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Recent content by tjontheroad

  1. tjontheroad

    Billy Joel - Just the way you are - Sax solo cover - FM9

    Phil Woods would approve 👍
  2. tjontheroad

    FM9 Does Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Electric Mandolin, and Upright Bass

    FM9 can handle anything I throw at it for sure. Wins most versatile gear award in my studio. Here's a track with my Takamine EAN40C, Fender Strat Plus Deluxe, Taylor T5z, John Page Classic AJ, Kentucky KM-300E Electric Mandolin, and Palatino Upright Bass all through the FM9.
  3. tjontheroad

    White noise at boot up

    Was that right at boot up? FWIW, I've not had it happen again.
  4. tjontheroad

    Neo Fervour Super Space Funk Jam [FM9 in the mix]

    Yes, there's a screw loose in there somewhere but I don't care :) Thanks for watching :)
  5. tjontheroad

    Neo Fervour Super Space Funk Jam [FM9 in the mix]

    Here I believe I've created a new genre of music. It's a Super Space Funk and this jam has about everything thrown into it. Guitars, keyboards, drums, and eurorack played by yours truly. Starts on solid ground and then gets into orbit.
  6. tjontheroad

    White noise at boot up

    Thanks for the replies. I guess it is a rare gremlin to stomp out as needed.
  7. tjontheroad

    White noise at boot up

    Anyone else experience this? Just turned on my FM9 with the 2.0 beta and was blasted with very loud white noise coming out. Made me jump out of my chair :dizzy: I'm connected via spidf to my AU Apollo X6 interface. Reboot fixed the issue.
  8. tjontheroad

    Support for FM9?

    Bump. FM9 support coming???
  9. tjontheroad

    Fm3 and Kemper Stage: anyone else have both

    I had both before I got the FM9. I sold them to raise cash for the FM9. I kinda miss the Kemper. I have over 1000 of my own profiles that are very unique. I probably get a Kemper rack at some point.
  10. tjontheroad

    Broken Defenses - Fractal FM9 & Boss SY-1000

    Here's some old school prog rock I'm calling "Broken Defenses". All the main guitars are played via the Fractal FM9. Bass and guitar synths via the Boss SY-1000. I programed the drums on Logic Pro X Drum Designer.
  11. tjontheroad

    FM9 made my best of 2021 list...

    Bob, If you're ever in NJ, we'll share a beer and talk more. Bring that PRS McCarty of yours ok. Cheers, TJ
  12. tjontheroad

    FM9 made my best of 2021 list...

    Bob, My view, the gear isn't the end of all things. It is just one of the means by which I/we/you explore our road in this life. I'm saving for this moment. Because tomorrow, or one of these fleeting days after that, it'll all be gone. No amount of money will change that. Pease my friend. TJ
  13. tjontheroad

    FM9 made my best of 2021 list...

    I don't understand? Save what? My soul?
  14. tjontheroad

    FM9 made my best of 2021 list...

    FM9 made my best of list... Here is my 2021 Year In Review. The best gear. The biggest disappointments. My favorite video. The best part of the channel. What's up for next year. Thanks for watching and your support. Cheers, TJ
  15. tjontheroad

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta

    New Amp model: “FAS Buttery”. What is it? I like it :)
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