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Recent content by WatersDeep

  1. WatersDeep

    Software FracPad III - iOS/Android/Mac/Win Editor for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, AX8/FX8, Axe-Fx III and FM3

    I have Android V 5.1, so does that mean this will not work at all?
  2. WatersDeep

    Song to my Wife

    Thanks for the kind words all. And yes there are two kids involved 5 and 6 year old boys. More than half my life with her and I dont know what to expect without her.
  3. WatersDeep

    Song to my Wife

    Well a tragic thing has happened to me. My wife filed for divorce after 15 years. While I've been doing all I can to save my marriage, I wrote this song for her. May god help me. Let me know what you think. I love her dearly.
  4. WatersDeep

    How many guitars do you own?

    I guess I have 9 if you count bass guitars. Fender Stratocaster MIJ Gibson Les Paul Std Schecter C-1 BC Rich model from 80's - gave to my 4 year old to bang on the floor Ovation Acoustic Fender Acoustic Applause Acoustic Bass Fender American Jazz Dlx V5 Schecter Stiletto Bass
  5. WatersDeep

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.02 Firmware Release

    Kudos on all the new amps and Dizzy V4 Blue fixes. I am happy to see some new delays and that just gives us more options.
  6. WatersDeep

    Reduce the sound of the pick

    You could also just change picks. I use Tortex when I want the pick clicking/scraping sound, but then when I dont want the sharp click/scraping sound I use Nylon picks. I've even recently experimented with Timber Tones picks made out of various wood and that pretty much eliminates that...
  7. WatersDeep

    New Ownhammer IRs - Questions

    Are you planning any new High Gain collections? Some of my favorites which are no longer available were pretty much all the HGE IRs using 5881. The Diezel v30 16ohm is wonderful and the Sunn stock speaker is amazing. Would love to see some new releases in this category.
  8. WatersDeep

    Working on a Tool (Adam Jones) tone.

    He does use Recto v30 cabs but also mixes in SUNN cabs in the studio. Another thing is there is a shiver in his sound that seems to be a combination of the Diezel CH3 with gain maxed and a digital flanger in the mix. I think having the Diezel Blue is key and the second amp is about finding...
  9. WatersDeep

    Working on a Tool (Adam Jones) tone.

    Experimenting with cabs will get you the rest of the way. I have gotten close with the Diezel Blue face and a Friedman HBE using the OH HGE Diezel IR's. Unfortunately Kevin at OH recently revamped his site and delisted those cabs. Maybe if you emailed him you could get your hands on it...
  10. WatersDeep

    Cab-Lab - sound loss compared to raw ir

    I cant seem to attach a .ir .rar or .zip file to send it to you. Is there an email I can send it? Basically the only way I can describe it is when I switch from browser preview to the mixer, the full round bottom is lost and its becomes more focused. However the thickness of the palm...
  11. WatersDeep

    Cab-Lab - sound loss compared to raw ir

    I just checked settings and I do have output format set correctly to UltraRes. I still dont get why there is a difference still.
  12. WatersDeep

    Cab-Lab - sound loss compared to raw ir

    I've experienced this more on some IR's vs others. Recently it was the Justin York Collection. Shouldn't what you hear using the .ir directly from the cablab browser sound exactly the same as using None when sending from the mixer? It seems like its cutting of the low end more than...
  13. WatersDeep

    Cab-Lab - sound loss compared to raw ir

    Anyone else notice this issue or did I post in the wrong forum?
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