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Recent content by tcb37

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    AX8 as controller?

    I don’t know much about MIDI. I was thinking of using my AX8 as a controller and as back up for an FM3. The wiki says the AX8 can only transmit Program Changes, not CC. I’m trying to figure out how limiting that would be. Is PC essentially on/off while CC is kind of a range? If so, I’m guessing...
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    Meaningful direction / links for a newbie AX8 user

    And Austin Buddy’s presets are great too.
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    SOLD Axe-Fx III and FCB1010

    Yes, I have the original box for the III
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    SOLD Axe-Fx III and FCB1010

    Axe Fx III in excellent condition. Comes with 3u EWI road case The FCB1010 is in good condition but works. A piece of translucent plastic covering has recently popped off and I can’t find it. $2200 including shipping and PayPal in continental US.
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    ZZ Top "Just Got Paid"

    I was a moron. Hadn’t updated to 3.02. Sounds awesome!
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    Upgrade AX8 to III?

    I have both. I just picked up the Austinbuddy Dream pack for the Ax8 which is a big improvement in tone for me. I’m probably going to sell the III. The Ax8 portability and cost make it a better fit for my needs. When Fractal comes out with a new version of the Ax8 I’ll get on the wait list as...
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    Wish Cut and paste row to other Preset

    With the ability to run two guitars it would help to be able to copy a row from one preset to another. For example if there’s a piezo setup that I like I might want to match it with different electric rows in different presets. Is there a way to do this already?
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    Ok, stupid question time again.... help?

    I’m a rookie but one way I delete all scenes in a preset is by saving a blank preset to the one I want to delete.
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    Three Amp Blocks?

    I just bought a III instead of the II because I’m crossing my fingers we’ll have 3 amps!
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    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    Waitlist confirmation: 2/4 @4:25a.m. Invitation: 6/14 @ 1:04p.m.
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    Acoustic through AX8

    I was looking for some resonator IRs for my single cone and found this link. It has single cone and tricone IRs along with some acoustic. I've been pretty pleased so far: http://line6.com/support/topic/20846-•••new-acoustic-guitar-irs-from-mama-bear•••/ It links to IRs in wav format that are...
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    AX8 USA/Canada Purchase Invitations

    Waitlist confirmation at 7:58 Eastern time on October 13 and received invite at 1:34 on March 4. Ordered!
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    AX8 - Any Updates?

    I'm torn with getting one of the AxeFx IIs on sale or waiting for the AX8. It would be easier if I knew what the price of the AX8 is going to be!
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    I'm Just Going to Leave This Here

    What about paying for effects instead? Just include amps, cabs, room for IRs and reverb. If someone wants more they can buy the FX8 or use their own pedals. i don't know the technical aspects, but could that be done with 1 DSP?
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    Request- Sliderig/1176 compressor type preset?

    It simulates 2 daisy-chained 1176 compressors for clean slide with sustain. Origin Effects :: SlideRIG Limiting Amplifier Pete Thorn has a nice demo of it on YouTube. YouTube I did find a nice write up for compressors here on the forum...
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