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  1. solo-act

    The Sweet Spot

    As he said use ears not eyes. And as important, use your hands to feel out the sweet on dynamics for your playing, genre and expression.
  2. solo-act

    Impulse responses and Notre Dame

    A little something for Fractal’s cab team. https://arstechnica.com/science/2019/05/acoustic-maps-of-notre-dame-could-help-recreate-the-cathedrals-soundscape/
  3. solo-act

    Midlife Crisis Car

    In the “other” category...
  4. solo-act


    I went direct to FRFR on day one in 2007 and highly recommend dialing through your PA if you have one or through a great FRFR and sub. Do it in isolation and then do it with all instruments going, whether it's your band or an MP3. You have to hear your tone in context. When you do, you may find...
  5. solo-act

    Mixers today

    Metric Halo's latest stuff is OMG good. And you don't buy a new box; you pull out the old digital and pop in the new CAT5 system.
  6. solo-act

    Stratocaster - Try again? Or punt...

    Do what I did with my Collings. Find "the one" in that shop, find "the one" in a couple shops, sleep on it for a night or two, gauge your feelings and get the one that speaks to you. You'll know when you know, you know.
  7. solo-act

    Stratocaster - Try again? Or punt...

    If you're looking for conventional tone, stick with conventional build, wood & pickups otherwise you'll be rabbit-holing with mahogany bodies, body mounted pickups, HSH, specialized single coils etc. Still gigging with an SSH Tyler Landau Classic. Haven't done anything except swap pickups. I...
  8. solo-act

    Who's moving from a Axe-Fx II to FM3?

    That would require a larger pedalboard and case, which I don't have room for.
  9. solo-act

    Who's moving from a Axe-Fx II to FM3?

    I rely on axe-fx2 with a gordius LG2 midi footswitch. If FA made a floor unit that had 10 switches, communicated full library of midi, and was more programmable like Gordius, I’d buy. Looks like FA product line isn’t going that direction though so I’m stuck on current rig for foreseeable...
  10. solo-act

    Announcing the FM3 Amp Modeler/FX Processor!

    Can someone please add dimensions and specs to product release materials? Did I miss them? If not, what are dimensions of F-6 and what’s best guess on weight?. BTW, that I/O panel is PACKED. This unit is definitely poster child for space utilization and density.
  11. solo-act

    Running live backing tracks

    I'd get a dedicated interface like a Metric Halo ULN-8. Costs a few hundred more than Axe-Fx, but incredibly clean and incredibly flexible. You might even find yourself using it to record live gigs. There's a few MH users here and we all swear by them. Not to mention your FOH will love the sound.
  12. solo-act

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.03 Firmware Release

    It never ends... Give people a 1.03 and they take a JP2C+
  13. solo-act

    Quality of everything is getting worse

    My 2011 iPad bought in 2012 finally had its very first OS glitch at Thursday's gig after 7 years of being slept and woken (not powered down) at least 95% of the time. I'm no computer guru, but that seems stable to me. Same goes for Axe-Fx II, except it's never had a glitch outside the damn...
  14. solo-act

    Quality of everything is getting worse

    Profit margin, AKA human greed
  15. solo-act

    Touring preset breakdown

    Julio likes it wet!
  16. solo-act

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.03 Firmware Release

    Glad it was firmware glitch. Had to be something bizarre because lots of comments that things are better not worse.
  17. solo-act

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.03 Firmware Release

    I don't get these "remarkable" massive changes to the amps some are struggling with. Compared to firmware changes during the original axe-fx, the axe-fx ultra and up until a couple years ago with the axe-fx II mark 1, these new changes are VERY easy to manage. Something us ancient axe-fx users...
  18. solo-act

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.03 Firmware Release

    For those noticing less "low end" and more "high end", in my gigging experience, it appears to be a "cleaner" low end. The result is more frequency separation in low-mids and lows, which leads to cleaner overtones, which reduces the effect of the lows "smearing" and "masking" the highs, which...
  19. solo-act

    Does anyone else not gel at all with acoustic guitars?

    Not to mention how insanely quiet you have to be on everything outside the playing. Notice at the end when he sits up and the position of the acoustic shifts, you can hear it slide across his jeans.
  20. solo-act

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.02 Firmware Release

    Did final nostalgic 1.02 update 90 minutes ago. Awesome last curtain call for the platform - all amps more responsive and beautiful than ever. I was on 1.00 beta, and amps have been re-set/dialed since Quantum 7. Tried soft amp reset a few times but as expected it didn't change anything. So...
  21. solo-act

    Dream Theater - "Fatal Tragedy" solo with preset

    Smokin'...I think that was the 4 million notes a minute tempo.
  22. solo-act

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.01 Firmware Release

    A final thanks to Cliff! Loading and tweaking for my 3 gigs this week. So long updates and thanks for all the firmware!
  23. solo-act

    What is your number one guitar at the moment?

