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  1. Pwrmac7600

    Build a rock rig in 5 minutes

    Just goes to show, no endless tweaking needed. People get too wrapped up in all the functionality of the Axe FX that they become intimidated, and the first thing I tell them, just because there are a bajillion controls doesn't mean you have to use all of them. Great Work!
  2. Pwrmac7600

    NGD Solar S1.6ET LTD FSBM

    Picked this guy up the other day. What a great guitar. I had already owned a Washburn Solar 16ETC and fell in love with it. Wanted to pick up another to set up and leave in different tuning. These really are such great guitars, surprised more people aren't talking about them. Anyway, just...
  3. Pwrmac7600

    Farfield IRs byValhallir.at - Sound Demo

    Sounds nice. But damn your place settings sound killer! Care to share you're settings? Edit: just realized you scroll through them at the beginning, awesome!!! Thanks for that!
  4. Pwrmac7600

    ML Sound Lab - MEGA OVERSIZE: First ML Cab Pack in .wav format

    @ML SOUND LAB received an email that there was an update to this pack. What does the update consist of?
  5. Pwrmac7600

    For Chad: The Metallica Live Tones

    I agree here somewhat. I personally think Puppets and Justice were their best "Metal" writing. With that said, yes I also think Load and Re-load were great albums, the problem is, they aren't the metallica us older folks know and love. Yes the writing on the songs was great, the production was...
  6. Pwrmac7600

    Best $20....

    Did you ever try them? Half the time they didn't work right. Or at least all the ones I tried. and it was very clunky having all that extra garbage going on on the back of the head stock. I much prefer an evertune set up, then tuning isn't even a thought. Set it, beat the hell out of the guitar...
  7. Pwrmac7600

    Wanting White Lion Patches

    I mean, realistically you could just take a EVH brown sound preset and you should be good to go.
  8. Pwrmac7600

    Satchel tone from Steel Panther

    Just load up a 5153 100 watt model. Bass around noon, mids about 2 to 3 o'clock, treble 1 to 2 o'clock. Gain to taste. I would start with blue channel for rhythms.
  9. Pwrmac7600

    John Petrucci's JP2-C Settings

    Does anyone know, in order to accurately recreate the pull gain on each channel what you would need to raise the input drive to? I thought I saw it mention by @FractalAudio in another thread but I cannot locate it. I know I can use my ears, but I am curious what would accurately recreate what...
  10. Pwrmac7600

    Create an IR that's just a simple filter/EQ curve

    Just giving the OP options.
  11. Pwrmac7600

    Create an IR that's just a simple filter/EQ curve

    If you have a daw you could just hook the Axe up spidf and record the preset with the filter applied to a track in your DAW and then just route the playback back out to the Axe to create a tone match, then save as IR.
  12. Pwrmac7600

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.03

    The JP IIC sounds awesome! Curious @FractalAudio I assume the pres shift is equal to the pull presence knob. (please correct me if I am wrong) You stated the input drive was at a set level which John does talk about when talking about the amp, but I am curious if when you modeled the channel if...
  13. Pwrmac7600

    ML Freeman Cab Pack | Based on a Friedman 4x12 with Greenbacks and V30s

    Just picked this up the other day and today had a chance to sit with it for a while. What a great pack! Really liking the Freedom mix. They sound good no matter what you throw in front of them. I tested your HBE on default setup to see if I got the same results, but I swapped it for the 2018...
  14. Pwrmac7600

    Axe-Fx III - Why use SPDIF?

    If you run both in and out you can then reamp using digital connections. If your have no need for reamping then just the out would be fine. While an rca cable will work, you really want to get a proper spdif cable.
  15. Pwrmac7600

    Axe-Fx III - Why use SPDIF?

