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    Hello,Mikko I bought all your stuff you put on your site(sometimes I did it twice) and you were...

    Hello,Mikko I bought all your stuff you put on your site(sometimes I did it twice) and you were so kind to send me back my money ...but something is missing and I looked for it for a long time: the "Clark Kent's Gift to Mankind"in a wave format..can you help ,please? Thank you so much!
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    Observations Between Ownhammer and ML Sound Lab IRs

    My opinion on this matter is this: I have a HUGE collection of IRs cabs..almost everything that I could afford to buy..By far the ones I really do prefer and use are the ones that ML Sound put on the market.Then comes Vallhalir.at and York Audio and Ownhammer...I still use some from Redwirez...
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    Humbucker recommendations? Knowing Fractal can compensate!

    Seymour Duncan all the way..in my case SH-6..I put Duncans in all my guitars and never looked back.
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    Best Guitarist of all times

    could be possible only IF Slash and Keith Richard would be the only two guitarist survivors after Armaggedon..
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    ❤️ Les Videos du Lundi #43 - “When a man loves a woman” (full guitar cover) ❤️🎶

    That would be awesome if you will put all of this on a record:)I will buy it in a blink of an eye
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    Axe-Edit 3.14.6 (public beta for Big Sur)

    The best custom care I ever met! You're always No 1
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    Van Halen Don't Tell Me (What Love Can Do) Guitar Solo Cover

    Andrea,congrats! nice words for the one and only EVH
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    No Stairway.

    just too good to be true
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    Free preset of the week

    very very nice..so much emotion..that is special great job !
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    Tribute to Eddie Van Halen (w/ free patch)

    Hello,do you mind share this patch you dialed for AXE FX II in the AXE FX II section ? Thank you so much!
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    Tribute to Eddie Van Halen (w/ free patch)

    Thank you so much
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    Eighties Clean - preset walktrough

    Thank you so much ! any chance to do this for all of us outhere with AXE FX II ?
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    One Song with [FXIII, Kemper, HX Stomp]

    Whats the use of it ? as long as there are "a lot of buttons" on each its only a matter of taste..I think AxeFx sound much more interesting that showed in those comparison
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    IRs V2-Zebra by Valhallir.at , Peavey (R) 5150(R) cab with Sheffield 1200 speakers

    Just bought V2 Zebra..nice job.Everything I bought from Valhallir.at works like a charm on my projects! Thank you,Andreas and the team!
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    Sad news

    friendship in those days are so hard to find..condolences and sorry for your loss.
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    [fixed] Error - New Axe-Fx Ultra owner

    ULTRA is a very good machine..I have both Axe Fx II and Axe 8 but still use my old trusted friend Ultra in my live concerts..
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    Heart - "Alone" - Guitar Solo cover

    Hi, you said in your post:''Hey everyone, so a couple years ago I did a cover of this using my AX8 and I just recorded over the actual recording" Would you like to share that AX8 preset ? Thank you
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    Plexi 50w 6CA7

    For a moment I though it was UFO with Michael Schenker on guitar..well done,Leon ! Your work is sooo inspiring and I just love your guitar skills!
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    Marshall TV Greenback IR's

    Thank you !
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    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    be safe and get well as soon as its possible..
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    DOKKEN - "Dream Warriors" cover video

    Never had any doubt that your covers doesn t sound spot on and sometimes much better than the original...Kudos to the vocal..he s very very good. (what gauge he use for his vocal chords? :))))))
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    Debut album

    I do enjoy your song..very well done. Succes and have fun.
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    Marshall JTM45 Preset

    Big like,Andrea! You are spot on every patch you create and play!
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    Dumble ODS-100 Preset

    As always top notch ! very well done my friend ! and sooo melodic !
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    Rocco tone! Badlands Jake E Lee spot on!

    everything is awesome...well man this vocal guy should go to a audition...he is fantastic !
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    I Just Play #4 - Music Man LUKE II - Axe-Fx III : Looper 🎸

    Soooo,nice ! Always a pleasure to hear you
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    York Audio Bogna 412 Cab Pack 25% Discount and Free Bogner Preset!