    Workhorse is a Tyler Landau Classic SSH. Covers a lot of ground. Neck and middle are https://budzguitars.com/budz-pickups/budz-s-style-pickups/ Bridge is Tom Holmes PAF Not my guitar but looks like this
  24. solo-act

    It's a Strat Jim, but not as we know it....

    Gee...let me guess which neck position he plays the most in that first video. And just like any band, the keyboard player is thinking, "how come these guys get all the solo time?"
  25. solo-act

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.00 Firmware Release

    If it comes down to new firmware or preserving the C45...I'll take the new firmware!
  26. solo-act

    BJ Devices TB-12 Review

    Sorry for confusion. Xavier calls it "KeypadMode". KeyPad mode is part of Gordius on-board commands. The reference for Gordius commands is chapter 10 and starts on page 105 of the manual for Little Giant 2, firmware version 3.0 or higher. Here is how Xavier described KeypadMode: Another type...
  27. solo-act

    BJ Devices TB-12 Review

    Can it have a 10-key function like Gordius LG?
  28. solo-act

    "Peace of Mind" Solo

    Cliff will like that one
  29. solo-act

    Footswitch MIDI notes?

    The Gordius Little Giant sends all of this midi as...imagine this...actual midi!
  30. solo-act

    Who EQ's their rig for live sound?

    As a solo act, I do my own sound. I've been adding some festival gigs the last few years and I submix to the concert systems. Usually I go in flat EQ and they're flat EQ on my channels in their system and all is good. Some systems/techs aren't as experienced and I do a best-guesstimate EQ en...
  31. solo-act

    Suhr vs PRS vs ??

    Bought a couple Suhr -- SSS and SSH. Great guitars. And then tried a Tyler SSH and I was done. Pickups are critical. Even with the Tyler, I ended up swapping out every pickup to get where I needed to go. Acoustically, the Tyler was more alive and responsive to dynamics. You gotta play a few for...
  32. solo-act

    Thoughts on ‘chasing tone’

    Regarding covers, unless an act is known for putting a twist/spin on the artist/tone/approach, it's a good idea to get damn close for a few reasons (in my experience, YMMV, etc.). It makes you better at dialing tones: improves your ear, expands your methods, approach, thinking, prevents...
  33. solo-act

    Axe-Fx II Firmware "Ares" 1.00 Public Beta

    I loaded, ran all presets with backing tracks to check levels and midi automation of the Axe-Fx from the backing tracks. All but AC30 were fine. I did a few tweaks along the way for fun and was good to go. Haven't been counting but I think I'm at around 50-60 unique presets.
  34. solo-act

    Axe-Fx II Firmware "Ares" 1.00 Public Beta

    For those waiting for the "stable" version, there's very little to worry about. I've gigged 5 times since Feb 12 on the beta with no issues despite using around 20 amps and 40 unique presets. Off to another gig tonight. Other than reducing gain a bit on the AC-30 amps, it was a non-event.
  35. solo-act

    Portable Stand or Table

    This is the least cool, least sexy, most dorky, last thing a musician should ever use - LOL. That said, after using this, my On-Stage RS7705 is gathering dust. As small as it is, compared to this it's very heavy and takes up too much space on the load-in dolly. The step stool is extremely...
  36. solo-act

    Best way to dial in Proximity in Cab block?

    I stopped using it due to better FW and now just use bass and depth, especially with recent Ares beta for axe-fx II. If you’re going to use it, I’d recommend dialing with a subwoofer to get full picture of what it’s adding.
  37. solo-act

    For all those lusting for a Klon...they're baaacck

    New business model: make the f-ing Magical Diodes AND the pedals. Trickle the diodes out, diversify them across a series of Holy Grail pedals, targeted to various disposable-income-day-job musician player segments, and pushed out at 1,000+% profit to eBay resellers who can make 500% profit...
  38. solo-act

    Axe-Fx II Firmware "Ares" 1.00 Public Beta

    Hitting gig #2 this week with new Ares. If good things must come to an end, this is a damn good ending!!
  39. solo-act

    RCF Speakers?

