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Recent content by vondano

  1. vondano

    Progressive rock-jazz-metal thing

    thank you man!
  2. vondano

    Progressive rock-jazz-metal thing

    Thank you very much! I always try to keep things interesting and i like to blend styles.
  3. vondano

    Progressive rock-jazz-metal thing

    HEY! Been a year since i posted any new music on my soundcloud page, BUT here ya go :D using 5153 50 watt with an ownhammer cab (mesa one) a little post processing but not much have a good listen! Nic
  4. vondano

    New Progressive Metal patches

    sounds great man!!
  5. vondano

    Mark IIC+ Tips

    this is the IIC+ i love this amp! can get super versatile!
  6. vondano

    Fractal Audio AMP models: CA3+ (Custom Audio Amplifiers 3+ SE)

    good old HRI does this forum still exist?? do people still go there? the axe-fx fixed my gas for amps and fx
  7. vondano

    BNGD! (br00tal new guitar day) Schecter C7 with the JVM!

    this is goin into my "reference mix" folder. gg wp good job sir.
  8. vondano

    Completely Different Sound compared to Cab Demos.

    near clipping is not always a bad idea for a pickup... here is what i mean by that: note that i dont use that technique myself, but your pickup could've been made to be near clipping...
  9. vondano

    ML Bulb Cab Pack 13 - Killswitch Engage "Eye of the Storm"

    good job!! guitars sound huge and tight!
  10. vondano

    Join the AxeFxTutorials & ML Sound Lab Twitch stream!!

    good job guys! Was super fun to watch and tweak along!
  11. vondano

    Do you EQ presets?

    Start with only 2 tracks, hard panned, low gain. You probably use too much gain! (We all tend to do so... Im not juging!) I use light post eq in my daw, but the sound comming out from the axe is already great! Try to aim for a balanced sound (low gain, not too bassy, not to trebly!) Those...
  12. vondano

    does the Ax smoke a pod hd?

    Short answer: yes Long answer: yes, it does.
  13. vondano

    Soldano SLO100, Cab Pack 20, EZDR2 and fw 1.04

    hmmm wish i could help you more, i only have superior 1 and metal machine (metal machine is great and super versatile!!) i would probably get "the progressive foundry" if i was to get EZD2 !!
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