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  1. venne

    As/Is: A tribute to John Mayer

    Great preset! Was playing with it the last night and couldn't stop :)
  2. venne

    Welcome John Mayer

    Tried a few of your presets and always like them. Looking forward to this one!
  3. venne

    Welcome John Mayer

    The amp is a Dumbleland Overdrive Special, if you look closely at this picture here: https://www.nippertown.com/zeblog/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/20210827-Dead_And_Co-17.jpg
  4. venne

    Help recreating John Mayer Fractal sound

    Put me on the list for the boutique/blues pack 😍
  5. venne

    Help recreating John Mayer Fractal sound

    In the latest Guitar World issue there is an interview with John Mayer and he actually mentioned that he used some Fractal gear on his latest album "Sob Rock". The question is referencing to the song "Wild Blue" and he probably used the factory preset "Studio Clean". Thought this is an...
  6. venne

    Recto Red-1 Goodnesss…

    Thanks for sharing the preset. I will check it out. Did you use also a User IR as a second cab? Because it's not muted and #246 selected.
  7. venne

    Recto Red-1 Goodnesss…

    Sounds great and nice riff!
  8. venne

    AX8 spring reverb vs FM3

    Did you right-click and choose "save file as"? That worked for me.
  9. venne

    1961 strat build.

    At around 12:16. And good luck with the build. I'm looking forward to the finished guitar :)
  10. venne

    Cygnus Dizzy amps BUG ?

    Absolutely! His playing is spot on!
  11. venne


    I love it. Sounds fantastic, great melody. It has a moody/dreamy vibe to it :) Also thanks for sharing the preset, will check it out later.
  12. venne

    Cygnus Dizzy amps BUG ?

    But was has he done to that PRS? :eek: Completely slaughtered😂
  13. venne

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.05

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Notes 16.05 Improved behavior of Synth block Shift control when attached to a modifier. Fixed Compressor block GUI not displaying properly in some cases. Fixed FAS Brootalz model inadvertently changed since it was referencing the Angle Severe presence network which...
  14. venne

    Wrecker Express Normal scene is my new favorite factory preset

    I also came across the following video yesterday with the FAS Wreck model and I will give it a try later. Sounds very versatile and dynamic.
  15. venne

    Wish PRS HX Amp ( Hendrix Touring Amp ) ?

    I also saw it popping up a few days ago. This demo does better justice to the sound, IMO. Especially when he turns the Bass all the way up and it doesn't get muddy, as well as taking pedals very well.
  16. venne

    "Petrucci Rig" Factory Preset Update JPIIC+ and MIMIQ

    @cabo246 Hope this helps...
  17. venne

    Wish More Cabs with G12-65 or G12-80, or Heritage Rola (Late 70's or early 80's or reissue)

    I was also looking for a G12-65 IR and bought the one from Valhallir. Great sounding and fairly priced. https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/v2-rocky-by-valhallir-at-based-on-the-rock-block-by-div-13-and-bob-rock-celestion-g12-65-loaded.169706/
  18. venne

    NGD: LTD EC-1000 BB Demo/Review (2021 Model)

    Smelling some Killswitch Engage vibes in the intro :p Nice review!
  19. venne

    Sound for music man jp 15

    Not sure if it helps with the JP15, but Leon Todd has a nice creamy tone in the video here at 20:30 with the TriAxis model...
  20. venne

    cliff's & FAS' background

    two posts are better than one haha :p
  21. venne

    cliff's & FAS' background

    Here is an old interview which gives some background info: https://guitarmessenger.com/cliff-chase-interview-fractal-audio/
  22. venne

    SOLVED: FC-6 switches stay blank

    Resetting the FC-6 and loading the factory settings solved the issue
  23. venne

    SOLVED: FC-6 switches stay blank

    I have the issue with my FC-6 that the foot switches stay blank and do not show the labels for Scenes, Presets, etc... I updated to FW 16 on my AXE FX III and FC-6 has FW 1.11. It worked after the update to FW 16. Today I turned the AXE FX III on and it's shown as below. Already restarted and...
  24. venne

    Wish Auto Check for FW Public Beta

    Maybe offering an "opt-in" function for updates would be a solution to keep it flexible. Similar to this settings panel. Sorry, my systems language is set to German. But I think it's understandable to have "check for beta versions" as an option.
  25. venne

    Story behind the FAS logo?

