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Recent content by Techboy57

  1. Techboy57

    Axe-Fx 3, HS8 Studio Monitors and a Sonic Epiphany

    Good monitors are critical in making your Axe Fx translate properly to a "well-tuned" P A. I play with IEM's live and it sounds the same as when I dial my sounds in at home. To be able to get a realistic level, set your monitors to at least 94 db SPL C weighted at home. A few months ago I...
  2. Techboy57

    Arch Echo - New Album

    sounds great, well played and mixed
  3. Techboy57

    Matching levels of exported TMA blocks to IRs?

    What is the best way to match levels when exporting TMA blocks to IR's . I seem to lose anywhere between 6-10 Db compared to Factory Cabs or 3rd party IR's. Thanks, Perry
  4. Techboy57

    Glenn Delaune's Free Presets

    The GD Dumble Jazz preset is #5046 in axe change. http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=5046
  5. Techboy57

    Infinite Sustain Help

    One of the best sounding options is the fernandez sustainor pickup. But it requires a bit of modification to your guitar. Coming in at second place would be the Digitech Freqout. And in third place, the pitch block called feedback simulator.
  6. Techboy57

    Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody Solo Cover (video)

    Thanks, going to try it now......................................... Damn fine job !!!
  7. Techboy57

    The Power of Pre-EQ

    The names of the blocks pretty much explain what they do. such as EV to GB, EV 12's to greenbacks, greeny is to approach the peter green tone, Tie Down is Tie your mother down. etc. The idea here is an offering to give your Axe FX a new pallet of tones to add to your arsenal. Try them as your...
  8. Techboy57

    The Power of Pre-EQ

    Part 4
  9. Techboy57

    The Power of Pre-EQ

    Part 3
  10. Techboy57

    The Power of Pre-EQ

    Part 2
  11. Techboy57

    The Power of Pre-EQ

    One of the least CPU hungry EQ fixes that are available is the PEQ and Filter blocks. Here are a bunch of blocks that I've accumulated and would like to share with all the Fractal Boys and Girls. They can be used anywhere in the chain you see fit. Try em out and have fun, Part 1 I can only load...
  12. Techboy57

    Who's moving from a Axe-Fx II to FM3?

    I have a II XL + with MFC 101 Mk III. I'll wait a while and get the Axe FX III and FC 12.
  13. Techboy57

    Sound Design

    Dude, Awesome creations.
  14. Techboy57

    Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody Solo Cover (video)

    WOW !!!! Awesome job. Please share the preset.
  15. Techboy57

    How to use external switch to activate Tuner on MFC101

    Or when tuning roll off your tone control completely to lock on to the fundamental without added overtones
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