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Recent content by xprophet

  1. xprophet

    First Mix with FR-IR’s: Recto Red 1

    Excellent! Sounds great.
  2. xprophet

    PANTERA - cowboys from hell

    Better than the recorded tone! Brilliant! I will be purchasing your presets.
  3. xprophet

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00 Public Beta

    OK…it’s time to purchase a Axe Fx III MK 2…no worries…This is THE best equipment I have ever owned. I understand that this will be a sacrifice on my part in terms of finances. I can only imagine what the individuals in this company sacrifice in their quest for perfection. Kudos…
  4. xprophet

    A-ha - Take On Me cover

    Brilliant playing mate…such a cool song!
  5. xprophet

    Whassup (feat Derek Sherinian) Playthrough / Free Preset / Simon Gotthelf

    Brilliant mate! Extraordinary stuff…
  6. xprophet

    How can I get the tone of my Axe Fx 2 preset with my new Axe Fx 3? Axe Fx 2 still sounds better :(

    If you can’t find a great tone with Cygnus simply by randomly pulling up a preset, something is definitely wrong! I am simply terrible in terms of software management and changing preset minutia. However, with Cygnus I treat it like a tube amp and it responds in spectacular fashion and frankly...
  7. xprophet

    Genesis - Firth of Fifth

    Perfection! Thank you for sharing.
  8. xprophet

    Best patches

    Moke rules!
  9. xprophet

    Remembering Randy Rhoads

    Spectacular feel!
  10. xprophet

    Dual rectifier - Cygnus

    Does it chug? OMG yes indeed! Bravo Maestro!
  11. xprophet

    Van Halen - "Jump"

    Phenomenal Mr. Pearl! I always enjoy your playing. Have you released any recordings?
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