    I use my Axe in conjunction with my Digi003 interface. I run spdif from my Axe into the Digi simply to cut out an unnecessary D/A and A/D conversion. hooking it up this way means I do not need to keep my Axe on in order to use my PC, nor do I need to keep my PC on to use my axe. In order to not...
  16. Pwrmac7600

    Other People's Presets

    Don't forget that Leon is drop tuned. Makes a huge difference in how is presets sound.
  17. Pwrmac7600

    Angle Severe

    Anyone have any tips? First time messing with it today, and was getting what I thought were good tones. But curious to hear some tips from people with more experience with this amp. Which do your prefer, 1or 2? I'm a hard Rock/metal guy.
  18. Pwrmac7600

    Profound Les Paul revelation

    I love them, installed them in all my Les pauls, it just opened up the top end that little bit more and have a nice bite when playing with high gain.
  19. Pwrmac7600

    Profound Les Paul revelation

    I have tone pros bridges and locking tailpiece studs on all of my les pauls. There was zero tone difference. I put them on strictly because I wanted everything locked in place, makes it much easier when working on them not having to worry about my action going all out of whack, or my tail peice...
  20. Pwrmac7600

    Looking for a Fortin Meshugga tone

    Try turning up the input trim, it's like adding gain stages and sounds great!
  21. Pwrmac7600

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.00 Beta

    Did you reverse the canuton valve, and move it back behind the flux capacitor?
  22. Pwrmac7600

    Do you like to crap on other's classifieds?

    I totally get the OP. If you look at an ad and think the seller is pricing the item to high, move along. No need to shit all over the ad just to make yourself feel better. Listen if it is a bogus item, or a seller who has a history of screwing people over, that is one thing. But shitting on...
  23. Pwrmac7600

    Fishman Fluence?

    Am I missing something here? They seem to be really making a big splash this year. Should I be checking these out? I currently run Suhr Aldrich pickups in all but 2 of my guitars and I am very satisfied with them, but being in a guitarists nature, I can't help but think I am missing out on...
  24. Pwrmac7600

    ML Sound Lab - MEGA OVERSIZE: First ML Cab Pack in .wav format

    Just picked these up tonight, and chugged through the IR's in this pack, and I am really diggin them. I like the new simplified format, I really dig the ml blend IR's. I'll have more time tomorrow to give them a go in context. But so far digging it. For those wondering if this is a repeat pack...
  25. Pwrmac7600

    Axe-Edit III 1.00.10

    damn it, i typed this response on my phone and it autocorrected. I was trying to make a double clutching joke. FAIL!
  26. Pwrmac7600

    Axe-Edit III 1.00.10

    Double clicking? That sounds like a great New feature! :p:D
  27. Pwrmac7600

    Ty Tabor- "Out of the Silent Planet"

    what pickups were in the clip? Singles? Humbucker? P90?
  28. Pwrmac7600

    Is there a #103 equivalent in the III?

    I get what you're asking, Imo there is a ML cab in the factory that is one of my favorites. Not at my axe so I don't know the number but it is a PR75 57 ir. It sounds spectacular.
  29. Pwrmac7600

    Axe-Edit III 1.00.09

    found a minor bug in the cab block. If you turn smoothing up and then double click it to bring it back to zero, the sound does not change when it goes to zero. you have to physically turn it up an back down to get it to truly go to zero. Hope that makes sense.
  30. Pwrmac7600

    EZ Drummer 2

    Yeah metal machine is pretty much my go to for everything. It just works.
  31. Pwrmac7600

    Wish Pick attack

    Bright cap on an 800 is on the preamp volume I believe.
  32. Pwrmac7600

    Best high gain amps for low master volume settings

    The 5150 and 53 models do well at low master settings, and I was pleasantly surprised by the hbe models at low master settings as well.
  33. Pwrmac7600

    Coming soon...

    Are we still waiting for this?
  34. Pwrmac7600

    Generation Axe Bohemian Rhapsody Tribute

    Just saw this show last night in Atlantic City NJ. cool show, but the guitars were so ridiculously over powering. I realize that a cranked Marshall is supposed to sound glorious, but they were so loud it really sounded like garbage. With one exception, it appeared Vai was running an axefx into a...
  35. Pwrmac7600

    Friedman BE-100 (HBE channel) vs the Axe-Fx 3 HBE Model

    These are the settings it recommends in the plugging in section of the manual PLUGGING IN We recommend starting the amp on the BE channel with the Bass on 10, the Mids at around 6 , the Treble at 5 and the Presence at 5. Set the Gain around 8 and then bring the master up to taste. After...
  36. Pwrmac7600

    Friedman BE-100 (HBE channel) vs the Axe-Fx 3 HBE Model

    Yeah when Isaw those settings in the guide I was like "noway, really" but then I tried out the exact settings you listed in the guide from the manual, and they actually sounded really good. I think the trick is that Friedman says to just crack the master , So I run my HBE with an extremely low...
  37. Pwrmac7600

    Blues Breaker + Treble Booster + '61 Les Paul (SG Std) = Blues Bliss

    looks like it according to the Axe Edit shot he does at the beginning.
  38. Pwrmac7600

    I don't normally try to predict things but.....

