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  1. speedloader

    Ooooh... Charts and Graphs

    Alright sorry didn't see that it was explained in the 1st page. Too much to read not enough time. Facepalm-worthy. Yes, but it doesn't actually answer my question : if it is (desirable 2nd-order distortion or not) related to that drop of signal that doesn't happen with real amps. High gain...
  2. speedloader

    Ooooh... Charts and Graphs

    @yek @Rex ok makes sense.. Though I wonder if it doesn't hide an actual weakness. In all amp sims I tried there's always that bad fizz around 10khz, can still hear it in the AX8 around 9.3kHz even though it is much less noticeable. The signal of amp sims also tend to fall down around 15kHz...
  3. speedloader

    Ooooh... Charts and Graphs

    @FractalAudio I see! Can you explain what is the 10kHz peak exactly though? Is it technically possible to get rid of it?
  4. speedloader

    Ooooh... Charts and Graphs

    Are you telling us that in 2012 the II had less aliasing?
  5. speedloader

    Diezel Herbert vs Axe FX II Raw comparison and Power Amp Influence on tone

    I agree that it shouldn't be compared with attenuators and load boxes. There's no guarantee they don't impact the sound, and they probably do despite all claiming to be transparent. However from that comparison you can hear a slight difference in distortion quality that cannot be compensated...
  6. speedloader

    Bug? can't save amp blocks in the library

    Communication time-out AX8 was unable to complete the following communication request: Block Library Query : effect-get-all-params Firmware 9.0.2 OSX 10.6.8 I can save any type of block in the computer folder but for some reason I can't save amps anymore. It happened after I emptied my amp...
  7. speedloader

    Diezel Herbert vs Axe FX II Raw comparison and Power Amp Influence on tone

    Speaking of the Herbie, I noticed the depth freq is set to 100hz by default (9.0.2) whereas the manual says it's 120hz, maybe it's worth checking that setting.
  8. speedloader

    AX8 pre-purchase questions

    Lifting the AX8 feels pretty much like lifting a strat or an RG.
  9. speedloader

    The SPEAKER page

    The low frequency peak for a cab is always the same, mine is 137.5hz, the rest cannot be found without direct comparison so I just try to find the most pleasing tone without seeking weird amp settings to compensate. If the amp is set right, then I work on the basis that the speaker res must be...
  10. speedloader

    Diezel Herbert vs Axe FX II Raw comparison and Power Amp Influence on tone

    You might get closer by tweaking the global input gain in the global setup instead of input trim. The preamp distortion of the herbert is more complex in ch3 though, high preamp distortions still lack a few details, nothing that can be fixed I guess without new firmwares. If you have some time...
  11. speedloader

    Diezel Herbert vs Axe FX II Raw comparison and Power Amp Influence on tone

    Yup the video freezes. At least you'll restore the lacking top end of the model by fine tuning the speaker page. On most models the high freq is typically set too high by default, and resonance typically too low. Also, beware of the difference in presence settings...
  12. speedloader

    AX8 with real cabinets

    We can't just plug any preamp into any poweramp and expect them to balance each other. Best using a neutral PA with the AX8 and the full amp sim. Matrix is good enough for metallica, I prefer the seymour powerstage 700. When you use real cabs just make sure to set the speaker page well.
  13. speedloader

    Total noob. Plexi model sounds nothing like a Plexi?

    Larsen = feedback https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audio_feedback I don't get what it has to do with what I said.
  14. speedloader

    Change a preset depending on pickup

    Either you start with same amp settings, an EQ in front and adapt the guitar, or you look for other amps and settings. Imho the best place to start is a DAW with a spectrum analyzer, to understand how your guitars and pickups are different.
  15. speedloader

    Total noob. Plexi model sounds nothing like a Plexi?

    @woodbutcher65 When I use the plexi models, if I crank everything EVH style, because my pickups are not the old vintage type and the ax8 input is calibrated to a certain level, I guess the axe-fx is the same, the plexi sounds overly dark, muddy and saturated. No clarity, tightness or sizzle...
  16. speedloader

    Total noob. Plexi model sounds nothing like a Plexi?

