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Recent content by ToneLabRat

  1. ToneLabRat

    My Blocks/Channels Library

    Thanks Leon!!
  2. ToneLabRat

    Judas Priest Medley

    I did a medley of my some of my favorite Judas Priest Songs. I tone matched the Screaming for Vengeance tone and backed it off to 50%. I did the lead delays and flanger in my DAW.
  3. ToneLabRat

    New Guitar Days: Wolfgang Specials

    Very nice Bishop!
  4. ToneLabRat

    Guitars: how many and brands?

    I own 5 now but I recently did this video for fun to catalog and review all the guitars I've owned. 47 in total. At the end I total them by brand and give out some awards. The guitar count is Ibanez 18, Schecter 12, Jackson 5, Music Man 3, Gibson 2 and a bunch of 1s.
  5. ToneLabRat

    Burg's Dumbles V2

    Awesome as always Bergs thanks
  6. ToneLabRat

    Trying to profit from tragedy.....

    yeah there doesn't seem to be any EVH guitars available including all the strats. The reverb postings that have pre-orders seem to have dates out to June 21. I hadn't been looking prior so I don't know what the pipeline of availability was prior.
  7. ToneLabRat

    Van Hagar and beyond EVH - that detune effect?

    Really look forward to this Rocco.
  8. ToneLabRat

    5153 model

    What cabs do you guys like for EVH tones?
  9. ToneLabRat

    What type of block do you recommend using as a "Clean Boost"?

    These are very helpful, I was reviewing them this weekend. LT tutorials on solo boosts
  10. ToneLabRat

    How to sync FC-12 Tap Tempo with delay block

    Ok that's where I'm getting tripped up. I have the button on the FC and it syncs to Axe Edit tempo at the top of the screen. How then do I tell it to adjust the tempo on the delay block?
  11. ToneLabRat

    How to sync FC-12 Tap Tempo with delay block

    Guys - I must be missing this answer somewhere - sorry - how do I get my FC12 tap tempo to sync with my AF3 so my delay block is set for that tempo?
  12. ToneLabRat

    Question on recording USB - Hearing reverb/delay when tracking but not on recording

    I want to hear the reverb/delay when tracking a lead but I want the recorded track to be without those effects so I can add them later in the DAW. I know I've read about this but I can't find it anywhere searching. How do I do this? Thank you. TLR.
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