    See my thinking was an FX with built in expression pedals on either side and the metal bars would stop you from accidentally bumping the expression pedal, or accidentally switching channels while using the expression.
  39. Pwrmac7600

    EZ Drummer 2

    Use it as well, Highly recommended.
  40. Pwrmac7600

    Axe-Edit III 1.00.05

    You can still select bank from the main cab block view then launch the picker window.
  41. Pwrmac7600

    Axe-Edit III 1.00.05

    found a bug. The bank control in the cab picker window doesn't work. You can open the drop down but when you select another bank of cabs it doesn't go to it. you have to select the bank from the main cab block screen first then launch the picker.
  42. Pwrmac7600

    Buzz Feiten tuning with Axe Fx Tuner

    If you search the web you can find the offsets and then program them into the axefx tuner.
  43. Pwrmac7600

    Washburn Solar, anyone own one?

    Yeah back when I posted this i ended up picking up the washburn Solar. I actually love the guitar, the neck is seriously comfortable to play. Now I am actually looking to pick up one of his Solar guitars pretty soon here.
  44. Pwrmac7600

    Metallica Presets

    You may as well be typing jibberish cause all I read is boobs,boobs, boobs, boobs, Ok sorry for the slight derail, but cmon, look at it!!!!!
  45. Pwrmac7600

    ML Sound Lab IR info...

    It's all about the right mic placement and getting it right at the mic.
  46. Pwrmac7600

    Metallica Presets

    Dude you gotta change that avatar, it's so damn distracting!
  47. Pwrmac7600

    Can somebody please help me purchase?

    Lol I don't think he is trying to get anyone to let him use their card, I think he is asking for fractals assistance in taking his payment via the phone so he can split it between two cards that he has.
  48. Pwrmac7600

    Can somebody please help me purchase?

    You should be able to get your bank to temporarily raise your limit. I work in banking and we do it every day for people. Call your bank and ask to speak to a supervisor, tell them you need to temporarily increase your purchase signature limit for 24hours.
  49. Pwrmac7600

    How to set up noise gates for a high gain patch?

    Thanks for reposting this, I had forgotten about this one. I just saved this block to my III and it's still works like a charm!
  50. Pwrmac7600

    How come there is no User Cabs and IRs section in the Axe-Fx III section?

    This is my thinking as well. Especially for new users just coming aboard. They may not realize that ir's are not product specific, and may never visit the user cabs and IR section of the axe II part of the forum if they own an ax8 or afx III. Should be combined into the user cabs and IR in the...
  51. Pwrmac7600

    New or older Les Paul

    Just saying, people give the impression that you have to baby a Les Paul to avoid the headstock snapping off, which definitely isn't the case. In my little community of guitar players, I have a lot of friends who also play Les Pauls, all of us have at some point or still do gig them regularly...
  52. Pwrmac7600

    New or older Les Paul

    I have been playing Les Pauls for 25 years now, and in all that time I have gigged me Les Pauls, packed them into my car stacked 3 high, taken them from cold chicago winter temps, to middle of summer temps, and I by no means baby my guitars, and I have never had a headstock break on one my me...
  53. Pwrmac7600

    This would make Cab-Lab perfect!

    In the Axe we can just set up a looper and record the guitar part, then just manually audition the IR's without having to play so we can focus on the sound we are hearing. Just a thought.
  54. Pwrmac7600

    Filter slope in IR block

    I personally wish there were separate settings for high and low.
  55. Pwrmac7600

    New or older Les Paul

    The price of new Les Pauls are out of control. Buy used, and save yourself some serious money. I currently have 5 Les Pauls 2000 Les Paul Standard 2003 Les Paul Classic 2006 Les Paul Standard Faded 2014 Les Paul Trad Pro II 2008 Les Paul Special DC In the past I have owned others as well...
  56. Pwrmac7600

    Tuning; tune to attack or sustain/decay?