    I had ancient RCF powered full range tops. We're talking before Mackie came along. Got em cheap used and they paid the bills for 10 years before I sold them and invested in CLR tops. And the sub to go with the CLR? A new RCF of course!
  40. solo-act

    Axe-Fx II Firmware "Ares" 1.00 Public Beta

    I haven't attached any new controllers and I don't adjust values with keyboard arrow keys, so I didn't experience it.
  41. solo-act

    Axe-Fx II Firmware "Ares" 1.00 Public Beta

    Just finished re-dial in time for tonight's gig. True to Fractal form, everything sounds and feels better. Didn't have to change presets much, which is nice since I use a lot of amps & presets. Overall I was tending to reduce mids just a bit, and occasionally bass. AC30TB gain was bit higher...
  42. solo-act

    Compact rig but what about the smell?

    Another gear hound back in the days of the not-so-compact rig
  43. solo-act

    Compact rig but what about the smell?

    Humans aren't the only gear hounds
  44. solo-act

    Compact rig but what about the smell?

    Dogs love smelling new gear. Agreed on function/size. Just loaded in from last night's gig and looking forward to upgrading firmware. I pack all of this into rig below -- 4-space -- axe-fx II digital mixing board vocal wireless guitar wireless backup and auxiliary cables and guitar stuff --...
  45. solo-act

    Axe-Fx II Firmware "Ares" 1.00 Public Beta

    This is so far “beyond-eleven”...it’s both eleven AND one! That’s like the Zen of firmware!!
  46. solo-act

    Axe-Fx II Firmware "Ares" 1.00 Public Beta

    Holy S**TBALL!! (1.00 singular)
  47. solo-act

    How Many Songs Does your Cover Band Know?

    I try to keep my list at 150 or under, with everything memorized. In my experience and from what I've seen, it's hard to play/sing a piece the way people remember if the list exceeds that. It's very easy to do your own version of a song. Memorizing how the legendary artist did it (phrasing...
  48. solo-act

    What do you use for virtual instruments?

    Slate Drums, Sampletank, Miroslave orchestra are a few that come to mind.
  49. solo-act

    John Sykes Crying In The Rain Guitar Solo Lesson

    Great video - Are you holding the pick differently when playing fast than when playing slow? It looks like it in the video. If there is a difference that would be great to see.
  50. solo-act

    Worst Produced...Most interesting...Bettencourt Content

    Playing = get the funk out Attitude = get ME the F**K out of here!
  51. solo-act

    Interesting Axe-Fx III siting - Santana

    Best ever explanation of ugly-guitar-face at 1:10 "Real musicians are leaving earth...and gravity is pulling their faces back. RRRRaaaargh!" (while grabbing his face)
  52. solo-act

    New to Fractal - What studio monitors are people using for home use?

    I use Metric Halo digital mixing gear and they have a monitoring interface that lets you engage/disengage the sub. I agree it's great to have that! I use a sub to get the 50hz-250hz range dialed in. Otherwise I tend to get great top mix sitting on a loose/muddy/rumbling/inconsistent foundation.
  53. solo-act

    Alex Lifeson Rush 80´s sound on Ax8

    ...at a gig. Live gig vids are my favorite.
  54. solo-act

    Axe-Fx II in Action: Yes - Live at the Apollo

    F-ing cool! Great mix
  55. solo-act

    Alex Lifeson Rush 80´s sound on Ax8

    I hear the space between notes on intro licks that a lot of players miss. Good job. Need a video of you doing this live with a band.
  56. solo-act

    New to Fractal - What studio monitors are people using for home use?

    Adam S2-A They have newer models/versions now. These are clear & fast with silky highs that go on forever and front-of-speaker controls for EQ below 150hz above 6k hz, high gain and input gain. It wasn't hard to dial them to preference and they translate well. You'll need a sub to dial in kick...
  57. solo-act

    Buying from Thomann?

    No problems here. Bought DMXIS dmx controller box. Better price than US and shipping was within a week.
  58. solo-act

    Audio interface, how important to tone?

    The less your signal goes through the better, so keeping digital until final conversion to analog speakers is usually good practice. The converters in your audio interface, and the quality of the clocking in that interface matter a lot. It's definitely a part of why the Axe-Fx sounds so good...
  59. solo-act

    BMI, ASCAP, etc. suing bars?

    Per that doc, a 75 person venue with solo performer, piped house music and a jukebox that is being asked to pay BMI, ASCAP and SESAC similar fees -- quick calc comes out to about $3,000, so what I'm hearing on the street isn't far from reality.
  60. solo-act

    Does anyone JUST use an iPad for editing?

    That's perfect for me! Why make a bunch of custom options for users when you have a tool that lets them make their own? Brilliant.
  61. solo-act

    Does anyone JUST use an iPad for editing?

