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  1. Project Mayhem

    Conspiracy theorists are crazy

    Another rule that wasn’t violated. I have Nothing but respect for them and know the intent is right. However, it’s gotten ridiculous in the last couple of months...and has nothing to do with the rules. Yeah, yeah, I know private board...free speech doesn’t exist I get that. But when we...
  2. Project Mayhem

    Conspiracy theorists are crazy

    Reading your mind is simple??? It’s pretty simple for you seeing as how you are using your personal definitions...and we are left to guess as to what that may be...and get deleted if we guess wrong. So now my responses have to conform to what you perceive is a joke or lightheartedness...
  3. Project Mayhem

    Conspiracy theorists are crazy

    Actually, I don’t. Hence the question...respectfully. How can I possibly know what you personal definition of “lighthearted” is? I know what I believe to be reasonable but even that is doesn’t fly anymore. So the question is legitimate. All I can go by is the posted rules...and yet it seems...
  4. Project Mayhem

    Conspiracy theorists are crazy

    How do we define lighthearted?
  5. Project Mayhem

    Conspiracy theorists are crazy

    Amusing. Expect the Stanford Prison experiment to remove this any moment now.
  6. Project Mayhem

    Guitar Center Ghost Town

    Demand was great over the last year, but It is more than re supply. There are definitely vendors who cut off re supply some time ago. I want to say PRS was one that They were way behind with, and I seem to remember some pedal company announcing they were pulling product from GC. Why would you...
  7. Project Mayhem

    1969 Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory

  8. Project Mayhem

    1969 Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory

    They should make a movie about it with OJ as an astronaut;) And while the shining has some interesting references...theres Nothing that holds up to scrutiny, or the enormous evidence to the contrary.
  9. Project Mayhem

    Guitar Center Ghost Town

    Lewisville? It’s been said that a number of suppliers cut them off months ago. The North Fort worth one is pretty barren as well. I imagine they will have no choice but to shutter a number of underperforming stores. Fortunately, we have two platinum room stores here and I would think those...
  10. Project Mayhem

    Do you know who Jason Becker is?

    As someone who grew up in the eighties, I was exposed to what I would say was the peak of “shredding” Howe, Mcalpine, Moore, Chastain, Impelleteri, etc...Then came Cacophony (Becker/ Friedman) which was eye opening in the sense you had two very high ability players, which was pretty unusual at...
  11. Project Mayhem


    If I’m not mistaken, Cam is on a one year league minimum (or nearly so) deal, they will just release him. He has never shown the ability to throw people open...even at Auburn. You can get away with that in decent college program, but it will catch you out quickly in the NFL...there’s a reason...
  12. Project Mayhem


    I can’t say enough good things about my Strandberg. The neck, IMO, is just a better solution, took me About five minutes to get used to it, way more comfortable and your hand is always in the right position. I play/practice on mine three to four hours daily and I have yet to experience any hand...
  13. Project Mayhem

    NOGD - Music Man EVH

    Sweet. One of my all time favorites. Wish I had kept some of mine.
  14. Project Mayhem

    New Guitars Day - EVH Wolfgang Specials

    Nice! I have a MIJ special that I’m in the process of modding quite a bit (kill switch, graptech loaded floyd) basically want to make a lifeson axcess with a kill switch...yet retain the original sound. The most interesting mod though might be what you done with in wall power ;)
  15. Project Mayhem

    Low-cost tablet input for amateur computer graphics

    Wacom here as well. Been using for years with multiple creative apps (including DAW)...cant imagine any other way now. On the rare occasions I get caught without mine, my workflow slows considerably...and what's more valuable than time?
  16. Project Mayhem

    Prayers for Nashville

    The chosen location and method are interesting. Domestic not foreign if I were to guess. Seems if you park if front of a network hub and intentionally give plenty of notice...then the target is the hub and not people. Seems like a Teddy K disciple...at first glance, but let’s see what develops.
  17. Project Mayhem

    Helix Modeling Question

    While I agree that Validation bias exists...I think it's thrown around too loosely as it pertains to this community. Sure, you see that on occasion here, but I would say its a very small section of the membership here. Kemper catches its fair share as well at roughly the same cost. I think the...
  18. Project Mayhem

    Mark Day - A Gentleman and a Scholar

    Mark was the beacon for me as well. My Fractal Mt Rushmore has always had Mark in the "Washington" spot as he set the tone for all that followed.
  19. Project Mayhem

