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    Hi, I got your response about the MFC101. I responded in via my email but perhaps you didn't...

    Hi, I got your response about the MFC101. I responded in via my email but perhaps you didn't receive it. Feel free to contact me at worshipgod4ever@hotmail.com Thanks! Tom
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    Does AX-8 Support Global Blocks?

    ...I used to use these on the AXE II, then there were issues and I stopped. Now using AX-8 and wondering if that's part of the package? Thanks
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    Strymon BigSky style verb!?

    Hi Freman Have you posted any of your AX8 presets yet? Mine is coming in next week! Thanks
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    10.09 - trip-tik: are you kidding me ?

    Yes...Classic please!
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    Fender - finally!

    I'm finding that the stock fender patches, and many others that I've auditioned, sound bassey. This isn't a new v10 thing (at least for me). They always seem to be set this way. Changing the basic tone controls doesn't fix it. Did you find you needed to make a lot of adjustments?
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    MFC 2_15 Zip File Won't UnZip

    I just got this to "unzip" by opening with Windows Explorer instead of winzip...go figure. Like I said, I just unzipped a the 9_02 sysex file successfully but for some reason the MFC zip was different...at least for me! Thanks for testing...really appreciate it.
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    MFC 2_15 Zip File Won't UnZip

    Tried downloading several times. I did just successfully DL and unzip 9_02. Here's the message: Extracting file: C:\Drivers and Programs\Fractal Audio\MCF101\MFC101_215\mfc101_215.zip Extracting to "C:\Drivers and Programs\Fractal Audio\MCF101\MFC101_215\" Use Path: yes Overlay Files: no...
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    Scenes are a Godsend!

    If I were still on the Ultra, Scenes alone would drive my decision to go to the Axe II...it's a huge usability improvement.
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    How to use the "Magic 8-Ball" in the tuner.

    Do I have to be on a certain level of MFC or AXE to see the ball?
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    Doing it now. For some reason, prior to v7 and the latest AE, I could not to a Backup and Sync. Just verified that is now working...thank God!. Is there any other way to back up the Axe, particularly if the internal bank backup doesn't work. BTW, has anyone else had issues with that? Or. perhaps...
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    UPDATE...I went back to v7 and all of the presets are there...WTF!!!! Note to anyone wanting to go back to v507, do so at your own risk! BTW, I was going back because my main sim, FAS Wrecker sounds absolutely amazing and I use variations of it for 90 percent of my songs. I have not been able...
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    I just restored back to v5_07. The install went fine but patches 000-122, 125, 126 are completely BLANK! I did a utility backup (BACKUP BANK A) prior to the install but when I do RESTORE USER BANK A it says "restoring" as if all is fine but the patches are still blank. That bank contains my gig...
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    Axe FX II favorite amp models discussion

    I've been camped out exclusively on the FAS Wrecker for the last 3-4 months. I have a clean/edg X/Y and an edg/crunch x/y. Each of those have a tape drive in front for additional dirt when necessary. I play contemporary christian worship and this covers it extremely well. I accidently stumbled...
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    Unable to backup and sync on AXE II

    I've had this problem on 5.07 for months and have issues with AE to the point where I haven't used it for that long as well. I've been hoping the new S/W updates would fix all my issues but it looks like this one may still be around (at least for some folks). I've been holding off on upgrading...
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    Version 6.00 Preview

    I'm in the same boat! Just can't get the USB audio to work on my computer. I''ve worked with a home studio and recording so I'm familiar with the technology. Just not sure if it's my computer, S/W or what. Anyway, I hope it've via input 2!
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