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  1. paulbag

    FM3 Now Shipping

    Picked mine up yesterday! Third unit I've bought... started with the MK II, then the AX8 and now the FM3. I don't see myself selling any one of them 😁👍🏼
  2. paulbag

    SinMix [Custom Presets & IR] Producer Pack Out Now!

    Looking forward to it bro.... loving some of those ir's from your other packs:)
  3. paulbag

    SinMix [Custom Presets & IR] Producer Pack Out Now!

    Equally impressive bro... I personally love both units, you won't hear me shit on either one and i use them both almost daily for different applications. They both work for me, they're just different pieces of exceptional gear and you know your way around a metal tone so it's win-win for me...
  4. paulbag

    SinMix [Custom Presets & IR] Producer Pack Out Now!

    Excellent work as usual Mr. Sin! Really digging the 2C++
  5. paulbag

    SinMix [Custom Presets & IR] Producer Pack Out Now!

    Sin! What's up brother glad to see you over here finally! Owning and loving both Fractal and ***cough*** Kemper I can say this man's work is excellent... I bought every one of his Kemper profiles Time to catch up with your newest offerings!
  6. paulbag

    Usb issue...

    Okay third times a charm apparently. After repeatedly reinstalling the driver I now have a connection???
  7. paulbag

    Usb issue...

    Hey guys.... So last week I disconnected my Axe II from my DAW and connected my AX8 to load up some 0wnhammer impulses. Upon disconnecting the AX8 and reconnecting the Axe II I've been experiencing issues. Firstly Rex discovered I had a corrupt preset when I had no output from the unit, I had...
  8. paulbag

    My AX8 killed my Axe II mk II....

    Yeah we'll tackle that tomorrow.... time to actually play a bit and get some rest ;)
  9. paulbag

    My AX8 killed my Axe II mk II....

    Thank you again... now I just need to figure out why I cant communicate via usb with Axe edit/Fractalbot etc...??? lol
  10. paulbag

    My AX8 killed my Axe II mk II....

    Holy shit Rex that was it! What would cause that? I had been using that preset to track and didn't even think... Thank you so much! Thank you as well electron :)
  11. paulbag

    My AX8 killed my Axe II mk II....

    I have input, no output...
  12. paulbag

    My AX8 killed my Axe II mk II....

    Hey Rex, Nothing from analog out, I tried feeding a CLR. The input meters on the face of the Axe show a signal, but no signal received by my DAW.
  13. paulbag

    My AX8 killed my Axe II mk II....

    Really hoping there's a simple fix I'm overlooking.... I have my Axe II connected to my pc/home studio but I also own an AX8. Last week I disconnected the Axe II and connected the AX8 to load up some Ownhammer ir's. Simple enough. I disconnected the AX8, reconnected the Axe II, and now nothing...
  14. paulbag

    Cameron CCV metal test

  15. paulbag

    AX8 metal preset tutorial

    Thank you Ola...
  16. paulbag

    Best solutions to address the "No headphones output" issue.

    I also had a pair of radio shack y-cables laying around and they only produce a mono signal to headphones...
  17. paulbag

    Cab Pack 24 "ML Dizzy" Released!

    Really looking forward to hearing these!
  18. paulbag

    AX8 quick metal test

    Nice, love the Engl Savage...
  19. paulbag

    your advice on AX8 + headphones without mixer

    Thank you man for sharing, will have to give em a go...
  20. paulbag

    AX8 V3.03 Released!

    Nice...when will we be hearing a Framus Cobra amp? I know there's a shit load going on at the Fractal toy factory but it's been a while for new hi gain goodies...
  21. paulbag

    your advice on AX8 + headphones without mixer

    Is it real bro???
  22. paulbag

    your advice on AX8 + headphones without mixer

    Looking forward to your results as well... the lack of a headphone jack is really my only issue with the AX8...
  23. paulbag

    Carrying case?

    Haven't read through this entire thread (sorry!) But I think I've found the perfect case/anti theft solution in my basement... the bag that came with the xt live I bought 12 years ago... I can't give that thing away. Perfect camouflage
  24. paulbag

    Death "Crystal Mountain" cover

    Nice job!
  25. paulbag

    AX8 - Any Updates?

