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  1. Admin M@

    Flickering FC-12 mini-displays on reveal-hold

    It's just refreshing the empty hold function in case it changes. Nothing to worry about.
  2. Admin M@

    FC 6 Per preset programming

    I have made the same mistake. I actually suggested an improvement to this area. Watch for a possible new way to create overrides from the overview page.
  3. Admin M@

    Styx Drummer is fantastic

    Bassist Ricky Phillips is a long time Fractal Audio fan and endorser! He's using an Axe-Fx on that gig!
  4. Admin M@

    Quad Tape Delay - Deep Dive

    My only wish for the Quad Tape would be for Master Feedback to go to 200% to offset the dampening effect of stronger filters.
  5. Admin M@

    [closed] Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.00

    The link is to the same beta. The next release will be the improved version.
  6. Admin M@

    [closed] Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.00

    Manual Controllers allow you to use a modifier to control various parameters without needing an expression pedal, MIDI source, or other controller. You assign the Manual knob as desired parameter(s) and then operate with from the Controllers menu, or from the new Perform pages! This brings the...
  7. Admin M@

    New Wave Presets?

    If you want it to sound faithful, this is a real challenge. Depending on what your keyboard player and other bandmates are doing, you'll need to sit your guitar pretty carefully. I'm not honestly sure anyone else's presets will translate to your band. Lack of attention to this detail is why so...
  8. Admin M@

    Dweezil Zappa violin sound

    There's no sustainor in that guitar. (I should know... the video was filmed in my office, as you can tell by the NJ map and "HEAVY METAL" calendar :-)
  9. Admin M@

    Ken Andrews / Failure; shout-out to FAS

    Ken's layered tone is just fantastic. I had to ask for a sneak peak inside the preset!
  10. Admin M@

    Dweezil Zappa violin sound

    A challenge is that the part switches between violin and guitar during one song (e.g. Willie).
  11. Admin M@

    Dweezil Zappa violin sound

    One thing I'll say about this is that Dweezil worked really hard to perfect that style of vibrato and glissando, which is a big part of the effect.
  12. Admin M@

    Read The Manual

    I think it's a pretty straightforward product. When I got mine, I never read the manual. I remember the only things I needed help with were BYPASS MODE and the fact that the default CC numbers in the I/O menu were not included in the book; that omission was remedied in about 2011. Also, the...
  13. Admin M@

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.09 Public Beta

    But this kills all of the native onboard functions of those keys which many of us rely on. I will inquire about an alternative such as Command+Option+Shift+ [number key 1–9 or 0]
  14. Admin M@

    [fixed] Axe Change wrong www on fractal site

    This is fixed. Give it a few minutes to update.
  15. Admin M@

    *FREE* Far-Field Session #2 Cab Pack for Axe-Fx Users

    Here, late nights at work actually leave behind happy memories. It was very a satisfying session.
  16. Admin M@

    Using a Mic Preamp with the Axe...sounds real good

    Try it with a very simple preset containing just input 1, tone match, and output 1 blocks. If you need extra level on the local, just use a PEQ block and adjust the level. Do all your meters look OK?
  17. Admin M@

    FRFR Project Ideas

    I have a pair of Beyma 12AX30NDs with crossovers I would like to sell. Let me know if you're interested. Perfect for a high end DIY FRFR. http://www.usspeaker.com/beyma 12XA30nd-1.htm
  18. Admin M@

    FM3 hot questions (and, hopefully, answers)

    LOL. Marketing-ese. How about "Best" and "More Best"?
  19. Admin M@

    FM3 hot questions (and, hopefully, answers)

    In many ways, yes, it benefits from advances made on the Axe-Fx III -- amp modeling, channels, new effects, etc. Its presets will need to be less ambitious overall in terms of CPU, but there are many trade-ups at the same time!
  20. Admin M@

    FM3 hot questions (and, hopefully, answers)

    We were discussing this detail yesterday. It's clearly a must, but with both plusses and minuses: there's a small risk of accidents with either 1+2 or 2+3, while 1+3 is slightly awkward if you are standing. My suggestion was that each of these options should be available, together with DISABLE...
  21. Admin M@

    Wish Keeley style comp

    I use "Analog Compressor" for Keeley sounds. It works great! Because I play vintage output guitars, I like to boost the level going in by adjusting the output of the input block before it. You can try "Auto Att/Rel", or use the published "classic" Keeley recipes*. Personally, however, I prefer a...
  22. Admin M@

    New Mac Pro coming in the fall

    My 2012 Mac Pro is juuuust getting to be a bit tired. I'd better start saving, and selling guitars.
  23. Admin M@

    Is that an..... ULTRA? (Adrian Belew)