    Have a wonderful Christmas all

    Indeed! Best wishes to all. Hopefully, the ship comes about in 2021(heavy rolls not withstanding) and we venture on a course that brings us back together.
  20. Project Mayhem

    New Beatles Movie... by Peter Jackson

    I’m familiar with his work...not a fan. Yoko absolutely needs to be in this...if I’m not mistaken there is footage from this session where John starts insisting she have a vote in band matters...and we all know what happened from there. Like her or not, she‘s a critical part of the story.
  21. Project Mayhem

    New Beatles Movie... by Peter Jackson

    I've said this for years. so many of these classic bands/artists have just incredible back stories and characters. Many times I've thought a steely dan story would be fascinating. Deep Purple would as well. Beatles should be like the MCU with origin stories for each, culminating in band...
  22. Project Mayhem

    Anyone who likes to grill - SHARE your tips , tools and techniques !

    On the rare days that it gets too cold to grill here, I switch to sous vide and a cast iron skillet...but my first choice is still direct grill. I really like the texture contrast the high heat sear gives...kind of like the corner brownies vs the middle of the pan if that makes any sense...
  23. Project Mayhem

    Anyone who likes to grill - SHARE your tips , tools and techniques !

    I keep it pretty simple...start with some quality grass fed grass finished cuts roughly the width of two piano keys or slightly larger...its import to keep the thickness consistent so as to not have to adjust temp or time. light coat of EVO followed dry rub mix to taste...cover and let come...
  24. Project Mayhem

    Anyone who likes to grill - SHARE your tips , tools and techniques !

    Yep! Big green egg with the right charcoal (jealous devil) is a ribeye machine. Like the axe, one of the best purchases I’ve made.
  25. Project Mayhem

    Shiver Lead Amp (Axe-Fx III)

    That's just Stupid good. Thanks for sharing.
  26. Project Mayhem

    Guitar quest continues

    My first guitar was 78 Lp standard, nothing special by any stretch. Spent most of my adult life going through variations of Gibson's trying to find "the one' with no success. Heard nothing but good things about Heritage, hope you found your answer.
  27. Project Mayhem


    ...and you can start the clock on this one.
  28. Project Mayhem

    RIP Chuck Yeager!

    Legend. Still driving Eagles long after his aarp card. Many legends from that bunch of test pilots out in the desert, what a gig that was.
  29. Project Mayhem

    Over 100 people dont like this! Man the world is talented!

    Tal is great, this kid is great...anyone getting better is great!
  30. Project Mayhem

    The importance of the body of a guitar

    Crazy that I can't think of any response that wouldn't offend anyone...so ill just give it a like!
  31. Project Mayhem

    The importance of the body of a guitar

    Did he remove directly behind the bridge? This seems to be the most noticeable area for me, and why I never found a Flying V I could live with despite my Michael Schenker obsession (pun intended). Eddie mentioned that he effectively destroyed the destroyer by turning it into the shark, because...
  32. Project Mayhem

    The importance of the body of a guitar

    All things being equal...tires are the single most important piece of equipment relative to performance...your giving pickups too much credit in that analogy😉 I agree with your underlying point...however, I don‘t see how ease of replacement directly correlates to impact (or lack there of) on...
  33. Project Mayhem

    Black Sabbath's "Fairies Wear Boots" Live

    Stellar as always! Well done.
  34. Project Mayhem

    NGD EVH Wolfgang

    The Musicman is not a Wolfgang and differs quite a bit than those that came after it, most noticeably in the neck which was a digital scan of Frankie. These days asymmetric necks are common, but that was the first one I remember on a new guitar. I’ve always preferred the MM EVH because of the...
  35. Project Mayhem

    Guitar is more stable sitting down

    its a bit of a leap from a traditionalist view...but its Genius is quickly evident. Truly a joy to be able to play for hours and hours straight with none of the physical fatigue I would get from any of my other guitars. Its not perfect, but it’s better (playing wise) than any of my others...
  36. Project Mayhem

    Guitar is more stable sitting down

    This is why I love my Strandberg...complete comfort sitting or standing. Can play for hours with no fatigue.
  37. Project Mayhem

    Will the Steelers go undefeated?

