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Recent content by willowdale

  1. willowdale

    Van Halen Panama Tone Test FW12p09

    LOL I have both an AFX3 & FM3....I’ll see what I can do to make both this preset & Burg’s Brownies preset work on the FM3. Relax...
  2. willowdale

    Are we done? - updates to our Axe-Fx II (Mark II) ?

    With no more firmware updates, your favorite patches will be guaranteed to always sound exactly the same going forward. There is a certain piece of mind in this....
  3. willowdale

    Van Halen Panama Tone Test FW12p09

    Thanks for the Balance tone preset. Your clips sound darn close. Your short clip of Baluchitherium reminded me how much I dig that instrumental track. I had totally forgotten about it. Thanks again for the cool VH presets!
  4. willowdale

    Van Halen Panama Tone Test FW12p09

    Great preset🤘 covers '78 - '84 no problem. The different gain levels, proper guitar/reverb panning, right channel delay....what's not to love? The awesome '72 Plexi 50W 6550 with the 6CA7( Eddie's much rumored favorite power tube....a great addition by Cliff). Sounds great with my 5150 Kramer...
  5. willowdale

    Van Halen Panama Tone Test FW12p09

    Yeah, I listened to it on my studio monitors & it has more gain than the original for sure, but it sounds awesome! Looking forward to the preset 🤘
  6. willowdale

    Reduce or eliminate guitar on pre-recorded audio track

    What's a song in particular that you want the guitar tracks greatly reduced or removed from?
  7. willowdale

    Van Halen Panama Tone Test FW12p09

    Sounds great, & close enough to the original iso track. Gain is in the ballpark as well based on listening on my iPhone:cool: Preset please!....what pre-rola GB did you use?
  8. willowdale

    Wish Axe-Edit Parameter Hover Info/Tips

    So it’s settled then....next firmware:cool:
  9. willowdale

    Wish Renaming amps etc.

    Yes, it would add that 5% realism that’s missing👍
  10. willowdale

    Wish Renaming amps etc.

    Yeah, it would be cool....give everything their actual name or anything you want 🤘
  11. willowdale

    [solved] Popping noise on headphones when powering up/down FM3

    Turn volume completely down on unit before turning on & shutting down. You magically will no longer hear any popping:cool:
  12. willowdale

    Van Halen I (Free Preset)

    Thanks Mark! Sounds great...thanks for the preset. I'll try it out shortly 🤘
  13. willowdale

    Any chance of an artist preset pack from Fractal artists being released?

    Metallica, Journey & Leppard are each going to release all the presets for their entire setlist:D
  14. willowdale

    Weird Issue With Sound Cutting Out

    I’m on the latest beta & I’ve experienced some random lowering of volume & at the same time tone getting extremely muffled while playing certain presets. I believe these are some presets from the AFX2 converted by fractool into my AFX3. They”ll be perfectly fine & then suddenly the volume drops...
  15. willowdale

    Fractal Audio Artist Preset Series - Pete Thorn

    The 'Pete Surfer' preset is obviously Satriani inspired.....he even uses the JS410 Model. I changed his included wah into an auto wah & jammed on Surfin' & Summer Song 🤘
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