    Only this one that was on FB seems to survive: The picture that I was looking for is him serving me a glass of beer. It must have been 64 oz. The mug was as large as my head. I didn't know what to do with it. Also, one of us at his Rhino-mobile, an old chevy truck.
  24. Admin M@

    Is that an..... ULTRA? (Adrian Belew)

    Adrian and I programmed that Axe-Fx over the course of several very fun and intense days at his house in 2010*, with some revisitation at the Three of a Perfect Pair camp in 2012. He told me recently that it is "the most significant processor" he's ever owned over his entire career, and thanked...
  25. Admin M@

    I need SMALL and LIGHT PA speakers & monitors for my jazz band

    I think I would consider the Bose or copycats. Have you considered the Matrix Neolight system? It's the best bang for the Kg, I think.
  26. Admin M@

    Possible FC12 Beta Team Opening

    I am possibly looking to add one person to the FC12 Beta Team. To fill this spot, you must own not one but TWO or more FC12s. If you think you might be interested, please send me a private message.
  27. Admin M@


    I'd be curious to have you compare the front Instrument input to the rear one.
  28. Admin M@

    Acoustic room treatment?

    For points of first reflection, I think you're right with the broader frequency solution. I don't think you'll absorb too much low energy there, so you may need bass traps in the corners later.
  29. Admin M@

    Any MFC experts?

    By first copying 16 to 18, you made those identical. You'll now need to edit the MIDI Program Change message for MFC preset 18 as described in section 12.1.2 of the MFC-101 manual. You'll need to know which MIDI channel the Axe-Fx III is on. Presumably "1"...
  30. Admin M@

    Implemented Use Output 2 to play Windows audio

    I haven't found any way to do this on Windows except to use an app which allows you to select outputs. For many, this rules out Pandora, Spotify, etc., which I know seem to insist on playing to Out 1. The instructions I wrote for Mac are indeed included in the manual, but I have in fact...
  31. Admin M@

    Nice words from Devin Townsend about the Axe-Fx III

    Yes. I'll ask him to chime in about that here... Stand by.
  32. Admin M@

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    Another very big blanket thank you for the above and for all of the gratitude and appreciation for the FC controllers.
  33. Admin M@

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    Thanks @Moke. It means a lot coming from you!
  34. Admin M@

    Axe-Fx III tone is amazing

    I've been saying this for years. The Axe-Fx makes me play better (and more often).
  35. Admin M@

    Axe-Fx III versus FM3?

    I'm with the Cap'n. A two amp rig is a lot of fun. My main preset is an 800 and an AC-20 at the same time.
  36. Admin M@

    Seeking Inexpensive - Good Sounding Bass for Tracking

    I went looking for a Spector for you, which is what I'd get. I found some others too. https://reverb.com/item/20603800-spector-4-string-bass-most-probably-ns-2000b https://reverb.com/item/22866326-blue-spector-4-string-bass-with-emg-ssds-and-gig-bag...
  37. Admin M@

    Vai Academy 5.0

    Definitely bring a guitar if you can!!! I'll have an Axe-Fx III with whatever the latest firmware then might be, so you can also bring presets on a memory stick.
  38. Admin M@

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    That board looks sweet! I see they also make one that would be appropriate for use with an FC-6.
  39. Admin M@

    What are your guitar "must have" features?

    I tried to resist the urge to write this. I don't believe there is any "must have" feature. I think you are hurting yourself by imagining this category. Choose a guitar because it suits you, plain and simple. That might mean a totally different instrument from one person to the next, one gig to...
  40. Admin M@

    So... what is everyone using their Stand In Switches for?

    I have one Stand In Switch. It shows the Master Layout menu.
  41. Admin M@

    Unbearable noise... send help

    Keep looking. Turn off lights in the rest of the house (especially any dimmers). Unplug gadgets and power supplies. In one support case, we went as far as turning off every other breaker in the house (unfortunately this didn't solve the problem, which turned out to simply be really noisy power...
  42. Admin M@

    Contact Support Form not Working

    Looking in to this, I found what may have been an issue and made some changes which should prevent future problems,. You can also just send an email to support@fractalaudio.com to reach us directly.
  43. Admin M@

    When did the guitar became a pariah instrument?

    As I've always said, there are folks who like to dress up in 17th century costumes and fire cannons. Let 'em.
  44. Admin M@

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    Yes we are, we clobbered August and hope to keep going at a good pace.
  45. Admin M@

    X Y Help

    Hi Neil, Welcome. Are you sure that you are switching the right block? One common example of a misunderstanding would be something like confusing Delay 1 for Delay 2.
  46. Admin M@

    Anyone run into this when ordering an Axe-Fx III ?