    Tried it with the 50W Hi 2, given similar guitars, it sounds the same. But it's a heavily modified plexi to fit a certain IR mix, so why should it sound like a stock plexi in your own cab?
  17. speedloader

    Hi Gain Metal Presets (Mesa Boogie and Diezel)

    @NightWalker if you're into JP's tone, it's also worth mentioning that he has a very strong clockwise pick attack and when he plays his riffs, and he almost adds artificial harmonics to his powerchords by keeping the thumb close to the strings. So compared to most mark users, he sounds like he...
  18. speedloader

    Just curious

    @Sixstring "it's over 9000" is just a popular meme, meaning, it's incredible. And there are 260 amp channels/mods of a channel in the axe, only about 120-130 amps are here, excluding the FAS ones, and many of them are just a fraction of the amps in question. As for the IRs, they are not...
  19. speedloader

    Hi Gain Metal Presets (Mesa Boogie and Diezel)

    @NightWalker Yep.
  20. speedloader

    Hi Gain Metal Presets (Mesa Boogie and Diezel)

    Here are my personal mark IV settings. I added Petrucci's modern settings on amp Y. See which approach you prefer.. there's also the Morton's way in the dedicated topic on this page. My approach is different, I crank treble and presence, cut bass and mids, then shape the bass and mids with the...
  21. speedloader

    New Ax8 has better tone than Axe FX II

    Back to the axe 1 days, or early II, a patch update could make certain amp settings sound bad, but now, any update only makes proper settings sound like a better version of themselves. With a few exceptions,the few amps which still aren't accurately modeled and could change a lot if it happened.
  22. speedloader

    New Ax8 has better tone than Axe FX II

    Quantum 9 sounds better than quantum 8, sounds fair I must say.
  23. speedloader

    Just curious

    It's over 9000. The trainwrecks dumbles and early fender/marshall/vox models are around 200K. We have a long list of amps worth 3-5k, we have many amps which are partially emulated though. There are the custom Dweezil's amps of unknown market value. It's probably worth 300K, maybe 400K at best...
  24. speedloader

    How can I deaden pick attack for tremelo picking?

    If you want to attenuate the first delay reflections without washing them with diffusion and feedback, tie an envelope to mix% and reverse the slope. Make it so that the stronger the attack the less the mix%. Also, the damp is an important factor to control how quickly it reacts to changes in...
  25. speedloader

    What is everyone doing for AX8 reverb these days ?

    I used the reverb mainly to simulate a room for the IRs, now I do it with a dedicated delay so my only use for reverbs is to simulate a spring reverb eventually. If I need more reverb I usually tie a modifier to diffusion in another delay block and play with that parameter. I often use a delay...
  26. speedloader

    Mark Morton's exact Mesa Mark IV settings

    Bumping this thread since I made a Morton patch based on other settings of him. It's from the rig rundown video, at 11:43. The GEQ is quite a bit different even though the shape is the same. X/Y amps have the same settings except for the speaker page, X is the lead, pull shift, Y the lead+, no...
  27. speedloader

    Do you ever get those days where it just sounds like _ _ _ _ ?! What do you do?!

    Build the same patch on the axe II and ax8, one you're satisfied with on the axe, and share an audio comparison.
  28. speedloader

    How do you pan stereo cabs in your rhytm presets?

    Not that huge, it's a starting point..
  29. speedloader

    How do you pan stereo cabs in your rhytm presets?

    @curious here's the thread https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/finally-figured-the-best-room-simulation-for-a-cab.134942/ I join a patch using it stereo with all the tricks I can't live without. Use the secretfluid 2 IR, link in my signature. It's my main IR generally. You'll also see a...
  30. speedloader

    How do you pan stereo cabs in your rhytm presets?