    Really looking forward to this... Will it come with a carrying case or will that cost extra???
  26. paulbag

    Cab Pack 11 and 12 Released

    Just bought the 5153's...thanks Mikko!
  27. paulbag

    Axe v Kemper (my first real life experience)

    I've been spending very little time tweaking myself lately. I usually set an amp to default settings and scroll some IR's til I get in the ballpark. Then it's a few basic adjustments and all's well. Before you know it the Axe FX will have an "Auto Tweak" function based on your playing habits...
  28. paulbag

    2 years in...

    And my Axe FX MKII still amazes me on a regular basis. Thank you FAS for the gift that keeps giving.
  29. paulbag

    I'm officially a part of the Fractal Family

    Congrats... Have fun
  30. paulbag

    I'm gonna give v18 a shot, updating from v14 - anything I should do?

    Nice Kos... I look forward to hearing what you come up with. I think Cliff should hire you to head up a Metal Division at Fractal. I know you're hi gain showcase convinced me that this is the way to go! \m/
  31. paulbag

    Now we just need Neil

    Wonder if Petrucci had something to do with this...they were just both on "That Metal Show" last week...
  32. paulbag

    I'm producing a Cab Pack for Fractal Audio Systems

    Thank you Clark for continuing to share the fruits of your passion with the Fractal community... and glad to see you're getting paid in the process! You rock man...
  33. paulbag

    Updating from v14 to v16. Anything I should know/do?

    You're slacking Kos! You're overdue for a new hi gain showcase with patches!
  34. paulbag

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 16.04.1 Released

    Thank you for the Diezel! \m/
  35. paulbag

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 16.02 Released

    Loving the intelligent gate! Thanks guys...
  36. paulbag

    Where's Waldo

    That was cool... Haven't heard that one for a long time...
  37. paulbag

    Randy Rhoads 2014 Masterclass (Teaser)

    My RR1's are ready and waiting...
  38. paulbag

    CLR issue that recently popped up...

    Yes thank you... I emailed him last week, just haven't heard back just yet...
  39. paulbag

    CLR Wedge - Non Powered

    Hey Paul... I can meet up with you sometime this week to compare what we're hearing. I have a pair of active wedges and the problem only exists with one of them...
  40. paulbag

    CLR issue that recently popped up...

    Early this week I began hearing a farty type almost static like vibration coming from one of my active wedges' speaker. It only occurs when the CLR is on the floor in wedge position, regardless of the DSP setting. If I put the CLR on its side feet or "back line" position it stops. Again, only...
  41. paulbag

    Deciding to Sell

    Congrats... You'll be glad you gave it a little more time.
  42. paulbag

    EZ Gain, Bank of metal presets

    Thanks for posting... I look forward to checking these out...
  43. paulbag

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 15.02 Released

    The new ur ir's (especially the 5153 mix's) are definitely erection worthy. However, I couldn't stop playing yesterday and actually forgot to rub one out... Thanks FAS!
  44. paulbag

    Most annoying part of being a musician?

    The asshole yelling "Free bird" between every song...
  45. paulbag

    Clark Kent's TEH Dollar Sound IR's

    Thanks once again Mr Kent (Irotlas too)... in Florida til Sunday but can't wait to try em when I get home!
  46. paulbag

    CLR owners help me out.

    Definitely go active wedge Kos, I have a pair and love em'.
  47. paulbag

    Announcing the OwnHammer High Gain Essentials

    These sound amazing Kevin... stuff like this just keeps making guitar playing more and more fun! Thanks again for your hard work...
  48. paulbag

    Announcing the OwnHammer High Gain Essentials

    Bought all 9... can't wait to dig into these tomorrow.
  49. paulbag

    Clark Kent's Gift to Mankind

    ^ fat thumbs and cell phones don't mix... sorry Clark! Meant for this to be in Kev's thread.
  50. paulbag

    Clark Kent's Gift to Mankind

    Awesome news... I know how I'll be spending the morning! Thanks Kevin...
  51. paulbag

    Get the Atomic CLR or keep existing rig?

