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    My blocks and presets

    Thank you, Simeon!
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    AXE FX III USB Firmware Release v1.11

    Thank you, amandio!
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    First time buyer🤯

    I wholeheartedly agree with everything said so far and you also get two additional bonuses which actually are the two things I have enjoyed the most since my early AxeFX II days. You get to follow Cliff and the Fractal team in their journey pursuing the perfect tone (and that's not something...
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    Yek's Guide to the Fractal Audio DRIVE Models [full update Feb 2022, Axe-Fx III, FM3, FM9]

    Thank you, Yek. Happy holidays to you and your family!
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 15.00

    Thank you, Cliff!
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    The best recording I've ever posted here

    Outstanding sound. I really had no idea the Axe FX III could be used as a full band-in-a-box even ignoring the drums. Now that you joked about it, I do not doubt that Cliff will end up implementing it.
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    The Axe-Fx III is a Happiness Box

    Very well said. I agree 100%.
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    What real amp is the FAS Modern based on?

    https://shop.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-iii-preamp-fx-processor/ 😁
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 2.04

    Thank you, Cliff.
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.00 Beta

    Thank you!
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 8.02 Firmware Release

    I think Cliff will finally decide to use the front panel display's full color range. He has been sticking to green only as a tribute to his first phosphor monochrome CRT monitor.
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    Cliff, Get rid of the older firmware modeling options to free up space!!

    I am not sure if someone has already said that, but it seems pretty straightforward to me: Option 1: do not remove older firmware modeling - > no more firmware upgrades - > users who want this will remain on 4.01 anyway Option 2: remove it - > we get new versions So if you think option 1 is...
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.01 Firmware Release

    I was just wondering: does anyone know (besides Cliff of course) whether all these changes in Quantum affect in any way the measurements made in the G3 process (or are they 100% independent)? Thanks for all these gifts Cliff. FAS rocks!
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    I need a cab IR from Firmware 18 ASAP!

    Really impressive and the fact Cliff did it himself and not simply asked someone else to do it for him shows (again) how much he cares for every user in this community. FAS is simply the best company I have ever seen.
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    Guitar recommendation?

    The JTV-69 is on sale @ 800 minus 150 rebate. I have not read all the details, but it may be a good deal.
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    John Petrucci is giving away an extra Axe-Fx II!

    An awesome and very generous gift.
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    Something Cool I've Been Working On

    I am often under the impression Cliff already had envisioned many of these upgrades when he designed the Axe FX 2. After all the updates we have received over the years (and some were very substantial) we still haven't run out of processing power and memory. This is really impressive.
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    Just in case I will start saving now! And please consider me added to the waiting list...
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    I was just wondering if Cliff would ever consider releasing a digital modeling guitar... Such an instrument properly executed with Cliff's brilliant algorithms, Fractal's amazing support and high quality building standards plus an Axe FX 2 and MFC101 would allow you to create any tone. Just...
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    On the fence between Axe FX II and Kemper Profiling Amp

    Independently of which one you choose you should keep coming to this forum. People here are really great and there is always something cool/interesting/funny being discussed. It is actually the only website I can say I visit every single day. Also keep in mind how frequently Cliff (who in my...
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    Get Yer 11.0 Beta Here!

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    Get Yer 11.0 Beta Here!

    Cliff, for the first time I must respectfully disagree with you. The way I see it after spending some time with 11, all past firmware releases were betas... this one is definitely not.
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    Is Fractal going to the NY Amp Show this year?

    All the best to you and the Mrs., Cliff!
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    Firmware Version 10.02 Now Available

    Thanks Cliff (and FAS team) !
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    Facebook post

    If Cliff just replaced the FW9.02 file at the official download page with FW10's and didn't say a thing people would probably take a few days to notice it... Imagine if he just said: "It was released 2 days ago, but nobody downloaded it."
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    Assuming FW10 has basically been ready for a while now and its release is being held due to AE or something else and given how quickly Cliff develops new features we do run a serious risk of getting FW11 when the update is finally made public...
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    They are on the first page of this thread :-)
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    My guess is that it has nothing to do with the only two lines I actually fully understood from the notes: - Renamed FOX ODS to FOX ODS I - Renamed “SUPER TREM” model to “SUPREMO TREM” to avoid confusion with other models.
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    ... or maybe Gibson will release a new Robot Guitar with the AxeFX 3 built into it with a bluetooth-enabled MFC...
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    Carrying-on AF2 on a plane

    I carried mine once on a US -> Brazil flight with no issues. I used a good quality suit carry-on bag (be careful with cheap ones as the zipper may not be able to support the weight).
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    OwnHammer Beta Cab IR Comparison Clips

    A countdown to Fractal's new cab IR pack? :)
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    Just Picked Up One of These

    I had that exact thought a few days ago :-)
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    Ok....I'll start it......IPHONE 5?

    Not feeling "singled out" :) It is a fair question. When the 4S was about to be released, there were rumors Apple could be planning to incorporate haptic feedback into it. I was expecting them to do so on the iPhone 5 plus adding NFC, a larger 4.3"-4.5" screen and a better camera (12MP)...
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    Ok....I'll start it......IPHONE 5?

    I have owned all iPhone models since the first "2G" model (2G, 3G, 3GS, 4 and 4S), but will not be buying the iPhone 5. When I upgrade I give my old phone to my wife and she handles hers to our daugher so it makes sense for me to upgrade often. Seriously, I think it is a good deal for someone...
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    give us a hint about 7.01

    Hi, I have been reading this forum for close to a year now. I decided to join the waiting list soon after and received the coupon around February'12. Bought the AxeFX2 back then, but only recently have managed to open the box and start playing with it. It is a really amazing product. The...
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