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    Setlists and songs

    I want to begin by saying I think "setlists" is an awesome new feature I look forward to utilizing. While "songs" seems to be a solution to the problems encountered primarily in the II, not the III. Let me explain: Back in the II days, I had to set up my banks as groups of five, in...
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    Transcription software?

    Does anyone know of a software which can take your live playing and convert it to either sheet music or tab? Presumably via a midi pickup I’d imagine.
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    Test individual factory presets from download banks

    Search doesn't seem to be working right now. Is there a way to preview an individual preset from the Banks downloaded from the support page, without overwriting, your entire III bank?
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    Power tube additions

    I’m surprised not one it talking about the 11 new power tubes. Great way to make subtle changes without having to deep dive into advanced parameters.
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    Wish Return Dynamic Depth and Presence

    I use these all the time and find the lack of them is preventing me from upgrading beyond 15.01 permanently.
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    Please test this III preset on the FM9

    Attached is my most CPU intense AXE Fx III preset, which normally runs at 87%. I have removed the two reverbs it normally has, since those would run on a separate chip on the FM9. Doing so brought the III's CPU utilization down to 70.7%. (I also changed the cabs to random factory ones due...
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    Faux fretless

    Has anyone attempted to create a faux fretless preset? We have a song I’d like to try it on.
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    Best video on YouTube

    For musicians;
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    Transcription software?

    Is anyone creating their own sheet music via playing into a software? I imagine via a midi pickup.
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    eBow possible?

    Has anyone attempted to create an eBow effect for the III? I did a search and only came across Fremen’s AX-8 variety.
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    Dealing with hot guitar

    I recently received a guitar with hotter pickups that is overdriving the input. I realize I can reduce the percentage in the I/O input, but then I have to remember to return to my normal 50%. Live it would be difficult. I cannot lower the pickups, they are direct mounted, reducing the volume...
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    Envelope help please

    On the attached preset, I would like the delay mix to remain at 40% when playing lightly, but to decrease to 32% when playing harder. Think finger picking versus strumming. I can't seem to get there. Either I'm always in the 37-42% range, or the 32-35% range, I cannot seem accomplish the full...
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    Control Switch inquiry

    Maybe I am over estimating the power of the control switch. Scenario: I am using all four amplifiers in the AMP block and other CPU usage prevents me from adding AMP2. I want to control input drive in CH A and CH C, but different amounts since they are different amp types via modifiers...
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    Banjo or sitar patches

    Are there any patches that assist in making a normal 6 string electric guitar emulate either a banjo or sitar?
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    How are you using your CLR?

    Forever I’ve used the CLR in FF mode, as I was told it produces the flattest response. However, I’ve also found that other users presets are always dark sounding when I download them. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s my use of FF. Does anyone have frequency response graphs for the three...
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    Report which user IRs you are using?

    Is there a way to determine which user IRs you are using in presets? We know you have two banks of 1024, but how can you determine which of those 2048 are actually used in a preset? My goal is to thin out unused IRs to consolidated to ones I actually like to make selection faster/easier.
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    Fastest way to audition IRs?

    Is there a way to scroll IRs quickly? Presently I’m using “picker” and typing in one number higher than current cab. Is there a more efficient way? Or even better, have it scroll say once per second without me having to go anything other than listen.
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    Boss BR-1600 to laptop conversion

    Does anyone have BR-1600 experience? We have about 15 songs half done we’d like to export to my MacBook to finish up.
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    Wish Unit goes to blank preset during back up

    I discovered today that while backing up your system, if on a blank preset, it works 50x faster. Please make this a default.
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    Backup took 2:27 to complete

    Is this normal?
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    FS Pedaltrain Novo 32

    Brand new, in unopened box. I wound up going a different route and never opened the box. Prefer NNJ cash transaction. $155
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    Delay tempo question

    I downloaded an @2112 preset and really like the delay. I copied and pasted the delay block into a few of my presets, and I can’t figure out why the tempo changes. It is always tempo 1/4, but in one preset that means 500ms and in another 630ms. What am I missing conceptually?
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    Wish Change text color if altered state

    Copied and pasted from another thread: The biggest problem is you go down the rabbit hole and can’t get back out. As I’ve said before, the text should change color, if altered from the saved state. Ideally one color if below the saved state, and another if above. This would greatly...
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    Closed Add more scenes

    Anyway to go to ten or twelve?
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    Ever go sans cab block?

