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  1. don_joe

    Banned from TGP

    Use his own weapon and go back with another alias.
  2. don_joe

    Mark Lanegan

    He was really unique.
  3. don_joe

    Devin Townsend - Hear Me

    I liked your playing, the song not that much.
  4. don_joe

    What was your first Digital Modeler?

    I was so disappointed, I saved my money for it quite a while and then it seemed so limited as it arrived. But it was such a fruitful era in my career and lots of good tones with this device.
  5. don_joe

    Wish Modeling the clean channel Amps

    If your definition of a public forum is to publicly answer a question that was not meant for you, then you are right.
  6. don_joe

    Wish Modeling the clean channel Amps

    I find the best part speaking on someone else's behalf. If A addresses B with a wish, why does C without an official mandate to do so, have to chime in?
  7. don_joe

    Wish Modeling the clean channel Amps

    Let us just focus on two things: a) user experience and b) "a wish list". a) Is it allowed for a Fractal user to want to have all the channels of a certain amp or is this wish a priori a blasphemy? Not all users want to think about the circuits and possible solutions. Some would just...
  8. don_joe

    Is Old Music Killing New Music?

    I don't listen to mainstream music and I never turn the radio on. I find it boring for a longer time. But when my children turn on the contemporary "hits" and their playlists, every song reminds me on some other song from the '80s or '90s. One has the same intro and sound as Aha. The other has...
  9. don_joe

    The Cult - Rain

    Great song and a nice cover to sing along. 👍
  10. don_joe

    Kirk Hammett Solo Album

    Only 4 songs? Cheap bastard.
  11. don_joe

    Dumb moments you've had with the Axe?

    Thanks for asking, RamboMC. There are two ultimate hints that I would like to share from my experience. The first one, if I could now give an advice to myself 9 years ago, building my first own Fractal preset for live use, it would be just: after selecting an amp and a cab block on the grid, go...
  12. don_joe

    Dumb moments you've had with the Axe?

    Before I learned how and why to use global EQ, I've had many dumb moments.
  13. don_joe

    What are you listening to right now?

    I'm hooked on this one the last few days:
  14. don_joe

    Which model for a first Fractal Modeler?

    Rough explanation would be that the device size correlates with the processing power. The main question is how complicated is your usual sound chain. If you need all the scenarios in one preset, then FX III is the right choice, with multiple amp and cab blocks available. And more other stuff...
  15. don_joe

    Wish Please Add The Randall Rg100es

    That would be a nice tribute to one of the best guitarists ever. +1. I would love to have this one.
  16. don_joe

    Billions (TV series)

    I've never watched anything with Paul Giamatti that was bad. Thanks for the tip.
  17. don_joe

    Fun little pieces of studio gear - what you got?

    A joint and a beer.
  18. don_joe

    Drums….what do you guys use to make tracks

    Reaper and EZdrummer 2. EZD doesn't require from you to go down into every rabbit hole.
  19. don_joe

    They All Sound the Same, It's About Workflow

    We can hear the differences among all of them. We somehow agree that #4 doesn't sound like the #1, although it is close in charachter. May I ask, is your goal to make them identical or are you trying to capture only the best of the tube world without potential disadvantages? I personally like...
  20. don_joe

    They All Sound the Same, It's About Workflow

    1. Real amp 2. A modeler, strange tonal structure 3. Another modeler (maybe even Fractal with older FW) 4. Fractal with newest FW I'm probably wrong but I'm sure that I don't like the #2. Or it could just be that I'm not that familiar with this amp.
  21. don_joe

    Screen problem "Burnt in" pixel E

    Eye floaters.
  22. don_joe

    Who Else Struggles With Their Nerves?

