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  1. Matt_B_77

    Travel speaker for FM3?

    I picked up a Roland BTM-1 from Amazon recently and it's proven to be pretty cool. It's more than loud enough for its purpose and It's the only little portable speaker I found that had a BT connection and stereo analog input that could be run at the same time. I've not dabbled in the guitar...
  2. Matt_B_77

    Ultimate bedside amp?

    I've been looking for a simple and small solution for a bedside amp. I looked at all the various feature complete models (e.g. Katana Air, Yamaha THR, etc) but none of them have the feel and response of FA gear, at least for me. After getting an FM-3, I still have my AX-8 laying around so I...
  3. Matt_B_77

    Food for Thought -- Why Fractal Is Better

    Their product just feel right in terms of dynamics and the responding to your touch, That is what separates them from everyone else. # of effects, amps, IRs, blah blah blah. Those are simple choices based upon marketing and budget. None of that matters if it doesn't feel right.
  4. Matt_B_77

    Does the fm3 have a hard drive in it?

    I'd worry about reliability, right or wrong or superstition :)
  5. Matt_B_77

    USB Issue

    I bad Best-tronics make me one for my Axe FX II and then they made me a pedalboard for my AX-8 with the same thing, including a courtesy AC outlet. The AX-8 board is now serving my FM-3 well and the only USB cable that ever gets touched now is on the patch panel.
  6. Matt_B_77

    Multiple Presets For Multiple Guitars?? Yes or No?

    When I adapt a preset that was built around one kind of pickup (e.g. PAF, Tone Zone, Bluesbucker, etc) for another (e.g. Injector neck (in the bridge), Area 61, Area 67), I just tweak the Input Trim on the amp. That's it. After that, I want the guitar to come thru. I don't know how accurate it...
  7. Matt_B_77

    ROD: The All Analog Studio Amplifier of the future...

    Why would I want to get a modeler WITH tubes. I bought a modeler to get away from them.
  8. Matt_B_77

    Input trim vs Input gain - Story of discovery!

    For the most part, I run PAFs so that is my output metric from which I use input trim to boost (e.g. Dimarzio Injector neck (in bridge)) or even cut (Dimarzio Tone Zone). That was I use the same presets for each guitar but the gain levels are pretty much the same across the board. Because...
  9. Matt_B_77

    Anyone running two FM3s?

    I have thought about it, from time to time, for the simple reason that I could be 100% content with 6 buttons total but I wouldn't want to have to manage presets between the 2 units, assuming they would be used to their full potential.
  10. Matt_B_77

    Wish IR Player

    I've become accustomed to using an PEQ after the cab block for the extra flexibility and precision so I could easily make due with a simple IR player with just IR, level, and pan. That should take up less CPU then a full blown cab block. :)
  11. Matt_B_77

    Who had the dumb idea of making 12" speakers the standard for guitar?

    I dunno who decided that besides all the people buying them :) LOL I like a nice 10" speaker myself. When I needed powered FRFR for my rig that's what I chose and couldn't be happier. But for IRs, I usually go with a 412 but perhaps I should try some of the 10" IRs I have too :)
  12. Matt_B_77


    A parts guitar can be great but it all comes down to who puts it together. :) As long as you are prepared to screw up anything you do, you're good to go.
  13. Matt_B_77

    tutorials on using buttons

    You really don't "delete" a scene per say. You can just create a scene with all effects bypassed then copy that scene to al the ones you want to "delete" And why do you feel the need to wipe out scenes in factory presets? Just trying to understand your motivation.
  14. Matt_B_77

    Adjusting low cut in live performances

    That's a good choice but if the guitar changes makes it more bassy then my first thought is to start that source which means cutting bass at the amp's input. One other way to try it would be to put a Filter block in your chain, set it to cut the bass for your 335 then just save the preset with...
  15. Matt_B_77

    Adjusting low cut in live performances

    The only way to sort of do this is to use the Global EQ on the output you're using but it's not the same as EQing the guitar before the amp. There is no other quick and easy way to do what you're trying to but there is a way. If I really needed to do this, I would get an expression knob and...
  16. Matt_B_77

    Wish Intelligent Input Leveler

    I just make patch variants for different guitars - same patch across the board expect for: 1) Input Trim in the Amp block gets tweaked for different pickups 2) I add a suffix to tell me what it's for (e.g. P = PAF, T = Tone, S = single coil, etc). I can modify one patch or one block or one...
  17. Matt_B_77

    Need to recalibrate each time I change expression pedals?

