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  1. octatonic

    FW 3.00 is a gigantic improvement

    I agree- there is one thing that is bugging me though. I'd like it if Scene 1/2 reverts to the previous scene used. For instance, you have clean on Scene 1, Dist Rtm on Scene 2, Solo on Scene 3. Switching to back form Scene 3 for a solo to your Dist Rtm requires two presses as pressing Scene...
  2. octatonic

    Which are your go to drives ?

    Nope- I have a couple of 4 knob ones, never had the 5 knob.
  3. octatonic


    In other news, I'm giving you a pass- have at it.
  4. octatonic

    Which are your go to drives ?

    Tube Driver 4 knob. It gets really, really, really close to the real thing. Otherwise, TS808 (not the mod which has too much gain for me), Zen Master and Facefuzz.
  5. octatonic


  6. octatonic


    Do you know about the unbuffered tone mode? When starting up the device hold down the 1, 4, 8 & tempo footswitches whilst turning the C knob counterclockwise. It sounds much better this way- I don't know why they don't make this the default.
  7. octatonic

    This is an FX8 video I had not seen.

    I'll see what I can do- but fwiw the Ruckus is set with both the gain and tone on full, EQ is flat. Most of the time I run the gain from the Ruckus on 6 and the tone on full though. A lot of the tone you hear is down to the speaker choice, which is a V30 and a Celestion Gold. Amp is a CAA PT50...
  8. octatonic

    FX8 on the way to me!

    Welcome to to the club fella.
  9. octatonic

    This is an FX8 video I had not seen.

    That is my video. Glad you like it- it wasn't recorded under the best of circumstances- just an iPhone camera- I usually take more time. I created it for some folks on thefretboard.co.uk who wanted to get an idea of what it could do. It wasn't really supposed to be publicly viewable but I must...
  10. octatonic

    Show Us Your FX8 Rig!

    It is a T Rex Tone Trunk. Can't remember the size but it should be fairly easy to work out.
  11. octatonic

    Feel like the "red headed step child?"

    My FX8 is working just fine. What are people's issues with it?
  12. octatonic

    Show Us Your FX8 Rig!

    I have a multitude of amps- I just have different patches for each amp- some using the effects loop, some without. Currently a Two Rock Studio Pro Plus 35w combo is getting a lot of time.
  13. octatonic

    Presets and You

    I've never used any of the presets on any guitar effects devices, except on the first day to see how things generally sound and to work out the routing. I've downloaded a few from time to time to check out some routing that people do, but I've never used a preset for a gig or a recording that I...
  14. octatonic

    Who would you bring back?

    Freddie for me. By miles. Then Hendrix, because I want to hear what the alleged Miles Davis collaboration yielded.
  15. octatonic

    New MFC coming?

    Ok, no worries. I might hold off anyway (even though I can get one from G66 in Europe)
  16. octatonic

    New MFC coming?

    Do people think a new MFC version is on its way? It is out of stock in the store and I want to update my original MFC but holding off for a bit in case there is. I am hoping a version IV is coming with the Scene and Y lights, as per the FX8.
  17. octatonic

    RJM Switch Gizmo Questions Mesa Boogie Lonestar

    Why not take advantage of the FX8's relays? Remember they are stereo relays so you can switch up to 4 different things at once (2 each relay) Insert cables, that have a stereo jack plugs on one side and 2x mono plugs on the other, should help you out here (as I think the Mesa has a couple of...
  18. octatonic

    Dual Rectifier comparison (real vs axe fx)

    Sound like there are some phase issues with the AFX bits- double tracking related?
  19. octatonic

    LCD Display question.

    Yup, I have an Orion that I bought 3 years ago. Lovely instrument.
  20. octatonic

    LCD Display question.

  21. octatonic

    LCD Display question.

    Ah ok, that must be it then. I was leaving the USB cable connected to the FX8 when testing the patches. I'd disconnect it and see if it is as expected.
  22. octatonic

    Have I bought the wrong product?

    You might not have bought the wrong unit, but you might have to wait until further firmware updates become available to give you what you want.
  23. octatonic

    LCD Display question.

    Is there a way to keep the FX8's LCD screen permanently on this view? It is irritating when it I switch in a new block and the display changes to show the parameters for that block. My presets are fairly complex and I need to see what I have available in each one.
  24. octatonic

    FX8 Firmware V2.00 Release

    Same here with OSX.
  25. octatonic

    Fractal Audio has been challenged, or so it seems.

