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  1. MSS

    York Audio presents the ORNG 4x12 Cab Pack

    Looking forward to this. I’m a big fan of the Producer Mixes.
  2. MSS

    Forum Maintenance 2019/06/07 - COMPLETED

    So you did that on purpose? /* Hide user extra info */ .message-userExtras {...
  3. MSS

    Back from Afghanistan!

    Welcome back doc.
  4. MSS

    Forum Maintenance 2019/06/07 - COMPLETED

    I do most of my browsing on an ipad. A light tap gets me the hover but is there not a way to make them visible like they were? I’m not going to tap on all the posters.
  5. MSS

    Forum Maintenance 2019/06/07 - COMPLETED

    Did we lose user post count? I find it useful.
  6. MSS

    Axe-Edit III 1.01.08

    Thank you!
  7. MSS

    Bacon Bacon Bacon

    Did you line the sheet pan with foil? Maybe you cooked it too long or too high a temperature. You can also use a sheet pan grill and/or parchment paper. Personal preference.
  8. MSS

    Bacon Bacon Bacon

    I take it you guys don’t cook lol. Use the oven! Comes out perfect every time. Easy clean up.
  9. MSS

    Anyone run into this when ordering an Axe-Fx III ?

    My bank has a cool thing called shopsafe. It allows you to generate a one time unique credit card number and 3 digit code that you can use for online purchases.
  10. MSS

    Too Much Gear?

    When I first got the Axe III I tweaked for weeks. Now, I am so happy with the recto red that I rarely stray far from it. I did recently try out the plex verb and have since adopted it for my clean patches. Thanks LT!
  11. MSS

    (ML Sound Lab) Ultimate 4x12 Shootout: Which cab is your favorite?

    The Zilla is one of my favorites so my vote is for the Zilla.
  12. MSS

    Midlife Crisis Car

  13. MSS

    To Sell or Not to Sell the AX8 for the new FM3?

    IDK for sure but I believe 10.01 will be the last.
  14. MSS

    To Sell or Not to Sell the AX8 for the new FM3?

    Sell it while you can. All the new good stuff will come with the FM3/Axe III updates.
  15. MSS

    The best way to set up home studio?

    What I do as well. Axe to xlr in on my Adams A7x’s. Mac stereo line out to splitter to rca in. Works great.
  16. MSS

    Announcing the FM3 Amp Modeler/FX Processor!

    I knew it!
  17. MSS

    What's your favorite dual amp pairings?

    Recto red and fas 6160. I don’t pan them totally left and right though.
  18. MSS

    The Axe-Fx 3 works only at 48Khz

    EDIT: Maybe not an “obvious troll”.
  19. MSS

    The Axe-Fx 3 works only at 48Khz

    Obvious troll.
  20. MSS


    Mayones Duvell 7 Gothic Schecter Omen bass Bare Knuckle Juggernauts - neck split for clean/bridge for dirty USA Clean, Recto Red/FAS 6160 York Audio bipolar cab pack IR I was watching this show where there was a person stuck in a mirror so I thought I would do a take on that theme. I don’t...
  21. MSS

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.03

    Hmm..my FC seems fine. and the JP IIC+ is AWESOME!
  22. MSS

    5150 Goes Death Metal

    Happy NGD. Sounds great!
  23. MSS

    Mötley Crüe - "Looks that Kill" with preset

    Love that tune! Nice job!
  24. MSS

    Mac Mini for music production. Thoughts?

    I use internal for logic and external for Final Cut and time machine. I have a mediasonic usb 3.1, ssd, raid 1 and it’s super fast!
  25. MSS

    Mac Mini for music production. Thoughts?

    I have a new Mac mini that works great as a daw. I also edit 1080p video in Final Cut no problem. These aren’t huge videos but it works surprisingly well.
  26. MSS

    What is your number one guitar at the moment?

    My Mayones Duvell Gothic 7
  27. MSS

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.02

    outstanding release!
  28. MSS

    Do not trust Windows Defender !!! What Windows Anti-Virus are you using?

    not running AV with local FW is not a good idea. It can be bypassed but it does provide a level of protection. it's all about layering protection. Don't use anything free. Windows defender is not great and Kaspersky has been used by Russian APT to identify and steal data. Stick with McAfee...
  29. MSS

    Nostalgic 80s Metal

    Great band and album!
  30. MSS

    Mayones Duvell 7 BKP Juggernaut test

    A quick test of the Juggernaut in a mix. BKP Juggernaut’s Mayones Duvell 7 Gothic EZ Drummer drums Recto Red York Audio Bipolar Producer mix IR. Let me know overall if it’s not loud enough. I read somewhere to use -16 LUFs for soundcloud.
  31. MSS

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 5 Beta - Mesa Dual Rectifier Tutorial

    Great video. Bass down presence down. I also like the 5 band mark eq settings with a slight “smile”.
  32. MSS