    If one could save an "expression pedal calibration profile" than why not be able to name it too? Selecting a name is still faster than calibration.
  18. Matt_B_77

    Need to recalibrate each time I change expression pedals?

    If an analog potentiometer is still the "source" of data from the expression pedal, what difference does it make if the data comes via MIDI IN or TRS? Somewhere the tolerances and variances that are inherent in analogue devices has to be compensated for hence calibration. Is MIDI considered a...
  19. Matt_B_77

    Input Trim = Voltage Multiplier?

    Hello folks, I recently broke out a guitar I haven't used with the FM3 yet and it has single coils. My patches have all been built for PAFs (Dimarzio 36ths to be exact) so besides the tonal differences, there is a gain difference as well since the single coils are not hot but any stretch...
  20. Matt_B_77

    Homemade 9V Power Out for pedals on FM3

    Same here> +1
  21. Matt_B_77

    Sound = incredible. Preset gap while switching

    While it doesn't help with presets, I do use toggles (not tap\holds) sometimes because it will work better for what I'm doing (e.g. bank switching).
  22. Matt_B_77

    Sound = incredible. Preset gap while switching

    Since perception of time, especially very short times, can be slightly subjective, I don't know what to tell you except I avoid changing presets because scenes, scene controllers and channels to minimize preset switching. I know that switching presets is not seamless (never has been) so I've...
  23. Matt_B_77

    Scene and Preset Switching Lag / latency improvements

    I avoid all the gaps and lags by just picking one amp for the preset and using 2-3 scene controllers to change preamp gain and master volume for each scene. Super easy to do so I'm really happy about the 4 scene controllers in the FM3.
  24. Matt_B_77

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    I am reusing the pedalboard from my AX-8 and so far it's working fine, albeit with a little less wood than before :) The AX8 and its expression pedal were attached to the board with screws but this time around I opted for dual lock and Velcro. I need to sort out power for the Freqout but with...
  25. Matt_B_77

    Post Here if You've Received An FM3 Invite!

    04/23/19 - 2020 CST - Joined wait list 04/02/20 - 1221 CST - Received invite 04/15/20 - 1722 CST - Placed order Thought about the headphone jack and I never used it with the XL so I don't think I'll miss it. If I do there are plenty of simple and cheap solutions out there. For me, I'll be...
  26. Matt_B_77

    Let’s see those Les Pauls!

    This pic is a little out of date but it's close. I've sold the Fender Tele, the Fender Strat (between the LPs) and the Bengal Charvel. I've added an Emerald X-7 with a green quilt maple top.
  27. Matt_B_77

    Why doesn't Fractal Audio want to make AX8 Mark II model like FX8 Mark II anymore?

    Not everyone does that and even then, not everyone does it all the time. That's subjective.
  28. Matt_B_77

    D'Addario 10's users: have you tried the Balanced Tension sets?

    Have you ever tried Curt Mangan strings? I ask because they're less expensive than String Joy (Mangan always has 20% coupons and free shipping offers) and offer a slightly wider selection of gauges.
  29. Matt_B_77

    D'Addario 10's users: have you tried the Balanced Tension sets?