    Pretty irritating video. On the tech- well, in the narrow application of prog metal tones the Bias sounded decent. Enough to check it out and see if it works well enough to put down $200. I can see an application for it. Would I sell the AFX for it? No. But then I didn't sell all my hardware...
  26. octatonic

    Footswitch Disable and X/Y Activation

    LOL, exactly Cliff is pretty good but it might be a bit much to expect.
  27. octatonic

    No manual?

    Thanks Cliff. Yes, I bought from G66 in in Europe. I'll ask them. Oh and the FX8 brilliant. I've waited for 20 years for this box. The looper integration is excellent- I'm so pleased you didn't significantly change it from the AFX.
  28. octatonic

    No manual?

    My FX8 arrived without a manual in the box. Is that normal?
  29. octatonic

    FX8 and Pedalboards

    I have a Trex Tonetrunk pedalboard that fits the MFC101 or FX8 + 2 expression pedals perfectly. Unlike the Pedaltrain stuff which is either 24" or 32" (so too small or too large), the 27" width of the Tonetrunk is perfect. The supplied bag is a bit flimsy though. I use dual lock as well.
  30. octatonic

    how do you load new firmware to FX8 ?

    Also having problems with the latest version of Fractal Bot and V2 firmware on a Mac. It tells me it cannot complete the operation and to reboot the FX8. I'm using a freeware app to do it at the moment, which is taking forever.
  31. octatonic

    Wish FX8 Wish List

  32. octatonic

    how may i change the preset during looper play my recs?

    Put the looper last in the chain and make sure you have the same settings (ie mono/stereo, undo etc).
  33. octatonic

    Why can't the axe sound like this?!

    Fairly easy to dial in that tone- what we're talking about here is a perception issue. What you are hearing though is a combination of bass, drums and double tracked guitar. When people hear music they often blend the bass and guitar together- have a listen to, say, early Soundgarden albums. The...
  34. octatonic

    Is there any point in buying a traditional amp after owning a II.

    I have several amps + the Axe FX II. I don't want to be without any of them.
  35. octatonic

    Kitch'en Spammer

    Can we no longer discuss Mathias Eklund's band 'Freak K*tchen' then?
  36. octatonic

    How many here are gluten-free or organic vegan for their guitar?

    Whole lot of stooopid in the OP. There is zero evidence to imply that being gluten free or organic vegan will improve 'arm health' for the purpose of guitar playing. If you have celiac disease then you will have a better life being gluten free and that will make those individuals better players...
  37. octatonic

    Question for people with Headless Guitars

    I palm the pick and tune with my thumb and index. No biggie.
  38. octatonic

    FX Loop Block not working, what am I doing wrong?

    That used to get me all the time.
  39. octatonic


    These are some very impressive sounding patches. Kudos Pete.
  40. octatonic

    Why everybody gets a Matrix lately?

    Quoted for truth.
  41. octatonic

    New Caligula's Horse Single

    You need a longer sig.
  42. octatonic

    Frusted, confused and upset (Axe-Edit problems)

    Urban Dictionary: frusted 1. Frusting Frusting is the act of saving frust(dead skin foot particles)and storing them in a contatiner. Frusting happens when a male and female are having sex. As the male is going at it he secretly grabs a hand full of frust. At the moment of male climax he...
  43. octatonic

    Firmware Version 10.10 Now Available

    I think the CAA PT50 is ahead of the Corso in terms of demand. ;)
  44. octatonic

    Thought I never write this!! GAS is over

    Time to start building a recording studio. Then ye shall know GAS.
  45. octatonic

    Ill never buy Yamaha again!

    First world problem if ever I heard one.
  46. octatonic

    Firmware Version 10.10 Now Available

    Very good idea with the Wah's.
  47. octatonic

    Most expensive used ULTRA ever

    Because. Just because.
  48. octatonic

    V10 Firmware

  49. octatonic

    Axe-Fest UK 2013: Who wants to do it again?

    Happy to have done it. I'll stay later for the 2013 fest.
  50. octatonic

    Second MFC 101 as IA Switches?

    Nope. It has been asked before- something might happen at some stage but not right now.
  51. octatonic

    Name 7 guitar players you really like...