    FREE: ML Sound Lab Dual Recto preset + Mesa SM7B IR

    I pretty much use your zilla 2x12 and a mix of the york audio bipolar prod mix IR’s. This one, with a little tweaking (high low cut), fit nicely into one of my patches made for those. Fun stuff!
  33. MSS

    FREE: ML Sound Lab Dual Recto preset + Mesa SM7B IR

    The IR sounds great BTW.
  34. MSS

    FREE: ML Sound Lab Dual Recto preset + Mesa SM7B IR

    I don't know if this is relevant or not but I have to align the AXE III IR quite a bit (red). The yellow one is your wav file that I brought in to cab lab then exported. The blue one is my reference IR which already lines up nicely with your ML Zilla IR (green). .
  35. MSS

    Good time or terrible time to buy Axe-Fx II?

    I would go with the III. The II is still great but most, if not all, the new innovation will be geared towards the III.
  36. MSS

    Guitar levels are low in my DAW

    I use -12.
  37. MSS

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.00 Beta

    BTW. I will just reaffirm what everyone else is saying. THIS RELEASE TOTALLY ROCKS! So glad I bought the III. My recto patch has never sounded better (and it was pretty awesome prior to).
  38. MSS

    Basic setup for Logic Pro X

    I You are creating a new audio track and not instrument track correct? In Logic I select input 1 and 2 and have my input recording device set to AXE III. The recording project settings are set to 48k 24bit.
  39. MSS

    Basic setup for Logic Pro X

    Try selecting and arming a track. Click the R. Any sound then?
  40. MSS

    Axe-Edit III 1.01.02

    Thanks Mike.
  41. MSS

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 4.01

    Wow! Love this update! Best one yet (think I’ve said that before)!
  42. MSS

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 4.00

    Can't wait to try this! Poor Mike lol.
  43. MSS

    Mayones Regius 7 - should I?

    I have a Reverb feed that I check and the resale value seems to be about 80% of what you paid. It’s a tough market to resell in because of the original high price.
  44. MSS

    Mayones Regius 7 - should I?

    I have a Duvell 7 so I don’t have any experience with the Regius but it is one of their most popular models. The JB Jazz combo is a tried and tested standard so I think you will be ok there. It’s all a matter of preference though right? I think @DropTheSun has a Regius. I put Lundgren M7’s in...
  45. MSS

    Some days...I love YouTube.

    I replaced the passenger mirror assembly on my truck (my wife ripped it off backing out of the garage) after watching a you tube video. Had to take the door apart.
  46. MSS

    Ran Crusher 7 (non metal content)

    Ran Crusher 7 Bare Knuckle Aftermath pups Ez Drummer Metal Machine Drums Hope you like it.
  47. MSS

    Is this normal?

    I like it. I boot my Mac into verbose mode as well.
  48. MSS

    Ambient Cleans For Mark Holcomb's Darksun Riff

    Sounds great! Love that!
  49. MSS

    Fractal Audio DRIVE models: Tone of Kings (based on King of Tone, aka KoT)

    I had one of these about 7 years ago and it was pretty awesome. I waited a year for it. Unfortunately, I sold it to fund my GAS. Totally regret that. I am mostly cured now thanks to FAS lol.
  50. MSS

    Suhr vs PRS vs ??

    The last couple of years I have been getting into Polish guitars. Mayones, Ran and Skervesen. I am lucky enough to own one of each (still paying them off lol) and they are all OUTSTANDING. https://mayones.com/guitars/ http://ranguitars.com/ https://skervesen.eu/
  51. MSS

    All Vai's Guitars (400+)

    Doesn’t he play Flo and Evo mostly?
  52. MSS

    Post One Song

  53. MSS

    Drive Block Status

    Looking forward to this!
  54. MSS

    No sound from Mac by USB

    USB and Apogee duet 2 usb. I use the Axe III usb direct most of the time.
  55. MSS

    No sound from Mac by USB

    No issues here. 2018 mac mini Mojave with Logic.
  56. MSS

    York Audio checkmate/2x10 demo

    sounds great!
  57. MSS

    Wound up going with FC6 over the 12 and am pleasantly surprised

    Love my FC-6. No need for the FC-12 for me.
  58. MSS

    Apple you're losing me.....

    Totally unwatching this thread...
  59. MSS

    Fire Romo - Please NFL

    I used to coach high school football so I appreciate his insight. I don’t pay attention to his predictions but whether you like the guy or not a reasonable person would have to admit that playing in the NFL requires a high football IQ.
  60. MSS

    Fire Romo - Please NFL

    Best commentator since John Madden! Love Romo. I do think he's a better commentator than player.
  61. MSS

    Thoughts on Super Bowl half time show?

    One of the worst IMO. Gaga was good. Aerosmith was the best!
  62. MSS

    Axe Fx II Final Update - Breaking News!

    This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that visits the forum regularly. All products have an EOL. The Ax8 will be next.
  63. MSS

    Apple you're losing me.....

