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Recent content by Warmia

  1. Warmia

    Axe Edit Issues

    I just downloaded 191 from the link above and it still doesn't communicate properly. only controllers navigate axe from my win7. Also tuner comes up on both edit and axe when i control it from edit. Why is that? Edit says that it's not connected...? I recently change computer updated everything...
  2. Warmia

    Idiot needs help loading IR's to Ultra

    I had the same problem. bought IR pack from Silent underground studio and no idea how to load it. So, I folowed the video and my axe said' bad checksum'. still don't know how to load the cabs... any help?
  3. Warmia

    Please tell me about the Axe Ultra

    I've been using ultra for over a year now and I still don't like write a new patch from scratch. Same with effects. After half a day it sounds ok but start is simply horrible even though I'm getting faster with it.
  4. Warmia

    Devin Townsend Ambient Clean

    very nice. what cab is it?
  5. Warmia

    freaky, noisy record done completely with the Axe

    absolutely awesome!!
  6. Warmia

    Superior drummer

    Thanx for your posts Cover'd! I fixed it. Uninstal and instal again and change something and it's ok. I tried toontrack forum as well but nobody replied. Now I'm ready to rock mama! Oh yes I am! ;)
  7. Warmia

    Superior drummer

    Yes I've got green tick in all paths, and also had smiling faces. Funny thing that I don't know where is the problem with cubase or S2.0.
  8. Warmia

    Superior drummer

    I know it's not the right forum but so many of you use superior drummer with cubase 5 here so maybe someone could help. I've got a problem with installation and I tried googling and I only get more pissed off because no positive result. If any of you can help me I'd appreciate it a lot...
  9. Warmia

    Cry baby feeding input?

    I use cry baby always like that. Love it. Never used ultra's wah tho.
  10. Warmia

    Axe-FX II - Metal (Dorthal)

    I love this type of playing!! well done mate! songs is fantastic
  11. Warmia


    I had that problem so had to spend some time with OUT B PHASE(57.4) and DUTY(64.3). DEPTH to 100%.
  12. Warmia


    Yek I'm not sure if I could help with my preset as I have Ultra and yours is II...
  13. Warmia

    Anyone have a REAL Recto patch?

    Guys guys! Hold your temper. I think he is desperate because he spent a BIG wonga on it. I don't think he tried offend any of you... I had similar issue recently and I know how it is when everybody around says it is easy and you can't somehow get what you need. In my opinion recto doesn't...
  14. Warmia

    Help with annoying feedback at loud volumes

    I had the same problem with recto sim with gain at 6-7. I changed sim to euro uber which I like more now but haven't try to rehears with it yet. I'd agree about the pickups as a cause of the problem the most. Try different guitar. But first lower the gain from 10 to 8 at least. Even with black...
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