    I was checking out the speaker page and trying out the cabinets there and skipping adding a cab block. Anyone else going this route?
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    Control switch = awesome

    I discovered the control switch today. Instead of using a pedal or input boost I just wanted more of same amp. Set preamp gain, master volume and input trim to CS1 as momentary. When I hold down switch I get a little more of everything but no tone alteration.
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    Home grown from the ground up presets

    Since the factory presets and other users never work for me, I've built my own from the ground up. Let me know if you like them, if so I can share more. Necessary cabinets for these also attached.
  29. L

    Backups not loading

    I am running 12.08 on both of my IIIs. I have finished programming my presets, and made a backup with Bot. Trying to dump those presets into my spare III is not working. The backup downloads to only about 6% and then ceases. I cannot update to 14.01 without knowing I have a secure secondary...
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    What’s your favorite touch sensitive amp?

    I’m looking to do a preset with an amp that when lightly played has a very slight break up, but when dug into harder becomes a medium to slightly more than medium grit. I’m pretty happy with SOLO100 rhythm channel but would like to explore potentially better options.
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    Two questions

    Numero uno: Can you use the autoengage of the wah to change scenes upon moving the pedal? Your playing on scene one, you want to use the wah on scene two without having to press a button the FC-12 prior to using the wah Numero dos: Which block to add to increase amp like feedback for a...
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    Lost preset, bizarre incident

    I was flipping through my presets on the Axe III, somehow preset 5 copied itself to preset 6, overwriting the preset that was there. If I look in Axe Edit the old preset name is still there, but the copied preset loads.
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    Need Synth preset advice

    I want to add a synth to a preset to play only the bass note of the given chord, in parallel to my normal guitar sound. I wish to prevent the synth from playing any notes higher than 220hz. Ideas please?
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    Guitar modeling

    It’s the next frontier. Make any guitar sound like a Tele, or a Les Paul. Variax and Roland are doing it. It’s only a matter of time.
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    Jimmy Page out of phase sound

    I was watching some YouTube videos on the Jimmy Page 21 sounds wiring harness and figured there must be a way via equalizer and compressor to recreate the out of phase sound. Anyone try to mimic this yet? @1:51
  36. L

    Ever spend three days creating a preset

    and then accidentally overwrite it? urrgggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
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    Fixed No user cabs?

    Suddenly Axe Edit does not see any of my user cabs. I have turned the Axe and Edit on and off a few times, according to it, all slots are blank. Meanwhile the cabs are still in the Axe Fx and working. How do I get Edit to reload?
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    Copy layout FC-12

    How would you copy your custom FC-12 layout and then transfer it to a back up unit?
  39. L

    Moving speakers closer together, reverb

    In a redecorating of my studio I moved my CLRs about 18” closer to one another, as a result it seems like I need to reduce my overall reverb. For now I put the global at 80%, odd phenomena.
  40. L

    Modifier calibration problem

    For some reason my wah is sticking at the top of its motion in the Axe Fx. When the pedal moves from maximum to minimum, the Axe is not recognizing this and remaining on maximum.
  41. L

    FM-12 III in progress

    I’m modernizing the SKB PS-100 idea for the III and FC-12. The main doghouse is built, going to have four 1/2 rack spaces to right over by expression pedals.
  42. L

    Can you export factory IR?