    David Torn Bill Frisell Tim Sult (Clutch) Jim Mullen Django Adrian Belew Robben Ford
  52. octatonic

    Nostalgia : tell about the first piece of gear u enjoyed more than others

    This gets my vote too. I used my MPXG2 for 10 years or so- man I loved that thing. Nostalgia ain't what it used to be.
  53. octatonic

    Emulating a 7 string without pitch shifting (KORN)

    Check out the guitarist in Sylosis- Josh Middleton. He plays 'detuned' metal but in standard tuning. If that sounds like a contradiction then yes it is. The trick is to write in keys that are appropriate to the genre. Writing a tune in B and then barring across onto the 6th string (for instance...
  54. octatonic

    Riff Station(This is damn cool)

    This is fking spades. Transcription is an essential musical skill. I meet loads of musicians with absolutely HORRENDOUS ears. Spend the time learning to properly transcribe and software like this is utterly pointless. No offence to the developer but honestly if you want to be a better...
  55. octatonic

    Any tips on gigging without a foot controller?

    Take a laptop with a click track (for the drummer) and pre-program all your patch changes.
  56. octatonic

    Help a new Matrix owner....

    Camping? As in, in a tent? Count me out, dude. :-)
  57. octatonic

    What do you set as your output level on the front panel?

    Up full into Apogge Symphony. At 12 o'clock into Matrix power amp.
  58. octatonic

    What amp would you buy if the Axe Fx didn't exist?

    I still keep a Custom Audio PT50 and a Fender Princeton around, and I use it a lot when I do things where a rack isn't appropriate.
  59. octatonic

    What are your favorite guitar mods?

    Ernie Ball did this for a while- maybe they still do. EMG have a quick connect config as well- it is quite complex if you want to do anything beyond the norm. IMHO it is quicker to just solder them.
  60. octatonic

    Do you use tonematch or regular tweaking to make sounds?

    I tone matched my own real world amp, a CAA PT50. It sounded good but actually I preferred my built-from-scratch patches though.
  61. octatonic

    Primus Jerry was a Race Car Driver guitar tone?

    Just use too much gain and suck out all the bottom end. :-)
  62. octatonic

    What do you guys use for drum sounds? Also what controller for sounds?

    Superior Drummer, BFD and Slate Drums here.
  63. octatonic

    String stretching tool

    Yngwie J. Malmsteen?
  64. octatonic

    New Looper feature preview: Attaching modifiers to Play control

    Currently it does very good things when you hit reverse and half speed whilst you are overdubbing. Crazy, unpredictable things. It is one of my favourite things about the looper in its current form.
  65. octatonic

    FAS Modern. Boost or no boost?

    I use a TS circuit on the front end set quite flat but that is it. Never use the onboard boost in the model as it is 12db IIRC- too much for me.
  66. octatonic

    New Looper feature preview: Attaching modifiers to Play control

    Very, very cool. Any chance of being able to tie playback direction and speed to an expression pedal? It would be great to be able to have toe down as forward, heel down as back- imagine the turnbalist effects you could do with that?
  67. octatonic

    Using Scenes and Looper - Any advice on how to approach this?

    I use the looper more than I use scenes so I have looper on short tap, but other than that I do it the same as knoll.
  68. octatonic

    Surprised by Two Rock and Fuchs

    Haven't had a chance to try them in the AFX yet but speaker choice is extremely important with those 'real world' amps. Try G12-65's, esp with the Two Rock. Eminence work well with the Fuchs.
  69. octatonic

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 9.0 and MFC-101 Firmware 2.15

    Nice. The Jubilee is amazing.
  70. octatonic

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 9 Public Beta

    What the hell has happened to this thread?
  71. octatonic

    Auto Tune for Guitar

    It is more that some of the harmonics in the harmonics series are not exact whole number multiples of the fundamental but rather are 'near whole number multiples' of the fundamental.
  72. octatonic

    Auto Tune for Guitar

    I might be mistaken but I thought most synths were equal temperament, not true temperament by default. Piano's are equal temperament and synths I thought followed this. Certainly synths can be modified to use true temp. I have it in the back of my mind that the DX7 was equal temp. Maybe someone...
  73. octatonic

    Auto Tune for Guitar

    I've seen this previously and just watched the video again. Do not want. The instant tuning stuff is totally useless to me as I incorporate detuning the strings as part of the performance (Jim Campilongo stylee). The intonation stuff isn't that useful either- unless every other player in the...
  74. octatonic

    What If Cliff Wins The Lottery??

    He has more chance of being struck by lightening. Do we start a thread for that as well?
  75. octatonic

    Cliff, I'm A Patient Guy.........