    I think Kmanick could really help you out with your question. He's done some pretty extensive testing/comparisons with most if not all of the top solutions being used for the Axe... give him a shout
  52. paulbag

    First UR clip and review + SICK new METAL IR pack coming SOOOOON

    Can't wait for these myself... I've been struggling a bit lately with my hi gain tones. I actually bought myself a 5153 combo last week and I can't get that gunshot like open e riffage out of my Axe... maybe these will help. Sorry for your rough times Kev, been there. What doesn't kill you...
  53. paulbag

    Killswitch Engage Rig [By Drop the Sun]

    Thanks man, look forward to trying this out!
  54. paulbag

    What is the ultimate FRFR setup?

    One more... pair of CLR's. These threads never get boring now do they?
  55. paulbag

    One year to the day...

    I got in my car and drove to Plaistow NH and purchased my Axe FXII via in store pickup. I'm lucky, it's about a 75 minute ride for me... It's still like having a shiny brand new toy every day. I've never been able to say that about anything I've ever bought my entire life. Until now. When I...
  56. paulbag

    Opeth patches...

    Just revisited My Arms Your Hearse... damn. Talk about some intensely addictive melodies. It's just as good as Blackwater... No evil geniuses with the Akerfeldt patches!?
  57. paulbag

    Opeth patches...

    I heard he was messing with the Axe but not actually confirmed... Yeah, that album is full of great tone from beginning to end. My favorite Opeth disc...
  58. paulbag

    Opeth patches...

    Hey guys... any Opeth fans nail Blackwater Park type tones? Thanks in advance!
  59. paulbag

    Shred Cat Fight :P ... really really funny :P

    That's awesome bro... nice playing too. My cats don't attack me, but one of em' plops down in front of a CLR and won't budge. She's a metal head like her dad!
  60. paulbag

    Rush - Limelight (Alex Lifeson) Tone

    I will try to find this myself... if anyone does find it could they please share link?! I won't be plugging into Axe til tomorrow... Thanks
  61. paulbag

    Soldano speakers RULE!

    Thanks for posting these... they translate nicely through a CLR...
  62. paulbag

    New Amp that Roars

    Thanks man! Look forward to playing with these...
  63. paulbag

    BROOTALZ Appreciation post

    I was so psyched for the Engl Savage it took a while for me to give this one a spin but it friggin kills. I hate to admit it considering how much I was looking forward to the Engl but I may be liking Teh Brootalz more... Great problem to have!
  64. paulbag

    Engl Pro V30 4x12 V30

    Thanks Cliff for all the hi gain goodies you've been slinging! I live for this shit...:encouragement:
  65. paulbag

    User cab slot issue...

    Hey guys. With all the new UltraRes IR's flying around I've been busy auditioning lots of them and encountered a problem. Last fall I bought a bunch of IR's and quickly filled all 100 slots, some of which now I can't overwrite. Fractal bot tells me the IR was sent successfully but the IR's I'm...
  66. paulbag

    Best of hi gain ultra res IR's...

    Thanks for all the info here so far guys... you know I dig your work Clark! I need to grab your latest releases though... I see you continue to be very generous with your efforts and it's much appreciated! Like most of us tone junkies around here I'm always wondering what I may be missing out on...
  67. paulbag

    Best of hi gain ultra res IR's...

    Hey guys. I've definitely fallen behind on the whole IR explosion as of late. Was wondering if some of you who are on top of what's available could share which IR's are "must have" for a hi gain metal guy? Thanks in advance. Paul
  68. paulbag

    A compilation thread of free ultrares IRs

    Thanks for posting these!
  69. paulbag

    New Amp that Roars

  70. paulbag

    New Amp that Roars

    Thank you Cliff and co... I knew you'd get to this one eventually and it was more than worth the wait! :encouragement: METAL
  71. paulbag

    "ANGEL SEVERE 1 and 2" already on the wiki

    Damn... the torture. My neighbors are going to pay in decibels...
  72. paulbag

    axe fx into amp head to cab?

    You could run the Axe into the effects loop. Some people disable the power modelling on the Axe, some don't. You should experiment to see what works for you. The Axe wiki has lots of info for ya!
  73. paulbag

    So, V14...

    Ha ha... yup. Cliff has spoiled me rotten. Like I'm not already in hi gain heaven!
  74. paulbag

    So, V14...