    Is there a way to export a factory IR from the II to use in a user slot on the III?
  43. L

    Steven Stevens Artist Preset pack is up

  44. L

    Turn switch off

    Is there a way make a foot switch do nothing? If you have an unused scene can you make the switch not work at all?
  45. L

    [solved] Scene change double pump sound

    Any ideas why there is that lag with double pump between scenes? I need it switch to the clean sound instantly, not play that middle distorted one after I’ve changed scenes.
  46. L

    Delete a block in maxed preset?

    I over did it in a preset and reached 95% capacity. I want to eliminate a few blocks but the Axe won’t let me and Axe Edit can’t connect. Anyway to not have start from scratch?
  47. L

    Change scene by turning on Wah?

    Let’s say you are playing a clean scene and you want to change to a dirty one that requires the wah immediately. Can the engagement of the wah serve as a way to change the scene? To be clear, this is to avoid having to change scene on FC-12 and then engage wah.
  48. L

    Can you print out a block's settings?

    I would like to merge some presets together under a single preset, which will require utilizing channels, especially in the amp block. I'm pretty sure you can't just copy channel A of an amp block 1 in one preset and paste it into channel C of a different preset's amp block 1, so with that in...
  49. L

    Pulling scene names over to FC-12

    I’m my continued quest to get my live rig ready for a post Covid-19 world. Is there a way to make the top 6 buttons be scenes 1-6 (this part I have figured out) and have the scene name from the Axe III come over to the pedal? So if on preset 34, if I want scene 3 to come up as Chorus it will...
  50. L

    Wish Bogner Ecstasy 3534

    Heard it on YouTube.
  51. L

    FC-12 different layouts

    I'm sure this is possible, I just don't know how to accomplish. My normal layout is five presets across the bottom row. Four scenes across the top row. One top and one bottom to scale up/down in banks of 5. Therefore I have a left over top button I was hoping to use as on/off for an...
  52. L

    More immediacy?

    Do any of the parameters, other than the SAG control, assist in creating a greater sense of immediacy? I want the sound to feel as though it is jumping out more than I have been able to find in the III.
  53. L

    Bypass speaker impedance curve?

    Is there way to bypass this parameter?
  54. L

    Pro drummer for backing tracks

    Our drummer had to quit playing to take care of his mother. We are considering hiring a pro to record backing tracks for us to use while searching for a replacement. Do you have any experience with hiring such a person, send them a MP3 of a song and they create the track for you?
  55. L

    II IRs not working on the III

    I have some II IRs I wanted to try on my III but they will not even move from my Mac folder to the browser pane to audition. Any ideas?
  56. L

    Closest to original II HBE

    I was working on a preset this evening that was based on the original HBE in the II. No matter which current incarnation I chose, I found them to all be darker and fuzzier. Any ideas? Or should I just change to maybe a Marshall.
  57. L


    Can you use different layouts per preset? On preset 1, use layout 1. On preset 2, layout 3. How do you get a layout to stick to a preset?
  58. L

    Preset changing double thump

    Have you ever noticed that after a preset loads, there is a double pump noise that seems as though it is reloading. It was due to being plugged into axe edit.
  59. L

    Phone App for guitar?

    I will be attending Paul Gilbert's guitar camp this coming summer and wish to keep my possessions to a minimum while traveling, as such, I was hoping someone could suggest a good phone app for practicing with.
  60. L

    Wish More Fryette (VHT) amps

    I'd love to see the Pitbull Ultra Lead
  61. L

    Is it possible to create a Poly Bass line?

    I would like to be able to create a poly bass line as seen on the attached YouTube video. I am relatively certain you can create a somewhat similar sound using a shelving EQ and octave down harmonizer. Perhaps by running a parallel grid line where nothing above 220hz passes through to the...
  62. L

    Pay you to convert my presets II->III

    I’ve owned the III since day it came out. I just don’t have the time to program it with my work obligations. On the II, I use presets, on the III, I’d to use scenes and channels. Our songs are grouped in 5s. Presets 1-5 are one song, 2-10 the next, etc. You would need to take my II...
  63. L

    Wish VHT Pitbull Ultralead

    I'm surprised this amp has never been modeled, as it really started the Djent thing in my experience.
  64. L

    Moving things around, copying blocks etc.?

