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Recent content by The Raven

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    Newbie looking for some guidance on chug tones

    What setup(s) are you coming from? You mentioned using headphones with your other amps, so just curious what those are to get a feel for what you are going for or trying to replicate. Like others have mentioned, bands and soundclips that have a vibe you like woupd be helpful also for getting a...
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    Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170 or 700?

    I personally opted for the 700w, but I was able it get it on sale for 15% off about a year and a half ago. It sounds great quiet and absolutely rips when loud. Granted, I was coming from using a Matrix Gt1000fx, which i got before the 1600fx was a thing, so i was used to running a high powered...
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    Logic Pro X Users: How Can I Enable Advanced Tools and Disable Input Monitoring?

    I knew it was something simple I was missing. I feel foolish because I honestly didn't even realize the Audio Preferences got several subsections added once I enabled the Advanced Tools. Thank you so much. Also, your ambient presets are absolutely amazing.
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    Logic Pro X Users: How Can I Enable Advanced Tools and Disable Input Monitoring?

    Hello everyone, I know this is probably a problem with a simple solution, but I've done my best to Google/figure it out myself and have not been able to so please hear me out. I just got Logic Pro the other day and am attempting to record some tracks with my Axe Fx 3. Before I get to the issue...
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    GGD: Studio Cabs

    Those who got things imported properly without all the trimming and fading tomfoolery: What OS are you guys on? I'm on a Mac still running Mojave.
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    GGD: Studio Cabs

    Really weird that the exported files are pretty inconsistent with properly converting via Axe edit and Cab Lab. Every preset I made/exported (regardless of how elaborate) on release day would not convert properly and I saw loads of people on the GGD Facebook page report the same issue. The fact...
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    GGD: Studio Cabs

    @Pwrmac7600 It exports a WAV, but the file is noticeably longer than other companies WAV files (at least the ones in other companies 48khz/Fractal folder), which i'm assuming is why converting without trimming the files cause issues, but again, I honestly don't know for certain...
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    GGD: Studio Cabs

    Sorry about that. I mentioned it buts its kind of buried in that first paragraph. If you just convert to Syx via Cablab (or any other means) before all this cutting and fading, you get no audio output from the IR block in the unit when loading one of these IRs (both Axe fx and even Helix). To be...
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    GGD: Studio Cabs

    I bought it. The plugin sounds great and the IRs are definitely high quality BUT in my experience, its not so straightforward to load the IRs created into the Axe Fx or even Helix (I have no personal experience with other things like Kemper etc). You currently cannot just export the file from...
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    Vendor Poll - What cabs do you want?

    I'm probably in the minority given all these other recommendations, but I'd love to see something with Celestion Alnico Creams (preferably in a closed back 2x12 or 4x12). There's really not enough IRs of them out there I can find and the ones that I have from another manufacturer are good, but I...
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    Vendor York Audio presents the MES 412 in .Wav format based on Mesa!

    Bought all the packs. For anybody who already owns the Bipolar pack and is worried this may sound too similar to the Mesa in that pack, rest easy. It sounds like a Mesa, sure, but this is most definitely its own thing and I love it. The Bipolar pack is fantastic and I will always love it and use...
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    Vendor York Audio presents the MTCH 212 in .Wav format based on Matchless!

    Thank you so much for the answers. I'm excited to see what else you eventually release and happy i can use them with all my devices, as much as the Axe fx 3 reigns supreme.
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    Vendor York Audio presents the MTCH 212 in .Wav format based on Matchless!

    Well, color me insanely excited. Quick questions: How long are you planning in keeping these launch prices? I'm probably going to buy every pack, since i now own all but the Ac30 and Bass cab packs you released previously, but I'm not going to be able to do it tonight since I'm away from my...
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    York Audio presents the ORNG 4x12 Cab Pack

    Well, damn. Now that makes 5 more York Audio packs I need to pick up. The Bipolar pack has remained one of my favorites since it came out, but I'm always tardy to the IR party despite loving every clip that gets shared using your IRs. Just gonna have to rip the bandaid off and buy 'em all before...
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    Need help with REALLY bad latency on new computer + other weird issues (USB audio XL+)

    Downloaded this only to find out Mix Control only works with 6i6 and up. the 2i4 and 2i2 can only use the front panel to make adjustments. Thank you for the suggestion though. I understand what you are saying. Its just a little strange that the latency is this bad when i literally plug into my...
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