    I have dabbled extensively in creating my own balanced strings sets which I purchase from Curt Mangan as he's the only one who offers all the gauges I could want. For 25.5" scale length electrics, I like something between 9s and 10s so I used 9.5, 12, 16.5, 25, 34, 46. Mind you these aren't...
  30. Matt_B_77

    SOLD Mission Engineering SP-1 Orange $100 Shipped

    Up for sale is a orange Mission Engineering SP-1 in excellent condition. Never gigged, never left the smoke-free house. I've been a member here for a while and I've got a 100% positive rating of 157 on eBay. $100 shipped and insured in continental US. PayPal only.
  31. Matt_B_77

    SOLD FX Units RAC-12 $150

    Up for sale is an FX Units RAC-12 in excellent condition. Never gigged, never left the smoke-free house. Includes the AC adapter and I replaced the original plastic knobs with metal barrel knobs, just like the ones found on guitars. I've been a member here for a while and I've got a 100%...
  32. Matt_B_77

    SOLD Best-Tronics Axe-Fx Patch Panel $125

    Up for sale is an Best-Tronics Axe FX Patch Panel in excellent condition. Never gigged, never left the smoke-free house. You can see from the pictures what the connections are and roughly how long the cables are. I had it installed in a 4 space SKB rolling rack and used it to run power to a...
  33. Matt_B_77

    SOLD MFC-101 Mark III $400

    Up for sale is an MFC-101 Mark III excellent condition. Never gigged, never left the smoke-free house and still has the plastic on the screen. It does not have the AC adapter (I cannot find it anywhere!) but if you're using with FASLink, you don't need it. If you do want an AC adapter, FAS...
  34. Matt_B_77

    SOLD Axe-Fx II XL+ $1350 Shipped

    Up for sale is an Axe FX XL+ in excellent condition. Never gigged, never left the smoke-free house. Includes quite a few aftermarket IRs from all the big names. Updated to latest firmware Ares 1.03. I also have an MFC-101 MK III for sale and will give a discount if you buy both at the same...
  35. Matt_B_77

    How to reduce pick attack?

    I had the same problem and I just changed the picks I used. Not saying the solution can't be found in the Axe FX but I figured I'd try fixing the problem at its source.
  36. Matt_B_77

    Pickup wiring for my new project Strat AAA Warmoth

    Hmmmm...a stacked single with a humbucker? The only thing that comes to mind for wiring is splitting the bridge pickup and splitting the neck pickup to get a more Stratty sound with hum-cancelling. Beyond that my go-to site for wiring ideas is Dimarzio. As you probably know the wiring diagrams...
  37. Matt_B_77

    Why would anyone sell their Axe-Fx 3 if it's so great?

    Sometimes the best (modeler) is not the best choice for everyone. I love my Axe FX II XL+ but after spending time with it, I felt the AX-8 was a better choice.
  38. Matt_B_77

    Power Outage

    I'd recommend attaching your power cable to your pedal board (if you have one) so the strain of pulling the cable does not go on the connector or receptacle. I had a dog house built for my AX-8 pedal board to get locking connectors for audio and power. Here's what it looks like.
  39. Matt_B_77

    Amp tones from the ground up

    That's not inherently true as different amps react differently based upon their design. Sometimes you want to crank the master volume and sometimes you don't. It comes down to knowing something about the amp and how it works and getting out of the mindset that cranking everything to 11 is...
  40. Matt_B_77

    Stratocaster - Try again? Or punt...

    I like Strat bridge pickups that are a little beefier (e.g. the Dimarzio Injector Neck position in the bridge) and with the Axe FX/AX-8/etc, I've found I can get the tone and gain I want without going the full humbucker route. I use PAFs anyway so I like lower gain, bright pickups. I should say...
  41. Matt_B_77

    AX8 Discontinued?

    Eh, I'm going to keep my AX-8, my Axe FX II XL+ (with its MFC-101) and get an FM3. I can only imagine being able to combine them all together in some crazy way. :)
  42. Matt_B_77

    Pitch Shifter Impacts Tone

    The two pitch voices are never perfectly in tune - they will waver ever so slightly from each other - so yeah, turn down the level on one voice.
  43. Matt_B_77

    Joe Satriani "Highway Star" organ sound

    I'd start with a Pitch block set to a 4th lower and a 5th higher through a distorted amp with a Leslie/rotating speaker block. There might even be an octave in there too so I'd swap the 5th higher for the octave.
  44. Matt_B_77

    AX8 as controller?

