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  • Oh Phil sorry I forgot your PM - sorry. I no longer have the Matrix as I sold it. I had an amazing honeymoon period but it wore off and I sold it on as I don't get to gig that often these days. Basically I run my Axe into studio monitors at home and thats it.
    Hi ZeeW ( Dave )

    I mailed you a while back - re trying to hear your matrix FRFR cab/cabs ; I wonder if we can make this happen as im still on the fence as regards a purchase and would really appreciate the chance to hear them either in a gig situation or a rehearsal style setup .

    Im Liverpool based - frequently over in Manchester - either indoor skiing with my kids or having guitars setup at Steve Robinsons ..

    Best regards

    Phil 07803798563
    Hello friend, I saw that you have received the coupon G66, if you are not interested in buying the Axe II, be so kind to let me have your turn? I know someone who works in G66 and could fix it so I can use your coupon.

    Please would you do me a favor.

    Thank you very much.
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