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Recent content by zerolight

  1. zerolight

    FM3 Mkll?

    My presets are never large so I have no issues with my FM3. That said, there were some very amp like profiles I had on my Kemper that I miss, like the Lee Jackson Marshall from TopJimi. I had a Kemper to tide me over for a year after selling my Axe2 just before the FM3 was delayed a while. I...
  2. zerolight

    FM3 VS Quad Cortex

    The QC seems to be a Kemper like product with profiles. When I had my Kemper I only found a couple of profiles I really liked, didn't get on with the rest. I imagine the QC will be similar and I wonder if it'll end up being a Commercial Profiles device like the Kemper before it, which can get...
  3. zerolight

    Presets for new firmware

    you use Fractal Bot to send all the banks at once to your FM3. you don't need to do them one at a time.
  4. zerolight

    Help a newb program a Dual Switch

    First you need to go to Setup, IO, Pedal. Then you setup the switches based on their polarity. It sounds like you already have this as you have them controlling FX. Next go to settings, FC/Onboard switches, and page along to stand in switches. Here you basically point the switches to an...
  5. zerolight

    FM3: G66 availability?

    I took a year away from Fractal when the original delays kicked off last year. Went Kemper. Enjoyed it for what it was but ultimately found that most profiles didn’t really do it for me. A lot of users like overly bright and fizzy high gain tones. I enjoyed some Top Jimi profiles, particularly...
  6. zerolight

    Headphones and Atomic CLR MkII Neo

    It's not about volume. It's about frequency and control. There are some low-fish impedance headphones (Mr Speakes / Dan Clarke) for example that you'd think would be easy to drive, but they don't really start to show their stuff without a big amp. The impedance of a speaker varies over the...
  7. zerolight

    [EDITED] AWESOME Van Halen on your FM3!!

    Yeah, that preset is a kitchen sink preset with several amps across two amp blocks, several delays, several reverbs, a bunch of stomps. It's almost every EVH tone. It also has some modifiers applied that the FM3 doesn't like. As you say, it is so much it crashes the FM3. Most of that stuff isn't...
  8. zerolight

    Headphones and Atomic CLR MkII Neo

    HD6xx is really nice but it’s hard to drive. Most interfaces struggle as does the FM3. It prefers a high power dedicated headphone amp. I tried a Schiit Asgard 2 amp which worked well until I turned on the computer and it picked up and amplified amp noise. In the end I sold the HD6xx a couple...
  9. zerolight

    FM3: G66 availability?

    This is why I went for non hp version. The wait list is long, even the US list isn’t clear yet. It’s going to take a good while to get through the EU wait list. I’m sure some will still be waiting by Xmas. I had enough waiting and decided the non hp was a convenient way to skip the queue.
  10. zerolight

    Vendor Introducing the OwnHammer (r)Evolution Impulse Response Series!

    It was, sort of. It was the cab that one of the guitarists used on the Chinese Democracy album. I think he added the Greatly Neutral Response thing afterwards to avoid being sued or something. “This exact cabinet and speaker combination (as well as the other companion speakers used in this...
  11. zerolight

    Output 2 to Reaper DAW?

    You can’t have guitar from the FM3 plus audio from USB both through out2 at the same time, it’s one or the other. You can only do this with out1.
  12. zerolight

    Vendor Introducing the OwnHammer (r)Evolution Impulse Response Series!

    Yes. Price is a bargain too. https://www.ownhammer.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=192_200&products_id=454
  13. zerolight

    FM3 sounding better through headphones than monitors

    I ran my Axe Ultra through Monitors and preferred the sound that way. However the Axe 2, Kemper, and FM3 I prefer through headphones. Historically the DT 880 pro 250ohm have worked best, but I also enjoyed the Axe2 through Grado RS1i headphones too. I suspect it's just a case of ears adapting -...
  14. zerolight

    question for non-hp version owners

    There's more to it than that. The output impedance from a device feeding headphones should be an order of magnitude lower than the headphones impedance. The output from Output 2 is 600ohms, which is an order of magnitude larger than your headphones. That results in a lot of tone suck. Of course...
  15. zerolight

    Headphones and Atomic CLR MkII Neo

    880s are great, the 250ohm sound best, but the Beyers are easier to drive than most 250ohm headphones. I don't have a CLR, have my 880s plugged into a Focusrite 8i6 Gen 3 and get a good volume with the knob up half way.
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