    Well, nice job..what about AXE FX II users ? Any chance to have the preset ?
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    IRs York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: FTWN 212 D120

    I just love this sound..that reverb is ..fantastic..Can you share the preset ,please ?
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    Emotional Melodic Guitar Solo 5

    Simply ,SUPERB !
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    Legacy Presets SinMix Producer Pack [Best Metal Presets for FX II]

    This AXEFX II JCM 800 GrCream preset..is awesome. Where can I find it ? In what pack of yours ?
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    Fractal Italian Jam

    Great guitarists in this video...nice job you did all of you..congrats ! Andrea ,your tone and skills are awesome and I did enjoy a lot listen to you !
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    Marshall PLEXI 100w Jump Preset

    Great preset..! As always,Andrea your presets sound spot on.
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    Nice Rack Canada | Gig Lab

    Awesome !
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    Gary Moore - “The Loner”

    So nice,Andrea..as always you deserve kudos to your gifted talent you are...those bends and tone are fantastic
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    Survivor - "Didn't know it was love"

    Now it.s ok ! Man,you guys did an awesome job..few covers make justice to the original but you simply deserve congrats and big kudos...a lot of emotion for a song that touches my heart every time I hear it. Great mix,great vocals,great sound everything is top notch! Jimi Jamison was one of my...
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    Axe-Fx III Unboxing & some Tones!

    Congrats,enjoy !
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    Survivor - "Didn't know it was love"

    Can’t see the video !! another link to try ?
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    Mark Knopfler tone w/preset

    Thank you !
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    J.S. Bach: Tocatta - d minor

    Im kind of afraid to open your post every time I see you posting something new...'cause after seeing and hearing your superb tehnique and the way you play guitar I realize I will never be able to rich that maestro status of yours.. Congrats ! speechless
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    XYZ - Inside Out

    Thats great..the preset work for me superb..only very few tweeks on some delay and reverb..great job !
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    IRs York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: FTWN 212 D120

    I just bought the BLK great job,very useful cabs inside ..tell me if its possible to have the MRS BLK preset you posted here for AXE FX II
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    XYZ - Inside Out

    Thank you !
  43. V

    ToneQuest - Episode 12 - Aftershock - Van Halen's Balance tone - Preset coming soon!

    Very well done..very impressive..you nail it..hope to translate without more tweaking.. congrats..
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    "Home" ballad

    very nice melody !
  45. V

    JTC - Jam of the Month Dec 2019

    Igor,man I will keep saying : you're not from this Planet.
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    Is there a sonic difference between tube vs. solid state amps?

    You started a war here..:)))
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    Seymour Duncan or Matrix power amp?

    Both are awesome !
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    IRs [Tone Addict] - Complete free 3HV & DIZL cab packs.

    Tone Addict, I Just bought the Cab pack..I am really happy with it...and the presets included they work like a charm in my rig. (Axe Fx II ,GT 1000 power amp, 2 Cabs with 2x12 V30 each and PRS Custom with Seymour Duncan SH-60) Great job ! Congrats !
  49. V

    Full Throttle :)

    Man,you just came from another planet..your technique is flawless
  50. V

    Led Zeppelin and Ares II

    Very good !
  51. V

    Legacy Presets SinMix Producer Pack [Best Metal Presets for FX II]

    Its so good ! feels like real amp. Congrats. One of the best pack for AXE FX II..
  52. V

    Atmospheric Guitars #5 ;-)

    Excellent !
  53. V

    Axe-Fx 3 doing Chet Atkins (Fingerstyle)

    Just GREAT JOB,David !
  54. V

    Bon Jovi - “You give love a bad name”

    Just came back home ...I've tried the patch and for me is spot on..with the stock cabs and with ML's best cab in the world ( I do prefer with this ) Thank you and looking forward to hear more from you.
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    V2-JCM1980 by Valhallir.at - Free IR included!