    Choosing favorite controls is even better than choosing favorite pages of controls! Do you plan to add "custom screen" to the application? If so, here is a suggestion: A best-of-both-worlds option could be to keep pages & application the same as you have it now, and simply give the user the...
  62. solo-act

    Does anyone JUST use an iPad for editing?

    I tried the "group pages" option in settings. It only provides two options for amp block: 1. Show only ONE page of controls, 2. Show ALL pages of controls Is there a way to see pages/controls for Basic, GEQ and Speaker without seeing ALL the pages/controls? Thanks!
  63. solo-act

    Does anyone JUST use an iPad for editing?

    I downloaded the desktop application and you have done a great job building it. Awesome work! For the Amp block, I would like to have "Basic" and "GEQ" and "Speaker" controls all on one page. For me, it's very fast and easy to have all the controls I use the most in one window instead of...
  64. solo-act

    Does anyone JUST use an iPad for editing?

    To clarify, I said replicate the layout, not the look. Are you saying I can replicate those layouts?
  65. solo-act

    Does anyone JUST use an iPad for editing?

    Great! Can I replicate this layout for amp? And replicate a layout like this for editing 2 effects blocks at once?
  66. solo-act

    Does anyone JUST use an iPad for editing?

    There used to be an iPad app with a killer interface that was much faster than axe-edit but the developer abandoned it. Another developer picked it up and I offered to join forces with him to help it become a reality but he wanted to go solo and he went same way as original developer. Would be...
  67. solo-act

    Riddle me this: CCs for scene changes killing Axe-Fx

    Turns out it was a system file that started getting glitchy. Restored from backup and all is good. I'm replacing battery in case that had anything to do with it. Never had that happen before. Back up your presets and system on your unit and computer! - it could save your ass some day, or make...
  68. solo-act

    Riddle me this: CCs for scene changes killing Axe-Fx

    I'm about to troubleshoot this further and wondered if it's happened to anyone one else. As I think through info below, maybe it's just system file is corrupted and I should restore or from backup. Or...the Axe-Fx is going on 6 years old -- maybe it's just the battery? Please read and let me...
  69. solo-act

    BMI, ASCAP, etc. suing bars?

    *last time on soapbox* If that's minimum, it's probably music only 1x a month or less. I'm hearing yearly fees are around $3,000 for live music 1X/week with solo act and any music piped through system (venues are not going silent before/after a live performance). That doesn't include required...
  70. solo-act

    BMI, ASCAP, etc. suing bars?

    First problem is finding a venue that can afford to have it played live - LOL, case in point above. There's arguments on both sides - I just want to see the numbers.
  71. solo-act

    BMI, ASCAP, etc. suing bars?

    Thanks - does it separate out revenue from live music licenses? In a perfect world, there'd be reports for live music license revenue from small venues (less than 75 or 50 seating capacity). These venues often tell me they're being very aggressively pursued, multiple calls per day, every day...
  72. solo-act

    BMI, ASCAP, etc. suing bars?

    I haven’t read the thread - has anyone ever found out total licence fee revenue generated by these companies, percent of revenue that goes to artists, which artists have seen greatest benefit, and what were those $ amounts? If it’s a system designed to benefit artists/composers, then it should...
  73. solo-act

    The Other Cliff - B.J. at Metric Halo

    I concur - Axe is significantly improved in studio and at live gig with MH 3D as master clock. Reverbs & delays are also more clear/clean in context. It's a true game-changer having Axe-Fx Quantum, Metric Halo 3D and modern powered speakers.
  74. solo-act

    The Other Cliff - B.J. at Metric Halo

    And you've done it on at least 5 boxes. You're a proper MH and Axe-Fx gear hound. Look at those hot juicy channels -- plus AxeFx III, plus AX8...awesome!
  75. solo-act

    The Other Cliff - B.J. at Metric Halo

    I concur. Cliff might not see this though; I think he blocked me in 2013. Metric Halo is like the SpaceX of hardware. Why throw out a perfectly good analog system and accompanying ports, enclosure and power? Just re-use it and upgrade the digital system with removable processor and digital...
  76. solo-act

    Your favorite music documentaries

    The scene where the guy from the Monkees said Harry called to party and so he went out with him and eventually woke up three days later in a massage parlor in Mexico? or something like that...awesome. And the day Harry gets married and everyone was giving him coke, even the preacher, and Ringo...
  77. solo-act

    Coming soon...

    Stay tuned for these guys' presets (real deal, not a meme - LOL)
  78. solo-act

    The joy of tube amps

    Marketing slogan: “Peavy - makes you sound like a hundred bucks!”
  79. solo-act

    The Fender Deluxe Reverb is spot on!