    For me, I didn’t think the UI was intuitive. It reminded me of apps and websites designed with little or no end user testing. It was logical and I got used to it but I always missed the end user experience of IOS. There is nothing wrong with it - it just wasn’t for me.
  64. MSS

    Apple you're losing me.....

    Have fun with that. I switched to the Galaxy a couple of years ago and it was not for me. I didnt like the UI. It was my work phone so I had to keep it for 2 years. A LONG 2 years lol. Back on IOS for me.
  65. MSS

    Crackling Sound When Playing

    I don’t know if this is your issue but I had a similar popping sound that was intermittent. It turned out to be a setup issue where my low A 7th string on my 7 would vibrate on the lower frets when fretted and muted. I adjusted the relief and raised that string a 64th and it solved the...
  66. MSS

    Porcupine Tree cover - firmware 3.0

    Awesome job all! Great stuff!
  67. MSS

    Violin & Cello

    What a great patch! Thank you for this. I had a lot of fun with this today.
  68. MSS

    Adam A7X high and low shelf filter

    Flat for me.
  69. MSS

    I might go back to 9s on my guitars

    9-46 and a 65 is my go to.
  70. MSS

    Drop Axe-Edit before turning off Axe is good practice

    A ridiculous statement.
  71. MSS

    Post Your FC Videos Here

    Well thought out. Cool stuff. Thanks for posting.
  72. MSS

    Saints got robbed

    That no call cost the Saints the Super Bowl.
  73. MSS

    New Axe owner 4th day of the Axe-Fx III - a little remorse in my journey

    I think there is plenty of inventory. My invite said I could buy 2 controllers. I imagine they will get through the wait list pretty quick and then offer them up to the public.
  74. MSS

    Help with Toggle Naming

    FEATURE REQUEST ***. I still would like to see the label display match the main display in toggle scene mode. The “both #’s” option displays both scenes and brackets the currently selected scene in the label display. I am asking for the label to display the current scene when in toggle mode.
  75. MSS

    Coming up for air.

  76. MSS

    Coming up for air.

    Totally agree. One the Fractal’s best products yet. Super easy to set up too.
  77. MSS

    Help with Toggle Naming

    I had the same issue and set the label to “both #’s”. I think it is working as designed but I agree with you. The LED shows the scene name but the label only shows the destination in that config. I would like to see an option for both scene names in the label display.
  78. MSS

    GetGood Drums new IRs / MIXTEST

    great tone and tune! nice chops!
  79. MSS

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    just ordered!
  80. MSS

    York Audio SV-210 Cab Pack is out now!!!

    This is a typo I take it? Looking forward to this IR! “Based on a 1976 Marshall™ "Checkerboard" 4x12 with Celestion™ 25w Greenbacks”
  81. MSS

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 2.05 Public Beta

    Good luck Cliff!
  82. MSS

    cab lab 3 and ilok confusion

    I recently moved cab lab and a bunch of plugins to my new Mac. The iLok process was pretty painless. I used their license manager software.
  83. MSS

    RIP XL+...?

    A great run for a great piece of gear.
  84. MSS

    Mac Mini for Music

    I just got one and use it with Logic. It works great and it has Mojave on it. No issues with it.
  85. MSS

    Newegg customer service rant (false advertising!!)

    I’ve been ordering from newegg for 20 years. I build my own pc’s and I’ve never had one issue. I do stay away from their 3rd party vendors though.
  86. MSS

    Hearing direct signal as well as DAW phasey signal together

    Turn input monitoring off if using Logic.
  87. MSS

    Thinking about selling ASM-12s

    I upgraded my monitors to Adam A7x’s last year and I find that I rarely fire up my CLR anymore. I am not playing out and I just love the raw clarity of the A7’s. What I hear is exactly what I record. Previously, I would create patches on the CLR and then have to tweak them for recording...
  88. MSS

    Melodic Jam with my Kiesel Guitar

    Nice chops! Lithium pups?
  89. MSS

    Happy 2019!

    Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to the Ax9 lol!
  90. MSS

    Electro guitar shred cover

    Nice chops! Much better than the original!
  91. MSS

    FREE CAB PACK: ML Legendary Times (2018)

    I bought the Legends pack and it’s awesome. I still use “the best ir in the world” which was free. I think giving away a small part of the Legends pack is a nice gesture.
  92. MSS

    Trade in program?

    You would make more money by trading used gear in on Reverb.
  93. MSS

    What do you use for virtual instruments?

    EZ drummer. Logic midi piano on occasion.
  94. MSS

    In the Bleak Midwinter

    Cool patch. Talented family! Love the creepy head on top of the speaker lol.
  95. MSS

    FC Controllers Invite List

    5/17/2018 9:59am EST
  96. MSS

    FC-6 + FC-12 Manual

    So pumped for this!
  97. MSS

    An album filled with Fractal (the lost album...)

    Great stuff! Really cool vibes and riffs!
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