    Only being able to send Program Change means you can only change presets - no changing scenes or channels or anything else for that matter.
  45. Matt_B_77

    Cables TRS or TS ???

    Since you're asking questions like this please, for the love of God, RTFM before you shoot your eye out. Seriously, if you don't know difference between an expression pedal and an effects pedal, you need to educate yourself.
  46. Matt_B_77

    Axe-Fx II XL Plus cabs do not work after update to ARES

    If you're new then you should read the manual and/or visit the Fractal Audio wiki. You can learn what you need to do right now as well as other things that will make it easier for you to master your prodcut.
  47. Matt_B_77

    Axe-Fx II XL Plus cabs do not work after update to ARES

    Can you be more specific? Are you referring to factory IRs are 3rd party IRs? If the later, are they IRs you purchased from a vendor or ones you made yourself?
  48. Matt_B_77

    So, What do you think of my new guitar ?

    May I ask why you want the opinions of others on this guitar?
  49. Matt_B_77

    Who's moving from a Axe-Fx II to FM3?

    I'm on the waiting list for the FM3 but I expect I'll keep my Axe FX II XL+, it's MFC101 and my AX-8. Someday I may hook them all together :) I want the FM3 because it's smaller than the AX-8, I really want the Tri Chorus (seriously I do) and I expect the amp models will feel amazing. I went...
  50. Matt_B_77

    What are your opinions on running a sim cab into a real cab?

    If it sounds good to you then it sounds good. In the end that's all that really matters. That said, it's not the first thing I would do personally because it goes against the philosophy of IRs.
  51. Matt_B_77

    Benatar's Heartbreaker

    Sorry to hear that Mark. Please don’t take my comment on strings as anything more then a statement on string tension.
  52. Matt_B_77

    Benatar's Heartbreaker

    9-42 on an LP is about the same as 8.5 - 40 on a Strat.
  53. Matt_B_77

    Questions for FC Owners Re: Layouts

    I will do that but as it is, I know the 3 switches on the FM-3 will do everything the 11 switches on my AX-8 will do.
  54. Matt_B_77

    Questions for FC Owners Re: Layouts

    Ah I get it. I use a global FS layout with the AX-8 so that's how I was thinking in terms of consistency. To that end I could do this: Layout 1 FS 1 - Scene 1 (Some Other function) FS 2 - Scene 2 (Hold Preset Layout) FS 3 - Scene 3 (Hold Bank/Tuner Layout) Layout 2 FS 1 - Preset 1 (Hold...
  55. Matt_B_77

    Questions for FC Owners Re: Layouts

    Awesome! Thanks UG :)
  56. Matt_B_77

    Questions for FC Owners Re: Layouts

    I've signed up for the FM-3 wait list but I've got a question about using layouts which is a feature that is shared, at least on some level, with the FC pedals. If I understand how layouts work I believe I should be able to set up the FM-3 footswitches for the following layouts. Would some...
  57. Matt_B_77

    AX8 Discontinued?

    Agreed. If I can't make the FM3 work with just 3 buttons I can always add more which is better than having to buy more than you need.
  58. Matt_B_77

    AX8 Discontinued?

    The AX-8 has 11 foot switches and each one has tap/hold capability.
  59. Matt_B_77

    Guitar Setup and how setup affects Axe-Fx

    FWIW, the term "guitar set-up" in the context of the instrument is generally accepted to mean "how the guitar plays" as in neck relief and string height typically measured at the 12th fret. A "guitar set-up" involves adjusting the truss, adjusting the bridge height and insuring the string height...
  60. Matt_B_77

    AX8 Discontinued?