    On the II is easy to copy a block from one preset to another. I am trying to figure out if it is possible on the III. Let's say you like Amp 1, channel C on preset 147 and you would like to bring it over to preset 107, channel A. Is there a way to perform this function? Can it be done via...
  65. L

    With CRUNCH and Bright switch absent from III's FRYETTE D60 MORE

    I am trying to recreate my main preset from the II on my III, I am 95% of the way there. As I scroll through the parameters on the II to see how they are adjusted on the III, I notice that the Crunch and Bright Switch (on) options are no longer part of the amp model. If I wanted to play...
  66. L

    Wish Change color when adjusting away from saved value

    When you open a variable, let's use the bass of your amp block, can it be the current color when at the saved value, but change to red when adjusted away from that saved state? Sometimes you adjust away from 5.68 to try things out, but forget you were at 5.68 to begin with.
  67. L

    More immediate response wanted

    As I build my III presets, I've noticed the response is a little slower than my II (FW 19.09). Adjusting the sag does not resolve. Any recommendations on other adjustments to tighten things up and have a quicker response to picking?
  68. L

    Andy Wood

    Prior to AxeFest I was unaware of Andy Wood. I looked him up the morning of, on Wiki, and figured he was just another chicken pickin country dude. Not only was his music far more diverse at AxeFest , but I have been listening to him since on YouTube and picked up Junktown and half of Caught...
  69. L

    Channels versus scenes

    Is there a tutorial anywhere that clarifies the differences?
  70. L

    III sounds dark compared to II, advice please

    I have recreated a patch on my III (FW 5.02) using the exact same parameters as those on my II (FW 19). They both go to my mixing board, out to my CLRs, I can quickly A/B from one to the other. While the patches feel the same, the III patch is darker overall and lacks the chime the II patch...
  71. L

    Save a scene to scene of another preset?

    Can you for example, take Scene 4 from preset 12 and save it in preset 10 as Scene 2?
  72. L

    Can an exp pedal change scene?

    Let's say you are playing Scene 1, but you want to go to Scene 2, is there a way to activate the change via an exp pedal? The goal here is to use the wah on/off to change the Scene, so clean sound can become a searing lead w/ wah without having to change scenes AND THEN go to the wah.
  73. L

    How do you update this thing?

    I am not a computer person. My FC-12 is blank when hooked up, as it requires the III to have firmware 2.05 or newer, I’m on 1.07. I downloaded Axe Edit III but it said it only works with software 2.05 or newer. How can I get Firmware 5.0 into my III? Would I use the III Mini utility? Type...
  74. L

    Copy FX from one preset to another

    Is there a way to copy an FX block from one preset to another via the front panel? On the II it was easy to copy an FX block preset to preset via the RECALL button.
  75. L

    Fall is over, where are FCs?

    Update please.
  76. L

    Celestion WAV IRs

    If one were to purchase Celestion WAV IRs, how would you convert them to work in the Axe Fx?
  77. L

    Archtop feedback eliminator

    Is there a way for the Axe III to detect on coming arch top feedback and in turn eliminate it in some way?
  78. L

    Wish Compare feature

    The Roctron Chameleon had a cool compare feature where you could revert back the last adjustment you made if you went too far. Otherwise you have to remember, I started on 6.08..........
  79. L

    Closed All parameters from Axe II

    Maybe this is stupid, but why do away with any of the allowable parameters of the II, if the III had 4x the horsepower? At no time in the foreseeable future will the III run out of power, and if that day ever comes, make decisions on what to eliminate then.
  80. L

    Move II presets to III?

