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Recent content by willowdale

  1. willowdale

    Full Throttle :)

    Flawless technique....
  2. willowdale

    Typical Outdoor Show In Wisconsin

    Meanwhile....here in sunny Florida😎
  3. willowdale

    Leon, I have to agree...

    First you must dine on honeydew & drink the milk of paradise.....
  4. willowdale

    Tuner Poll

    All flats is probably the most logical....
  5. willowdale

    Looper file save?

    Can't save on AFX3....DAW is your answer.
  6. willowdale

    1978 early Van Halen Live video clip

    Eddie might as well have been an alien back then in '78........he totally threw most rock guitarists for a loop & they didn't know what to do or think 🤣
  7. willowdale

    Wish Feature Request - Channel Library

    This request seems like a no brainer to me, but since it hasn't been changed, I'd like to hear from Cliff(or someone else in the know) if it is indeed possible or if there is some problem with doing it.
  8. willowdale

    FM3 Update. September 12 2019

    Cameron CCV:mad: :D
  9. willowdale

    Classic Songs whose mixes still hold up this day

    Permanent Waves & Moving Pictures both sound awesome 🤘
  10. willowdale

    Let's do it! Waitlist list. Just for fun!

    April 23rd 1:23 PM EST
  11. willowdale

    John Sykes tone with my JP2C

    That particular 412 MES-OS set of IRs that you bought is no longer available for sale on the OwnHammer site. Therefore the exact IR you used can no longer be purchased.
  12. willowdale

    Today I Am Still A Senior Citizen.

    Happy Birthday Brad🍺
  13. willowdale

    Joe Satriani- “Summer Song” complete cover

    Thanks for the preset, I really appreciate it! You rocked the crap outta it dude🤘
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