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  1. Sebastian

    Unwanted behaviour with default scene and MIDI (?)

    Hi folks, so far I didn't use the scenes in the Axe-Fx II & III, as I did all the programming (bypass states and channels) in my MIDI controller. But as I got the impression that scenes and their editing in Axe-Edit have come a long way, I'll probably change over to do what's possible with...
  2. Sebastian

    Mic preamp for singing through Axe-Fx?

    Hi all, I want to add a mic preamp to my rig in order to put vocals through my Axe-Fx III. It would be nice to hear some recommendations or thoughts on the subject. My needs: - It's intended for rehearsal and some day also live use. No recording functions needed on the preamp. Vice versa that...
  3. Sebastian

    Question about the arpeggiator

    Hi all, when using the pitch block as arpeggiator, 16 stages in 1/16, shouldn't the first stage = the first note of the sequence align with the click of the metronome, when run? It seems to me that it's not the case. If this is correct behavior, is there some way to do it? Thing is, I'm using a...
  4. Sebastian

    Bug? Can't connect to AE, time out (solved)

    Latest firmware on Axe-Fx 2, latest driver and Axe-Edit 3 Win7 version. It shows "Connected" in the upper left corner but everytime after a few seconds of communication I get: "Communication failure: Axe-Edit was unable to complete the communication request due to time-out." I/O...
  5. Sebastian

    The Brightest Fell - Pounding (preview) [Metal, 7-string]

    Hi all, I've been working on a new song for my band during the last weeks, here is a preview version of it, only guitars, bass & drums so far. I still have to pracise some parts to get the guitars tighter ;) Anyway, I hope you enjoy and BANG YOUR HEAD!! :twisted
  6. Sebastian

    D. Bramhall II: Green Light Girl (v10 dirty Strat)

    Hi all, Doyle's dirty Strat sound on "Welcome" has always been one of my favorite. I tried to get it on the Ultra and on the II and with v10 I think I can finally get reasonably close. More accidentally, I "stumbled" over that sound yesterday - no Marshall amp involved ;) Since Tyler...
  7. Sebastian

    Bug? A-Fx sends PC on external program change

    This has bothering me since its introduction in fw 6.0 but until now I thought it was a "feature". Both the manual and the fw 6.0 release notes state that the Axe-Fx II sends a PC to sync with MFC and Axe-Edit whenever a preset change is made from the front panel. Unfortunately the same...
  8. Sebastian

    Bug? Reverse delay always modulated

    I'm not sure if it's a bug or if this is intended behaviour (or if it's inherent from the reverse delay algorithm), but I noticed that the reversed delay signal has some "stepped" modulation going on, no matter what feedback settings and with LFOs at 0% depth. While that doesn't sound wrong...
  9. Sebastian

    ODS-100 Lead is too awesome!!

    It's 1am here and I should have been to bed already, instead I'm sitting here with my cheapo Strat, noodling through a one minute patch consisting of just the ODS-100 Lead and a cab block. Playing along one Steely Dan tune after another and it's SO MUCH FUN. Can't let go of it. Reelin in the...
  10. Sebastian

    Anyone got KC Fripp guitar synth iso tracks?

    Like the title sais: does anyone have tracks for tone matching Fripp's synth lead from the 80s era King Crimson? I'm thinking of songs like "The Sheltering Sky". Doesn't have to be iso tracks from those albums, if there are recordings with exact this tone (some ancient Roland guitar synth I...
  11. Sebastian

    Snooker World Championship

    So, as we patiently (hahahaha.... oh, well) wait for 6.0 to be released on the morrow, I'm enjoying the Snooker World Championship even more than ever - time flies by. Yesterday it began and already brought a maximum break by Stephen Hendry. Any Snooker addicts around here? Whose your...
  12. Sebastian

    Gordius LG 2 setup for Axe-Fx (II/Ultra/Std.)

    Hello fellow Gordius LG 2 users, I created a "standard setup" for the LG 2 and the Axe-Fx, to make it easier to create a new setup from scratch, especially for new Gordius users and "midiots", who might be overwhelmed by creating everything themselves. For the experts it's a timesaver...
  13. Sebastian

    Why is my post count shrinking?

