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Recent content by wknight2

  1. wknight2

    Atomic CLR Neo lost high end?

    Played a show tonight (Axe8), and suddenly my treble was gone. A typical Marshall patch that sounds mean and nasty suddenly sounded like a jazz guitar on the neck pickup. Switched to my backup guitar thinking the bridge pickup went out, but sound was the same. Has anyone experienced this? I...
  2. wknight2

    Great tone from CLR sounds like a blanket over a PRX712?

    Excellent tips, thank you, I really appreciate it! I'll also keep the program material running through the speakers for a few hours in case they need breaking in.
  3. wknight2

    Great tone from CLR sounds like a blanket over a PRX712?

    I appreciate the tip! I'm not as well versed in sound tech as I should be. I attached a screen shot of the EQ on my guitar mixer channel that I just added, is this what you mean?
  4. wknight2

    Great tone from CLR sounds like a blanket over a PRX712?

    Hi folks, I could use some advice: For years I've used a CLR Neo as a backline or personal monitor. We've been getting more requests for private events where there is no sound system, so instead of using the rehearsal PA , I bought a new setup, Behringer XR18 with JBL PRX712s. I was testing...
  5. wknight2

    Fractal Audio AMP Models: PDF Guide

    Thanks Simviz and Yek!
  6. wknight2

    Set List Maker vs BandHelper

    We've been using OnSong for 6 years. Early on it was buggy for us. In the last year or two, occasionally it crashes, but not very often. I haven't seen ads. Our biggest complaint is its 9 steps, which require technical skills, to share a set with the band - and you must use DropBox to do it...
  7. wknight2

    Set List Maker vs BandHelper

    Can anyone who has used OnSong comment on how it compares to Setlist Maker or Band Helper?
  8. wknight2

    Wish Add VU meter to Ax8 Edit

    Yes, I understand. This was a side-question about if it can be added to Axe-Edit, not Ax8-edit.
  9. wknight2

    Wish Add VU meter to Ax8 Edit

    If full audio can be sent over USB into a DAW, and a DAW plug-in can have a meter, why couldn't Axe-Edit? I get Axe8-Edit probably can't.
  10. wknight2

    Wish Normalizer block

    Some random thoughts on this: - would it be possible to show a high-resolution version of the VU meter from the Utilities menu of the Axe, in Axe-Edit? Along with a numerical value? - If someone determined the highest level they want the VU meter to go (lets pick a number and say 8), then...
  11. wknight2

    And speaking of input volume

    Just to confirm, you are speaking of the Inst level, not Input 1 or Input 2 level on the I/O menu? This thread is interesting, because I cannot go above 18% with any of my guitars. I read on the Wiki Cliff has his at 100% for a vintage strat. I wonder if something has been wrong with my Axe all...
  12. wknight2

    Happy Birthday Matt Picone!!!

    Happy Birthday Matt!
  13. wknight2

    Yek's preset collection (Q9.04, Axe-Fx II XL)

    OK, thanks. I have mine on an amp stand on Tilt. I found FF gave too much bass.
  14. wknight2

    Yek's preset collection (Q9.04, Axe-Fx II XL)

    Yek, sorry if this has been asked before: When using your CLR, where do you have the Preset Switch? Free Field, Tilt, or Backline?
  15. wknight2

    Finally buying a semi hollowbody-but...need clarity about wood

    Bubinga is heavier but tons of sustain. That might account for their choice of a smaller body size. http://mycoolguitars.com/useful-info/guitar-tonewoods/ If you have a chance to try a Yamaha SAS-1500, I highly recommend it, after going through 6 different small body 335s this was my choice. Of...
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