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  1. Tubiflex

    Ok thanks, I will try the brit pack

    Ok thanks, I will try the brit pack
  2. Tubiflex

    Hello ML, I use an Axe 2. My preferred factorycab is nr 103 4x12 Basketweave TV mix. It is not...

    Hello ML, I use an Axe 2. My preferred factorycab is nr 103 4x12 Basketweave TV mix. It is not ultrares, can you tell me if its included in one of your newer cabpack in ultrares. ? maybe the brit collection ?
  3. Tubiflex

    Factory cab 103

    Thank you ! will investigate further
  4. Tubiflex

    Factory cab 103

    Is one of my favourites - is it possible to get it in ultrares ? I hope that someone can inform me, if it is from a specific cabpack
  5. Tubiflex

    Fuzz FX blocks and ... virtual 'buffering'?

    Great tip ! now my Bender Fuzz sounds much more like the real thing - I used 90k + cap
  6. Tubiflex

    Love for the USA Lead +

    USA lead BRT + with T808 mod in front, is one of my favourites.
  7. Tubiflex

    Pink Floyd - Terminal Frost (Guitar Cover)

    Very authentic sound and great playing ! Can you please tell which drive and cab you use, together with the Bludojai lead ?
  8. Tubiflex

    Axe FX Univibe vs. Fulltone MDV...

    I think resonance is in the advanced page - it is on the axe edit . I havent got my Ultra at home so I dont remember
  9. Tubiflex

    Axe FX Univibe vs. Fulltone MDV...

    try these settings : rate 1.505Hz, depht 6.77, res 2,4%, lfo Exp, freq start 212Hz, bulb 4.02, mix 58% I use this for a Robin Trower preset
  10. Tubiflex

    Anybody using Motor Drive?

    Nice to see, you have the same preferred setting as me .30 It gives a touch of colour without being too dominant.
  11. Tubiflex

    Stock vs commercial IR

    I have been thinking about buying one of these (14,20), would you recommend one over the other ? The stock ones I use the most, are based on greenbacks.
  12. Tubiflex

    Celestion G12K-85

    I like them a lot, and use 2 X K85 in combination with 2 V30, wich supplement each other very nice. The K85 has a even freq response with more bass and dosnt sound nasal/honky like the V30 can do
  13. Tubiflex

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    The same combination that I use, but with a tubescreamer in front
  14. Tubiflex

    clean tones

    For funky clean, try USA clean, for fat I use double verb vib. Your choise of IR ´s are ofcourse also a very important factor, in colouring and shaping your tone
  15. Tubiflex

    Anyone Using Factory Cabs 54-57?

    I don`t use them either, it would be very nice with new ones :-)
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