    I run stereo only if I'm the only guitarist. I pan my stereo effects around 2/3, between the amp and cab block, then I use the same IR twice and hard panned. The right IR is delayed in the cab block. No enhancer after, but a (dual) delay that simulates a cab room for each IR, so hard panned as...
  31. speedloader

    Morgan AC20 with Treble Boost in front - Brian May Guitars demo (video)

    @NightWalker my settings are different but it will give you an idea of what I mean
  32. speedloader

    Morgan AC20 with Treble Boost in front - Brian May Guitars demo (video)

    The 12AX7 B is my favorite amp for everything soulfull, Johnson/lane stuff, it's ridiculous how well it cleans or how fat it gets depending on pickup volume, without alteration of the top end. I usually crank master and gain, turn the bridge pickup almost down, set a great clean tone, then turn...
  33. speedloader

    Trying to get a Stryman Timeline dual delay ‘wash’

    Damn you're right guys. And the Deluxe modulation revolves around the pitch just like the AX8 LFOs, so a normal tape delay must do the trick...
  34. speedloader

    Trying to get a Stryman Timeline dual delay ‘wash’

    @brokenvail You mean the tape? The issue is that the pitch modulations flutter down and also up above the note, it makes nice chorus effects but not that 'falling' type. Otherwise it would be ideal..
  35. speedloader

    Trying to get a Stryman Timeline dual delay ‘wash’

    And thanks for having started the thread. The repeats don't get faster, I think the detune and its phasey effect from the feedback creates the auditive illusion, a narrowing effect that gives the sensation of speed. Yup it will be hard to make a full Timmons patch when the plex detune costs so...
  36. speedloader

    Trying to get a Stryman Timeline dual delay ‘wash’

    I agree mine is probably brighter.. @Bman I added a bit more decay, you can try 5s instead. But close mic'd it might be drier and less subtle than you think. Compare to a properly mic'd example, at 15:30 It's not the same algos so it will always be a bit different, even the decay. To get...
  37. speedloader

    Trying to get a Stryman Timeline dual delay ‘wash’

    Had to watch more vids and read the strymon's manual to believe his pedal is tied to the mix%. So it's not what washes the sound, it just makes it more apparent. ook.. So my final take on Timmon's delay. The only tricky washy thing comes from the detune... sadly, the normal delay block doesn't...
  38. speedloader

    Trying to get a Stryman Timeline dual delay ‘wash’

    I listened to his delays vids more closely, well in the end, it just sounds like the deluxe mind delay type, in tape config, head 1 at 500ms head 2 ratio 75%, feedbacks around 25% and maybe a slightly broader EQ. Tie an expression pedal to Diffusion and voila, what do I miss?
  39. speedloader

    Trying to get a Stryman Timeline dual delay ‘wash’

    Or the plex detune maybe.
  40. speedloader

    Trying to get a Stryman Timeline dual delay ‘wash’

    Then the 2nd delay is 75% the speed of the 1st, not 70%.
  41. speedloader

    Trying to get my AX8 sounding good.

    Maybe all you need is a strong clockwise pick attack. Because getting the AX8 to be much tighter and compressed than a real amp is the easiest thing. Or maybe you got used to see some Ultra's flaws as a virtue. But it's useless to guess in thin air so why don't you post some pre-cab tone samples...
  42. speedloader

    Egnater SL2X ch2 Patch

    So with the Axe 3 and all the but-how-real-is-the-2 polemic, I decided to resurrect my Randall RM50 and see how close I can currently get with the AX8. The RM50 is loaded with the SL2X module, channel B. It's an early SL2X, hosting two tung sols 12ax7. The RM50 is also loaded with two tung sols...
  43. speedloader

    What I want to See AX8 II

    X/Y/Z blocks More control switches More scene controllers More controllable parameters, including X/Y/Z changes In particular, PEQs with all gains controllable More power to make it happen tldr, more control
  44. speedloader

    JCM800 tricks to make it sound better

    also increasing the MV Cap for modern tones.
  45. speedloader

    How to fix AX8 audio gaps when changing presets?

    You can't get 3 different amp models in a patch, though you can use the X/Y amp switch for gapless changes and build a 3rd channel with pre/post EQs based on either amp model. However, you can get 3, or even 4 independent cab models in a patch.
  46. speedloader

    How Long Until III’s Amp Modeling Definitively Surpasses the II?

    Essentially, amp sims will never stop to evolve. When you find a new way to formulate an idea, it's hard to keep using the old phrases and images. Same case with algos. Even if you don't hear the difference, Cliff will keep optimizing them for another reason than the sensorial product itself but...
  47. speedloader

    Trying to get my AX8 sounding good.