    I just noticed that today my post count dropped by three. Um... why? Last year around may I had some 900+ posts and a month or two later (didn't realize instantly, as I didn't check the forum as regularly), it was almost cut in half. At that time I thought, there were some server crashes...
  14. Sebastian

    exploding Eggie Rebel

    Yeah! First recording with my A-Fx II. I'm in the middle of recreating my Ultra patches and one of those was a modded "Eggie" Rebel 20 with Vibe in front. Now the II doesn't have a Rebel, so I went with the Blues Jr. (with no negative feedback) and cranked it :) Together with the...
  15. Sebastian

    Original Jazz/Salsa tune "Litore" (git/dr/bs)

    Hi there, I finally got around recording an older tune today, named "Litore". Originally it was guitar only, but I came up with drums and bass to make it "complete". I hope you like it and have fun! :-) Seb
  16. Sebastian

    Prog Metal gig video, Ultra straight into desk

    Hi y'all, here's a video from my prog metal band, The Brightest Fell. Switch to HD/720p for best quality! My Ultra handles all things (electric guitar, piezo tones, looper) and goes straight to desk. I'm using just a FBT 12ma on the floor in front of me for monitoring. Enjoy! :) Sebastian
  17. Sebastian

    New song "In Memoriam" from my original band [Prog Metal]

    Hi all, yesterday I finished the mix of my band's fourth demo song. It really is a "demo", meaning there's nothing more than what me and the band can reproduce playing live. The Ultra's looper does help ;) So it's not as produced and layered as I'd go for on an EP or album. It's up on...
  18. Sebastian

    70s Funk Rock w/ Rhodes, Clavinova, Mu-Tron... and the Axe on Strat and Bass

    Hi guys, after stumbling over some YT funk and Mu-Tron clips and (unrelated to that) pulling my old synth out of the case (haven't touched it for years), inspiration caught me and I wrote and recorded this little tune. Guitar and bass are all direct via the Axe-Fx :) Have fun and...
  19. Sebastian

    Current [v. 10.xx] user manual for download, please!

    I know it exists, because I've seen it on pictures from "new owner" threads. Shouldn't be that big of a task to replace the dated pdf file that's for download at the moment. So please, make the current user manual available for download. Best regards, Sebastian
  20. Sebastian

    Congrats to Cliff et al. for having Opeth!

    I just noticed that one of my favorite bands - OPETH - now officially endorses the Axe-Fx. I already knew them using it from forum member Clawfinger, but it's cool to have it mentioned straight on their website. They're not on the FAS artist page yet but probably soon. So congratulations to...
  21. Sebastian

    Q: how to create patches for unfamiliar backline? (F. Twin)

    Hi all, I need the experience of those who play their Axe straight into an amp. Here's my situation: I'm gonna have to create a few patches for a gig, playing The Doors songs. So nothing overly special, just wah, fuzz, tremolo, maybe overdrive. Problem is: I've always used my Ultra with...
  22. Sebastian

    Pitch block - Arpeggiator - repeat bug

    Last time I fumbled around with the pitch block in arpeggiator mode I couldn't get the arpeggiator sequence to run when the "Repeat" was set to anything else but infinite. Sometimes I could hear the first or second note of the sequence, but never the whole when I had repeat set anywhere...
  23. Sebastian

    "mute option" for global custom scales

    The global custom scales for the harmonizer made me glad that I went with the Ultra. Like other users, I find the custom scales to be the best pitch mode in order to add a "real" second guitar, because you can freely choose the assigned note. But there's one drawback for me: if you don't...
  24. Sebastian

    finally a clip from me (ambient clean + a bit lead)

    Hi folks, ok, I've had my Axe-Fx for well over a year, but never sat down to record a clip for this lovely forum (only for my band mates). Today I changed my mind ;) It's just a small idea but I had so much fun improvising on top of it, I thought I'd share it. Sorry for the fake bass...
  25. Sebastian

    7.04 stock cabs revisited

    Hi folks, forum member "Adinfinitum" asked me if I could get him the old 4x12 T75 cab IR like I did with the V30 and Recto2. So while I were at it, I read through the release notes which other cabs had been removed or altered since fw 7.04. From the 7.07 release notes: Replaced “4x12 V30”...
  26. Sebastian

    pre-7.05 cabs HERE available

    In the attached zip-file you'll find the two removed cab IRs, i.e. the V30 and the Recto2. I only use the V30 in a few patches but have to admit that the versions other forumers put online don't sound the same, because they lack Cliff's post-processing on Alu's IR. So I reverted to firmware...
  27. Sebastian

    6.0 beta: int. pitch shift lydian wrong notes

    I just discovered that the intelligent pitch shifter generates wrong notes when set to the lydian scale. Example: C lydian, 1 voice shift, a third up. When I start on C (root) playing the scale ascending, the first three notes are correct, the others produce false shifts. The other "modes"...
  28. Sebastian

    Introduction thread

    As there's no specific (sub) forum, I thought I start an Introduction thread here at the lounge... Here's my post from Guitardojo's forum. Hi fellow forumers, I'm Sebastian from Germany, known as 'Saitenteufel' at most forums, but decided to take the chance and change my name to something...
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