    Totally random and maybe stupid question: What is the story behind the FAS logo? Any meaning behind the "dots"?
  26. venne

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 10 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #7

    Dynamic presence and depth have been removed due to the new algorithm used in Cygnus. Cliff stated it in the Tech Notes, maybe this helps: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/cygnus-tech-notes.170264/
  27. venne

    Axe-Edit III 1.08.09 (supports fw 16.00 public beta 5)

    A new version 1.08.10 was just released: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/axe-edit-iii-1-08-10.171167/
  28. venne

    WGS Retro 30 Free IR

    Sounds awesome. Also diggin' the Lasse Lammert riff. The Bogner clip is somehow my reference tone :)
  29. venne

    Not sure if H9 needed ... really

    There's also a thread for the FX III how to "clone" H9 effects: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/cloning-the-eventide-h9-and-beyond-chapter-1-crystals-algorithm.157686/ Not sure if this can be done 100% on the FM3 due to CPU resources, but worth a try.
  30. venne

    Wish More Two-Rock amps

    thanks guys for the explanations!
  31. venne

    Wish More Two-Rock amps

    Thanks for clarifying. I'm no engineer, so I do not have idea what is required. On this note a stupid question: What is the difference by using a schematic and building a real amp and why is a real amp needed for modelling it? Does it imply, that a clone from a schematic will lack something?
  32. venne

    Wish More Two-Rock amps

    Yeah, that's the part where I can't contribute and why I believe modelling the Two Rock JM Sig amp will be difficult. It was not mass produced, I do not own one and they do not pop up regularly. I would be already happy with just the modeling by the schematics and see how far we get ;)
  33. venne

    Wish More Two-Rock amps

    I was going deeper in the John Mayer tones rabbit hole, as I want to create a dual amp setup with the SSS patch from @austinbuddy and a Two Rock. This would be awesome! So I found this page, with an analysis of the amp...
  34. venne

    Wish More Two-Rock amps

    Have a look at this description @austinbuddy made for creating a SSS amp in the AXE FX III. I find it sounds pretty great! https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/how-well-do-the-dumble-amp-models-stack-up-against-the-real-thing.157199/page-2#post-1873380
  35. venne

    MF ETA Preset - Clean - Meditation by Cory Wong - recorded by USB

    Nice playing and nice guitar :) Also Marco's presets are very good!
  36. venne

    IRs V2-Rocky by Valhallir.at, based on the "Rock Block" by Div/13 and Bob Rock, Celestion G12-65 loaded.

    HIghly appreciated! I will play around a little bit :)
  37. venne

    IRs V2-Rocky by Valhallir.at, based on the "Rock Block" by Div/13 and Bob Rock, Celestion G12-65 loaded.

    Can you share your Dumble preset? That's exactly what I want to use the IR for. Thanks :)
  38. venne

    How well do the Dumble amp models stack up against the real thing?

    Can you give an ETA, when the separate cab pack will be available as January is coming to an end :) I would be highly interested in it. Thanks!
  39. venne

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 15.01

    He was playing on Instagram Live last night and said around minute 35:00, that he plays through the Axe FX III. So the 'wapoosh' arrived also for him?! ;)
  40. venne


    As @2112 is "this guys video" he might have an answer. Other than that, do you have a recording to share of that high freq. noise? Is it only coming from the speakers or is it on the actual recording?
  41. venne

    Wish More Two-Rock amps

    +1 Found the schematic of the Two Rock John Mayer Sig Amp here: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipP6My9Dvh6jhCKmQJuknpbTQfi4SEjRQxAlJ4kSHg3QIluX-UNV7XjF_Ep220S1bQ?key=MW5qUkxqMzVxNXpNeVFLMXRhMkd3ZE1zZXFKU3R3 Not sure how accurate it is, but maybe worth a look for Cliff if it's feasible to do.
  42. venne

    [HELP] Killswitch Engage - Hate By Design

    KsE have great guitar sounds. Though at Hate by Design it sounds a bit too dark (for my taste). I found some patches on AxeChange: https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/search-results.php?search=killswitch+engage&fields=all&products=0&setups=0 They are Axe FX II patches, but could be a good...
  43. venne

    WTB Matrix power amp

    I was looking for 400€/$ - I just checked insured shipping via UPS and it would be around 150€/$. Quite hefty... I checked DHL and it's around 50€/$, but I need to check regarding tracking/insurance. If that's no blocker for you I can check with DHL tomorrow and also provide you some pictures.
  44. venne

    WTB Matrix power amp

    I have the 800W 1U unit. Always in rack, never left the house in mint condition. I’m located in Germany.
  45. venne

    SOLD Epiphone Pro Model Made in USA Early '90s Super-Strat [EU]

    Hi all, I'm selling a quite rare Epiphone guitar, which is made in the USA. It's a PRO Model series from the early '90s era. The guitar was originally red painted and has now a paintbrush with a snake on it in blue/greenish. The bridge pickup is changed to a DiMarzio DP103 (PAF 36th Ann.), neck...
  46. venne

    WTB 1987 Ibanez RG550 guitar

    What do you have in mind?
  47. venne

    WTB 1987 Ibanez RG550 guitar

    Hi Jim, I'm in Hannover which is 5,5 hours north of Landshut. I had 950€/$ in my mind, as the Bareknuckle Pickups are upgraded in there and it also comes with an almost new Gator Hardshellcase, which I never took out of my house. If you need more pics, details, etc. I'm happy to share them :)
  48. venne

