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Recent content by zambiland

  1. Z

    Wish Less latency in the pitch shifter

    Thanks for the tip! I'll give it a shot.
  2. Z

    Wish Less latency in the pitch shifter

    My previous multi-effect was a Lexicon MPX G2 and one thing it did pretty well was pitch shifting with useable latency. I'm a bass player and I want to have an credible octave down and the FX8 just doesn't do it. Especially when coupled with an envelope filter (basic Bootsy tones). The FX8 is...
  3. Z

    Wish Tuner for bass

    The tuner works well for my bass. What are you missing?
  4. Z

    FX8-Edit conflicts (hangs) with Metric Halo hardware/software

    Somewhat. I don't think it has standard MIDI, but the new iteration will (I will find out eventually as I am a beta tester for their hardware/software). Is there a way to isolate a MIDI conflict? I am using V-Control to connect with the MH mixer with an iPad via the HUI protocol.
  5. Z

    FX8-Edit conflicts (hangs) with Metric Halo hardware/software

    I use a Metric Halo rig for my band's in ear monitors. It's all controlled by my MacBook Pro, running 10.12.6. the MH rig connects via firewire. When I have the MH rig going and then try to fire up FX-Edit to tweak my FX8, FX-8 edit hangs on startup. When I try it without the MH hardware...
  6. Z

    X-Y and modifiers

    I have a filter block that I'm using as an envelope filter. I'd like to be able to set it up so that X sweeps up and Y sweeps down, but when I modify the controller to achieve that in the Y settings, it affects the X settings, too. It seems like the modifier can't be set independently in X and...
  7. Z

    FX8 for 8-string bass?

    I'm a bass player and just getting used to the FX8, but having come from a Lexicon MPX G2 as well as a ridiculous number of pedals and rack stuff back in the day, I'm loving it. No issues with bass as far as messing with the tone goes. I haven't experimented with all the choruses and delays, but...
  8. Z

    Guthrie Govan - using an FX8 with Aristocrats

    Hah! I was playing in the other room at this venue and didn't have a chance to really go watch them. Had I known he was sporting the FX8, I would have checked it out up close and asked him about it. Oh well, maybe next time. Those guys played some crazy stuff. I've been looking for something to...
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