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  1. theblogjammers

    Tuner on both inputs 1 and 2

    The tuner configuration only allows inputs 1 or 2. I need inputs 1 and 2. Is there a way to do this?
  2. theblogjammers

    SOLD FM3 and FC6 bundle

    Like new. Barely used. With original boxes. $1700.00 shipped and PP'd lower US.
  3. theblogjammers

    Best way to change speeds on Rotary?

    What's the easiest way to set up changing the rotary speed? Could I toggle between two different channels--do I need two Rotary blocks on two scenes? I know I could just use a pedal, but sort of like the toggle switch possibility. Thanks, just getting started on my FM3 journey.
  4. theblogjammers

    SOLD Sankey Dove $200.00 reduced price Nov. 5

    Stunning headless semi-hollow body guitar. Commissioned from noted Canadian luthier Mike Sankey. Completed late in 2014, it has seen limited playing time only in home studio. Smoke and pet free. In excellent condition with absolutely no issues, and is a wonderful ergonomically designed...
  5. theblogjammers

    SOLD FC-6

    Barely used. Original box. $435.00 Shipped PP'd continental US only.
  6. theblogjammers

    How to set levels in AX8-Edit

    Haven't found an easy way to do this. Input and output? So no input clipping and same output level--I can do it on the front panel. Thanks
  7. theblogjammers

    The Replacements tonight

    I'll be at their outdoor show in St. Paul. Really looking forward to it!
  8. theblogjammers

    Relvalver 4 release date

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhOkbcvDNyc What with new Scuffham, Atomic coming, etc Peavey's could be a good one too.
  9. theblogjammers

    Soft Step 2

    I really like the size and weight of the Soft Step. Hopefully this version will be easier to program. KMI Announces SoftStep 2!
  10. theblogjammers

    Old Eric Johnson rig rundown--from 2011 Premier Guitar

    I'm sure most of you have seen this from 2011 Premier Guitar--but I really like to watch how EJ gets his tone. He makes it seem pretty simple, but his rig is so vintage. Rig Rundown - Eric Johnson - YouTube
  11. theblogjammers

    Article on Tinnitus

    Some of us may be interested in this... Researchers Find Tinnitus Cause and Treatment By Vonda J. Sines | Yahoo! Contributor Network http://news.yahoo.com/researchers-tinnitus-cause-treatment-171200838.html
  12. theblogjammers

    My homemade tube amp

    While waiting for V.10 this prolonged winter, I decided to build a little tube amp. It's pretty cool in its simplicity. I got the idea from Dave Hunter's book "The Guitar Amp Handbook". It's very similar to a Fender Champ, with more flexibility. It can use a 6V6, a 6L6 or a EL34. The rectifier...
  13. theblogjammers

    Heart--Stairway to Heaven

    Kennedy Center Honors--Pretty cool! Heart - Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin - Kennedy Center Honors - YouTube
  14. theblogjammers

    Hello music monitor deal

    I have the Dynaudio BM6A MK ll which I like just a little more than the Adam A7x. I think they have a little more bass. (Subjective view) These should be pretty good too. HELLO MUSIC: Best deals on guitars, keyboards, amps, basses & recording studios
  15. theblogjammers

    Effects loop with output 2 FOH

    Effects loop with output 1 FOH and 2 monitor I use output 2 for my monitor and output 1 for FOH. I want to use the effects loop for my external looper but this uses output 2. I there a way I can do this? I'd like to avoid another mixer which is how I'm doing it now with its effects loop...
  16. theblogjammers

    Line 6 expression pedal

    Can this be used as an expression pedal for the Axe II and MFC? I tried and it doesn't work as is.
  17. theblogjammers

    Setting up BandCamp with PayPal

    Seems to work pretty well, except the money per song sale going through PayPal--If I sell a song for 99 cents, PayPal gets 30 cents out of every transaction?...anybody have a work-a-round...? am I missing something?... thanks...don
  18. theblogjammers

    steel drum

    I wonder if anyone has played with getting a steel drum sound. I think maybe the Zanfir? preset might be a starting place. I think this should be possible and a lot of fun.
  19. theblogjammers

    External looper with AXE-FX

    I want to run my Boomerang lll Looper with my AXE-FX. I want to have the looper continue to play the original patch, while I play another. I 've been doing this with the FX Loop, but I need to send a signal to my powered monitor and to FOH, and need to know the best way to route this. Thanks a...
  20. theblogjammers

    How to extract one patch from bank on computer

    So, I've changed the patches on my Axe quite a bit, and want to get one patch off the original bank, which I have on my computer. I can get to the binary code, but is there some easy way just to download one patch from the bank to my axe? Thanks.
  21. theblogjammers

    Got mine!

    Just received my Ultra. Not much to say right now because I'm speechless. :!: Love it. I was pretty active in the Line6 forum--as donfrantz...I can tell this will be lots of fun. And thanks to all for your great posts that will help me understand and use it. Don
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