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Recent content by xarkon

  1. xarkon

    Let’s see those guitars

    Wow. Looks like the "2020 Award for Advancing the Art of Audio DSP" went to Fractal Audio. ;)
  2. xarkon

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.08

    Or a slippery toilet seat.
  3. xarkon

    Cliff's Reviews

    Coconut Chocolate Chip FTW.
  4. xarkon

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.08 Public Beta 3

    Don’t forget the Blueberry Crisp Clif Bars.
  5. xarkon

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.08 Public Beta 3

    I've never used the pitch block before. Loaded the new firmware yesterday; dropped the pitch block into a Plexi patch; Virtual Capo at -1. Played along with "Purple Haze". Awesome. Excellent work. Thank you!
  6. xarkon

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.08 Public Beta 3

    Would someone who has an EHX HOG2 confirm whether that functionality can be duplicated in the Axe III?
  7. xarkon

    Has my Axe FX III a problem? Clean is Good But High Gain?

    Take a look at Beginner's Guide to Acoustic Treatment from Sound on Sound magazine. Most of the their Studio SOS articles are about fixing room problems.
  8. xarkon

    I think my Les Paul is a dud

    this could be a suitable replacement for your Silverburst LP: (at Used PRS McCarty 594 Wood Library)
  9. xarkon

    I think my Les Paul is a dud

    Yes. Faber also sells the longer threaded rod directly, avoiding the Dremel steps if you're not so inclined. Note the disclaimer about some recent LPs not having the deeper holes. Faber Extra Long ABR-1 Bridge Posts
  10. xarkon

    I think my Les Paul is a dud

    They're always awesome in the sales description. ;-) Seriously, most bursts (58-60 LP standards) aren't a million dollars. Page's would be, as would a few others. Having played a few back in the day (when they were under $5,000, and still ten times the price of a used LP standard from Norlin)...
  11. xarkon

    I think my Les Paul is a dud

    Agreed. Sell it. Consistency is not a thing with Gibson. Unfortunately, some stuff comes out of Gibson USA that should never even make it to the wall at the local guitar emporium. That said, my luck has been much better with the Custom Shop (Historic LPs). Granted, you're paying quite a bit...
  12. xarkon

    When You Turn ON Your AXE FX III

    Deluxe Reverb. 50w Plexi. Twin Reverb. Sometimes, AC30. You know, it's great that there are many, many amps in the Axe, but so many of these were to try to address the problem of having both Fender cleans and Marshall crunch in the same amp, or to have insane amounts of gain. I don't need them...
  13. xarkon

    Drive A/B comparison

    There is an extensive discussion of the Big Muff version history here: http://www.bigmuffpage.com/Big_Muff_Pi_versions_schematics_part1.html
  14. xarkon

    [fixed] Where did the manual go?

    From the description on the downloads page, it appears the manual is updated as of today - but the link stalls for a moment and returns to the home page. Probably just not uploaded yet.
  15. xarkon

    Pickslanting ?

    I bought the basic package a couple years ago. It helped. However, I found that I was able to increase speed dramatically more on the same links by reading (and absorbing into my practice) parts of this guy's book (which is free): https://www.gtroblq.com/book And a post linked from the book...
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