    Same here,bought the full pack and it's fantastic
  56. V

    Bon Jovi - “You give love a bad name”

    I do have this cabinet ML's best cab in the world..so its ok..just share the preset with whatever cab you want. Thank you
  57. V

    Bon Jovi - “You give love a bad name”

    Man, you did a very nice job ! thank you ! Do you mind sharing this preset ?
  58. V

    Axe-Fx II Beta USB Driver for Mac OS X Catalina

    I am still waiting for the final release..but,man you deserve all the best .As long as I know I never met such an extraordinary fine customer support as you are guys from FRACTAL ( well ,I have to be honest ! there are another guys from G 66.eu who deserve our "bravos' for all the work and...
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    Your favorite traditional 2x12 guitar cab

    Laboga 2X12 V30
  60. V

    Just a 2 minute jam

    great playing nice sound
  61. V

    SinMix Metal Pack in Action! [Melodic Metal]

    video unavailable !!!
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    Software "MIKKO" - Next Gen Cab Sim | Shoot your own IR's [ML Sound Lab]

    Much appreciate your efforts..still there is a need for a tutorial for those of us who have AXE FX II and use AXE FX II as a stand alone device. Thank you !
  63. V

    Power amp suggestion?

    Matrix GT 1000 FX ...simply the best
  64. V

    A couple Pink Floyd presets

    Thank you !
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    The new V2-series from Valhallir.at - FREE IRs included!!!

    This is an awesome work...step by step VALHALLIR.at took place into my preferences IRs .I start use them a lot. Good job ,Valhallir.at ! I recommend their work with all my heart.
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    Fractal-Bot 3.00.00

    With my AXE FX II ,Fractal-Bot 3.00.00 ..needs to select one at a time for back up:bank A ,then select bank B..and so one till the end..doesn`t work like " select all .." Is something wrong Im doing ..? I downloaded from Fractal Audio..and my Mac Pro is Mac Os Mojave vers 10.14.5
  67. V

    Bogner Ecstasy (Lead Tone)

    You are always awesome..this patch I will buy it for sure
  68. V

    8 Presets for the AX8

    Thanks, Leon! Much appreciated!
  69. V

    Vintage Marshall Plexi?

    What an awesome song and so so beautiful sounds
  70. V

    More acoustic stuff (Antoine Dufour)

    Great job ! Congrats
  71. V

    The Power of Pre-EQ

    Thank you
  72. V

    What are your opinions on running a sim cab into a real cab?

    Work like charm with cabs sim on..all my presets have this cab sim ON..and I have only congrats about my tone..AXE ULTRA into Matrix 1000 and 2x12 V 30 two cabs
  73. V

    Ozzy Osbourne - flying high again

    Thank you !
  74. V

    James Hetfield / "Master of Puppets"

    Thank you,RODOLFOPELAIZ for your answer
  75. V

    James Hetfield / "Master of Puppets"

    Same issue here..can you do the presets for live use? It will be much appreciate ! Thank you !
  76. V

    Various Ambient Presets

    Thank you !
  77. V

    Axe-Fx III on Stage - Live from Guitar Show

    Cool song...very nice...Like the drummer's atitude
  78. V

    Free Mesa 2x12 mix IR

    Thank you !
  79. V

    Fractal Audio AMP models: The Presets (Q7.02)

    Yek,please do an update to the presets..it says" 404 the file isn't here anymore "
  80. V

    Bon Jovi - It's My Life - Mesa DR

    I just love hot sauce with jello
  81. V

    AX8 into Powerstage 170 or Tube Amp or Fryette PS2

    SD-170 and 700 work perfect for me..( I own a Matrix too..)
  82. V

    Clean & mid gain tones Cameron Atomica

    Well done..very nice !
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    Dokken - "In My Dreams"

    Andrea,just killer tone and you are one of the three maestros I watch and like all the way..Andrea Maccianti,Mark Day,Leon Todd..!
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