    This update has been the toughest to wait for personally... I've been hoping for a Savage since I got the Axe last Marathon Monday. Is this the first time the release notes were released this far in advance of the actual firmware? I can't fuggin wait!
  75. paulbag

    Teh Brootalz cometh....

    I'm pretty sure Satan provided Ola the schematics who in turn made a deal with Randall to produce. Who gets the souls of the employees building the amps though? Ola or Satan? I'm sure Ola has already tonematched that amp too...
  76. paulbag

    So, V14...

    Awesome... finally get a little Engl Savage action. Unfortunately I won't be able to update til tomorrow... long day ahead.
  77. paulbag

    Fractal please contact the Howard Stern Show!

    Christies the shit. I loved his work with Death. Check out Live in LA... awesome stuff.
  78. paulbag

    Fractal please contact the Howard Stern Show!

    I got ya, but I laughed hardest when Jackie was still there. The little on air feud he had with Andrew Dice Clay was awesome. I actually felt bad for Clay the second time they went at it.
  79. paulbag

    Fractal please contact the Howard Stern Show!

    Fuck Jackie? He was the force behind that show when it was at its peak. I don't get the hatin' on Jackie.
  80. paulbag

    Axe FX II Waiting List Troubles

    Now why the hell would anyone ever want to sell?!
  81. paulbag

    Clark Kent's Step for Mankind [Petrucci, Mesa, LoFi, Univibe...]

    Thanks yet again bro... look forward to loading these up tomorrow! BTW, loving the gift 5153. It makes many of my patches sound blanketed :cry
  82. paulbag

    Clark Kent's first UltraRes IR: Mesa 4x12

    Thanks for the continuous generosity brutha!
  83. paulbag

    Metallica GRAMMYs Taylor Swift

    I won't bash Metallica. True, I felt deeply betrayed when they hired Bon Jovis producer and released Black... but the first four, especially RTL, MOP and AJFA made the world a better place and inspired some other great metal. I am really just happy to have seen them with Cliff opening for Ozzy...
  84. paulbag

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 12.04 Public Beta

    Hopefully there's an Engl Savage up one of those sleeves!
  85. paulbag

    Headphone advice...

    Thanks so much for the replies guys... this really helps narrow it down!
  86. paulbag

    Headphone advice...

    I know this has been covered but my searches come up empty... What are you guys using for headphones with the Axe? I've got an old pair of mf40's I bought with my xt live about 10 years ago and was thinking about updating. Who offers the most bang for the buck these days? Thanks!
  87. paulbag

    Something is seriously wrong, corrupt, etc. Need big time help with this one

    Yup, I taught myself this very thing yesterday... quite noisy!
  88. paulbag

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 12.04 Public Beta

    As usual, thanks so much FAS!
  89. paulbag

    Your Best Buys in 2013?

    Axe FX2, Atomic CLR's, Ownhammer IR's, Subaru Cross trek.
  90. paulbag

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all of you! Great forum for a great tone sculpting tool!
  91. paulbag

    Axe FX-2 and speakers...HELP

    Equator D5's are a great option...
  92. paulbag

    John Petrucci is giving away an extra Axe-Fx II!

    And once again my reluctance to join Facebook screws me over!
  93. paulbag

    METALLICA Chooses Fractal Audio Axe-Fx IIs for Silent Antarctica Concert

    I hope they really enjoy them, and eventually share some patches!
  94. paulbag

    Axe-Fx II Firmware V12.02 Up

    For whatever reason FW11 didn't seem to work as well for me as FW10. FW12 Is fucking slaying! Thanks to Cliff and all at team Fractal. You guys rule! :encouragement:
  95. paulbag

    IIC+, where's the gain?

    Just like the Axe user who convinced me to try Fractal before dropping good coin on an expensive tube amp said..."if you achieve sick killer tone who gives a flying fuck how you got there?" Just enjoy it!
  96. paulbag

    AxeChange Bulk archive - 2013/11/29

    Thank you bro...must check these out!
  97. paulbag

    Good value-for-money active FRFR solution for home?

    Yes...Equator D5's are great... haven't heard the D8's. Or you could find another $300 and get a CLR!
  98. paulbag


    That's awesome! Those kids got some nuggets. Makes me feel like cranking up the rig and pissing off the neighborhood with some angry ass riffs...
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