    I Don’t have a problem with the Cowboys, the typical cowboys fan, however, is unbearable...and I’m surrounded by them. But when you consider the disproportionate amount of exposure they get as a perennial .500 team over the last 25 years...it’s easy to understand how the football IQ of the fan...
  38. Project Mayhem

    After 10 years, updated TV

    The Kuro’s were amazing back in the day. Still running the last of the Panasonic VT’s in the bedroom. Plasma was the superior black level and they doubled nicely as economically inefficient space heater. Oled at least saves us from the visual horror that is lcd.
  39. Project Mayhem

    Will the Steelers go undefeated?

    I’m inclined to say no. Despite some key injuries I would say they might be the most complete team in the league. The worrying part is they have failed to dominate in the majority of the games...and let’s not forget the giants game went to the wire with Daniel Jones nearly walking it off...
  40. Project Mayhem

    Help !! Dust in the studio ...

    Quality filters as mentioned. Added air purifiers throughout the house back in March...made a noticeable difference. I clean the filters every two weeks and it’s shocking how much shit it pulls out of the air in that time.
  41. Project Mayhem

    Happy Birthday FRACTALS

    “Self similar with a vengeance“... I imagine his access the early IBM hardware to iterate his equations, would be not unlike like Fractal (predictable irony) for many of us. In the sense that you have a tool to create/grow/validate ideas with. That’s a large part of the appeal Fractal has with...
  42. Project Mayhem

    Best Guitarist of all times

    Senna. Yes, there a number of different metrics and variables one could consider...however Senna‘s car control skills were otherworldly and would have come to the fore regardless of era...no one could operate at the edge like he did. Wet races separate those with car control skill from those...
  43. Project Mayhem

    My wife passed away today

    So sorry to hear this. My deepest sympathies.
  44. Project Mayhem

    Let’s see those Les Pauls!

    Thanks for that. Going to give the classics a shot then.
  45. Project Mayhem

    Let’s see those Les Pauls!

    How do you find the fluence pickups in the Strandberg? Considering the same thing for Mine.
  46. Project Mayhem

    Anyone have an electric car?

    Ah the Tr-7...I have guitars that stay in tune longer. What an engineering example those were. Tesla is intriguing, and may restore my faith in US made at some point...until that time, I’ll only buy vehicles from countries that lost WW2 :tearsofjoy:
  47. Project Mayhem

    Future release ideas/suggestions... Edit preset order/setlists wirelessly

    Fracpad most likely will cover the editing aspect. In terms of set list (preset order), I’ve used band helper from an iPad with the yamaha Bluetooth midi adapter and never looked back. All the flexibility I need.
  48. Project Mayhem

    Tribute to Eddie Van Halen (w/ free patch)

    To be honest, when Eddie passed, I expected there to be number of takes from the usual suspects on this forum, as he had such a huge impact on so many of us. Surprisingly, it was almost the opposite. I once played with a guy who refused to cover VH because he felt it was sacrilege to do so...
  49. Project Mayhem

    Dodge Challenger

    Had a buddy in high school that had an original challenger, we all looked forward when it was his turn to drive to lunch or he was too drunk to drive it....I got to drive it twice and it was a blast in a very unrefined way. He eventually sold it and his dad got him a Delorean which, looked cool...
  50. Project Mayhem

    The Royal Scam

    Really dig this. Royal scam is top five desert island disc. Well done.
  51. Project Mayhem

    School me on Strats

    If your goal is classic Single coil tone...you owe it to yourself to check out the PRS Silver sky...instant hall of fame classic single coil sound. Not saying it’s for everyone, but I’ve had and have a number of fenders, and there certainly some good ones to be found...but the prs is extremely...
  52. Project Mayhem

    RIP Sean Connery

    An icon for sure. Any bond debate only applies to those who came after him. The wife frequently quotes the last crusade and rock...and who else could get away with a thick Scottish accent as a Russian typhoon driver? And let’s not forget His celebrity jeopardy appearances on SNL.
  53. Project Mayhem

    Fender The Edge Artist Series Signature Stratocaster (Modified)

    $240 million..... please tell me that's a typo Gilmours 126 guitar collection, including the black Strat went for 21 million.
  54. Project Mayhem


    Congrats Brad. I must admit my Zappa (musical) knowledge is nearly non existent...but from the limited interviews I have seen, he strikes me as one of those unique minds that "gets it", for lack of a better term. Look forward to seeing this.
  55. Project Mayhem

    Cases for moving guitars?

    As you know, your comments are the reason I have one now. I would say it’s the perfect rosewood strat...and yes the neck is sublime. Only caveat is that you need to keep dryer sheets around for varying environmental conditions due to the lack of shielding...but that’s a ten second fix every...
  56. Project Mayhem

    Trying to profit from tragedy.....

