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    How do I get a Gilmour like rotary?

    I believe the 2nd solo in Comf Numb has it, or something like it.
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    Who doesn't upgrade firmware and is happy with old (vintage :-) ) one ?

    I can relate to a lot Danny Danzi's post - tone / preset hoarding, and I'm on Q 1.0 Many presets already made...someday I'll venture into higher FW's.
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    ODS-100 Clean with the 6.02 Muff. Yeah!

    Love it all! Has that Steely Dan / smooth jazz kinda thing.
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    Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly ( Video )

    Being a tone tweaker, I'd be curious how it would be Tone Matched? I'd try it but I'm not on a close current firmware.
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    Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly ( Video )

    Real good! Sounds authentic, which I like. Whats the basic blocks layout? drive, amp, cab, fx's type?
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    This Year's Gear Discoveries

    Very cool thread!
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    ** UPDATED and CORRECTED ** Multi Block Compressor Settings .... tighten you low end !!!!

    Interesting - I had been wondering if anyone messes with the Freq 1 & 2 settings.
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    Livin on a Prayer [Preset & Video]

    I'm impressed! Maybe the best talk-box tone preset yet.
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    R.I.P Michael Casswell

    His touch, delivery & accent were SO COOL !!!
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    Gigging: How to sell Beer & Booze? Tips & tricks you've learned?

    Booze? Drinks? Even food?
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    Bands at bars - hints, tips on getting booked & having a great gig ?

    All good stuff, but this is a winner idea = ultimate slow dance song placement.
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    Bands at bars - hints, tips on getting booked & having a great gig ?

    As Rock cover band, we are now in the process - any info from you veteran guys?
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    RATT - Lay it Down tone matchy poo.

    What firmware is it...or does it matter ?
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