    Get an evertune, problem solved.;)
  57. Pwrmac7600

    Calling ML Sound Lab

    I did pick up the ml legends pack and I am loving it. Didn't realize the speaker in the impulses for destruction pack was a v30. Now I will have to pick that one up. Hoping you can find the time and desire to do a Marshall cab listed with t75's, I have been holding it for a while for someone to...
  58. Pwrmac7600

    Calling ML Sound Lab

    @ML SOUND LAB Couldn't really find an existing thread to put this in, so I thought I would just shout it out loud, and wait for you to find it. lol I noticed when you do your Marshall cabs you tend to just stick with mostly greenback variants in them. Any plans on doing a V30 and T75 pack in a...
  59. Pwrmac7600

    Converting Ownhammer IR's-Min Phase & Auto Trim???

    well, All Ownhammer IR's will already be in phase with each other, but if you want to ensure they are in phase with other IR manufacturers then you would want to convert them with minimum phase selected.
  60. Pwrmac7600

    Audio Interface

    I use standalone interface, but simply because I have a bla modded interface and I like the way it sounds.
  61. Pwrmac7600

    Guitar Pickups Question

    Gibson did quick connect, and the first thing everyone does is swaps it out for 50's style wiring. lol EMG does quick connect as well.
  62. Pwrmac7600

    Artist Video: Synyster Gates of A7X Makes the Switch to the III

    Not really a best of, but an evolution of...
  63. Pwrmac7600


    The other way to look at it is it's a win win for everyone.
  64. Pwrmac7600

    Artist Video: Synyster Gates of A7X Makes the Switch to the III

    Being that he sells his ir packs, I would guess if he releases them it would be for sale not for share.
  65. Pwrmac7600

    AXE FX III Loose Piece

    I would send your photo to support and see what they tell you.
  66. Pwrmac7600

    Coming soon...

    He's gonna lose the preset and then have to make a preset that is a tribute to the greatest preset in the world.
  67. Pwrmac7600

    [Solved] Axe-Edit III 1.0.1 [taking long to read block definitions?]

    He's on a Mac, no usb driver needed.
  68. Pwrmac7600

    The joy of tube amps

    I think he was just making a general statement of how he was reminded that tube amps are a fickle bitch. I am sure he knows there is something wrong with the amp... He didn't appear to be trying to stereotype all tube amps or offend any marshalls. It's ok, really.
  69. Pwrmac7600

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 1.18 Beta

    EXTREMELY Happy to report all seems back to normal with Pro Tools! AWESOME JOB! Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOO Much!
  70. Pwrmac7600

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 1.18 Beta

    Perfect timing, I was just sitting down to fire up protools to practice. Crossing my fingers that this does the trick!
  71. Pwrmac7600

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 1.17

    I'm having deja vu?
  72. Pwrmac7600

    New songs Axe3

    Sounds great! What amp and cab are you using?
  73. Pwrmac7600

    Advanced Amp Parameters - My Go To Tweaks for High Gain

    I've been playing around with raising the negative feedback on the recto red model, and it brings the low end more to where I like it, I can then use the depth control to dial in my lows.
  74. Pwrmac7600

    Recording my tube amp via loadbox, input question...

    You should @2112 on this one. I believe he uses that setup to record his tube amps.
  75. Pwrmac7600

    You got any thoughts on the Evertune Bridge system?

    It's the original Washburn model before he stepped out on his own with Solar guitars. Nothing special, Solar 16 ETC. This isn;t my actual guitar, but it's the same model I have. It's an extremely comfortable guitar to play, the neck feels awesome, and the guitar sounds great. and Just for...
  76. Pwrmac7600

    You got any thoughts on the Evertune Bridge system?

    I have to say, I bought a washburn solar guitar specifically because I wanted to try out an ET equipped guitar. I really like it alot. It's not only great for live use, it is an awesome recording guitar because your tracks stay dead on in tune with each other without having to tweak your tuning...
  77. Pwrmac7600

    Thrashy riffs with Das Metal! (OH Uber Duo)

    have to tell you I watched both clips, and definitely prefer the palm tree socks. :D
  78. Pwrmac7600

    Wish Pop-Out Movable Windows from Main Window

    Pop out cab manager as well! So your can tweak while auditioning cabs.
  79. Pwrmac7600

    Multi Channel amps, with channel volume and master volume?

    yeah I realize what I wrote can be construed a few different ways. I am referring more to the "real" amps than I am the Axe FX. I always feel that in order to be able to dial in an amp I need to first understand how it's controls interact with each other. So I am more referencing the real amps...
  80. Pwrmac7600

    Yikes .......The wife isn’t going to be happy

    yup, mine put some nice scratches all over the top of my desk, Thankfully it's just a cheap ikea desk.... Actually looking at picking up some stick on rubber feet just for this reason.
  81. Pwrmac7600

    Needed: Older Version of Axe Edit from 2017

    I have one dated jan 9th 2017 Version 3p12p3, for mac.
  82. Pwrmac7600

    Multi Channel amps, with channel volume and master volume?