    Exactly this!!! My drummer has been dropping the “ I don’t want to pay for cable“ for years now...its Become a standard answer whenever discussing new gear purchases. Never gets old.
  57. Project Mayhem

    Trying to profit from tragedy.....

    Wolfie and Matt Bruck are going to be running it. Matt Bruck has been there from the beginning, so I would expect it be will ran as Eddie wished. Seems they have spent the last couple of years getting nearly all of the iconic guitars out, short of the Rasta, or maybe I missed that one. It...
  58. Project Mayhem

    Ibanez S1070pbz

    I’m sure unix-guy will chime in on this as this is his wheelhouse so to speak. I’d trust his opinion on this subject.
  59. Project Mayhem

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.03

    Good work Chris! Generous use of your time for the community.
  60. Project Mayhem

    My Tribute to Edward Van Halen

    Dude! Your on fire man...stranger and now this...well done, really enjoyed this!!! Patches would be awesome! Just watched again....super tight...dig the choices. Mean street is my favorite VH riff.
  61. Project Mayhem


    For me that 78 Fresno restoration is the best. Really captures just how polished they were even at 22 opening for Sabbath. This is Franky pre Floyd. I watch this thinking about the audience and how that must have been, having never seen anything like that before. Eddie is electric here and...
  62. Project Mayhem

    Looking for 24.75 with Floyd

    Possibly, but if that's the case why lose the tuners? But I understand what your saying...I only use Floyd guitars for songs that need dive bombs, (thanks Eddie!) but everything else I can make work on non Floyds.
  63. Project Mayhem

    Looking for 24.75 with Floyd

    Guthrie has gone this route and he does strike me as one who is aware of everything... must be the nut.
  64. Project Mayhem

    Looking for 24.75 with Floyd

    I've noticed the non fine tuner Floyd showing up more and more recently...I had one on a Kramer as kid, but I thought it had gone extinct. I'm trying to think of what the benefit of losing the tuners would be....Hand position? What am I missing? edit: most likely losing the nut.
  65. Project Mayhem


    How appropriate. Imagine his pride as a life long working musician, for how his boys impacted music.
  66. Project Mayhem


    I think it was the smile and the music...you ever been sad or angry listening to Van Halen? Not a lot of dark songs in the catalog. Speaking for myself, this is the first time I’ve associated sad with Van Halen. Most great players don't project that they are having fun playing, but he ( more...
  67. Project Mayhem


    I made that decision years ago.... I will always have a German Shepard in my life, I regret I didn’t do it sooner. We recently took on another Dog that Someone we know was going to take to the shelter. He’s 15 months, and he’s a handful, so we need to focus on him for now, as well as get...
  68. Project Mayhem


    Exactly what I was going to say.
  69. Project Mayhem

    Yes, another Lari Basilio

    Dig that Ibanez.
  70. Project Mayhem


    So pretty! Shame you didn’t have more time together.
  71. Project Mayhem


    My girl was a German Shepard. It’s why I always thought your avatar was the best.
  72. Project Mayhem


    How true! Thanks Todd...needed that!
  73. Project Mayhem


    Thanks man, I don‘t mean to derail this well intended thread...it’s was just the first thing I saw, and this whole day has been a nightmare. Lets appreciate our puppies and the other positive relationships we have.
  74. Project Mayhem


    Thanks Doc. Its surely appreciated. This was our first dog, and I severely underestimated how strong the bond would be. So sorry to hear about yours. Like Eddie, we should be grateful, they were part of our lives, but man does it hurt in the moment.
  75. Project Mayhem


    Can so relate. Hearing eruption for the first time was a ”where were you moment“ for us players of that generation. I remember getting a ride home in Jr high with my wrestling coach in his POS Nova which he had removed the rear seats and put in nothing but speakers and power amps, he pops...
  76. Project Mayhem


    More than just Inspiring us to pick up the instrument...he literally changed the instrument. His playing speaks for itself, but what always set him apart from the others I looked up to was the constant smile. Van Halen was always fun....turn it up and instant party wherever you were.
  77. Project Mayhem


    Just keeps getting darker. Listen to the king, and go out your way to be nice to someone today
  78. Project Mayhem

    Integrity, part deux

    We could use some positive threads. Thanks for posting this.
  79. Project Mayhem


    Man this is hard. Lost my “puppy“ last night to cancer...still trying to pull myself together, but this made me smile through the tears.
  80. Project Mayhem

    "Stranger In A Strange Land" - Iron Maiden Cover

    Makes me smile...thanks for that!
  81. Project Mayhem

    Collecting guitars for fun. Thoughts?