    Guitars, you know... I have this old crappy guitar with very low output single coils which is so acoustically loud it is my guitar with the highest output of all, but the least compressed tone as well. When you download someone's patch, you know nothing about their guitars, how strong is the...
  48. speedloader

    How Long Until III’s Amp Modeling Definitively Surpasses the II?

    I'd say 2 years before it makes a real difference for the player. And it will double each new generation. imo
  49. speedloader

    Help with power amp selection

    The SD 700 is a heatsink design, it has a small fan only for when you overheat it, so you'll never hear it work unless there's an issue. It'll work 1s when you turn the unit on, just to check. If you plan to rack the 700, you need to let some space above. The sound quality is clearly above the...
  50. speedloader

    Octaver/pitch help needed!

    You can try to increase the songwriting parameter. JK but seriously, learn more about harmony and you'll fill those gaps without damaging the harmony and the melody.
  51. speedloader

    CPU limit: Floyd rig

    Vibe = tremolo? With the quad tape instead of plex and the drive pedal, your chain uses 79% of my CPU. Do you mess with the comp settings of the bandmaster? Would explain you lack CPU. Or maybe, too many modifiers in your patch cause your CPU% to jump, and there might be a way to simplify those.
  52. speedloader

    Multi-purpose patch tricks Thread (for lazy feet)

    @toddwh50 sure, here's a patch that mixes both tricks. If the default channel and clean channel aren't balanced, you may need to modify the global amp gain in the global setup. My main patch is also based on 3 scenes for a 5 channel amp, but I still use the scene 1/2 switch. Scene 1/2 are clean...
  53. speedloader

    Real Peavey 5150 II, Axe Preset Inside, Kemper Profile!

    @Dimi84 I don't have a Kemper, just my conclusion based on various demos. Of course Kemper must have issues with room mics. It can only make an average static image of what the mic captures in general, so the more we hear the room reflections, the more we lose that dynamic.
  54. speedloader

    Real Peavey 5150 II, Axe Preset Inside, Kemper Profile!

    @Dimi84 Of course, it's only apparent if the cab was mic'd in an environment that enhances the sound. So most Kemper profiles don't do better than most IRs because most people don't mic their cabs well enough to get the room to make a difference. Since you mention it, I made tonematches of my...
  55. speedloader

    Delay volume question

    Boost the signal in the EQ page. Low Q high gain
  56. speedloader

    Real Peavey 5150 II, Axe Preset Inside, Kemper Profile!

    The kemper nailed the cab better but the distortion is more rudimentary. I don't get what kemper does but their cab sims are always better replicas than normal IRs, with more room involved and a better restitution of the higher frequencies.
  57. speedloader

    Multi-purpose patch tricks Thread (for lazy feet)

    A place to share some unusual ways to keep a lot of options and effects in a patch while minimizing CPU% and simplifying the footswitch work. 4 channels amp - 2 footswitches - 2 rows If you lack horizontal room, CPU% and need many free footswitches : Add the Scene 1/2 and Control Switch 1 to...
  58. speedloader

    Pitch Shift Destroys Tone

    On the AX8 there's a loss in low and top end below 100% mix (at 0c). Sounds phasey. The closer to 50% the worse. I guess it cannot be avoided because there must be a latency. Or maybe Cliff could delay the original signal a bit as well. Or at least give that option in the pitch block.
  59. speedloader

    How do I get more pick attack?

    Close to the Savage and 5153 blue, there's the VH4 silver plate, BE-100 with sat switch on, and Tucana.
  60. speedloader

    Refining Clean Tones

    It can be any block after the amp block. They all have a level to attach modifiers to, except for the amp and enhancer.
  61. speedloader

    How do I get more pick attack?

    Use your cab with the AX8.
  62. speedloader

    Are amp blocks necessary?

    Well you can guess that I just used the wrong word accidentally.
  63. speedloader

    Refining Clean Tones

    I generally use a GEQ in front for that job. Works with all amps.
  64. speedloader

    How do I get more pick attack?