    Wasnt there talk of a program to make your II presets useable in the III? I get they are different and there will be tweaking to be done, but it would be nice to not have to copy every line of every effect.
  81. L

    No microphones factory cabinets

    I discovered today there are no microphone types to use with the cabinets. I used the V30 cab (#62?) with the D112 dyn mic for most of my presets in my II. I'd like be able to mimic that. Any ideas? The cab is there but not the microphone. Alternatively is there a cab that sounds like...
  82. L

    Hi cut

    I need to create a 12 string patch, the hi cut in pitch shifter is at 2000 and a d string is 147. How would use an eq block with the pitch shifted to get witching the proper range? Thanks in advance. And I'm on 19.09 so posting a patch won't help.
  83. L


    After reading through various threads, I have to admit I do not fully understand what channels are and how this is a vast improvement. Can someone in the know explain it?
  84. L

    T-Wah by sensitivity?

    Are there any presets with a built in T-Wah for sensitivity? If not, any ideas on how to mimic this effect? Thanks.
  85. L

    Room sounds

    Many many moons ago there were a free room and behind IRs given out, which I still use to this day. Do any of the new cab packs have such IRs to fill in the voids of the in your face sound? I believe they are known as far fields.
  86. L

    XL + and MFC original?

    I am thinking of upgrading my MK I to the XL+, but wondered if I can still use my Ethernet wire for the original MFC with the XL+.
  87. L

    Advice on using the effects loop

    I'd like to incorporate three (mono) pedals I have into the Axe Fx effects loop. Obviously there is only one effects loop so I'd need some sort of patch bay for this, which I'd like to be midi and ideally changeable via presets (or even scenes if possible). What are you guys using?
  88. L

    AX8 single cab only?

    I am reading it correctly that you can only use one cab per present in the AX8?
  89. L

    Mimic Digitech Richocett

    Any ideas on how to mimic this pedal using the Axe Fx and MFC? Desiring momentary setting if possible.
  90. L

    Rolling forward and back firmwares

    I'm currently running 18.08. If I wanted to try the new firmware, I would first have to load the latest Edit I believe. Let's say I want to revert back, how would I accomplish this? I'd need the older Edit and FW to do so correct?
  91. L

    Axe Edit for 18.08

    does anyone know which Axe Edit is compatible with 18.08 and where to locate it? I helped my buddy update his Ultra to 11 and forgot to notate which version of edit I had prior to removing from my hard drive to load the one he needed.
  92. L

    Any Japanese speaking people here?

    If so please pm me.
  93. L

    Older firmwares, where to find?

    I can't find the link to the older firmwares.
  94. L

    Steve Stevens guitars

  95. L

    Anyone near Wigton UK?

    Need help with a guitar purchase there.
  96. L

    Now rack 11 is better.... Haha

    http://hwcdn.libsyn.com/p/0/1/7/0178dafcb3b577a2/AaA_086_Jol_Dantzig.mp3?c_id=9477530&expiration=1438354863&hwt=416cbf03f4be50c4d9b770f504cd6c52 The comparison starts around 10:00 mark.
  97. L

    Change scene or preset via foot switch?

    In a song of ours I have to go quickly from one sound to a totally different sound including a wah. I was wondering if there is a way to just step on my SP-1 to both engage the wah and change scene (or preset) without altering all my presets that also have wah. Now I change presets and then...
  98. L

    I'm amp less again.

    Before the Axe Fx I use to own over 30 amps. A while back I picked up a Friedman Stevens, which is a great amp, but the volume and other issues relegated it to a studio prop. Sold it today. I can't see me ever trying a tube amp again.
  99. L

    London UK anyone?

    If you happen to be in London please PM me.
  100. L

    Try Again: Wait time if ordered today?

    If you were to get onto the wait list today, what is the realistic wait time to get an innovation to purchase? I don't know how my other title got screwed up.
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