    Yep, that’s it! Think I paid $700 US for it.
  82. Project Mayhem

    Collecting guitars for fun. Thoughts?

    Nice catch! Completely forgot the model. Google Image search shows most of them with dot inlays and a pick guard. Mine was metallic silver and had the Jacksonish Inlays and no pick guard. Switching was cool... but the buttons were pretty small and easy to hit the wrong one in the heat of...
  83. Project Mayhem

    Collecting guitars for fun. Thoughts?

    That was a cool era for Ibanez. I picked up one in Hong Kong back in the day, that I never saw here. Neck through, very early edge trem, push button pickup selector, in addition to five way switch. Had the new headstock, and inlays that are common now. Seems like their take on the Jackson...
  84. Project Mayhem

    Wish Me Luck

    Be safe It’s a shame we weren’t able discuss the elephant in the room as civil, individual thought, adults.
  85. Project Mayhem

    Sad news

    Sorry to hear this. My condolences.
  86. Project Mayhem

    Tell me about Tennessee

    Not even a contest.
  87. Project Mayhem

    Tell me about Tennessee

    I would agree, that seems to be the consensus amongst the Texans I’ve encountered. Many Texan’s will make a face and then instantly bring up politics when Austin is mentioned. Personally, I see that as pretty short sighted...kind of a cut off your nose to spite your face view. Like anything...
  88. Project Mayhem

    Tell me about Tennessee

    I can only relate my experience. I can only think of one time I got through Houston unscathed, and that was very early in the morning. During business hours or either rush..its been an hour and a half write off every single time. Granted you live there, whereas I only pass through on...
  89. Project Mayhem

    Tell me about Tennessee

    Austin is one of my top five cities in the world. Has a lot going for it: great music scene, great food (Although I would put your current local higher in that regard) great golf, world class racing facility, diverse geography (for Texas), proximity to the other major cities, etc... Always...
  90. Project Mayhem

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.01

    Man does that look refreshing! So envious.....well played!!!
  91. Project Mayhem

    My first PRS

    Not quite twins but related for sure.
  92. Project Mayhem

    Gamers - are you looking forward to PS5/Xbox x?

    Getting both. But really looking forward to my new pc build for my simulator titles, but like most things...waiting on supply. Been waitlisted for intel for 3 months now, and Italy still has export restrictions to certain countries...so my new rig is not exactly imminent.
  93. Project Mayhem

    Vai / Satch content!

    Saw that a couple of days ago...Phil Collen has done one as well. I thought the Vai one was Rudolph Schenker at first.
  94. Project Mayhem

    Fast times at Ridgemont High table read

    Agreed. Lebouf goes off script a number of times...most likely as he is that blazed. Liotta is a tad stiff as Mr hand, but the rest is greatness.
  95. Project Mayhem

    What is up with Fractal, and supply? New Customer

    1. You Do Not Talk about fight club!!! 2. You do not to talk about fight club.
  96. Project Mayhem

    Fast times at Ridgemont High table read

    Just Watched the table read of fast times on YouTube...Hilarious. All star cast...and Dane Cook??? Nonetheless,Morgan Freeman doing the screen narration of the pool scene alone is priceless. Brad Pitt ad Brad, LeBouf doing spiccoli from his garage while sparking a j the whole time...
  97. Project Mayhem

    How Can a Chubby Aging Guitarist Get in Shape?

    Yeah I get the “aren’t you hungry” thing quite a bit as well. and prior to doing this I would have thought the same, but it just doesn’t happen that way. I eat once a day out of habit not hunger, and even then I’m full very quickly, I struggle to finish a three egg omelette. My wife made the...
  98. Project Mayhem

    How Can a Chubby Aging Guitarist Get in Shape?

    Interesting. I was a vegetarian for the last couple of years, but didn’t feel great that often. Then I saw a number of people whose opinions I respect touting the benefits of carnivore, so I did the research and decided to give it a shot. Transformative. All the benefits you described and...
  99. Project Mayhem

    How Can a Chubby Aging Guitarist Get in Shape?

    Carnivore. Many benefits, including, but not exclusively weight loss. Very easy to do. If you have issues with meat....then fasting.
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