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Recent content by Womac911

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    Switching from the II to the III - Motivations/Satisfaction

    This would seal the deal for me to make an upgrade. I hadn't found anything conclusive on whether or not the III made this possible or not... no videos showing it being done, or anything. Can one of you make a video, perhaps with real-time adjustments during the re-amping process?
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    Axe-Fx II > SPDIF > Focusrite Scarlett

    I have this working once before, but I've forgotten how I did it. Recently I bought a Scarlett 18i8. I was able to get the AxeII signal sent through Spidf at one point, but have forgotten how I did that, so I could monitor through the Scarlett. I was really hoping to be able to re-amp a...
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    Axe-Fx ll and Rokit Monitors (8 inch)

    I use Rokit 8's and a 10" sub with my Axe. I recently bought a Scarlett as well. One thing I I have noticed if that plugging both XLR from the AxeFX into the monitors, plus the balanced speaker outs from the Scarlett, cancels out the input from the AxeFX. Highly annoying. Worked fine...
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    Real AMP - Axe-Fx Loop

    I do this with a THD Univalve using the Guitar Level output on the Uni. No amp sims in the Axe, just cab sims and FX for recording. I also use the Uni's speaker level output to drive a 4x12 cab and the same time. Guitar>AxeFX>Univalve>AxeFX And I can boost the signal going into the...
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    Well here’s one thing you can do with the Axe III

    Well, I bet HE can walk and chew bubblegum at the same time. Yeesh. :oops:
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    Rockman X100 tonematch test

    Just fine here in Seattle.
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    Doctor Who 13th Doctor Theme

    I've liked all of the newer stuff, but the last Dr played by Peter Capaldi was my least favorite of these. My first exposure was late one night, the local public broadcasting station used to air an entire multi-part episode in on showing. About three hours later, at 3am, I was hooked. It...
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    Doctor Who 13th Doctor Theme

    Yup, for about 40 years! Tom Baker is my favorite. Haven't had a chance to watch this new season yet.
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    Rickenbacker Bass Pickup Help Needed

    Call Lollar. www.lollarguitars.com Hall sued Lollar a few years ago for making the Ricky horseshoe pickup reproductions. A design who's patent expired decades ago.... It wasn't a patent issue though. Hall had the gall to trademark the 3 dimensional design, including the horseshoes...
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    How to fix loose pickup pole pieces?

    Sorry, I had forgotten about this post. I haven't been here much lately... The glue basically builds up enough surface area to be able to cut new threads. On the slugs, one drop on each side. The glue will seep into the hole and secure the slug. As a matter of fact, that's what Seymour...
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    Multiple Buzzing Sounds

    A bit of hum when not touching strings is normal. Even for humbuckers. Humbukers will also only cancel 60 cycle hum. They won't cancel other type. Such as.. 240 rectified current, I think it was. Maybe it was 120? I forget. Not all humbuckers will cancel hum 100%. The effectiveness of...
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    Saturday Night Rock tune with my Banshee

    Banshee? Kauer Banshee?
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    All you high output pickup lovers...

    Same here. Big fan of lower output pickups. Crank the amp/pedals and let them do the work. You get out what you put in. If you put in a muddled mess, you'll get out a muddled mess.
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    Free bird Lynyrd Skynyrd

    I have somethign for you.. it will come in a PM... I sent you a PM. It will change your Free Bird life =)
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