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  1. rmp5s

    Just had an amazing idea...

    How cool would it be if the Axe-FX had a built in loadbox? Recording and gigging and all that? Use the built in stuff. Buddy brings over his new Hughes and Kettner Triamp Mark 3? Gotta give it a shot! Plug it into the loadbox jack and use all your favorite effects and cabs in the Axe-Fx...
  2. rmp5s

    Piezos are cool

    Been playing around with my new (to me) Ibanez SA320X and I'm really liking the acoustic-ish tones I can get out of the thing! SUPER versatile!! Rhythm is 2 tracks of the SA320X, piezos and magnetic pickups blended. Lead is an Ibanez S5521Q Prestige.
  3. rmp5s

    You've GOT to get one of these!!

    One thing I've always hated about recording direct (the only thing, really) is that getting feedback is all but impossible. Well, this fixes that! I LOVE this thing!! What do you think!? Anyone else using one of these?
  4. rmp5s

    Basic Footswitch?

    Just want to check... Basic TRS/TS footswitches work with the Axe-FX II, right? I'm just wanting to get a basic 2 button one to use for looping...just Rec/Dub and Start/Stop. Looking for the cheapest way to do it while I continue to tell myself I don't need an MFC101... Thanks!
  5. rmp5s

    Axe-FX II as Full Time Audio Device?

    I'm considering switching over to my Axe-FX II for full time audio device duty. Wondering if anyone else does this. I'd keep the Line 6 UX2 just to phantom power my AT2035 but everything else would be going in and out the Axe-FX...monitors, computer audio, guitar, bass, everything. This...
  6. rmp5s

    Everything kinda just...works...

    I've noticed with the Axe, everything just kinda...works...together...know what I mean? Unlike any other amp, modeler, plugin, etc that I've had, all the sounds that come out of this thing just kind of work together. They fit together very well with minimal tweaking, if any, needed. Don't...
  7. rmp5s

    I hate country.

    ...but this is kinda country-ish for some reason. Maybe a classic-rock kinda vibe? I dunno...it's weird. It was fun though! The number of sounds you can get out of the Axe is INSANE!! This was only 2 presets across only 3 tracks. One is based around a Brit Super, the other based around a...
  8. rmp5s

    Digitech FreqOut + Axe-FX II = Win

    One thing I always found limiting when recording direct is how you can't really get feedback. Well, the Digitech FreqOut solves that! I really like it so far and made this little vid while I was messing with it. What do you think!?
  9. rmp5s

    Scenes sometimes not scene-ing like scenes should scene...

    Ok...so...last night, I got the first tone I've gotten out of the new (to me) Axe II that REALLY made me go, "whoaaaaaaaaa". It was perfect! I was working on a track and it fit SO PERFECTLY. It was parallel amps fed through a stereo cab with mics and all that. Somewhat complicated, but I...
  10. rmp5s

    Quick Cab Question

    Just wondering, what are the letters in parenthesis next to cabs? (RW), (OH), (ML), etc... I've looked all over, but can't find what these mean!!
  11. rmp5s

    Effects loop?

    Just wondering how to set up an effects loop (...even though I know there isn't really an "effects loop" in the traditional sense...) in Axe-Edit. I think I've got the cabling right, I just don't know how to route all the logical bits. I have the pedal's output plugged into input 2 and the...
  12. rmp5s

    [NOT A BUG] Axe II on or off makes mouse and keyboard freeze

    Just got an Axe II (SO STOKED!!) and have noticed that, every time I turn it on or off, my mouse and keyboard inputs stop responding. Searched around for this and didn't see anything that seemed applicable so I thought I'd just ask real quick. Axe firmware: 6.xx Computer: Windows 7 - Not...
  13. rmp5s

    Firmware Update Pros and Cons?

    HI!! I JUST GOT AN AXE II!!! So stoked...wanted one for YEARS and I finally made it happen. Anyway...looks like the current version is 8.02 and it's running 6.something if I remember correctly. Well, I was wondering: What are the pros and cons of upgrading it? Is there any reason NOT to...
  14. rmp5s

    Hoping to join the ranks...

    Hi! I'm going to be picking up an Axe-Fx soon but had a couple quick questions. I figured there'd be no better play to ask than here. The Ultra (or Standard for that matter) can be found much cheaper than the current Axe-FX II. Is the Mk II that much better than the Ultra? What are the...
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