    Having friends and people around during the rehearsals helps too. You get used to people listening, even when you make mistakes while playing. You learn that nothing bad happens and you start enjoying their attention and the music instead of being afraid.
  23. don_joe

    Headphones Choice

    I'm just curious, what did you exactly do EQ wise? If you don't mind to share. Thanks.
  24. don_joe

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.00 beta 1

    I was already happy with the previous FW. But this one sounds like a perfect take of tubes. Much more transparency.
  25. don_joe

    Dad Jokes

    No problem at all. I hope the guys may continue with their jokes. :) I hope tomorrow will be a better day. 👍
  26. don_joe

    Dad Jokes

    Don't take it personally from me. I came here to find a pearl or two, I'm glad if I can have a laugh. In these times, I appreciate people with good will. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. But I'm glad that we have this thread. Seeing your post, I just found it unfair to the guys who make the...
  27. don_joe

    Dad Jokes

    There are threads that might be interesting for you and others that are not. It applies to all of us. Avoid what's not for you. Just don't be negative. Not every joke is top 100 but this thread spreads good mood. Can we leave it like this? Thank you for respecting that. All the best.
  28. don_joe

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.00 beta 1

    A place holder? :)
  29. don_joe

    Opinions Wanted: Do You Believe Finger Speed Is A Natural Talent?

    Well, I'm not an expert but obviously you are one. I'm interested...
  30. don_joe

    New band new sound

    This is outstanding.
  31. don_joe

    Famous Musicians You’ve Met?

    I've shaked hands with the guys from Pantera once before their concert in Europe. Dimebag asked my name and signed a card for me, they were really very kind and friendly. They had obviously a lot of patience for their fans. I took my card thankfully and went away, happy as a child. Then I looked...
  32. don_joe

    FM3 and 250ohms headphones

    I have the FM3 output volume around 11 o'clock with DT 770 250 ohm, just FYI. Some prefer headphones that are a bit biased, with more bass. It may sound warmer. I had e.g. Audio Technika M50 before and they sounded "warmer". But I wouldn't change my DT 770 for them again. I appreciate the...
  33. don_joe

    FM3 and 250ohms headphones

    I have exactly these ones. Generally I like them very much and I use them for everything inclusive mixing. With FM3...well the headphones won't sound as well as a speaker. The clean presets sound just as great, if not better. The presets with more gain sound all different, if you made them for...
  34. don_joe

    Adobe Sucks

    No mention of customers but also no mention of happy employees. America, Europe, it's all the same.
  35. don_joe

    Pickup distance to strings question

    OK, that's relatively close to the strings. Interesting thing with the attack that you've mentioned. Maybe I like less attack and more digging into the strings while chugging. I like to work harder and I just need that string separation for my playing. Thank you!
  36. don_joe

    Pickup distance to strings question

    Sure, I excactly did that. There wasn't a simple thing on that guitar that I didn't mess with. Maybe I'm worried about the noise rate and the signal strenght. But like you say, if it works, it works. I wanted to ask here in the forum before I go to the experts. If many have similar experience...
  37. don_joe

    Pickup distance to strings question

    Thanks! That helps me a lot to know.
  38. don_joe

    Pickup distance to strings question

    Dear all, I've bought a Mayones Regius Core Classic 7 guitar almost two years ago. It arrived with Seymour Duncans JB7. The bridge pickup sounded a bit too bright and fizzy to my taste, so I replaced it soon afterwards with a DiMarzio PAF 7. I've played a Gibson SG from '79 in my youth and I...
  39. don_joe

    Opinions Wanted: Do You Believe Finger Speed Is A Natural Talent?

    I see an analogy with children, some have a better coordination than the other. They are young and they didn't have that much time to practice, so they start with something they are born with - genetics. The ones that have a better coordination have a higher probability to be good in sports. If...
  40. don_joe

    The craziest thing thats ever happened to me happened this Christmas eve.

    Better to pass out in front of the tree than at the gig in front of the people. sorry for the bad joke, good to hear you'll be ok and that you took it well.
  41. don_joe

    The James Webb Telescope Has Finally Launched

    I'm just afraid that we still won't get enough of the "big picture". We'll have more detail but not more solved puzzles. I hope I'm wrong cause I'm aware of the effort behind sending something like this into the orbit.
  42. don_joe

    The James Webb Telescope Has Finally Launched

    I'm almost sure we'll have even more questions and not that many answers about the universe.
  43. don_joe

    Dad Jokes

    OMG, I can't stop laughing. :tearsofjoy:
  44. don_joe

    Dad Jokes

    You have something to look forward to. A Christmas after Christmas. :smile:
  45. don_joe

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.01

    I had so much fun jammin' yesterday with the current FW that I consider the next FW a luxury. But we know there will be a new FW eventually and I'm looking forward. I would rather let the FAS team have a restful holiday than push them into stressful deadlines.
  46. don_joe

    AXE-FX IV - WISH List

    I would like: to be able to build presets by voice command ("Hello Fracky...") the built in AI to select presets according to my mood the unit to compensate for my drunk playing with intelligent pitch and tremolo block
  47. don_joe

    I miss my Fractal...