    So your triaxis rig was FRFR too? And I suppose you used the same cab sim? If so, you should post a record of your triaxis without the cab sim, and specify your triaxis settings, it will be easier to understand if the difference comes from the amp or not. Also, is there a poweramp simulator...
  65. speedloader

    How do I get more pick attack?

    What are the differences between your triaxis rig and ax8 rig?
  66. speedloader

    Are amp blocks necessary?

    The Tube Drv 3 can work fine on its own, even for emulating modern distortions. drive 10 tone 9, lc 2k hc 20k, bass/treb 12db, mid freq 650-700, mid -3db for rhythm, 0 or 1db for leads. But I don't see the point since it's CPU heavier than a cab block, at least on the AX8.
  67. speedloader

    How do i take the harshness or the bite out?

    Patch or it didn't happen. Agree.
  68. speedloader

    I have them all..but still

    Always going back to my own IRs, can't help it.
  69. speedloader

    Best way to level scene outputs?

    The synth block can generate white and pink noise.
  70. speedloader

    Is it me or is the Axe fx 3 aesthetically unpleasing?

    I think it looks damn fine for a 3U, though I prefer the proportions of a 2U rack.
  71. speedloader

    Finally figured the best room simulation for a cab.

    I gave up on the post tape dist, it enhances the sound but that hard fizz around 9.3kHz was a bother. I used the chorus drive more for its exciter function, but now the delay block although a less drastic effect, is replacing them all. Also, had to free some CPU% :D
  72. speedloader

    Axe Fx intersction with IRs

    Don't expect miracles, the speaker parameters are just a slight improvement. A real room and cab react differently to each note and make your (good) recordings more lively, when the room participates in blurring more or less the speaker character all over its spectrum. If you capture perfectly a...
  73. speedloader

    Help me to keep Ax8, any tips on getting metal tones

    Quick starter, the 5153 blue 100W. Gain max, Master 3. BMTP : 7 4 7 7. Then set the global amp gain (in global setup) to adjust it to a reasonably saturated metal rhythm tone. You're in the ballpark for a realistic rhythmic tone. I'm not used to fractal IRs but I can at least tell the 62 and 107...
  74. speedloader

    Your go-to high gain amp?

    Some amps have virtues others don't. 5153 is modern voiced but the high notes don't thin out too much, the Savage has a fantastic voicing and thump, the Tucana has a thrashy voicing and is very reactive to the guitar, the Atomica can be scooped and yet cut very well, the Rockreverb is very thick...
  75. speedloader

    Discovered new amp SLP1959 jumped

    I use the sat switch, ideal mode.
  76. speedloader

    Axe-Fx III won't make me sell MY AX8 !

    If I remember well, not long ago Cliff said it would be difficult to cool down a more powerful AX8 so even though there will be a better model in the future, it might be currently not possible to port the axe-3 technology in an AX8 format. They're probably already working on it though. I...
  77. speedloader

    Lush lead tone....

    @FarleyUK In the delay block, attach a modifier to Mix : source Pitch. My settings are for a guitar tuned in Db min-max 1%-15% slope 100% scale 2.5 Offset 50% Damping 666 The delay will reveal itself in the middle of the 4th string. The inertia from the high damping allows to play a few high...
  78. speedloader

    Lush lead tone....

    In general a delay with a pitch controller to remove it on the lower notes. High damping.
  79. speedloader

    Finally figured the best room simulation for a cab.

    @toddwh50 I'm updating the patch with a much better cab combination for that job. I rarely use the factory cabs so I had to pay a bit more attention. Now it's a great patch I must say. Sorry for those who downloaded the first one.
  80. speedloader

    Finally figured the best room simulation for a cab.

    Of course, I'm still on firmware 9.02 though. edit - see below
  81. speedloader

    Finally figured the best room simulation for a cab.

    I wanted to share because I've been really happy with this one for a few months and everything else I tried is just... not as good. It's a subtle effect, it definitely adds a bit of 3D and wetness to the IRs, with almost no phase added, but a nice creamy post distortion that thickens the sound...
  82. speedloader

    Axe FX II XL+ support

    Epiphanies and amps please, never get enough choice. :D
  83. speedloader

    In other news, the AX8 still sounds amazing

    Still sounds like a few dozen amps. Still could sound like a few dozen more, though. ;)
  84. speedloader

    AFX3: Can we still hope improvements AND FIXES on AX8?

