    This. Plus, if it WOULDN'T be all that great an idea for Cliff, then it's a bit weird to discuss our desire for more free stuff on the very Forum that he's created for us.
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    Can the Mic be eliminated by sum and difference?

    I'm sure I'm not the first person to wish we had a FB-like "HaHa" emoji on here...;)
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware "Ares" 1.00 Public Beta

    I'm still on 9.04. That's how it is using AxeEdit on 9.04 as well. You need to "manually" tweak in those controller values... as opposed to "data entry" by typing, arrow keys, etc. I think it's always been that way.
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    AX8 / Axe-Fx II input levels

    Chris, I was finally at a gig w/ my AxeFx2, and was able to do the I/O switching test. In my admittedly unusual setup, where I have a Vol block at the beginning of each preset, as described above, there is no difference in gain between the standard "Left Only" setting, and the "Stereo" setting...
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    AX8 / Axe-Fx II input levels

    First off, Chris... I'm a bit embarrassed to realize how much I've forgotten about how I set these patches up in the first place!!! I now see that you're correct... I'm using the FX Loop to bring in one component of my acoustic gtr feed, which is input thru Input 2L. The other component comes...
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    AX8 / Axe-Fx II input levels

    No, Chris, I meant Input 1 and Input 2. I'm plugging the 2 outputs from my acoustic gtr dual-source system into In1 L, and In 2 R (or vice-versa... not 100% sure). Then, a Volume block pans the 2 inputs, and then I process each separately, before merging them.I've been doing this for quite a...
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    AX8 / Axe-Fx II input levels

    Don't want to hijack this, but I have a similar question to OP. I've been using my AxeFx2 w/ the Input Mode set to "Stereo", since I sometimes need both Input 1 and Input 2 for my dual-sourced acoustic gtr patches. So, I've just been keeping the AF2 in "Stereo" mode in all the time... even when...
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    New "Burmese Panther" CD, using entirely AxeFx2 DI's

    For anyone interested in hearing more tunes from the CD, they can all be found here... https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrBRxB0ebMTUZUa5BZJ_4qTDoUVRxmScg
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    New "Burmese Panther" CD, using entirely AxeFx2 DI's

    I recently completed a jazz CD, entitled "Burmese Panther". All the guitar tracks were done using my AxeFx2, my custom-made archtop and a Grosh 3-PU Tele-style solid-body. All the tunes are my originals, with the exception of this one, which is a bit more "crossover-friendly". There are a buncha...
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    Getting a direct, unprocessed signal that “honks” through my preset tone when picking heavily

    The "Air" parameter in the Cab block is intended to do exactly what you describe... introduce a bit of clean input signal into the output of the Cab block. Do you have the Air parameter turned up? Sounds like you want to lower it, if so... or get rid of it altogether.
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    [SOLVED] Bad buzzing on most amps

    I recently played a concert in a large, modern church, which had what APPEARED to have a thoroughly modern electrical system... several boxes full of individual breakers, discrete switches for different banks of lights, all 3-wire plugs, etc. Nevertheless, my HB-equipped jazzbox was humming...
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    BMI, ASCAP, etc. suing bars?

    You can concoct any rationalization you want... and in fact, did. But it's a simple fact. Free downloaders are pirates. It's ALSO true that large streaming services like Spotify and Pandora are ALSO responsible for the near-impossibility of making a living as a recording artist. But the...
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    Weird AX8 behavior

    What's your CPU % for that patch look like?
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    Emulating the Klon, uhh ... Soul Food

    Sad to know that nobody in your family is a good cook. If they were, you'd understand how silly your statement is.
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    One of these is not like the other. Klon/Centura content...

    Glad that the Handy Drive is continuing to find a good home with you, sir!
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.04 Firmware Release

    The thread may be. But the attack details and tones I'm presently getting with 9.04 are anything but slow and ugly. If it never goes anywhere beyond here, I'm good.
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    Software to convert standard notation to tab?

    I use Sibelius. It's hi-powered software, that can do a million times more than notation-to-TAB (and is pretty expensive) but it certainly does what you're looking for, and then some.
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    Axe Fx III .... praise and a question...

    Just a contrary opinion, re tube changes on the AxeFx2. For Fender-style amps, including the Carr Roamer model, I find a change from the Sylvania 12AX7 to, say, the RCA 12AX7 (which I prefer) is quite noticeable. Can't speak to the AxeFx3, since I don't have one yet. Might be a while!
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    Preset packs for the AX8?

    I'm a reasonably experienced owner of both an AxeFx2, and an AX8. I tend to use each for different live gigs, so don't tend to sweat bullets about comparing their exact tones to one another. However, I DO strive to have basically the "same" presets (that I've personally built and tweaked in my...
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    Is there a name for this common D-chord thing?

