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    Wish Looper Record triggered by scene change

    Can we have the possibility to start record by a scene change please. (then when you change scenes the record function is automatically stopped or similar) I imagine it working in such a way that for eg I would want the record function to initiate when Scene 3 is selected, then playback when...
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    Implemented Active Channel Indicator (per block)

    I would like to be able to see what channel of every block is currently "ON" (in the current preset) A bit like with the II, you could see at a glance which blocks in your chain where using X or Y.
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    Audio out ?

    Can anybody help my frustrations? Im playing backing tracks & click tracks via the axe III (over USB) from Itunes... Works perfect when listening via the headphone out jack on the front panel. I cant get the audio to play via any of the other outputs on the rear. I only get my guitar signal...
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    Implemented Switch off mouse scroll

    Maybe I'm missing something, but I find using the iMac magic mouse with Axe Edit a little frustrating. Every time I touch the mouse to move the cursor/pointer I find far too often it also adjusts the parameters (if Im hovering over any adjustable parameters. I would like the ability to switch...
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    Fixed (Solved) Axe-Edit won't connect to iMac

    Anybody else had a similar issue? Maybe Im missing something simple? All works well using the front panel All works well when using Axe edit with windows...... However, when I connect to my IMac with USB (the same cable as used when connecting to my windows laptop) I just get the...
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    Wish Modifier control of individual frequencies in GEQ

    Or any level/volume/gain in any frequency control block (or parameter within a block). Would be nice :)
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    U.S & European version - Different?

    As in, If I buy one in the U.S (Im visiting family for most summers) and then return to Europe for the winters, and want to take the new Axe 3 with me... Other than a travel plug adapter, is there anything else needed? will it damage the unit somehow? I notice from the rear panel picture on the...
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    Wish Looper plug in/program?

    I'd like to see Fractal expand on the Looper block. I find myself wanting to use it more and more, but it is very limited especially on playback time. If the Axe just cant give anymore memory to this block, then why not make some sort of program or platform which is similar to Axe Edit running...
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    Best Studio Monitors thoughts?

    I'm in need of upgrading my studio monitors. I had a pair of KRK VXT8's and the internal amp has just failed... They are under warranty so I'm going to change and upgrade. My budget will be around $2,500. Any thoughts, advice and guidance would be appreciated. Use wise, it's normally just me in...
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    Help for Muse - Mercy Patch

    Hi all, any pointers on where to start with creating a patch for this song would be appreciated.:) After the main riff starts there is maybe some sort of auto arpeggiator thing going on, and maybe some sort of pitch octave down to get the bottom end to thump? Amp wise I think I could manage to...
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    Chorus Block

    I'm on Firmware Q7.02 Using the Chorus block on Japan CE-2, if I have the LFO type set to "Saw Up" I can not get the block to save the voices parameter - I want to have voices on 4, but it always defaults to 2 when I save it. Long shot question in asking, but if it is confirmed as a bug, is...
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    Wish Fade In/Out mute threshold when changing scenes

    I have got used to using one preset to cover two separate inputs / outputs, but using one guitar, as in an acoustic line and a distorted line (within the same grid) Often I get the loud audio "Pop" or "Crackle" when certain blocks are switched off and on. I understand it's not possible to avoid...
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    Wish Ability to disable or eliminate X or Y state when not in use.

    The more I use my Axe FX II XL, the more I fall deep into some of the capabilities this box can achieve - in a fantastic way. I also find myself using modifier's more and more to achieve some weird and wonderful things... That said, I do find myself running out of CPU quite often now. I seem to...
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    Axe II XL Cabs V's Ax8 Cabs

    Apologies if this has been discussed before...? I have an XL, but have been reading some Ax8 threads, and like some of the sounds / tones being posted there. I understand the presets wont auto load (I will no doubt have a look at the Fractool later) But I wanted to know, if the factory cabs are...
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    Midi help needed

    Hello, I am in need of some help setting up a boss ES-8 pedal switcher with the Axe FX. I have an Axe FX XL, and was switching the presets and scenes via a crocodile tail looper via midi..... I set this up myself about 18 months ago and recall it being only slightly confusing (I know...
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    Combining two Cab blocks?

    Can you combine two cab blocks into one? I have Cab Lab 3 full version. When in Cab Lab, I'm trying to load the Cabs but cant see them. They exist on the Axe unit but not in my "Cab" folder. Bit of background on what I'm attempting to do:- - I have an XL, and in one of my patches I'm using a...
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    Wish Basic Use of Looper without MFC

    I would like to use just the basic looper functions, I dont have an MFC, but do have two EV-1 pedals plugged into Ext1 & Ext2. All I would like to use is:- Record. Record Stop. Playback. Playback Stop. Why doesn't the record switch within the looper block have a modifier attached? I realize...
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    Wish On Off switch in between blocks

    Simple On/Off switch for the links in between blocks. For when you don't have the CPU or space left to insert another block just to use the bypass thru or mute function... I was thinking they could be used when switching scenes, but I suppose it could go one step further and they could be used...
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    Want/Need The Fly U2 patch

    Anybody have a patch which nails the Fly U2? Achtung version preferable? I can imagine there is quite a lot going on tone wise with this song? Anyone have anything, and a willingness to share it? Cheers
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    Wish Firmware A/B or A/B/C

    Would really like to have the ability to roll back to a firmware of my choice with switch or button select. Even if it meant purchasing an extra piece of hardware which could plug in somehow (if that's what is needed) Give the user the option to upgrade and select at least 2 firmware options (3...
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    Wish Axe FX 2

    Pretty new to this, but loving the Axe FX all the same. Wish list, a) How about a two page Axe Edit (like an A&B page) I'm constantly having to save some adjustments to file then reopen another similar patch when I'm trying to compare them, I know there is an XY function, but most times I'm...
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