    I used an Axe FX Ultra for 7 years and I expect I will use my AX-8 for just as long.
  61. Matt_B_77

    High output pickups

    Ha! I'm sorry I forgot which sub forum I was in, I've got an AX-8 and an Axe FX II XL+ so I mix it up and posting on the iPad makes it more tricky. Please excuse me.
  62. Matt_B_77

    High output pickups

    What pickups are your Ibanezes? I ask because I run Dimarzio 36th PAFs (285 mV in the bridge) and I crank them up height-wise. At 0 dB pad I can hit the red no problem.
  63. Matt_B_77

    High output pickups

    Ideally, any pickup should have enough output to tickle the red when the Input Pad is set to 0 dB so you can get optimal signal to noise ratio.
  64. Matt_B_77

    High output pickups

    In my opinion, no. I assume you've tried lowering the height of the Super D? You should be able to get it a little lower (I know SGs are pretty low profile overall).
  65. Matt_B_77

    Dark stage solutions

    You can get plain glow tags from ZenRigs.
  66. Matt_B_77

    Wish Horizon precision drive modeling?

    It might fit in the Axe FX III but I highly doubt we'll get in the AX-8. We are still waiting and hoping to get Ares firmware style loving.
  67. Matt_B_77

    Guitar Setup and how setup affects Axe-Fx

    Smiley faces.....how do they work? :)
  68. Matt_B_77

    Guitar Setup and how setup affects Axe-Fx

    Or one can just learn how to properly set pickup height like the millions of guitarists before them. Adjusting pickup height is not rocket science and doesn't require any more than a screwdriver and ears.
  69. Matt_B_77

    Price difference between FC US/EU compared to MFC-101

    Sometimes in order to move a product forward, other products must be left behind. This is one of those instances. The FC series pedals were designed (as far as I can tell) to be the best match for the Axe FX III. If the product was made backwards compatible with discontinued products (e.g. the...
  70. Matt_B_77

    Where do I find MFC101 labels?

    A few months ago I was looked for labels for my AX-8 and ZenRigs was the only game in town. That said, I'm completely satisfied with the ZenRigs KickTags. They're very well made and have all the options anyone could want.
  71. Matt_B_77

    How are you using Volume pedal?

    If you choose an expression pedal with a toe switch (e.g Mission Engineering SP-1) you can use the pedal to control two blocks as well as turn alternate between them. In other words, use it for volume normally, hit the toe switch, turn off the volume block - turn on the wah block, now use the...
  72. Matt_B_77

    Thoughts on the FC-6

    It really comes down to size, convenience and money. If I had an Axe FX III (holding out for next gen AX-8) I'd go for the FC-6 because my needs are simple and I like the compact size,
  73. Matt_B_77

    Wish Option to disable all shortcuts

    I use 3 monitors at work and at home so I get it. This would be handy feature.
  74. Matt_B_77

    Help me WAH

    Have you played around with the parameters in the Wah block, particularly the min and max frequencies? Check out the Fractal Audio Wiki for more info on this block's parameters.
  75. Matt_B_77

    Raven: help needed

  76. Matt_B_77

    Volume Rythm and solo

    The VU meters give you a measured volume but not a perceived volume. Lots of mids will sound louder than a scooped tone, all things being equal.
  77. Matt_B_77

    Can In 2/FX Return level be controlled by Expression Pedal?

    Thanks Bakerman. I've never used the FX Loop block so I couldn't recall what could be assigned to a controller.
  78. Matt_B_77

    Can In 2/FX Return level be controlled by Expression Pedal?

    Hi, I was trying to determine if the In 2/FX Return level be assigned to an expression pedal? I looked at the manual online (not at home right now) and it doesn't appear to be possible. I want to do this so I can run backing tracks into In 2 and control its volume with an expression "knob". I...
  79. Matt_B_77

    AX8 FW 10.01 .... is there an up-to-date CPU block useage chart anywhere ?