    Expecting improvements here and there too, a bit more work in the preamp tubes modeling.. not just one goodbye-patch like with my Ultra after the release of the II. New amp models are always welcome, would be cool to keep feeding the 2nd gen as long as there's no new AX8. I hope for optional...
  85. speedloader

    Future updates for AX8/IIXL+

    According to Cliff, the AX8 is a young product (it is) that won't get a replacement soon so we can expect some improvements. But it won't get major improvements in terms of core tone, for the good reason that the amp sims are pretty much nailed at that point. So whatever the Axe 3 adds will be...
  86. speedloader

    IR EQ Match, How does this sound?

    It's as close as an IR can get, only you know your patch so it's hard to suggest any change in the reverb.
  87. speedloader

    How do you boost signal for solos?

    @curious Nothing special, just using a same amp model with switchable pre/post EQs and modifiers to simulate other channels of said amp.
  88. speedloader

    How do you boost signal for solos?

    Depends on the strategy, using the Y amp for lead and making false clean/crunch channels or using it for doing the opposite. For a fake lead I prefer to rely on master, trim, and sat modifiers.
  89. speedloader

    Tips to thicken the tone in one guitar bands

    Before the amp, use both filters, peak gain tied to pitch controller, one to boost the higher pitched notes around 320hz, one to scoop them around 2500hz. Or one centered tilt Eq, same principle. To fatten the top end of an IR, use post cab drive (from delays, chorus..) Then early reverb (stereo...
  90. speedloader

    This is the tone I am looking for.............

    Guitars aren't outstanding per se, but the bass and drums are killer.
  91. speedloader

    AX8 + Seymour Duncan Powerstage 700 + Matrix Q12x2 = :-)

    I'm using the 700 with a cab, sounds dead flat to me. But it's a different quality of flat, compared to the matrix I had, early model, which sounded more harsh and congested.
  92. speedloader

    Underrated or unappreciated amp blocks

    This might be all due to your guitar. Both gains at 10, bass 7, mid 3, treb & presence 8, master 2.33. Then you have to balance your input signal to make it sound right. The lead channel is very responsive to the guitar, like a plexi. It's the beauty of it, if your signal is well balanced, the...
  93. speedloader

    Underrated or unappreciated amp blocks

    I wish the Tucana would get more love than the Triptik. The Triptik seems to get more praise so far, and its top end is more flexible with more gain on tap, more channels.. The Tucana is a one-trick pony, but what it does, it does better, both channels. For metal, it's the most VICIOUS sounding...
  94. speedloader

    Room sound on cab block?

    Hi brett, to complete what Moke said : Start with a digital mono delay, time 1-2ms, feedback zero, diff time 10%, then use mix and diffusion to control the size of room and phase effect. 100% diffusion erases the phase. Drive control excites and thickens the high freqs. Right post delay also...
  95. speedloader

    Bash My Guitar Tone

    Can you point out someone else who achieved the tone you want?
  96. speedloader

    Guitar Tone Frequency Range Definitions

    freq ------------------ pre dist -------------------- post dist 310 mud ------------- woodiness ---------------- thickness 620 honkey mids --- juice ------------------------ warmth, boxiness 1.2k nasal mids ----- harmonics/definition ---- proximity 2.5k biting mids -----...
  97. speedloader

    Bash My Guitar Tone

    Ok I'll bash the guitars. As an AX8 user I don't have the dephase and air freq parameters, but it sounds to me like you overdid it, big time. Or something similar. Like you mixed your IR with the raw signal. Sounds like a cheap analog cab sim. It's almost a raw signal with a high pass and a low...
  98. speedloader

    Tristram Village acoustic sim - winter IR

    Funny that nobody made a Tristram patch so far. So here it is, gloomy and dreamy.. I had some issues to record the video in stereo, so it lacks the ping-pong/rotary delay. Nothing perfect, just a quick patch to complete the IR. If it doesn't sound like the video, your guitar simply needs some...
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