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Recent content by Zelja

  1. Z

    Axe-Fx III Cygnus Presets - Banks A & B Preview

    Probably because different presets were created with different guitars/pickups. If you are using high wind humbuckers & the preset was created with a low wind Strat pickup, then it's not going to be optimised for your guitar. I would actually love a list of what guitar/pickups were created for...
  2. Z

    Why does Fractal let Dealers out side the USA Rip users off so much ?

    And you need to add the international shipping & handling costs...
  3. Z

    Axe-Fx 3 Australian Availability

    Well I have been flat out at work and playing my acoustic more anyway so I have survived. :) Will be freeing up in about a week so it would be nice to get it soon. The delays are maybe not surprising with the whole Coviv thing & certainly not Independent Music's Fault. They have been great with...
  4. Z

    Axe-Fx 3 Australian Availability

    I paid for mine in March, still waiting. Hopefully arrive this month (from Independent Music).
  5. Z

    What is your player level?

    I'm pretty good if I say so myself. Can play bar chords and all!!
  6. Z

    Axe-Fx III Waitlist

    Any of these going to Independent Music in Australia? 🤞🤞
  7. Z

    Axe-Fx III Preset Guide?

    What would be useful alo IMO is knowing what guitar/pickups the presets were made with/setup for. Even if it is fairly basic .e.g. Weak single (coils strat, jazzmaster etc.), strong single coil (P90 etc.), weak humbucker (Filtertron, mini-hum etc), medium Hunbcuker (PAF style), stronger...
  8. Z

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.00 Public Beta

    How about adding the ability to save your own user impedance curves? This way those that have tweaked their existing ones can save them & continue to use them while others can use the new curves.
  9. Z

    Axe-Fx III in Australia

    I hear ya! The prices we have been paying historically compared to our brethren in the US have been scandalous but things have been better since the advent of the internet & ebay. I mean I bought a Turbo rat pedal in 1991 or so for AUD$199 locally when they were probably $40 or less in the US...
  10. Z

    Axe-Fx III in Australia

    Don't forget shipping, insurance, GST (on both the Axe & shipping) & customs duty...Yes, it's still cheaper than buying it local but then your weighing the savings against any potential risk if you do have issues. Most likely you want have any issues with the Axe but...
  11. Z

    Axe-Fx III in Australia

    Service/support could be a problem if you bought from the US. Independent Music have been fantastic in their support to me (not with the Fractal gear (never needed support) but with the Atomic CLRs).
  12. Z

    Humbucker to Single Coil: Blend Knob. Holy crap it's great.

    Think of it this way: - Shorting the coil completely (normal coil tap) effectively bypasses one coil completely. - A resistor across the coil (fixed or variable, the latter being the spin-a-tap) effectively bypasses some of the coil, the lower the resistance, more of the coil is bypassed (it's...
  13. Z

    Humbucker to Single Coil: Blend Knob. Holy crap it's great.

    No. It changes the inductance of the pickup, both coils at the same time. It wouldn't just merely attenuate the overall original signal like a volume pot would. Would work very differently.
  14. Z

    Humbucker to Single Coil: Blend Knob. Holy crap it's great.

    I have done something like this with just a resistor to bypass one coil instead of shorting the coil completely - gives a fuller sound that than a normal coil tap. The spin-a-tap makes that variable which is a very good idea. I reckon you could probably go lower on the pot value too unless you...
  15. Z

    Soccer WC

    Congratulations on the birth of your daughter. You naming her after one of the goal scorers - Antoinette, Kyliana, Paula or perhaps Maria (after Mario Mandzukic)? :)
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