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Recent content by wembley

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    FOH + using a cab

    Doesn't sound exactly the same, but it sounds great. This is what you would do in the eighites, putting time based fx between the preamp and the poweramp ;)
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    FOH + using a cab

    Put reverb and delays etc. between the amp and cab sim, and before the fx block. This way, the fx goes both to the FOH and the cabinet onstage.
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    AXE FX II and MARSHALL head

    I've been using my JCM 2000 DSL for this. Axe output 2 -> Marshall FX loop return -> cabinet. In addition, I add a FX loop on the AXE-FX grid before the IR (but after fx such as delay and reverb), so that I can use output 1 on the AXE with cab sims directly to the PA. This way I have the best of...
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    Coming Soon

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    Offline for a Couple Days

    Wear a seatbelt, please. Would be cool to have you around for a few more FW updates.
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    An Interesting Finding While A/B'ing the AFII and KPA

    I use both the KPA and the Axe 2, and I don't neccessarily think the KPA exels in being easier when it comes to dialling up a decent sound quickly. I think the KPA is really great when you have a couple of real amps to work with, making profiles. This was the turning point for me with my KPA --...
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    Help: Axe-FX Sync Timeout!

    Ah, I did a search on AXE-FX sync timeout + tone match, and found the problem to be old firmware on the mfc. Sorry for disturbing you ;)
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    Help: Axe-FX Sync Timeout!

    Would really appreciate some help here. When I load Pete Thorn's preset "PT SL68 Greenback," or I get the "Axe-FX Sync Timeout!"-message on my MFC 101. I don't get this message with any other preset than this. This happens both when I'm connected via usb to my Mac and without being connected...
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    An Interesting Finding While A/B'ing the AFII and KPA

    This is my experience too. I used to be frustrated with the Vox tones in the Axe, which imo were better in the Kemper. But tone matching my great Kemper AC15 profile really yielded great results. Also, just listen to what the tone match does to the Plexi model in Pete Thorn's profiles, subtle...
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    ..TheAmpFactory Updated Info.

    These IRs sound great! Kind of miked up the way I want to hear a miked up cabinet :)
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    Spent so much time and money...

    Using 11s at the moment, both on 24 3/4", 25" and 25 1/2" scaled guitars, but I don't think I would use the words "better" or "worse" to describe the difference in sound quality between different gauges. I'm actually considering going down to 9s on my strats again, as there is a certain twangy...
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    What a great update (12 -> 12.04b/13.xx) + null mic

    I realize that I sound like a six year old in a puppy store, but what a great update the last one is. There's been great updates before, but this one really set things straight imho. Prior to 12.04b, especially after v5 somewhere, things did not work out for me with the amps/cabs I'm using. I...
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    Ultrares in stereo?

    Ok, that's what I gathered. I tried two blocks panned right and left, but it didn't work as I missed the right and left input select ;) Thanks.
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    Ultrares in stereo?

    I'm using two of the new oh ultra res irs in a stereo cab block. Does this mean that the ultra res irs used in stereo are reduced to low res, or do ultra res support stereo this way?
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    mic type: Null vs none?

    This (null vs none) confuses me too. Are the mix irs from OH (and the ones coming from Fractal) intended to be used with mics set to "none," and what is "null" set out to do, in laymans terms? Emulating distance btw mic and cab? Isn't the basic idea with the mix irs that one has miced speakes...
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