    I've had FX II for 8 years. I received my FM3 a few months ago, as the FM9 was released too. I have never turned the II on again and for the first time in my life, I'm 100% happy with a digital modeler. The first factor is the Cygnus FW, it's a pleasure to play and the second factor is the small...
  48. don_joe

    ZZ TOP/ Bonamassa style blues solo (Just Got Paid) with the FM3 + Preset Inside!

    Such an exciting and entertaining blues playing. I'll learn to play your version, it's inspiring. Thanks for the preset.
  49. don_joe

    Global options export and import

    👍 Great, thanks a lot! I wasn't aware of this.
  50. don_joe

    Global options export and import

    This surely is a solution. It would be more practical though to have a straight forward and a quick option to save and load global EQ settings without a workaround. The same as we have it in every block. If I have a few different settings, I would just click through them in no time. Thanks for...
  51. don_joe

    Okay just ordered the FM3, is there any reason to keep the Axe FX II?

    Theoretically, you can find some application for the II. Practically, I've received my FM3 a few months ago and powered in on just once to export a few favourite presets and IRs to transfer them to FM3.
  52. don_joe

    Wish Global EQ presets

    I was just about to start a thread with my wish and then I found this one. +1 on: "all to zero" in the global EQ bypass button for global EQ Library and saving option for global EQ for different scenarios Thank you for considering our requests.
  53. don_joe

    Help me prevent buyer's remorse

    :) It's a good question...I just had to have that extra string for more heavy riffs. This low B sounds beautifully in clean chords too, I use that a lot. May I still count as an extended minimalist? I promise I won't extend my FM3 into a 9. :) I'm glad that you're happy with your FM3 too. What...
  54. don_joe

    Help me prevent buyer's remorse

    I thought I'll buy this expensive piece of modern technology, including the foot controller and a rack and I'll kick ass the first jam I show up with it. Au contraire, I was only apologizing for wasting everyone's time with my perpetual tweaking. It's actually more a tool for sound engineers and...
  55. don_joe

    Help me prevent buyer's remorse

    I bought a FM3 some 2-3 months ago, after having a FXII for 8 years. I surely didn't need it but I thought to myself "hey, you live only once, what are you saving for, for death? If you want it, what are you waiting for?". I told this to my wife and she said "sure, it will make you happy, do...
  56. don_joe

    Rolling Stones- shady band security, never again.

    Sure, a guy working at the cash register at Walmart store gives you less change back than he should an keeps it for himself. Logically, you call the Walton family. Those 90 year old dudes from the Stones are happy if they can remember where they are playing, they don't know who's working for...
  57. don_joe

    Rolling Stones- shady band security, never again.

    I understand your frustration completely. But this experience has nothing to do with the Stones. Two a-holes are playing a game for a few hundred $. Do you really see any interest here for the Stones? They've never even heard of any Chris. Paying 500$ for any band is a crime on it's own.
  58. don_joe

    Where do you keep your wallet/phone/keys when gigging?

    I was just thinking of how to formulate the same thinking. 😁
  59. don_joe

    Sorry but I cannot NOT post this pic

    Oh, I think I've seen a dead mouse on your second shelf... Only kidding, I'm just jealous.
  60. don_joe

    Paid presets ... pfff

    It's a free market. If someone wants it and wants to pay for it, let him. Otherwise we should forbid Alibaba too if we care about quality.
  61. don_joe

    The music that got you going

    I was playing cards one summer with my friends. Our host turned his cassetophone on. One song on the tape was Blackened, Metallica. I wasn't into metal and guitars that much but hearing this song changed me.
  62. don_joe

    Sanitizing a FM3?