    I have nothing more to add except, Scott- have you considered growing a moustache? I'd like to see you sport one- you'd look like Tony Levin. + moustache = Waistcoat too thanks.
  76. octatonic

    AxeFx Ultra, Looper doesn't respont to MIDI very well

    What controller are you using?
  77. octatonic

    AXE-FEST 2012 UNITED KINGDOM - Nov 5th-6th - Oxfordshire

    Hi Matt, Can't tag the photo's. Jim
  78. octatonic

    controlling multiple units ???

    Cc's are sent out on different midi channels for different units. So midi ch 1 for Axe fx, midi channel 2 for gr33... Etc.
  79. octatonic

    AxeFest UK monitor shootout

    Depends on the monitors I guess. The low end extension of an 8" studio nearfields isn't going to be the same as a 12" speaker in the RCF of the Matrix monitors. No matter how flat they are down to around 100hz there will be a drop off around 80hz and under 60hz you will hear little. This is what...
  80. octatonic

    AxeFest UK monitor shootout

    Agree with you Clarky. The is really no such thing as totally flat response. We can hear the differences in apparently 'flat' speakers- well, we did on Saturday. I don't consider that to be a real issue- we live in an imperfect world. Maintaining a couple of banks of patches is a...
  81. octatonic

    AxeFest UK monitor shootout

    I was packing up and loading stuff into my car while all this was going on but I heard bits and pieces of it. It seemed to me that FRFR isn't completely neutral. Patches that were designed with one FRFR system WILL have to be redesigned if you find yourself in a situation with a different FRFR...
  82. octatonic

    Whats your favourite Delay settings for High Gain Leads?

    2290 for me. Series, 10% wet, dotted 8th.
  83. octatonic

    A good studio chorus ?

    Trichorus- that is the sound of the 80's. Check this out: Axe-FX II Tri-Stereo Chorus 001 - YouTube Make sure the amp is bright enough- often chorus give a psycho acoustic effect of appearing darker than it is.
  84. octatonic

    AXE-FEST 2012 UNITED KINGDOM - Nov 5th-6th - Oxfordshire

    Great to meet everyone yesterday and I'm pleased people enjoyed the presentations. Clarky's morphing approach has been a revelation and yes I'm about to re-do all my patches to incorporate some of the ideas. Amazing stuff. Big thanks to Chris for organising, Matrix and G66 for supporting it and...
  85. octatonic

    AXE-FEST 2012 UNITED KINGDOM - Nov 5th-6th - Oxfordshire

    Sorry guys, you can't do heavy-metal in dubly.
  86. octatonic

    AXE-FEST 2012 UNITED KINGDOM - Nov 5th-6th - Oxfordshire

    Looking forward to seeing you all there tomorrow. My looping demo will cover the basics as well as some stuff that approaches sound design. There are a lot of different approaches to looping and I'll mostly be sticking to the way I do it but I'll mentioned a few other approaches as well. In...
  87. octatonic

    Problem with logic's pan and axe fx II

    Trash Logic's preferences and report back.
  88. octatonic

    Guthrie Govan Leaves Suhr!!! :S....

    It is more than that. He would have to leave the guitar behind. There would have been a solution though- unscrew the neck from the body and put the neck and body in his suitcase (assuming it is a bolt on). I've done this in the past when flying with guitars and dealing with officious staff...
  89. octatonic

    AXE-Fx2 MARK 2

    The only difference is ethercon, IIRC.
  90. octatonic

    engaging a drive pedal while looper is running

    Put the Looper last in the chain.
  91. octatonic

    Which output for Matrix power amp?

    You might have the main output set low.
  92. octatonic

    Has anyone modified their MFC-101?

    You could use the MFC's XS switches for some looper functionality with soft-touch switches. I don't bother- I just use Looper mode- it is fine.
  93. octatonic

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 9 Public Beta

    They do that throaty raw Robben Ford-esque tone quite well. Extremely picky with speakers though. I've heard some sound absolutely shite when paired with the wrong cab.
  94. octatonic

    bought a rack case, is it too big?haha

    You're in the UK too then? I'd return that and get the 400mm depth rack case from Flightcase Warehouse. I have it and it fits the Axe perfectly. You will need to use right angled cables though as it is quite shallow.
  95. octatonic

    Can i use a switch on the Expression pedal port of MFC?

    You could swap the switch over for a latching- it is 3 solder joins.
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