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    Don't forget that x/y switching is a great way to do a quick comparison to the sound of a block while your editing/creating patches. Just remember to copy X->Y or Y->X before switching. Then you can change as many parameters on that block at once and compare. It's a good way to get a handle on...
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    Clean patches too quiet.

    I thought were were possibly switching guitars on a per song basis as needed. Keith
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    Clean patches too quiet.

    I didn't mean to imply to disagree with this but wouldn't it be quicker to have a separate preset for a lower gain guitar and use the "input trim' on the amp page to compensate if needed? All recalled with preset on foot controller... Keith
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    Clean patches too quiet.

    Overall this is a gain matching issue. You will never get the cleans as loud as you can get the distortions due to dynamic range of the cleans and low crest factor of the distortions. Bring the level of the distortion patches down to fit where they should be along side the cleans. Keith
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    Big Country - Bagpipes

    Try the pitch shifter set one octave up and set the mix until it sounds correct to you. They used to use MXR Pitch Transposers to get that sound. Keith
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    Rockman Clean Chorus W/IR's

    No other feedback from anyone? Keith
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    Rockman Clean Chorus W/IR's

    I did do some measurements with the chorus off (similar plots). What I did see was somewhat expected that the direct signal had very extended frequency response while the fx (delayed chorus signal) showed signs of a typical analog delay of that time. In the end I opted for less science and...
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    Rockman Clean Chorus W/IR's

    The frequency response on the direct (Left Channel) and FX (right channel - chorus) signal was substantial. I was just trying for as much accuracy as I could get. Even then there is a lot happening with the Rockman itself above 10K that was hard to get close to with the Axe. Not sure how...
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    Anyone using the crossover?

    I have been working on a patch with the X-over that I will post in the next few days. It does a lot depending on what you want to accomplish. Just what you said keeping FX off of the low frequencies for a tighter low end, having different amounts of distortion on low or high strings (can be...
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    Rockman Clean Chorus W/IR's

    Here is a patch to emulate the clean stereo chorus sound of a Tom Scholz Rockman (the Soloist in this case). This was a staple clean sound for me for a few years back (1988 or so) when running a Korg A3 (& later an A1) as the switching time was so slow I ran a Rockman on the clean stereo chorus...
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    Anybody else noticing a few db less for cleans with the II's vs the I's?

    Why not flip the usage of the outputs. Run Out 2 to FOH (thru a direct box to balance it) and run Out 1 (XLR) to the Bryston giving you 6db more gain being balanced. The FOH feed doesn't need the extra gain - just needs to be balanced for the distance and convenient input into the snake. Keith
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    Update - Axe II Stock Cabs Freq. Response Curves

    That would be nice but until then (if it ever would happen) I wanted a quick reference document that gave some visual to what I was hearing - hence the PDF so I could print it and keep it handy when programming. Keith
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    How Do you get the Volume Up of IR's closer to what Factory ones are?

    Thanks to everyone for the extra input. Haven't been able to get much done for a week due to another bout of pneumonia. Albert - it's not truly a cab IR but a capture of a Rockman Soloist in the Clean Stereo Chorus position. I was using that as a basis for a preset that I will post in the next...
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    Technical Question

    Agreed. I was trying to show that the rear inputs were normal or without any "special sauce" processing. Keith Edit: Meant to say "without" above.
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    Technical Question

    It doesn't appear that any emphasis is used. Here is a frequency curve of just the AD/DA - analog I/O (left rear for both) with everything is bypassed for the Axe II. I had this curve from some testing I did in posting the update to the frequency response curves of the factory speaker...
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