    Now THAT'S how to sell an IR. Enjoyed the solid meter, dynamics, melody and production.
  80. solo-act

    Recommend me a clip-on tuner

    Polytune rocks - overall performance is great, plus fast accurate tracking in noisy environments.
  81. solo-act

    Amazingly frustrating run in with a staunch "has to be an amp" guy

    Actually, he did you a bit of a favor by describing the reason behind his skepticism -- it was a sh**ty gig experience with Line 6 compared to gigging with a tube amp. Maybe he was a douchebag, but you did the right thing by extending some compassion to the poor guy. And it's hard to blame...
  82. solo-act

    To All The Pundits

    I wish there were more apples to apples comparisons like this. Actual amp sounds a bit stiffer dynamics-wise, so the Axe probably had a nicer feel as well. Amps have many strengths but several weaknesses. With the Axe matching amp strengths so well now, users can dial their goldilocks amp...
  83. solo-act

    APPLE IOS 12 - really???

    Updating now. Don't need the OP's must-have feature requests. iPhone 7 updated, everything works fine and it feels faster. FYI, I use a pseudo "dark mode" via the "color filter" option to get a red-light mode (easy on eyes adjusted to dark, and doesn't keep you up like full spectrum light)...
  84. solo-act

    Lead with acoustic

    Axe-Fx is good way to mess w people's heads by making electric and acoustic guitars sound like each other.
  85. solo-act

    FYI, Fender Tortuga picks

    Just FYI to check these out. https://reverb.com/item/14410658-fender-tortuga-picks-551-medium-6-pack I've been using an EJ Jazz III for electric and a thin standard size pick for acoustic (CoolPicks beta carbonite). But I switch guitars a lot in my show so I'd like split the difference and...
  86. solo-act

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    In case anyone hasn't mentioned the ULN8s...holy mountain-of-heavenly-preamps Batman!
  87. solo-act

    New Additions to the Family

    With names like Rocket and Drax, they'll need some new portraits for the forum: https://www.jpl.nasa.gov/apps/#nasaselfies
  88. solo-act

    RIP Aretha.

    And another one goes off to the great gig in the sky - wish someone down here could make us feel like she did.
  89. solo-act

    Change of Guitar Pick question/poll

    For a few years I’ve been using Eric Johnson Jazz III for electric and Cool Picks thin .60 for acoustic, so I’m changing up mid-gig, even mid-song on Sublime “what I got” Decided to experiment and try to split the difference with a small medium gauge pick so I grabbed Fender 451 and 551...
  90. solo-act

    Mraz...Vocal talent

    He has a nice light tenor voice, good control and - shocker - no live auto tune. Mraz is a needed a talent who has been lost in the noise, and he’s been short on strong songs. That said, Im guessing he’s probably a lot bigger outside the US.
  91. solo-act

    Midi Thru through USB

    The Gordius Little Giant footswitch has a built in midi interface, and you can select routing: midi out usb out midi and usb out This lets me communicate simultaneously with a computer and Axe-Fx. I use it to simultaneously select Axe-Fx patches and receive Axe-Fx tuner (midi), cue and play DAW...
  92. solo-act

    Implemented Changing presets in Looper mode

    I use 2-3 presets while looping - in short, you need the other presets to have the looper set up the same way in the layout page, and you need to get your looper output consistent across the presets. For preset with a different guitar, you can put it on a different input and set its looper up...
  93. solo-act

    Help me with remorse. MacBook Pro Content

    Something to help you feel better: current macbook pro is better than the last version where micro-dirt could lock up the keys. And they just pushed out an update to fix the thermal throttling. That said, I played with last year's touch bar macbook pro, and not having an escape key is idiotic...
  94. solo-act

    Tweed Deluxe

    I'm not sure which is crafted better, the tone or the beard
  95. solo-act

    Overheat reboots

    Radiant barrier fabric - reflects 90% or more of radiant heat, and the ones made for curtains have a white layer, which reflects light energy. http://www.radiantbarrier.com/radiant-curtains.htm I'm very tempted to have some handy to drape over my rack in brutal direct-sun conditions. We invest...
  96. solo-act

    Tweed Deluxe

    Finally...A Collings electric on the forum! Great stuff.
  97. solo-act

    The Star Spangled Banner on 25 guitars by Cooper Carter

    1,776 guitars would've been better - LOL No matter what, keep doing just one bass...gotta keep them in their rightful place (kidding) fun stuff and lots of work I'm sure - thanks!
  98. solo-act

    Mick Ronson Ziggy-era Marshall sound

    Parked wah
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