    WTB 1987 Ibanez RG550 guitar

    I have this one from '87. Modified with Bareknuckle Pickups in Bridge and Neck and change the volume/tone control and pickup switch. But have all the replacements to make it original again :) Though, I'm located in Germany.
  49. venne

    SOLD For Sale: Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0 and The Metal Foundry Expansion Pack

    Hi all, for sale is the Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0 version with 5 Installation DVD's as well as the Metal Foundry Expansion Pack, also 5 Installation DVD's. The software is Windows and Mac compatible. Location: Germany Shipping: Worldwide as insured DHL package Price: 100 €/$ excl...
  50. venne

    Distorted audio while recording via USB

    Thanks for the hint! I found a setting for the MIDI Clock and set it to "None". Sounds like it did the job :)
  51. venne

    Distorted audio while recording via USB

    Hi all, I'm having an issue while recording audio from the Axe-FX via USB into my DAW (Using Ableton Live, but also tried Reaper and Garageband). It sounds like a digital clipping, on the Axe-FX I do not see any clipping in the output meter also the CPU usage is at 50%, the preset is not...
  52. venne

    I broke my rj45 connector (Mfc101 mk). Can I change the rj45 jack to an Ethercon?

    Yes, here is a successful conversion to an Ethercon: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/mfc-101-mark-i-rj45-ethercon-connector.153035/
  53. venne

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Das Metall and Dizzy V4 (Diezel VH4)

    They are talking about the EQ behavior of the Presence control. That it starts at 2.5 kHz and is open upwards, like a cow's tail or does it look like a shelve? ;) That's what they are debating about, if Peter Diezel is sure, an if it's open than it's a cow's tail. And because they are located in...
  54. venne

    Judas Priest - The Sentinel (vocal & instrumental cover)

    Yeah! Simply WOW! Awesome Cover. If you could share your preset this would be even more awesome :wink:
  55. venne

    Help getting the below '80s tone....Dave Marshall

    Maybe start with some of Mark Day's presets. They have the 80's sound and then tweak from there. You'll find them in AxeChange.
  56. venne

    Mesa vs Mesa vs Mesa vs Mesa

    Dat PRS though... :-P
  57. venne

    Friedman HBE + Bare Knuckle Black Hawks + Evertune

    Awesome! I dig it! Would be great, if you would share the patch. Thanks!
  58. venne

    Uberschall metal FW10.0

    thanks for the tips! i love the uber sound from this clip -> Bogner Uberschall Metal Clip - YouTube really raw!
  59. venne

    Uberschall metal FW10.0

    Wow, that sounds huge and brutal! great song! What cabs did you use for the uberschall? I am always struggling with a boomy or too thin sound..
  60. venne

    Plexi 100 watts V10

    This sounds so good! Listened to it approx. 100 times... Any chance you might share the preset with us? thanks!
  61. venne

    One Man Band: 30 seconds of metal test

    Sounds great! Which midi keyboard did you buy? How's the drum editing? I am also thinking about buying one...
  62. venne

    Illusionists 2013 teaser (With axe2 patches and Metal Machine/SD2 drum kit patches!)

    I've had the same issue with another preset, also with the VH4. So I thought maybe an issue with the model - but after swapping the amp models the problem is still there. maybe I have some time to record it and post it in the bugs forum.
  63. venne

    Illusionists 2013 teaser (With axe2 patches and Metal Machine/SD2 drum kit patches!)

    Sounds good! But i am having problems with your patches. Volume is dropping without any reason. Checked with 2 different guitars, loaded the patch again, changed amp model and bypassed/unbypassed every block. Strange :-/
  64. venne

    Nolly and I made Patches for v9 - Video

    Take a look at this thread, there is a Youtube Video included on how to transfer patches without AxeEdit. http://forum.fractalaudio.com/showthread.php?t=61243
  65. venne

    TMA Tip

    Having problems with my existing Presets including TMA blocks. For example the Splawn Nitro preset from axe-change -> Axe-Change - Download Preset - Splawn Nitro (TMA) - by FractalAudio Sounds real harsh, as if the TMA block is inactive, but it's not. Loading preset agin into the Axe FX II...
  66. venne

    Firmware 8 high gain demo (Dizzy VH4 + V30 Kalthallen)

    Sounds really great! Which V30 cab did you use out of the 4? Did you put a OD pedal in front of the amp?
  67. venne

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 8.01a Up

    I am getting an Error 404, when trying to download the 8.01 zip file. Does anybody else have this issue?
  68. venne

    Fractal Audio Stickers now at shop.fractalaudio.com

    Any updates regarding availability from G66?
  69. venne

    Fractal Audio Stickers now at shop.fractalaudio.com

    +1 for G66 as well! I am interested, too. If you could send some T-Shirts as well, this would be killer.
  70. venne

    Is page 155 in the manual the only way to connect a expression pedal?

    I dont have a GCP, but this article helped me to set up my EP-1 with the pedal jack on the back of the Axe-Fx II. http://wiki.fractalaudio.com/axefx2/index.php?title=Expression_pedals Maybe there's more info in the Wiki.
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