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Recent content by Trazan

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    Anybody using the II with 4 cable method, I tried it tonight

    No, the difference is going into the front end, adding loads of gain to it, and into the loop. You can lower the noise floor by adjusting output boost/pad as far as it goes before loosing tone or clipping. If anyone wants to test whether theirs have the mod or not, they can try this: remove...
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    Need Low Noise Audio Interface for Re-amping

    ? What are you talking about, Steady? AD/DA stages used for audio HAS to use anti aliasing filters. All of them do, no exceptions.
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    How to tell if your Axe II has had the mod....???

    Just connect output 2 and output 1 to your audio interface, nothing in the grid, and record the "silence". Or measure it. If output 2 is noisier than output 1 it does not have the mod.
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    How to tell if your Axe II has had the mod....???

    No need to mod the Mark II. All models after a certain time, and prior to the Mark II, already have Output 2 done that way.
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    Since you're in Denmark, try Wimp instead. Didn't like the sponsored artist thing, and lack of artist info in Spotify. Wimp also does a much better job of selecting similar artists, at least from what I've experienced so far! They also pay artists a fair share more, as I understand it. It's...
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    No matter what they're up to?
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    Phantom Power +48v into AXE-FX2 MarkII XLR inputs - is it safe?

    No. According to Cliff the AxeFx II is protected from damage.
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    Reamping I got hiss

    How old is your unit? Output 2 on older units were too noisy in this application, but can be modded by Fractal or G66. The newer ones are "modded". Contact support.
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    Input Impedance

    Read the Cliff quote again: "I do not believe that input impedance affects feel in any way. This is simply impossible. I remember people saying they could feel the input "pushing back". Silly. It will, however, definitely affect the sound as the frequency response of the guitar will be...
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    I have GAS

    Yep. I don't quite get the "family" thing. Like riding a Harley Davidson or no bike at all 8) Buy what suits your ears and needs. The Kemper is a lovely unit.
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    Reamp Noise

    What kind of noise? Hum? Buzz? Is the cable ok? Is it TRS-TRS? If so, try disconnecting the shield on one end and try the cable in both directions.
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    Instrument cables

    Essentially, what you are saying is that everybody should use active pickups and dial in the flavor in the Axe ;) Not sure everybody will agree!
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    Any Country Music / Clean Picken /Chicken Recordings?

    I did a recording to demonstrate the compressor in the Axe. Meaning, there's a lot of compressor on this clip 8) It was done with a regular guitar cab, but it might still give you an idea. Not your typical chicken pickin' amp, the Deluxe...
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    Instrument cables

    I don't question the difference, I'm saying the difference is only capacitance. The cable business don't want to to know this since the dollars are in the "magic". Obviously, the cable should be of proper construction, shielding, termination...but even the cheap segment has that. Capacitance...
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    Instrument cables

    Then that cable has more capacitance than you desire (or it is faulty). However, one can not say that one cable sounds better than another in this context. It's completely dependant on guitar, amp, preferences etc etc. What you find bad might be perfect for the other guy. Again, it's just...
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