    We definitely have a provision for this in our process. Happy you were able to get it sorted out.
  47. Admin M@

    Fractal device for vocals

    Just add an FMR RNP to any Fractal Product!
  48. Admin M@

    Your thoughts on the new SVT model

    Porta BEAST!!!
  49. Admin M@

    Matte Jazz III picks

    Have you tried the Ultex version?
  50. Admin M@

    Pete Thorn's video about the length of an IR?

    Length is not the only question. No one else does anything like Ultra-Res, which in my opinion is one of Cliff's greatest inventions.
  51. Admin M@

    Who listens to music with their Axe-Fx?

    All the time. It sounds as good as my $2500 firewire audio interface (German).
  52. Admin M@

    Dweezil Breaks the Axe-Fx

    Dweezil will be at my home studio next week to set up his Axe-Fx III for the next tour. Maybe we'll do some live video with direct audio if it can be arranged. We're also potentially going to a studio to create a cab pack together!
  53. Admin M@

    Anyone run into this when ordering an Axe-Fx III ?

    Hi @Doug Notter. I want to address your specific concern about photos "forever". We do not do this. We delete them permanently once we're finished with them -- from both the folder and the trash. I know it's hard to imagine trustworthiness in this, the age of betrayals, but I would leave my...
  54. Admin M@

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    That's the date for both FC-6 and FC-12. Because more people choose the FC-12, we were sending extra FC-6 invitations for awhile, but for now, things are on an even keel. Also, with delays in the parts needed to build the FCs, plus continued rapid growth of the list while we've worked it down, I...
  55. Admin M@

    When to shut off and how long to keep on

    I ask myself the same question about my brain.
  56. Admin M@

    Electric Mistress Emulation - Axe-Fx III

    Yes, but to create really accurate virtual LFOs, don't use the LFO controllers. Instead, use the Sequencer with some damping. For example:
  57. Admin M@

    Vai Academy 5.0

    You must not have visited in the past 10 years. They're almost all gone.
  58. Admin M@

    Too Much Gear?

    In my case, playing time has caused my tweaking to suffer.
  59. Admin M@

    FS Warmoth Stratocaster

    Sent you a PM.
  60. Admin M@

    Layout Inc/Dec ?

    Yes, any inc/dec function will come with Wrap/No Wrap and Upper/Lower limits.
  61. Admin M@

    Layout Inc/Dec ?

    Yeah, this wasn't needed until Stand-In switches came about. Now it makes total sense and will be a great combination with them.
  62. Admin M@

    Vai Academy 5.0

    Hey that's great! I can't wait to see you all there!
  63. Admin M@

    FM3 power

    Yes, the power input is universal. Please remember that you won't have a warranty if you import it yourself instead of waiting for G6 to provide you with a unit.
  64. Admin M@

    Quick Question Regarding Hi & Low Cut Throughout The Chain

    If the slope of an EQ is gentle enough, multiple successive cuts will have a cumulative effect and their order won't matter assuming you consider the advice of @yyz67 about distortion. I'd also include dynamic effects like compressors in that list.
  65. Admin M@

    Axe-Fx III Manual Updated to 5.x

    The associated FC Manual update should be done in the next day or so.
  66. Admin M@

    Ozzy's "See You On the Other Side" Solo

    Love it! Can't wait to see the performance if you record it.
  67. Admin M@

    How do you storage your guitars?

    Check out String Swing's slat wall rail hanging systems. I've got 12 feet of this stuff in my office. https://www.stringswing.com/category/products/slatwall-rail-systems
  68. Admin M@

    Instrument input

    You can definitely use Input 1, but why not use Input 2 so you can process guitar audio at the same time?
  69. Admin M@

    Rush Tribute Rig Coming Together Nicely!

    Super! can't wait to hear the results. PS: Get a Virus TI2 for amazing Rush keyboard sounds! Send me a PM and I'll give you my preset bank. Geddy used an early version.
  70. Admin M@

    Difficulty Re-Amping in Ableton Live

    I would NOT assume this to be the case. The Axe-Fx III has an extremely high-quality signal path, not to mention an input that is specifically designed and optimized for electric guitars. The input on your 3rd party product is probably nothing special. "Cliff's original statement to me is...
  71. Admin M@

    Axe-Fx III Manual Updated to 5.x

    The Axe-Fx III Manual on our web site is now up to date with firmware 5.x.
  72. Admin M@

    Wish Suggestion for Axe-Edit III Layout

    I agree. Axe-Edit has more real estate and it is put to good use. It's possible that there are some old mistakes looming that need to be fixed, but it will never match the hardware 1:1 by design.
  73. Admin M@