  63. don_joe

    ABBA Voyage

    I agree with you, the 2 new songs I've heard have very similar piano runs in certain places like the old songs. There were probably producers involved in composing and arrangements. There is not much of their own matured ideas and enthusiasm, at least according to the songs they released first.
  64. don_joe

    Favourite Amp models

    I came from FXII to FM3 and I found this new Archean amp, which was a discovery for me. This is now my high gain tone. My clean setup is with 6G12 CONCERT. Such a rich, sweet and lovely sound.
  65. don_joe

    Sticking with the FM3? Upgrading to FM9? Why?

    I received my FM3 last week. As I found out about the FM9, my first reflex was wanting to send it back and to wait for the FM9. But then, I played with it and I liked it a lot. I like having only 3 footswitches because I'm a minimalist, I even have only one guitar for all purposes, for...
  66. don_joe

    FM9 Announcement!

    I was on the verge of sending back the FM3 I recieved 3 days ago and to wait for the FM9. Then I played yesterday evening with the FM3 once again. It has the perfect size (FM9 is quite bigger if you want to put it into a bag) and it has all that I need soundwise - and that's the most important...
  67. don_joe

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    That was the kind of an encouraging answer to keep my FM3 I was hoping for. :) Thanks.
  68. don_joe

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    I have recieved my FM3 two days ago and now I'm tempted to send it back and wait for the FM9. I like the size and simplicity of the FM3 but the only thing that I'm worried about is the processing power, it hits the limit to quickly. Now I have to decide, size and format vs. power...
  69. don_joe

    Uploading own music on Youtube

    Guys, I need your help. I've finished my first own instrumental album and I want to share it on Youtube. I wouldn't like to miss anything regarding protecting my work and I also want to do it right. I've found a lot of different information in internet, so I'm not sure anymore how to do it...
  70. don_joe

    A nice list of riffs

    A poll would be interesting, how many people did know.
  71. don_joe

    UPS is the worst carrier

    Sure it was, a signiture was explicitly required. That was confirmed in a mail prior to the last UPS mail with a message "Dear customer, the goods were delivered and deposited inside the building, in the lobby." So they write contradictory emails themselves. A signature is required but it's...
  72. don_joe

    UPS is the worst carrier

    The UPS guy just left my 3000 € worth Mayones in front of the building and left. I wait for 10 months for a hand made instrument just to be delivered on the street. And that is just one of the stories with the notorious UPS.
  73. don_joe

    Getting your groove back?

    I'll feel free then to share my story if it helps. I've left my home town and my country as I was 32 to start a new life after getting married. Not only did I leave my whole life, my family and friends, but I also left my band where I was creatively involved. After moving, I had a few attempts...
  74. don_joe

    New Beefy Hambucker $5000 Pickup

    Just take the guitar out from the fridge 30 minutes to the room temperature before the jam, to give the juices enough time to start flowing.
  75. don_joe

    New Beefy Hambucker $5000 Pickup

    It sounds like salmonella.
  76. don_joe

    A short review and a concern

    :) Jawohl! I've actually had the Croatian expression in mind...which might have come from German...
  77. don_joe

    A short review and a concern

    Thanks again. 😊 I would say that I'm doing all of these mentioned things right. I really don't know what it is then. This graininess is more in the lower frequencies (I have a low cut usually around 85 Hz). I want punchiness but I get a hypersensitive pick attack...
  78. don_joe

    A short review and a concern

    Thank you for your quick response. Sorry for my bad English, it's not my mother tongue. "Mix pult" is just our local term for the mixing console. You could be right about the INPUT, I'll check this one. Btw, do you consider 90% too much (Axe FX II, "I/O")? The LEDs are nowhere near the top, jus...
  79. don_joe

    A short review and a concern

    I know I'm late with a review for an EOL product, but I hope still to solve a few problems and maybe learn something I missed before, if I'm going to stay in the digital realm. After owning a FX II Mk 2 for 8 years now, I just can't say that I'm happy with it in situations where I play loud...
  80. don_joe

    NGD - My foray into 7 string

    An extra low string doesn't only mean a few semitones more. It also means more freedom in playing chords all around the neck. I ended up buying a 7 string classic guitar too, because of this.
  81. don_joe

    NGD - My foray into 7 string

    You'll quickly get used to it. Have fun! I hope you've found your guitar. I'm also not a djenter, I use my 7 string for everything from jazz and funk to metal.
  82. don_joe

    Cab - the 1. block in the chain?

