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Recent content by Teej

  1. Teej

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    Saw this thread linked on Facebook, I thought someone was trolling. What an awesome surprise!!!
  2. Teej

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.00 Firmware Release

    Thank you, Cliff. You didn't have to do this, you didn't owe it to any of us, but you did it anyways. This is what doesn't get talked about when people argue about Fractal vs. Kemper vs. Line6, etc. The effort of the people behind the product is on a different level.
  3. Teej

    '80s Lifeson tone Q - PCM80?

    This is what sets Fractal apart. Nobody at Line6 is going to offer to analyze and recreate gear in their processors. So excited for the potential GUP sound.
  4. Teej

    Learning to fly - live

    Great tone!
  5. Teej

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 10.01 Firmware Release

    Thank you Cliff. You had no obligation to give us Ares features on the II, but you did anyways. Best in the biz, no question.
  6. Teej

    STP's Plush

    Thanks man!
  7. Teej

    STP's Plush

    Did a quick cover of Plush by STP using a preset I built from scratch a couple years ago. Really dig their new singer and their new record! Used Brit Pre and Class-A 15W to try and mimic Dean's typical Marshall-esque preamp and Vox AC rig. There is a detune on the Class-A. Feat. my cat Maynard.
  8. Teej

    MetalHeads, what's your fav amp block for metal and WHY?!

    Spawn Rod (I think I've been using the 2-2 version) is actually my favorite, just have to tame the low end a bit. It gets both the chunk and the clear harmonics I like. Others I like: 6160 Block 5153 Blue Euro Red Friedman BE USA IIC++
  9. Teej

    Brian May Sound

    I'll throw my Brian May at Wembley attempt I recorded a couple months ago since we're on the subject. Close as I can get with a Strat. I'm not a big enough Brian fan to justify getting a red special. The Treble Booster worked just how I expected it would.
  10. Teej

    How to cut out the mud on palm mutes

    Another option is adjusting the EQ curve on the Speaker page on the amp. I have done that a couple times for my more metallic tones. Helps a lot on Rectifier amps I've found.
  11. Teej

    what albums has the axe been used on?

    Periphery has used the Axe II on every release since Periphery 2 I'm pretty sure.
  12. Teej

    One Month In...

    Try out the 5153 models, I think they are the advanced version of the 6160 (just like in the real life amp world, lol). I love the 50w and 100w Blue models the most. The red sounds good but its best for lead; TONS of gain.
  13. Teej

    MIDI Controller for AXE FX II MK II

    I use a Behringer with the EurekaPROM as well and I love it. The MFC-101 has a lot more customization, but the way I operate, I wouldn't use that much. The PROM installation is super easy. Do it yourself and save the few bucks.
  14. Teej

    Since no one will directly ask Cliff about potential new FW...

    Oh man, the Darkglass AND DMM? God, I hope this comes out for the Mk II... And who knows what other new stuff Cliff has thrown in, considering how much time has been spent on this version. Stoked.
  15. Teej

    One Month In...

    Welcome to the family! I feel the same way, my Axe II is the best peice of gear I've ever owned and I think it has actually saved me money in the long run. I have bought exactly zero pedals and amps since. A guitar here and there, and a couple cabs, but most of that has been in trade for stuff I...
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