    Wish Suggestion for Axe-Edit III Layout

    What's missing?
  74. Admin M@

    Implemented Hi/Lo Cut for each IR slot in the Cab Block

    I do this in Cab Lab sometimes. I'd say it's just cow milk. In fact, it's not even organic grass-fed. It's just milk. Unless I'm crazy, you can do the same thing as individual EQs as with one post EQ. (A - B) + C = (A + C) - B.
  75. Admin M@

    Fractal Workflow - DAW Plugin, Axe-Fx III, and FM3

    One idea I've long been fond of is a DAW plugin which stores a preset (or several). It doesn't generate any sound, but integrates your preset data into the project so it can't get lost. It would also record the firmware version that was in use at the time the project is saved.
  76. Admin M@

    Quick preset with the FM3

    This looks good!
  77. Admin M@

    New Cab Pack! FAR FIELD Session 1

    Interesting idea. You'll probably need to do that yourself though.
  78. Admin M@

    Drivers issue?

    In my experience manning our support email address, I've found that Microsoft operating systems often suffer from strange instabilities like this. Things seem to go wrong suddenly and unpredictably.
  79. Admin M@

    How well does Tone Match work and how hard is it to get isolated tracks?

    I agree with the Tommy Emmanuel suggestion. I also use Jackson Browne Solo Acoustic.
  80. Admin M@

    [solved] Filter block won't un-bypass in Axe-Fx III if Envelope Follower used

    I second the suggestion that Auto-Engage should be set to NONE when using Envelope as a modifier source.
  81. Admin M@

    For Chad: The Metallica Live Tones

    I just want to point out that a DVD is not a live sound; it's a studio sound.
  82. Admin M@

    Axe-Fx III Got Here Today!

    I would say that anyone who enjoys the Axe-Fx III is as worthy as anyone else to own one — rock star or pet rock, it doesn't matter.
  83. Admin M@

    (FAKE) FM9 - The "real" AX8 replacement or the FM3?

    Thank you for the "Fake" forum label. It would be helpful if people could also include "fake" right inside these kinds of fun photoshop images, for reasons I've discussed before.
  84. Admin M@

    Best $20....

    I found that I could tune better and faster with my fingers and ears.
  85. Admin M@

    Announcing the FM3 Amp Modeler/FX Processor!

    I'd say, "It depends" -- it depends on what you need it to do. FM3 certainly will be the hub of many a mini-studio.
  86. Admin M@

    Duty / Shipping to Canada?

    We're set up as a "non resident importer" via a small office we maintain in Canada, so there are no brokerage fees or hidden charges. All amounts shown when you check out in our store are in USD.
  87. Admin M@

    Fractal-Bot has been extremely buggy lately

    Would you consider trying it with the official Apple USB-C to USB adapter? https://www.apple.com/shop/product/MJ1M2AM/A/usb-c-to-usb-adapter
  88. Admin M@

    New Axe-Fx 3 factory presets

    Our beta team members are working on updating the Factory presets for 5.x. I'll check on that now....
  89. Admin M@

    USB B (Axe-Fx III) to USB C (computer) cable works fine

    Same question others have asked: do you need to plug the USB-C end in first, as when using the adapter?
  90. Admin M@

    New Cab Pack! FAR FIELD Session 1

    The reason this is session 1 is that we hope to do some 2x12s and 4x12s when time permits. It could be a while....
  91. Admin M@

    Implemented Hi/Lo Cut for each IR slot in the Cab Block

    It still wouldn't fit. You'd need to remove TWO lines.
  92. Admin M@

    Greatest band of all time?

    Beatles. Rush. Steely Dan.
  93. Admin M@

    Axe-Fx III and Flat Response Speakers?

    Adam S2X and Sub10
  94. Admin M@

    Fractal-Bot has been extremely buggy lately

    Fractal-Bot is consistently smooth and bug-free in all of my experiences. Which product are you using Fractal-Bot with? One thing I've seen is a problematic Axe-Fx II preset interfere with the bot receiving banks. That's not Fractal-Bot though.. its the preset.
  95. Admin M@

    Shout Out to the Sales Folks

    Thanks for the kind words. While we always strive to be excellent, it isn't always possible, and it's nice to know that someone appreciates it when we come though!
  96. Admin M@

    [implemented] Momentary switch as toggle when using FC SWITCHES 1+2

    Hi Larry. Thanks for your thank you. In fact, you are correct: this was been on the FC list since before you requested it, but we are happy that it meets your needs!
  97. Admin M@

    FC Features Notes for Firmware 5.07

    Now I understand you, but I don't know why you wouldn't just use a volume pedal with limited range.
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