    So in my effort to better understand some amps in this glorious box that I have never had any real world experience with, I come to what may be a simple question. Let's say you have a multi channel amp, there are many out there. amps like the multi channel recto, the diezel, etc... When the...
  83. Pwrmac7600

    Mesa MKII C+?

    +1 That's always the one I go for!
  84. Pwrmac7600

    Mesa MKII C+?

    AWESOME, that's the clarification I was looking for. Thanks!
  85. Pwrmac7600

    Mesa MKII C+?

    But in the real and isn't volume 1 there rhythm channel volume?
  86. Pwrmac7600

    Mesa MKII C+?

    Have a question with this amp. I noticed in images of the real amp that the controls are as follows. Volume 1, Treble, Bass, Middle, Master 1, Lead Drive, Lead Master, and then at some point later, a Presence control was added. On the model in the Axe it has a Input Drive and overdrive. How does...
  87. Pwrmac7600

    Axe-Edit III not connecting to Axe-Fx III

    In your system profiler is it showing the Axe connected to the port?
  88. Pwrmac7600

    Fixed Does anyone else have issues with putting in values via typing? What about with opening snapshots?

    Same here, numeric value entires seems to be fixed on Mac OS 10.8.
  89. Pwrmac7600

    Line6 POD Anniversary

    I think I literally owned every iteration of the Pod starting with the original. Never used them live, only for recording, and honestly they served me well for many years. Did they have their cons? Obviously. But for the purpose of being able to write, record, and be creative at all hours of the...
  90. Pwrmac7600

    OwnHammer 412 FMAN 6-pack

    My assumption would be the V30M and the M25M. I highly recommend the V30V and M25V though because they have that much more broken in tone to them. Not to mention the V93 is a great alternative tone for the V30 since it is a Mesa V30. I personally bought the whole pack because I liked the...
  91. Pwrmac7600

    Friedman HBE 2018 C45 [MIXTEST]

    To be the dogman!
  92. Pwrmac7600

    Wainting for the Brown truck....

    See you in a week. with the exception of the post you will probably make in an hour or so just to say how awesome it is, before you go back to playing for the rest of the week....:D
  93. Pwrmac7600

    Dialling in the USA IIC++

    Gotta say, I was surprised to see the bass set so high here. Seems like with the bass set so high plus the 80hz set so high on the GEQ that it would be a flubby mess.
  94. Pwrmac7600

    Fixed Axe-Edit III 0.08.21 CPU Usage

    Mac OS 10.8.1 on a 2012 mac mini i7, I am hitting about 20% ish
  95. Pwrmac7600

    Is there a way to try a III out in person? If not, I have an idea

    Where are you located, I'd be happy to let you demo mine. I'm in NJ.
  96. Pwrmac7600

    New G12T-75 IRs

    There is a 2X12 g12 65 in the stock IR's, These are celestion IR's. They start at factory bank 2 F2.0175. An I believe In the same Factory bank 2 There is 4X12 Brit CB located at F2.0565 are G12-65's from ML Soundlab. @ML SOUND LAB can correct me if I am wrong. Scratch that last one, I just...
  97. Pwrmac7600

    New G12T-75 IRs

    I am actually still holding out for Kevin @ownhammer to reshoot those skunk stripe T75's in the Marshall CB cab. I can't justify spending the $100.00 on cab pack 3 when I am really only looking for one speaker from it, and it was shot a while back now and doesn't contain any of the current OH...
  98. Pwrmac7600

    Bug? Cab-Manage lag 08.15

    Updated the the latest version, and Still have the Lag issue as noted above. I have however tracked it down to being another issue between Protools and Axe Edit. When I don't have protools open everything works as it should. But once I open a session in protools and attempt to use Cab or Preset...
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