    The nice thing about being able to think and speak "music language" is that once you call that D thingee "D sus4 / D /Dsus2 / D" – and think about what the numbers and name "suspended" mean– then you can find the same thing based on A chord. And then, on F chord. Then, on C chord. And finally...
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    what are your favorite IRs?

    Thanks for that quick and thorough reply, Fro! At some point, I should probably get one of the ML packs, in order to use CabLab to roll my own, and see if i can come up w/ something better. However, I've been pleasantly surprised with how much mileage I'm getting out of just using Factory #58.
  82. P

    what are your favorite IRs?

    I've got a favor to ask, Fro, if it isn't too much of a hassle. I've crawled out of the IR rabbit-hole a while back, and settled on Factory Cab #58 and #59 as my "close-enough without climbing back down" favorites, for virtually all my tones. Sometimes, I mix the 2, heavily favoring #58, but...
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    Acoustic Simulation Question

    Oh. I see... his signature contains both units. Right... Might I suggest, deakle, that you move this thread someplace else, instead of "AX8 Discussion"? You'll probably get more and better responses... Yes, it's kinda wild!
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    Acoustic Simulation Question

    There are a number of points to hit here. But the first is this... are you aware that the AX8 doesn't have tone-match capability, on its own? What many of us who own both an AX8 and also an AxeFx2 have done is make the tone-match on the AxeFx, and then export the tone-match as a Cab. Then, of...
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    Level Question

    +1 to Moke's extremely thorough rundown of the issues. I strongly suspect some combination of the different factors he lists is what the OP is experiencing.
  86. P

    Best compressor block for clean percussive sound

    At the risk of stating the obvious, a lot of that tone is coming from the playing style itself. Every single note is plucked really hard, so that the string "clanks" against the frets, and creates a form of "physical compression". Blues guys who play with their thumb or with their fingers get...
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    One pedal for global volume--how to switch it to another function?

    If the discussion is now shifting to what KIND of pedal to use for volume... my vote is overwhelmingly for Fractal's EV-1. EV-2 is almost as good.
  88. P

    One pedal for global volume--how to switch it to another function?

    Perhaps you already know this... but there are a number of ways of using an expression pedal to control volume, which AREN'T global. For example, use the pedal to control Vol in the Cab block. If you did that, then you could easily use the same pedal to control delay mix, in another preset. Or...
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    Ax8 Firmware

    Please correct me if I'm wrong... but my recollection is that Ares WON'T FIT into the AxeFx2. So, obviously, it won't fit into the AX8, either. What Cliff said was that certain PARTS of Ares could be ported over to AxeFx2. So, hopefully, it can also be ported over to AX8.
  90. P

    Why are there so many d*ckheads on Facebook?

    Like so many things in life, FB is what you make of it. There are many tools that allow you to control the experience. One of my faves is "unfollow", that allow you to not see stuff from people that you've decided aren't worth clogging up your feed, and keeping you from seeing stuff from...
  91. P

    AX8 now or later?

    Another point in favor of jumping into the Fractal waters is the integrity and customer service of the company, the relentless pursuit of excellence by its owner, Cliff Chase, and the terrifically helpful community of users here on this forum.
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    Sound gets thin

    There are MANY ways to control overall volume. Based on what you're looking for, I think there are better ways to control it than to control Input Volume, as you're now doing. There's nothing wrong with your hardware.... you just need to come up with a better way to control overall volume...
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    Slightly different inquiry about FRFR cabs

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who'll be all ears as to exactly what you decide to go for. A consideration that sold me on the CLR's was the fact that they're not "guitar voiced". IOW, they work as well as studio monitors or full PA as they do for the various near-and-dear guitar tones you...
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    Problem: Ax 8 switches respond too late

    The footswitches can be set to switch when pressed on "toe down", or set to switch when pressed on "toe UP". I'm wondering if your unit was set by original owner in that latter mode? Easy enough to change....
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    Slightly different inquiry about FRFR cabs

    Jack, I've been using the CLR Neo (or sometimes, 2) for jazz/archtop tones for years now. I never do heavy/djent/thumpy tones, and I certainly can't see anything to back up that initial impression. Do you like the Axe tones you're getting, when listening back through hi-quality studio monitors...
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    Do most people not use proximity anymore?

    Yes, it is. At least, for me. However, I get the feeling that there's more to the proximity parameter than just a peaking (or shelving?) EQ boost at 130Hz... which is where I tend to have my proximity set to. That said, I generally use the proximity on fairly bright cabs, and often lower the...
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    Do most people not use proximity anymore?

    I often use the Null option, and set Proximity somewhere between 3 and 4 or so. My ear likes what it does... but would be curious to know exactly what sort of EQ that's equivalent to.
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