    You can also set the Pitch block to economy mode to save a little. FWIW, the difference between high and normal quality is negligible to my ears. Heck, I run blocks at the lower quality settings.
  80. Matt_B_77

    Help With Expression Pedal Whammy, Can't reach Octave

    Whichever pedal you want to use, plug it in and run through the simple and quick Calibration routine. The manual covers this.
  81. Matt_B_77

    Reverb too loud

    That's the same reason I use him. I normally don't like a lot of ambience getting in the way. I also reduce the Echo Density value to save CPU cost and it just happens to tighten up the reverb too.
  82. Matt_B_77

    Reverb too loud

    I use a medium plate most of the time and I keep the mix at around 10% and it's a tight reverb to being with. Did you set up your presets at rehearsal volume level?
  83. Matt_B_77

    AX8 : input distorting even with 18dB pad

    Even without getting into the rabbit hole of pickup modeling, just having a low to medium output pickups that's relatively flat would be awesome. The 36th PAF fits that bill pretty well as does the Bluesbucker and to a lesser degree the EJ Custom pickups. I have all of these pickups and they...
  84. Matt_B_77

    AX8 : input distorting even with 18dB pad

    The Tone Zone has an output of 375 mV. I don't know exactly how Dimarzio comes up with that number but it means something. There are plenty of Dimarzios with greater output than that too. All that said, I was a Tone Zone users for many, many years but after getting an Axe FX (Ultra then II...
  85. Matt_B_77

    How do I reset an effects block?

    Were you using a printed manual or a PDF version? The beauty of the PDF version is you can search it which makes using it a whole lot easier. No "combing" required. ;)
  86. Matt_B_77

    AX8 FW 10.01 .... is there an up-to-date CPU block useage chart anywhere ?

    Search for the CPU usage chart thread I told you about. Get the percentages and do the math. It's easy and very close to what it will be in the AX-8. The drives you listed aren't in the AX-8. Go to the Axe FX wiki and you will find everything the AX-8 has and doesn't have including the parameters.
  87. Matt_B_77

    AX8 FW 10.01 .... is there an up-to-date CPU block useage chart anywhere ?

    Dude, do you do search? :) Seriously, someone posted a link to a chart pretty recently. If you search "CPU" in this forum you'll find it. I'm too lazy to post a link because I'm on my iPhone. You'd be be served to learn the simple tricks to reduce CPU usage as well like reducing IR quality...
  88. Matt_B_77

    How do I reset an effects block?

    RTFM - Read The Fractal Manual. :)
  89. Matt_B_77

    The Axe-Fx 3 works only at 48Khz

    It would have helped your original post if you mentioned that you knew this information. You are of course entitled to disagree with the designer's decision but again, there's no reason to called that decision "stupid". :)
  90. Matt_B_77

    The internet is a funny place ...

    It's called perspective which only comes with time and age. Perhaps one day you'll have it if you're lucky. As one ages they can become more tolerant of some things and less tolerant of others ("Hey you kids, get offa my lawn!").
  91. Matt_B_77

    The Axe-Fx 3 works only at 48Khz

    I agree but it helps when one doesn't start off by referring to someone's design decision for their product as stupid. I learned a long time ago that when I don't like something it can really help to understand why it is the way it is. Sometimes that helps me to like it and sometimes it doesn't...
  92. Matt_B_77

    The Axe-Fx 3 works only at 48Khz

    ....is obvious. :)
  93. Matt_B_77

    Damn.... anybody else do this?

    No, I don't do this. I take the time to organize my presets and back them up. I'm all about good data management. ;)
  94. Matt_B_77

    Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas HH FR Pickups

    Same here. While the general rule of thought is that it's better to cut than to boost I find it faster to sculpt a tone from a relatively flat starting point than to have to search for the frequencies I need to cut. Note that higher output pickups were created to push the front end of tube...
  95. Matt_B_77

    "Stone in Love" 2nd Solo

    Yup, it's all done on two strings. E and D# on the B string then C# to B on the G string. The picking pattern is referenced in my previous post works perfect at least in terms of economy picking. When you make the string transition you're always picking in the direction of it.
  96. Matt_B_77

    Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas HH FR Pickups

    I have 1 guitar with a 36th and Area 67s but the output difference is still off. I just deal with it on that guitar because I want the nice Strat tones. Might help if I lowered the PAF but I like it close to the strings. FWIW, I've read lots of folks that hate Dimarzio pickups in general do...
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