    You're right, thanks. I've mistaken it for Pre Tube I think in the amp block. Anyhow, it would maybe be nice to have those preamps from the cab block in the drive block. Or I can just put a cab in front of the amp. 😊
  83. don_joe

    Cab - the 1. block in the chain?

    I thought there are some other choices. Beside tape, there are tube, trafo, exciter etc. It would be nice though to have these as a separate amp "model" in the amp block. Maybe in another firmware, just one more with some other bonus stuff? 😊
  84. don_joe

    Cab - the 1. block in the chain?

    The title seems not to have any sense, I know... As I was recording in my DAW for the past few days, I was thinking how to add some saturation and warmth to the guitar sound. In my case, it was a preset with Brit 800 #34 with more gain. I don't know if someone came to the same idea before...
  85. don_joe

    Lower output pickups + heavier music? Samples?

    Like you wrote: "the tone YOU want". It's surely a matter of preference. Since we're discussing allrounder pups with lower output here, it is another category than what you are looking for. I like metal among other genres but when I play metal, I like better and warmer responsiveness, where I...
  86. don_joe

    Happy New Year!!!

    Well, it must be just your view. 😄 Thanks for your future report! Have a nice time and a better year. 👍🤟🙏
  87. don_joe

    Happy New Year!!!

    How is the future like?
  88. don_joe

    Lower output pickups + heavier music? Samples?

    Sorry but I have to disagree too. I have a PAF7 in the bridge position and actually not even so close to the strings and there's not mud at all. It is a ceramic pickup that emulates alnico feel and quality without a flubby B string and it does it pretty good. As I bought it, I was expecting...
  89. don_joe

    I’m not ok today.

    I hope you're feeling better today.
  90. don_joe

    WTF with Windows 10 Unannounced Updates/Reboots?

    What a coincidence, I just read an article "Why does Windows 10 suck" right before.
  91. don_joe

    Any examples of a bad cab choice?

    It sounds always perfect, already per default.....but no, we just have to look further for some other "perfect" IR. :)
  92. don_joe

    ValhalIR Z-2 Zebra free for 24 hours. RIP Eddie

    Thank you Piing and thank you generous people at Valhallir.at.
  93. don_joe

    Men's fashion for 2020

    No, I mean a suit as a convention, it's so outdated. The most of men wear it, cause the others wear it and "you're supposed to". But the cut is funny and not exactly practical. It's actually close to a straightjacket, it limits you in almost every activity other than sitting or standing around...
  94. don_joe

    Men's fashion for 2020

    If you really think about it, a regular suit isn't much better than that.
  95. don_joe

    How Can a Chubby Aging Guitarist Get in Shape?

    At the end you need a 1 min double bass blast, for the cardio.
  96. don_joe

    All This Downtuning

    Sorry guys, I've posted recently more than usual...don't worry I'm not hyperactive but I would just like to share this short story with you, it fits well. This summer, I was talking to some guys from a cover band my wife and I were just listening to, outside a bar on the seaside. And after they...
  97. don_joe

    7 String Classical Guitar

    Sorry, I realized that I've posted this in the wrong forum, it should be under "Guitars". If someone could just easy move it there, I would appreciate it. Thank you.
  98. don_joe

    7 String Classical Guitar

    I'm thinking about buying a 7 string classical guitar. I got so used to 7 strings that I sometimes miss this extra string when I occasionally play a classical guitar. Since I have a 7 string electric guitar, I've moved the action a lot toward this additional B string and I'm not talking only...
  99. don_joe

    All This Downtuning

    I got hooked on them too recently, great and creative riffs and an excellent pop singer with the best growls. :) I also like their song The Beauty of Suffering.
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